Chapter 220: You Sleep On the Bed, I Will Sleep On the Couch

Si Jing Yu clenches her fist and shakes her head, trying to will the memory away. Only then does she noticed the shadow lingering on the bedside. He did not return to bed after turning off the light, instead, he lingers on the bedside, hesitating over something.

She watches him greedily.

She loves him to the point of insanity.

Even if they are about to get a divorce, she cannot get over her feelings for him.

She treats him indifferently, as though she does not care for him, but the truth is she cares for him so much that it hurts.

This is the first time they are together in the same room after half a year. This is also the first time in a while that she can stare at him unscrupulously, without the worry of getting caught. She can only look at him secretly from behind, just like years ago.

As she stares at him, he suddenly stands up and makes his way towards her.

She closes her eyes. She can hear the sound of his footsteps approaching her. The moment he reaches her, he stoops down and carries her up, wrapped in quilt.

Si Jing Yu is shocked senseless.

He puts her down on the soft bed. She clenches her fist, her body rigid. Just as she is about to speak, he speaks first, “Don’t worry, Jing Yu, I will not force you. You sleep on the bed, I will sleep on the couch.”

In the darkness, his gentle voice is full of helplessness and affection.

Si Jing Yu feels like her heart has been pierced with needles.

Unfortunately, this gentleness is not extended to only her.

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She takes a deep breath.

Shi Jin Yan is a self-made man.  He was only a poor student from the countryside who managed to enroll into Beijing University when they first met. Everything he has today is solely due to his own effort.

He is the type that hardly rest. He will probably leave at 7 am tomorrow.

If she lets him sleep on the couch tonight, will his body feel sore tomorrow?

Si Jing Yu cannot help but feel guilty at that thought.

She bites her lips before saying, “Shi Jin Yan….”

Shi Jin Yan who is planning to go to the couch, stops in his spot and turns around to look at her.

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“You can sleep on the bed as well.”

The bed is really big, there should be enough space between two people if they want to sleep side by side.

After saying that, Si Jing Yu hugs herself and lies on her side of the bed.

Amidst the silence of the room, he goes to the other side of the bed and lies there.

Si Jing Yu cannot sleep.

When she senses his even breathing, she turns around to face him. The room is very dark, so she cannot see his face at all, but despite that, she continues staring at him.

He is clearly by her side right now, sharing her bed, but after the divorce, he will go to the arms of another woman.

When she thnks of that, she bites her lips, tears glistening in her eyes. She grits her teeth, so that she will not cry out as she quietly sheds her tears.

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