Chapter 276: Everyone is a Coward in Love (12)

Si Zheng Ting drums his fingers on the table as he waits for Ji Chen’s report.

“Sir, Madam has bought an apartment in the 3rd Ring Road.”

Si Zheng Ting raises his eyebrows, what did she buy an apartment for?

Is it as a form of investment, or…….

He tenses up as a thought flashes through his mind; is this the house she plans to run off to once she divorces him?

Ji Chen continues speaking, “Sir, I checked, and the house is registered under Madam’s adopted mother’s name, Zhuang Mei Ting.”

Si Zheng Ting is stunned.  If it is under her mother’s name, then, she ought to buy it as a form of security for her mother.

After the call ends, he remains dazed in his seat for a long time.

He knows that she will do anything for her mother.  She does not have many friends, but the few that she has, she treasures with all her heart.

The woman that he loves is kind.

He tries his best to push down the wave of jealousy inside his heart as his eyes turn sharp.

Is that why she has been so scared to return the card; because she has spent the money?

Then, he will not let her know that he knows; let her suffer from restlessness over there.

Perhaps, she might even repay him through other ways.

He smiles.


Zhuang Nai Nai naturally does not know what has transpired.

She paces around the room anxiously.

10 million…… Where should she get 10 million from?!

She really wants to give herself a slap!  Just why did she go around buying that house on the first place?

She sits on the sofa, scratching her head.  Will he get angry at her again if she tells him that she already spent the money?

They have only reconciled, what should she do?

Isn’t it petty to ask back for things that you have already given to others?

Zhuang Nai Nai curses him in her heart before lowering her head.

Not long later, she lifts her head again.  No way!  10 million means nothing to him, but it means the world to her!

He already fed it to her, and now he wants her to throw it back up?  No way!

She looks around the room before lifting her phone, logging into Weibo.  She finds the post that she had once read.

The hate post comes up on her screen.  It is about a woman who broke up with her boyfriend.  After the breakup, the boyfriend asked her to return all the things that he had given her, including the money for all the meals that he had spent on her.  That woman got angry and wrote the hate post.

Perhaps, once Si Zheng Ting sees this, he will realize his misgivings.

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Let’s do it this way!

Zhuang Nai Nai feels like she is just soooo smart.  She rushes to the door and suddenly stops in her steps.

If she rushes over to him like this, will it be too transparent?

She transfers her design drafts to her U-disk first before she marches down to his office.

Inside the study,

Si Zheng Ting is reading some documents when he hears the knocking on the door.

In this house, there is only one person who dares to disturb him while he is working.

He raises his eyebrows as he looks at the door, where Zhuang Nai Nai has already poked her head in.

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