Chapter 323: I Don’t Want to be With You Anymore (01)

Why are they connected to TZ then?

Based on the ugly expression on Si Zheng Ting’s face, he is under the impression that she has been lying.

Zhuang Nai Nai swallows heavily before hastily trying to explain herself, “Please listen to me Si Zheng Ting, these designs belong to me.”  She peers up at him hopefully.

Unfortunately, Si Zheng Ting’s eyes remain sharp and cold; mocking even.

Her heart clenches in pain.  He does not believe her.

She thought he did, but he didn’t…..

She swallows heavily, her throat constricting.  She refuses to let herself cry in front of him.

She bites her lips as she looks at him, trying to negotiate, “Let’s speak sensibly, Si Zheng Ting.  Just wait for a couple more months.  Once jiejie comes home, everything will be clear.”

“No,” he replies her without hesitation.

She stands up, her heart sinking.  Her hands are fisted on both sides of her body, “Why the hell not?  You will only have to wait for a couple more months, what difference will it make!”

He looks at her coldly, his voice low, “Two months will be enough for you to get your mother back.”

Zhuang Nai Nai shudders when she hears that, finally putting two and two together, “What did you say?”

Si Zheng Ting leans closer to her, pursing his lips and remaining quiet.

As she ponders over his attitude and what he just said, she comes to a clear realization: he heard her phone call!

He tapped her phone!

Only allowed on

Her entire world crumbles as she staggers backwards into the couch in disbelief.

Why?  Because he never really trust her?

Even so, that did not give him the right to breach her personal space!

Zhuang Nai Nai feels humiliated, in a way she has never felt before.  Fury rises inside her.

She cannot hold it in anymore.

She really cannot.

The force she applies in fisting her hands causes her fingernails to claws into her palms.

Although a part of her knows that she should tell him that she was only lying to Gu De Shou, she goes straight to the more pressing question, “What right did you have to tap my phone, Si Zheng Ting!”  The fury insides her voice indicates all the anger that she has suppressed before bursting out at this moment. 

Right, why did he tap into her phone?

He steps backwards, perplexed.

He actually tapped into her phone.  He already forced her to marry him, to give him children, and now he actually went to the point where he tapped her phone!

Even he would have looked at that method in despise, but he actually did all that in order to keep her by his side.

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And to what result?

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