Chapter 95: Term of Addressment


He remembers about him pulling her chair for her during dinner, and him opening the car’s door for her, and yet she remained oblivious to his intention.

The jealousy within him intensifies.  He slams his pen on the desk, causing their silent interaction to end.  He glances at Ji Chen sharply.

Ji Chen: ……….!

Ji Chen immediately stands up straight and then lowers his head, not daring to even glance at Zhuang Nai Nai.

He ignores Zhuang Nai Nai’s signal for help.

What should she call him?  Husband?  Love?  Baby?  Other half?  Partner?

None of them seems suitable.

She panics.  She resents herself for not coming up with anything right now.

Ahhh, why is term of addressment so complicated?

A moment passes by and she keeps opening her mouth only to close it again.

S*it!  It’s just a term of addressment……

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She suddenly raises her head before speaking out, almost angrily, “Time to eat, Si Zheng Ting!”

She is stunned by her own words.  She is so done for!

Why did she call him by his name?  This bas*ard is used to being revered by others, he will not be happy with this….

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Si Zheng Ting who has been drumming his fingers on the table suddenly freezes.

He originally wanted her to call him ‘husband’ or something close to that…..  But the name ‘Si Zheng Ting’ when said by her seems to carry a certain air that gives him both elation and anticipation.  It reminds him of her courting him during high school.

At that time, he thought she was annoying, but after years passed, he found himself reminiscing those moments in nostalgia.

In his opinion, no one can sound as good as she does when saying his name.

The look in his eyes changes into something deeper.

Zhuang Nai Nai waits for his outburst nervously, but it never comes.

He does not say anything.

She looks at him carefully.  Why does he looks stunned?

He suddenly gets up, causing her legs to turn into jellies.  Just as she is about to turn around and make a run for it, she hears him say, “En.”

Zhuang Nai Nai: ……………

She stares at him dumbly.

No matter what, this is still considered an obstacle that she has passed, so she is pretty happy with herself.  She happily runs over to the coffee table to eat.


Di Hao Group’s food court,

A couple of ladies from the Design Department are currently gossiping.

“Where did that new girl, Zhuang Nai Nai come from?  What is her background?”

“Who knows?  She is a total paratrooper.  I don’t think we should butt head with her, what if we get sacked?”

(TN:  Calling her a paratrooper means that she got that job through connection.)

“She looks kind of pretty.  I heard Assistant Ji personally sent her over.  Do you think she is his woman?”

“Do not speak blindly!  I am more inclined to believe that Assistant Ji is with a man!  He never hooks up with anyone, he must be gay!”

As they chat, another lunch box is placed on their table.

Everyone turn to look at the newcomer only to gasp in shock, “Director Mi!”

Mi Nuo smiles at them, “Let’s eat together.”

“Of course!  Of course!” They clear up their own lunch boxes to make room for Mi Nuo’s.


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