1–Outside the Window

[What’s the weather outside your window doing right now? If that’s not inspiring, what’s the weather like somewhere you wish you could be?]

From where I sit, on my seat in front of my computer, I cannot see what the weather outside is like, for the blinds on the window are perpetually closed. Rarely do I open them, because I dislike having the sun glare at me, its bright rays overpowering my eyes, preventing me from seeing much of my computer screen.

Yet, after opening them and peering outside for nothing more than a few seconds, I still can’t see much. What can I do? It’s nighttime. However, I am aware that the skies are clear, without rain, snow, probably many clouds at all, or cats and dogs. Yes, I just made that joke.

Anyway, the weather is fine, though not what I prefer. What do I prefer, you ask with burning curiosity? I’m glad you have such an interest in my thoughts! To begin with, snow is nice. I like watching those white particles fall from the Heavens to coat the lands in cold beauty. For whatever reason, snow calms me, gives me a serene, joyous, feeling. I also appreciate knowing that, whenever I so choose, I can step outside to frolic in the wondrous powder. There’s also the sense of accomplishment gained from building elaborate structures with snow, like statues (the lowest quality of which are known as “snowmen”) and forts. Oh, I do love having snowball fights, but with my lack of friends and a shortage of motivation to meet new people, such events are difficult to arrange and execute.

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Now, if you are at all observant, you would have noticed that I didn’t outright say I prefer snow over all other weather options. If you noticed, kudos to you, I’ll bake a Minecraft cookie in your honor. If you didn’t…I don’t blame you because snow is awesome. No, rain is my favorite…weather? Form of weather? How do I word that sentence? Whatever, I really like rain. It’s not only pleasant to sit outside in (on the condition that it isn’t freezing cold), but the sound of it is rather soothing, allowing me to enjoy the presence of liquid precipitation from the comfort of my computer.

Yet…I don’t think we’re imagining the same thing, because I’m not talking about a normal rainy day (though, those are good too), I’m talking about storms! When water blasts down from the sky as though the gods are scrubbing the Earth of its filth! When the winds sap all the heat from your body, then carry you away for miles! When all hope is lost and your soul is within the devil’s clutch, for nothing can stop the power of a storm!

But…as much as I like storms, they do raise many painful thoughts. For example, what of the lifeforms not as fortunate as me so as to be safe within my cozy home, cuddling my cats, not at all threatened by the natural phenomenon? That trail of thoughts…is never pleasant. I think about how there will always be suffering, closer than I think, no matter what’s going on. I may enjoy the snow and rain, but others fear it.

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Anyway, that’s all that comes to mind regarding the weather outside my window.

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