Chapter 106: Melee

As the fighters on the wall landed on the ground, the beast wave was already in front of their eyes.


Everyone wasn’t too afraid of the initial period of the beast wave eruption. The first group of beasts were normally class 1 demonic beasts and the treacherous demonic beasts were further back. As long as one did not get singled out, there would be no real danger.

With the demonic beasts right in front of them, everyone ignited their qi and slayed demons with all their might.

Pfff pfff pfff…

Blood of the demonic beasts was splattered everywhere. Like cutting down crops, demonic beasts fell patch by patch.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s Wind Shadow Steps had already reach the perfection stage, which resulted in the body being light like a feather.

Landing from mid air, his feet didn’t fully touch the ground before gliding out a dozen meters again. As he was gliding, Li Fuchen swung his black iron sword, producing a large crescent arc to slay four class 1 demonic beasts. Shortly afterwards, a cross slash flashed and yet four class 1 demonic beasts were slayed.

Against low classed demonic beasts, it would be a foolish behaviour to execute higher tiered martial arts.

The higher the martial art tier, the more qi would be consumed, resulting in unnecessary qi consumption.

Of course, if one’s ability was strong enough, there wasn’t even a need to execute yellow class, low-tier martial arts; normal attacks would suffice.

Li Fuchen wanted to clear a decent sized area for him to land on the ground, which was why he executed the yellow class, low-tier sword arts, Crescent Sword Style and Tiger Fang Cross Slash.

After finding a foothold, Li Fuchen used a single slash to kill a class 1 demonic beast.

Not far away, the group of Liao Hailong, Wu Qingmei6meiyoung or little sister, and Gao Changtian were slaying beasts too.

But they didn’t fight individually like Li Fuchen. Liao Hailong’s nine men group formed a formation. The formation was like a meat grinder, wherever it moved, a storm of blood would follow as a whole patch of beasts fell.

“Numbers sure make a difference.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t opposed to joining a team. But a pity that he and Liao Hailong didn’t think alike, joining them would only make himself suffer.

“Myriad Blossom Sword Style!”

On the other side, Blossom Sword Chen Fanghua and Zhao Mingyue immediately displayed a stunning attack once they landed on the ground.

Especially Chen Fanghua.

At the eighth level of the Origin Realm, she was extremely formidable. Everytime her pale red treasure sword shuddered, countless pale red sword lights would be released. As though hundreds of flowers were blooming at the same time, creating a magnificent sight.

Pfff pfff pfff…

At least dozen beasts were slayed with this single blade. This couldn’t be described as an instant kill, but a multi-kill instead.

“Qi release. An Origin Realm martial artist who can control and release qi… Unimaginable talent.”

The surrounding Origin Realm martial artists were dumbstruck and couldn’t help but shudder when they spoke.

Generally, only Earth Realm martial artists could control and release qi. Those that could do the same during the Origin Realm were all elite prodigies without exception.

Clearing a patch of clear space, Chen Fanghua and Zhao Mingyue landed on ground, then like the rest, continued to slay 1 or 2 beasts with each blade

“This is the multi-kill sword art, Myriad Blossom Sword Style?”

Li Fuchen burnt this scene into his mind.

All were sword arts but different in types.

Some sword arts relied on the countless variations to confuse enemies.

Some sword arts had a high firepower and were more suited for solo fights. A good example would be Li Fuchen’s Meteor Sword Style.

Whereas some sword arts were more suited for group fights, like Chen Fanghua’s Myriad Blossom Sword Style.

In fact, multi-kill sword arts were also quite hard to defend against during a solo fight. When the opponent had no openings to attack, a single sword move of the Myriad Blossom Sword Style was enough to cause the opponent to fumble.

All in all, no matter how strong a Origin Realm martial artist was. They were still Origin Realm martial artists.

On the walls, all the Earth Realm martial artists had not made a move yet.

A lowly class 1 demonic beast was not worthy enough for them to make a move. Their true enemies were the class 3 demonic beasts.

But if the demonic beasts came too near to the walls, they would still step in to assist.

A group of a few dozen demonic beasts which was about to crash into the walls, was instantly halted by a Cang Lan outer sect elder.

With a wave of his hand, a vigorous and forceful qi the likes of a dragon rushed at the demonic beasts, stirring up a blood rain.

The entire group of demonic beasts got dealt the death sentence uniformly.

A simple and straightforward method, but much more formidable than Chen Fanghua.

“Living up to the name of an Earth Realm martial artist.”

Slaying a class 1 demonic beast was a simple task to Li Fuchen. As easy as eating a meal or drinking water. Others had to concentrate on the demonic beasts, but he could concurrently observe the surroundings and listen in all directions. Once a demonic approached, he would instantly pierce at its fatal point.

Thus, the commotion behind him didn’t escape his sight.

This is the first time he is witnessing how an Earth Realm martial artist fought, and it is truly fearsome.

Naturally, it was still far off when compared to Heaven Dipper Realm martial artists.

During the inner sect trials, that Heaven Realm inner sect elder could create an ice path with a wave of his hand.

Don’t talk about a single Earth Realm martial artist, even ten Earth Realm martial artists would be stopped with just a single palm of a Heaven Realm expert.

As time shifted, class 2 demonic beasts gradually appeared.

Class 2 demonic beasts were very tough. A single class 2 beast was able to go head to head with a mid level Origin Realm fighter of the Cang Lan Army. As for those fighters who weren’t from Cang Lan Army, they would need at least 2 or 3 to fight against a single class 2 beast.

Only Cang Lan inner sect disciples who were of a certain strength could suppress a mid-tier class 2 demonic beast.

In regards to differences between demonic beasts and martial artists.

Everytime a demonic beast advanced a realm, its ability would be at least 10 fold stronger.

But if a martial artist didn’t cultivate an incredible technique, every realm progressed would not bring about a large increase in ability like the demonic beasts.

Take for example, if you were to cultivate a yellow class, high-tier technique during Qi Realm and after progressing into the Origin Realm, you were to remain using the yellow class, high-tier technique; you would never be the rival of a class 2 demonic beast.

Hence, in order to handle a class 2 demonic beast, one needed to at least cultivate a yellow class, peak-tier technique.

In the Cang Lan army, most of the Origin Realm troops cultivated a yellow class, peak-tier technique. A small minority of them cultivated a mystic class low-tier technique.

As for Cang Lan inner sect disciples, every one of them were at least of the fifth level of the Origin Realm, which meant they all cultivated at least a mystic class, mid-tier technique.

Piercing a class 2 demonic beast in the throat, Li Fuchen thought to himself, ‘When I am at the Earth Realm, if I am still cultivating the mystic class, mid-tier Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique, it would be hard for me the handle a class 3 demonic beast. Unless I make use of other advantages or cultivate a higher tiered technique.’

Thinking about it, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but let out a bitter laugh.

The growth rate of a demonic beast sure was terrifying.

It is said that in order to deal with a class 5 demonic beast, one needed to at least cultivate a mystic class, peak-tier technique. Even then, it wouldn’t be a guarantee unless it was an earth class, low-tier technique.

‘Does the Cang Lan Sect even have any earth class technique?’ Li Fuchen pondered.

Of course, except for cultivation techniques, there were martial arts too. Relying on martial arts, one could compensate for plenty of disadvantages, if not, the human race would have been eradicated.

“Mm? A class 2 high-tier demonic beast.”

Coming back to senses, in Li Fuchen’s line of sight, a high leveled Origin Realm fighter got torn apart by a giant ape, resulting in a blood rain that stenched up the whole area.

Hooh! Hooh!

The giant ape drummed its chest, with a violent qi presence, its eyes suddenly turned red and looked at Li Fuchen.


Taking huge strides, it knocked away all Origin Realm fighters along the way. Each one of them were left with broken ribs and were in a crippled state.

The ape type demonic beast had obviously targeted Li Fuchen.

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