Chapter 16: Scarlet Snow Pill

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At the training grounds, the 7 foot Li Yunhai stood with his arms opened and lifted a giant boulder. His muscles were bulging, especially the ones on his arms, he looked especially tough like stone.


Placing the boulder down, Li Yunhai was feeling high-spirited and vigorous.

Originally he was only had 200 kg in strength, which was around the same as the rest. But now with the drastic difference of 750 kg, this was almost the same as a Class 1 mid-tier demonic beasts.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist this fool, he didn’t make use of the opportunity given and tried to be unselfish. How could he understand that on the road of cultivation, forsaking any opportunity given is an extremely foolish behaviour. I didn’t have the certainty to beat him before, now he is not even worth looking at.”

With his 750 kg of new found power, in addition to his sixth level at the Qi Realm, Li Yunhai felt tenacious like never before.

“Look, Li Fuchen is here.”

Just as Li Fuchen wanted to leave, the crowd noticed him.

“Li Fuchen.”Li Yunhai halted him.

Li Fuchen stopped and spoke, “Congratulations on the return.”

Li Yunhai assessed Li Fuchen and felt he had grown stronger than before, “Yes, I have returned. Interested in a spar? You should know, within the entire Li Clan, only you could receive my attacks properly.”

“Thanks for the offer, but the genius contest is about to begin. There will be the opportunity for that later.”

Even though Li Yunhai had an huge boost in power, Li Fuchen believed himself to be much more capable. Physical strength means nothing, he just felt having a spar with him now had no purpose at all.

Li Yunhai displayed a smile that had hidden intentions and thought to himself, “Seems like the other side is afraid and not is willing to fight me. Well, even if I force him, it would only invite gossips from others, as I have soaked in the Tempering Pool and Li Fuchen didn’t. Seems that I can only break his will and pride at the genius contest.”

“I will wait for you at the genius contest.”Said the prideful Li Yunhai.

Li Fuchen just gave a light laugh and said nothing, then he left.

“Hai, what a waste. I thought with Li Fuchen’s ability, he could have excelled during the contest. But it seems that the probability has decreased.”

“That is more like a hopeless wish.”

“Not necessarily. Results of the past showed that those who didn’t get to enter the Tempering Pool defeated those that did. Having better physical power doesn’t guarantee a win.”

“That is true, but you have to know the participants of the genius contest are not only from our 4 major clans. Yunwu City has a population of more than 200,000 and that is not including the region controlled by Yunwu City which has more than millions of people. Within these millions, there are bound to be tremendous geniuses joining the contest. As such, the difficulty of fighting for the top 5 spots is not to be underestimated.”

“What you say seems reasonable too. Look at the Guan Clan, they came from an isolated area and one of them became a Cang Lan Sect disciple. Thus, their rise to the top and becoming one of the 4 major clans in Yunwu City.”

At the training grounds, discussions were conducted, with most of them feeling bad for Li Fuchen.


In the next few days, all the other 3 major clans’ descendants exited from the Tempering Pool.

News traveled, Guan Peng’s physical strength was now at 900 kg, much higher than Li Yunhai’s. That was mainly due to his original strength already being at 400 kg.

The Shen Tu Clan’s Shen Tu Jue’s reached 800 kg, Shen Tu Liang was considerably lower, at 650 kg.

The Yang Clan’s Yang Hao was at 700 kg and the strongest among them, was Yang Kai who achieved 1000 kg.

Within the Qi Realm practitioners, 1000 kg was considered god-strength.

Some say that geniuses with exception bone frames, even without any help could achieve 1000 kg in their teens. Like Guan Xue who got recruited in advance by Cang Lan Sect, she had the physical power of 500 kg. From her appearance, you couldn’t tell, but this was a god gifted innate strength and not related to a person’s physique.

Physical strength was not directly related to bone frames.

Someone with a 1 star bone frame could have much more physical strength than a 3 star bone frame.

“Fuchen, your mum and I cannot do much to help. Take this Scarlet Snow pill.”

Li Tianhan who wasn’t home these few days, finally returned and brought along this pill.

“Scarlet Snow pill?”

Li Fuchen took a look inside the bottle and in it was a spirit pill that was white as snow. The intense medicinal smell escaped from within, and just a sniff of it help activated Li Fuchen’s inner qi.

“Dad, this Scarlet Snow pill is a high-tier, yellow class pill, worth a few thousand gold, it’s too valuable.”Li Fuchen shook his head, kindly rejecting his dad. The Li Clan’s yearly income was ranging near the 100 thousand range. With everyone receiving an allowance, how much could be left for his dad.

As the Patriarch, his annual allowance comes to 3000 gold coins and his mum 1000 gold coins.

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It may seem to be sufficient, but Li Fuchen understood, an Origin Realm expert required a large amount of mid-tier, yellow class pills to gradually grow their qi. And a single mid-tier, yellow class pill cost a few hundred gold coins, with their total income of 4000 gold, they could only afford 10+.

This Scarlet Snow pill, probably expended all his parents savings that was accumulated for at least 10 years.

Li Tianhan replied with pride, “You think this old thing only knows how to take advantage of his son and not contribute anything?”

“Dad, you know that is not what I meant.” Li Fuchen quickly explained.

Shen Yuyan calmly said to her son, “Fuchen, with the genius contest right around the corner. Your cultivation is still not as good as the rest. Only after reaching the sixth level of the Qi Realm will you have better odds at getting the top 5. If you had to totally relied on yourself, what qualifications do we have to be your parents. Which genius in the other clans aren’t showered with resources by their family?”

“If that is the case, Fuchen will accept it.”

Li Fuchen could only gratefully accept the goodwill of his parents.

This Scarlet Snow pill that was worth a few thousand gold coins is the best gift he has received in this life. Even Origin Realm experts are reluctant to buy it for themselves, primarily because this pill will not be able to let them advance in rank, thus it would be a waste to buy it for personal usage.

But if Qi Realm fighters consumed it, it wouldn’t guaranteed an advance in rank. But this was directly related to one’s innate soul spirit, with a poor soul spirit, no matter what pill you consumed, you wouldn’t be able to take hold of all the qi within.

Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan was taking all measures in this desperate situation. Hoping that Li Fuchen’s soul spirit was of good quality and was able to fully utilize the effects of the Scarlet Snow pill.

Seeing Li Fuchen accepting the pill, Li Tianhan nodded with satisfaction, “Once you enter the Cang Lan Sect, all this gold would be worth it and when that day comes, your mum and I would be delighted to bask under the light shedded on you.”

If Li Fuchen could become a Cang Lan Sect disciple, The Li Clan’s reputation would surely rise in Yunwu City. Those businesses that were planned to be sacrificed, in order to survive, would most likely be able to retained.

In order for the clan to flourish, a large quantity of gold was required. And these gold coins came from the clan’s businesses. Yunwu City only had a limited amount of places for business and every clan would like to have more shops. This resulted in disputes of interests, which depended on the reputation of the clan as to whether the clan could succeed or not during these times of disputes.

“Dad, Mom, rest assured. The spot for entering the Cang Lan Cect, I am determined to get it.”

Li Fuchen was certain of this, even without this Scarlet Snow Pill.

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