Chapter 198: Earth Class Weapon Shard

‘I must buy this weapon shard,’ Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was determined.

Because he found a weapon shard, Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He continued to look around in hopes of finding yet another escaped treasure.

Two hours later, Li Fuchen’s was in possession of another ten pieces of weapon shards.

Among these weapon shards, only the mystic class weapon shard had some value, the rest were just shards of yellow class weapons.

Just in case, Li Fuchen was prepared to buy all ten shards.

“I shall take all ten of these weapon shards.” Li Fuchen said to the store staff.

“Alright. Let me go get the store manager.” The staff went to inform the store manager in a hurry.

The Grade Tools Pavilion was huge and the store manager was in the midst of serving other customers. After being informed by the staff, he walked out and said, “If you buy ten weapon shards, you get one for free. A total of 1000 gold coins.”

The store manager smiled with narrowed eyes.

1000 gold coins wasn’t a small figure. On average days, their Grade Tools Pavilion would only have an income of one or two hundred gold coins. Seems like this batch of weapon shards did have its attractiveness and as long as someone bought it, they would have a large profit.


Paying the gold coins, Li Fuchen left the Grade Tools Pavilion.

‘I am still unsure of the weapon shard’s class. I should go appraise it at a weapon store.’ Having an idea, Li Fuchen began to ask around for the address of a weapon store.

The weapon store wasn’t located on Antique street. Flying Blade City had dozens of weapon stores and the one that was nearest to him was on Iron Horse Street that was next to Antique Street.

On Iron Horse Street, there was an Iron Horse that was forged from steel that stood right in the center of the street.

To the right of the iron horse was a weapon store named Elite Soldier Pavilion.

“Sir, I wonder what class weapon you require?” Seeing a guest coming in, the store manager politely asked.

Li Fuchen replied, “What is the highest class weapon your store offers?”

The eyes of the store manager lit up, “Our Elite Soldier Pavilion sells top of the line goods. The weapon of the highest class are of mystic class mid-tier. But one of them is sold at 180 thousand gold coins.”

Those that could forge mystic class, high-tier weapons were smith masters. The Elite Soldier Pavilion didn’t have such a member; in fact, there wasn’t a need for one either. Even though Flying Blade City was a city with a population of 4 million, there wasn’t much sales of mystic class, mid-tier weapons. Which was why mystic class, high-tier weapons were even much less sought after. Regular Earth Realm martial artists wouldn’t even have the wealth to purchase it; only Heaven Realm martial artists would possess such wealth.

“Oh. Then do you know which weapon store sells mystic class, high-tier weapons?” Li Fuchen wasn’t interested in mystic class mid-tier weapons.

The store manager was rather disappointed, but he still replied, “Within Flying Blade City, only the Mystic Tools Pavilion sells mystic class, high-tier weapons. But sir, you are an Earth Realm martial artist and it isn’t worth it to buy a mystic class, high-tier weapon. You would be easily targeted. What’s more, Earth Realm martial artists would find it difficult to bring out the true potential of mystic class, high-tier weapons.”

Li Fuchen laughed but didn’t explain.

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The store manager was right. Most Earth Realm martial artists used mystic class low-tier weapons. A minority of them used mystic class, mid-tier weapons. No one dared to showcase any mystic class, high-tier weapons. In a place as chaotic such as this, anyone who possessed treasure weapons would most probably be targeted.

But Li Fuchen wasn’t planning on purchasing a mystic class, high-tier weapon. He just wanted to observe the tool patterns of a mystic class, high-tier weapon.

After asking around for directions, Li Fuchen had arrived at the busiest street of Flying Blade City—Flying Blade Street. The most luxurious store throughout Flying Blade Street was undoubtedly the Mystic Tools Pavilion.

The Mystic Tools Pavilion was as described like the name, there were only mystic class weapons sold within and there were no yellow class weapons at all.

There were plenty of customers and most of them were high leveled Earth Realm martial artists. There was even one Heaven Realm martial artist as well.

“Hi Sir, what weapon tier are you looking for?”

As soon as Li Fuchen entered the doors, a staff came over to welcome him. The store manager was currently serving the Heaven Realm martial artist.

Li Fuchen replied, “Mystic class, high-tier weapons.”

The staff was shocked and thought, ‘Could this man be a young master of a major clan?’

Mystic class, high-tier weapons cost a few hundred thousand gold coins, which were only affordable to young masters from major clans that had a Heaven Realm martial artist as a backing.

“Sir, follow me this way please.”

Mystic class, high-tier weapons weren’t located on the first floor but the second floor instead.

Arriving at the second floor, the staff explained, “Sir, these are all the mystic class, high-tier weapons. Sabres, spears, swords, halberds, we have them all.”

“So these are mystic class, high-tier weapons? They are indeed extraordinary.”

Li Fuchen picked up a sword. This sword appeared to be dark silver in color and heavy on the hand, about 250 kg. Drawing the sword out from its sheath, there was a flash of dark silver. Even a strand of Li Fuchen’s hair was split apart.

“Such an intense sword qi.” Li Fuchen was shocked.

The black gold sword only had traces of sword qi. In terms of the density in sword qi, it wasn’t even 30% of this sword’s.

It was no wonder that only a blacksmith could only be considered a smith master after forging a mystic class, high-tier weapon. The tool pattern knowledge requirement was much too high.

Injecting his qi and consciousness into the sword, Li Fuchen observed the tool pattern within the sword.

He frowned slightly. Although this sword was a mystic class, high-tier weapon, the tool pattern level was much inferior than to the weapon shard’s tool pattern.

‘Seems like this weapon shard is at least a weapon shard from a mystic class, high-tier weapon.’

Having lost his interest, Li Fuchen said to the staff, “Bring me to see the mystic class, peak-tier weapons.”

The staff spoke in an awkward manner, “Mystic class, peak-tier weapons are the treasures that define our Mystic Tools Pavilion. If you are truly sincere in buying one, I can inform the store manager. But if you aren’t sincere in buying one, mystic class, peak-tier weapons aren’t something that can be simply shown to anyone.”

“Why? Can’t I even take a look? If I don’t see it, how would I know if I want to buy it?” Li Fuchen replied indifferently.

Suspecting Li Fuchen to be a young master from a major clan, the staff didn’t dare to neglect him, “I shall go inform the store manager.”

Soon enough, the store manager came running over.

“This sir, are you going to buy a mystic class, peak-tier weapon? I wonder what is your surname?” The store manager asked.

Li Fuchen replied, “My clan name is Chen.”

Hearing the name, the store manager tried to search through his memory.

Could it be Storm Surge City’s Chen Clan?

Storm Surge City was a famous city within the Hundred Battle region. It had a population of at least ten million and the status of the Chen Clan was of the highest esteem. They had at least 20 Heaven Realm martial artists.

If he was Young Master Chen, he would be an important guest, the store manager asked subtly, “Could this sir be from the Chen Clan of Storm Surge City?”

Li Fuchen replied while not directly answering the questions, “Why? If I am not from the Chen Clan, I cannot buy a mystic class, peak-tier weapon?”

“Of course not. Sir, follow me please.”

Hearing what Li Fuchen said, the store manager assumed that Li Fuchen was an important clansman of the Chen Clan.

The mystic class, peak-tier weapons were stored on the third floor of the Mystic Tools Pavilion.

On the third floor, there were three mystic class, peak-tier weapons displayed on three walls. Each one of the weapons gave off an intense killer qi presence, as though it could go off killing people on its own.

But there wasn’t any sword among these three mystic clas,s peak-tier weapons.

Picking up one of the mystic class, peak-tier weapon, Li Fuchen injected his qi and consciousness.

‘Such mystical tool patterns.’

Observing with his consciousness, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but gasp.

This mystic class, peak-tier weapon was a halberd. The tool patterns within the halberd were complex yet unadorned.

But compared to the weapon shard, it still seemed lacking.

What’s more, the tool pattern within the weapon shard was just a small portion of the original tool pattern. One could imagine how mystical it would be had it been the complete tool pattern.

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It was now that Li Fuchen could determine that this weapon piece was an earth class weapon shard.

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