Chapter 280: 7th Level of Earth Shattering Realm

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First stage, second stage…

From the first to the fourth stage, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist passed them effortlessly.

It was only at the fifth segment of the star road did he experience a slight pressure. After all, this segment was where his previous limits were.

After passing the fifth stage, Li Fuchen arrived at the sixth segment of the star road.

Back then, Li Fuchen walked just for a few moments before collapsing and was teleported out of the Star Road Hidden Domain. This time, Li Fuchen could only feel half the pressure he felt the previous time. It seemed like his second attempt on the Star Road Hidden Domain was indeed much easier.

Moreover, Li Fuchen’s cultivation was one level higher this time.

The dreadful star road qi field was pressuring Li Fuchen and after spending a bit of time, Li Fuchen finally arrived at the sixth isolated island, where the sixth stage was hosted.

Unexpectedly, the sixth stage didn’t have any test. The instant Li Fuchen arrived, 32 portions of star road energy descended from the starry sky and poured itself into Li Fuchen’s body.

Feeling the boundless star road energy in his body, Li Fuchen thought to himself, ‘If the sixth stage rewards 32 portions of star road energy, then the seventh stage should give 64 portions. I reckon that should be enough for me to breakthrough to the 7th level of the Earth Realm.’

After using too much star road energy, the body would develop a kind of resistance. Li Fuchen had already used the star road energy to immediately increase two levels of his cultivation. For his next breakthrough in cultivation level, it would probably exhaust a massive amount of star road energy.

Of course, that was after Li Fuchen passed the seventh stage. Otherwise, the current star road energy wouldn’t be sufficient for Li Fuchen to breakthrough to the 7th level of the Earth Realm.

Arriving at the seventh segment of the star road, the horrific qi field caused Li Fuchen’s mind to shiver.

‘Such a dreadful place.’

It was as though Li Fuchen arrived at the darkest place. Had it not been for his tough spirit will, his spirit would have instantly collapsed and he would have been teleported out of the Star Road Hidden Domain.

Perhaps after experiencing the baptism from the sixth mystic martial door, Li Fuchen realized that his endurance ability was even stronger now. After walking half the segment, he was still able to persevere and he wasn’t at his limits yet.

When he was almost at the seventh isolated island, his limits had finally arrived.

Drenched in sweat, his physical and mental endurance were close to their limits.

Every step felt like the passing of a day for Li Fuchen and it was extremely difficult.


The seventh isolated island was just within reach. Li Fuchen took a step onto the island as his step echoed loudly and dully.

With the pressure gone, Li Fuchen held onto his knees and panted heavily.

‘The seventh segment of the star road was extremely challenging.’

After resting for a moment, Li Fuchen was finally able to stabilize himself.

Coming to the center of the island. When the 64 portions of star road energy were rewarded, Li Fuchen felt a drastic increase of star road energy in his body.

“I can do it now!” Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up.

The star road energy allowed him to feel the bottleneck ahead of time. Right now, with his senses, the bottleneck of the 7th level of the Earth Realm was just like a thin piece of paper which would break when poked.

Li Fuchen immediately sat cross-legged and circulated the 16th rank of the True Inferno Technique.

After consuming huge quantities of elixirs and herbs, Li Fuchen’s cultivation was increasing step by step.

6th level Earth Realm late stage, 6th level Earth Realm peak stage, followed by the limits of the 6th level of the Earth Realm.

Fortunately, Li Fuchen had massive quantities of elixirs and herbs. There were plenty which helped to increase his qi. Without them, the star road energy might not even be enough for the breakthrough.

The star road energy was a type of mental energy, which strengthened the martial artist’s spirit.


It was unknown how much elixirs and herbs were consumed, but Li Fuchen’s cultivation finally broke through to the 7th level of the Earth Realm.

Not only did his qi capacity increase drastically, but the quality of his qi also underwent a huge change.

Every level of the Earth Realm had a significant difference.

And when at the Heaven Realm, each level had even more prominent difference.

It was said that when at the Reincarnation Realm, exceeding levels in battle was at an unimaginable difficulty. Take for example the Azure Water Sect, the Supreme Elder’s cultivation was at the 3rd level of the Reincarnation Realm, while Sect Patriarch Ouyang Wentian was at the 2nd level of the Reincarnation Realm, and the Protector was at the 1st level of the Reincarnation Realm. They didn’t have a single 4th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

This was also one of the main reasons why the Azure Water Sect was weaker than the Heaven Fiend Sect.

The Heaven Fiend Sect had one 4th level Reincarnation Realm expert.

When Li Fuchen was still in the Star Road Hidden Domain, Li Xiangru had already exited from it.

His cultivation had impressively advanced from the 9th level of the Earth Realm to the peak level of the Earth Realm. His ability was now even more robust and firm.

At their level of cultivation, advancement in any factor was already praiseworthy and if the current Li Xiangru was to fight with Li Fuchen in the sect selection tournament, without the activation of the Black Iron Sword Essence, Li Fuchen would have to burst out with the mystic class high-tier kill move, Blaze Dragon to clash with Li Xiangru. The results of the battle would have been unknown.

Of course, Li Xiangru being able to breakthrough to the peak level of the Earth Realm is mainly due to the fact that he only advanced a single level with the star road energy previously. Hence he was able to breakthrough again now.

After all, not everyone was like Li Fuchen, who could make it to the fifth stage on their first attempt of the Star Road Hidden Domain and obtain so much star road energy.

After arriving at the eighth segment of the star road, Li Fuchen felt an unprecedented pressure. This star road qi field was so powerful that it felt as though it was real. For an instant, there was this extremely concentrated energy that descended and enveloped Li Fuchen.

After taking around 100 steps, Li Fuchen couldn’t withstand it anymore and was teleported out of the Star Road Hidden Domain and back into his own courtyard.

“This Star Road Hidden Domain is much more dreadful than the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. It is completely a test of limits.” Li Fuchen sighed.

“The 7th level of the Earth Realm is still not enough. It is necessary for me to increase my sword intent at the Sword Monument next.” Li Fuchen was not so confident that he would be unbeatable in the Stars Ranking Tournament.

Putting aside innate perception, he was far inferior when comparing cultivation levels.

In this Stars Ranking Tournament, most of the top class participants were probably at the 9th level of the Earth Realm. His cultivation at the 7th level of the Earth Realm was probably right at the bottom.

Besides, beyond the 9th level of the Earth Realm was the peak level of the Earth Realm and half-step Heaven Realm.

The meaning of half-step Heaven Realm, was that the martial artist had already taken half a step into the Heaven Realm and there was only a lack of time.

Of course, there were some who were intentionally restricting their cultivation at the half-step Heaven Realm. They wanted to avoid stepping into the Heaven Realm so that they were still qualified to participate in the Stars Ranking Tournament.

There was a great advantage in participating in the Stars Ranking Tournament. Those that entered the Stars Ranking would all be rewarded with a piece of star stone. Those who could enter the top 72, 36, 10, 3, and no.1 position had even more rewards.

Since Sword Maniac Li Xiangru had already comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent, Li Fuchen assumed that others would be able to do it too. There might even be plenty of participants who comprehended mystic class high-tier sword intent. By then, his advantage would be just a minuscule advantage.

Arriving at the Sword Monument Canyon, Li Fuchen immediately devoted his full concentration to comprehend sword intents.

His Blaze Devil Sword Intent was just a step away from reaching the consummate stage and was currently at the matured stage.

(TL note: The author didn’t really explain, but intents should be broken down into initial, matured, and consummate stages)

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