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Title: System Wants Me Dead | Tags: Antihero, Warfare, Goddesses, Reincarnation

Synopsis: [SYSTEM REBOOT] "Where am I?" [Where you are doesn't matter anymore!] "Who are you?" [I'm a System-type entity, you don't require further information human.] "What?" Zane, finding himself in a virtual empty dimension with a nagging game-like system flying near his hand who rudely asks him to complete near-impossible quests, is trying his best to NOT GET KILLED. [Let's get started, shall we? I really don't like humans in my world, could you please die already?]

Chapter 378: Entry Stage of Green Sun Sword Intent

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“I will not regret.”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had read the introduction of the Green Sun Sword Art. This sword art was simply customized for him. Since his spirit soul had evolved into the blue grade, there was nothing that could make him feel that it was difficult. He naturally wanted to challenge his own limits.

“Alright then. Since you are as stubborn as a mule, I shall not persuade you.” The outer institute elder shook his head helplessly. He seemed to already foresee that Li Fuchen would be insanely depressed a few months later.

After obtaining a branded copy of the Green Sun Sword Intent from the outer institute elder, Li Fuchen left the Secret Manual Tower.

On the way back to the courtyard, Li Fuchen came across Luo Yan.

“Li Fuchen, what sword art manual did you pick?” Luo Yan asked.

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“Green Sun Sword Intent.” Li Fuchen showed the branded copy in his hand.

“Green Sun Sword Intent?” Luo Yan spoke in an astonished manner, “Why did you choose this sword art? I heard that it has already been over 20 years since anyone picked this sword art.”

“What is so interesting in walking the path that others had taken?” Li Fuchen smiled.

Luo Yan blinked her eyes and felt that Li Fuchen’s statement was rather reasonable.

After the duo parted, Li Fuchen returned to his courtyard.

“This Green Sun Sword Intent is something that no one is able to reach the completion stage before the Battle Spirit Realm. I wonder what is so mysterious about it.” Li Fuchen was very curious about the Green Sun Sword Intent. The introduction might be one thing, but the cultivation content might be a whole other thing.

Li Fuchen immediately started to read after opening the branded copy.

The general principle was on the first page and it was written with a single passage, “When the sun is out, the radiance of heaven and earth is released. When the sword is out, the radiance of heaven and earth is also released. The kind of sword will produce the kind of sunlight.”

On the second page, a diagram appeared in Li Fuchen’s vision.

The first diagram was a green light spot. The light spot might be tiny, but the color was prominent like the star in the sky.

The second diagram was a ray of green radiance. It was like the first ray of radiance that would pour out from the early morning sun. It was like a sharp sword that ripped through darkness and tore the yin and yang.

The third diagram was a green sun. The borders of the green sun released a circle of illumination and cast down in a slanted angle.

The fourth diagram was also a green sun but this green sun was extremely dazzling and the radiance was shot out in all directions. The entire heaven and earth didn’t have a trace of darkness and it was eternally resplendent.

There was a total of four diagrams that described the process of sunrise. But there was no definite cultivation method. Everything was reliant on one’s own perception. Whatever could be comprehended would be comprehended, whatever that couldn’t be comprehended would mean that one’s innate perception wasn’t competent enough.

After looking through the four diagrams, Li Fuchen returned to the first page where the general principle was written.

“When the sun is out, the radiance of heaven and earth is released. When the sword is out, the radiance of heaven and earth is also released. The kind of sword will produce the kind of sunlight… This passage has a very deep meaning.”

It was just a single passage but Li Fuchen could feel a grand and imperious intent.

Martial arts was basically a trace of the law that operated nature and all living things. The stronger the martial art, the higher the completion rate of the law contained within. The ordinary martial arts would contain a shallow law within. If it was shallow, one simply had to practice diligently to master it as there wasn’t a need to comprehend the profound contents.

The Green Sun Sword Art did have a cultivation method, but the method was at its natural state and required the practitioner to sense the nature and the process of sunrise.

“It is interesting. I wonder what is the core essence for this Green Sun Sword Intent.”

All martial arts had their core essence. If one purely had to comprehend nature and the sunrise, why was this martial art called the Green Sun Sword Intent? It could also be called the Sunrise Sword Intent, or the Radiance Sword Art. If that had been the case, it wasn’t necessary for Green Sun Sword Intent to even exist.

For the next three consecutive days, Li Fuchen had been comprehending the Green Sun Sword Intent.

If it was a mystic class peak-tier sword art, Li Fuchen wouldn’t dare to say that he would reach the completion stage in just three days, but he would be almost close to completion stage. But for this Green Sun Sword Intent, Li Fuchen had yet to even reach the entry stage and had only grasped small traces of the intent.

During these three days, Li Fuchen didn’t observe the scenery of sunrise. He felt that he might be numbed if he started observing the sunrise this early in the phase. He wanted to accumulate more experience before observing the sunrise and it might just allow him to instantly comprehend in a single sunrise.

At the courtyard’s practice ground, Li Fuchen was constantly brandishing his sword. While he was wielding the sword, his eyes were closed.

He had imagined his sword as sunlight that ripped darkness. He had imagined himself as the sun.

He wanted to look for a feeling, that surging feeling, that natural feeling.

After a week, Li Fuchen felt that he had found a hint of the feeling.

This feeling was very mysterious. It was obviously very prominent, but Li Fuchen wasn’t able to grasp it.

If he couldn’t grasp it, the Green Sun Sword Intent wouldn’t reach the entry stage.

Once he reached the entry stage of the Green Sun Sword Intent, it would actually be accomplishing half the entire achievement.

‘The beginning is always the hardest.’ This saying wasn’t just for show.

“It is about time. I should observe the scenery of sunrise now.”

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To be honest, Li Fuchen never truly watched a sunrise. At least, he had never treated the sunrise as anything important as he could see it every single day.

On this early morning, Li Fuchen was seated cross-legged on the roof of South Forest Martial Institution’s Clear Sky Tower

Currently, the sky was just gradually turning bright and it was still very dark.

Li Fuchen sat there quietly and looked at the far horizon.

After 15 minutes, the eastern horizon was getting redder. Suddenly, a dazzling red spot gradually and strenuously rose up from the horizon. A trace of radiance that wasn’t intensive but particularly shocking had ripped the darkness and descended onto the mother earth.

At this instant, Li Fuchen’s mind had an explosion. He had finally grasped that feeling that he was unable to grasp previously.

Li Fuchen’s eyes burst out with dazzling shine as he stood up and brandished his sword.

The moment before Li Fuchen brandished his sword, the true inferno qi inside his body automatically converged into a spot. This spot was extremely dazzling and concentrated. It contained a massive amount of qi and using this spot as the starting point, the qi traveled in a nearly straight line and poured into the blacklight sword through Li Fuchen’s right arm. The qi surged out from the blacklight sword and a ray of glaring light burst out and drew a tyrannical straight line in the sky.

Under the Clear Sky Tower, a few of the outer institute cadets who had woke up early were stunned by this sight.

The current Li Fuchen was like a deity in their eyes. A single swing of his sword had shot out a glaring ray of light. That ray of light had already broken away from the form of a sword but not from the description of a sword dao. Apart from dominance, it was extremely sharp and grand.

“Now I see, I finally understand.”

Li Fuchen had never experienced such an enlightening feeling and it felt as though he had ascended.

On the horizon, half the sun was already out and the dazzling rays of light had descended on the mother earth one after the other. Finally, it covered the entire land and in the blink of the eye, the entire sky was filled with sunlight.

The darkness faded and the light had arrived.

Li Fuchen felt a trace of emotion in his heart. A trace of sword intent that was closely related to the sunrise had finally been born.

This trace of sword intent might be weak, but it contained vitality.

Entry stage of Green Sun Sword Intent.

For the next few days, Li Fuchen would come to this place to observe the sunrise.

As the number of observation increased, Li Fuchen’s comprehension would increase too, as a result, the Green Sun Sword Intent continued to grow stronger.

But he understood that he had just reached the entry stage and had yet to even touch the core essence of the Green Sun Sword Intent. Once he comprehended the core essence, his strength would have a complete sky turning change.

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