Chapter 38: Body Tempering Pill

“What a brilliant qi circulation method.”

Even though the firepower of the third rank Scarlet Fire Technique is weaker than the sixth rank Red Jade Technique, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was amazed by the efficiency of the qi usage. Yes, qi efficiency does exist, and if the Red Jade Technique could only exhibit a 50% qi efficiency, the Scarlet Fire Technique could achieve 70%.

The Scarlet Fire Technique is just like a furnace, burning thoroughly and not leaving any residue, compared to the Red Jade Technique that still left behind much residue. As for power, the Scarlet Fire Technique was much more persistent and long lasting than compared to the Red Jade Technique.

“This deserves to be a peak-tier, yellow class technique.”

Li Fuchen was now looking forward to the advanced version of the Scarlet Fire Technique, the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique.

Sending his subconsciousness into the soul sea, Li Fuchen saw his soul spirit that was wrapping the golden amulet. He noticed that the pale green soul spirit was already 60% green, just like a glowing ball with a dual layer of colors. Green on the inner layer and pale green on the outer layer, looking splendid and magnificent, just like a rare treasure.

“With just another 40% to go. Who knows how far the green soul spirit will advance my perception.”

The current pale green soul spirit already made Li Fuchen’s perception exceed 3 star bone frames and was on par with 4 star bone frames.

But Li Fuchen understood the soul spirit could only help improve his perception, not other areas. Unlike a 4 star bone frame, having both exceptional perception and excellent innate body physique at the same time. At this point in time, the differences may not be visible yet, but moving towards higher cultivation levels, the importance of bone frames would play a bigger role.

A person’s innate body physique was exactly the reason why normal and 1 star bone frames found it hard to breakthrough to the Earth Realm.

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It is said that on the road of martial arts, every cultivation realm is a hurdle. From the Qi Realm to the Origin Realm is the smallest hurdle, as one would just require enough resources to breakthrough.

While from the Origin Realm to the Earth Realm is the first real hurdle, as 90% of all martial artists would remain at that realm and not be able to breakthrough for life.

The hurdles beyond the Earth Realm were even more arduous. It is just like a highway that is spacious in the beginning and after you go further in, the narrower it gets, until only a few individuals can pass through.

“Even if my body physique cannot keep up, as long as I have my incredible perception, the restriction of my body physique cannot stop me. If a two-fold of perception isn’t enough, then make it five-fold, ten-fold, even a hundred-fold.”

Those normal bone frame individuals that broke through to the Earth Realm, are all geniuses with exceptional perception and were normally stronger than average Earth Realm experts.


Every month, 1st grade outer sect disciples were able to buy 1000 gold worth of items within the sect. Li Fuchen didn’t want to waste this month’s gold, thus he spared some time to visit the outer sect’s resource hall.

The resource hall was busy and bustling with sales.

Pills, elemental qi crystals, armors, weapons… With just a glance, it got Li Fuchen spinning, as the items offered here at the resource hall were much luxurious than he expected.

There were pills from low-tier, yellow class to peak-tier, yellow class available. Valuing from tens to thousands of gold.

Elemental qi crystals from low class to peak class, valued from a range of tens to thousands of gold as well.

There were only first tier and second tier armors, first tier were sold for tens of gold and second tier for hundreds of gold.

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As for weapons, they were mostly first tier swords, ranging from tens to hundreds of gold. Li Fuchen made some observations and found out they were mostly steel swords.

“1st grade outer sect disciples can only buy items that are worth 1000 gold. Some of the items can’t be bought with gold though, and can only be purchased with contribution points.”

Li Fuchen had zero contribution points and could only stare when he spotted some of the better items.

Finally, Li Fuchen spent the 1000 gold buying two mid-tier, yellow class, Body Tempering Pills.

Body tempering pills were used to temper the body’s impurities and increase physical strength. It is seldomly available outside of the sect and was considered valuable but hard to find, a precious resource.

With the pills in his hands, Li Fuchen swiftly left the resource hall.


90 kg.

The two body tempering pills not only tempered Li Fuchen’s body, but also increased his physical strength by 90 kg. The first pill increased his strength by 50 kg and the second by 40 kg.

As such, Li Fuchen’s physical strength was now around 500 kg.

“Everyone has their body strength limitations. Once at the maximum limit, even swallowing the best body tempering pills would be meaningless. But my body isn’t at the limit yet, I wonder what my limit is.”

The Tempering Pool could help increase 500 kg of strength in a single session, but the strength increase varied for each individuals and that was because everyone has their own limits.

Li Fuchen estimated his own physical strength to be at least 700 kg.

These two pills may have increased 90 kg of strength, but it wasn’t that simple to attain 700 kg. With every consumption of the body tempering pill, its effect weakens and the amount of strength increased would be less and less.

Perhaps for the next 90 kg, five or six pills may be required and even more for the next 90 kg until the body tempering pills stopped working. Unless Li Fuchen’s body strength limit could breakthrough to the next level.

It is a pity that achieving a breakthrough in physical strength limits is easier said than done. When a martial artist progressed to the next cultivation realm, the limit of their physical strength only increases by a small amount.

Under normal circumstances, an average ninth level Qi Realm practitioner’s physical strength will never exceed the limits of 1000 kg.

Some individuals with natural innate strength may possibly reach 1500 kg or even 2000 kg, but it was very rare.

Once reaching the Origin Realm, the body would experience a drastic increase in the limits of strength. An average ninth level Origin Realm expert having the physical strength of around 2000 kg.

But there is no guarantee for anything.

If one had a body refinement technique, breaking the limits of one’s body strength is a simple task.

But body refinement techniques are hard to come by and were only available within the sect. Supposedly, the lowest ranked body refinement technique is at least a peak-tier, yellow class art, but required a large amount of contribution points to redeem.

“When there is a chance, I definitely need to redeem a body refinement technique.”

The reason why Li Fuchen wanted a body refinement technique was not only for raising his body’s strength limit; it is also for the cultivation of the Scarlet Fire Technique.

The Scarlet Fire Technique has a high demand for one’s body quality. A weak body will never be able to cultivate towards the highest level and forcefully cultivating would either injure your meridians in minor cases or in worse cases, self-immolation.

If the Scarlet Fire Technique is already this intense, don’t even mention the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique and True Inferno Technique.

“I need ways to earn contribution points.”

Li Fuchen thought for a long time before deciding that doing sect missions was the most reliable method.

Actually, cultivating the sect entry techniques too can net you some contribution points.

Cultivating the Scarlet Fire Technique to seventh rank within a year is worth 5000 contribution points.

The Eighth rank is worth 30,000 points and the ninth rank for a substantial 100,000 points.

You could still get 30,000 points if you cultivated the Scarlet Fire Technique to the ninth rank within 2 years.

There were many ways to earn contribution points, but at this current juncture, Li Fuchen didn’t give it too much of a consideration.

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