Chapter 451: Change of History

“Shooting Star, consecutive strikes!” Pillars of bright light were blasted at Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist.

The Howling Moon Hound was desperate.

After seeing that it was the most crucial moment, the Petrified Queen and the others had executed their attacks.

The Petrified Queen’s tail was raised up and a white ray was shot out from the tip of the tail.

This was also a kind of Petrify Technique called the Petrification Ray.

In comparison to the Petrify Technique, the Petrification Ray was more concentrated and had greater power, enough to penetrate Li Fuchen’s sword field.

The Mountain Shaking Elephant’s entire body was also enveloped by a dark yellow halo. Its long elephant trunk acted like a whip and lashed at Li Fuchen with ferocity.

The Blood Devil King formed a blood-colored sphere of light in each of his hands and blasted them at Li Fuchen.

The Fierce Wind Eagle had also executed his innate ability, Crescent Wind Blade.

From underground, spikes were drilling out from below as the Ground Rat King had also executed his attack.

Of course, the one with the greatest threat was the Silver Horn Demon.

The silver horn in his hand had suddenly enlarged and was like a pillar supporting the sky. It was then cleaved down ruthlessly at Li Fuchen.

A massive power of laws acted on Li Fuchen and had delayed his movement, while his qi protection had also burst open.

“Are they putting their lives on the stake?” Li Fuchen’s eyes were glistening with cold light while murderous aura burst forth.

“It is time to end this.”

Li Fuchen changed his sword intent and executed the Green Sun Sword Intent.

In comparison to the High Heaven Sword Art, the Green Sun Sword Intent was undoubtedly much more horrific and harder to defend.

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After all, the High Heaven Sword Art had sword moves and there were signs to predict. As for the Green Sun Sword Intent, there were totally no moves and no way to predict it.

When Li Fuchen brandished the Joint-Heaven Sword, a massive green light suddenly burst forth. Immediately after, a green sun appeared and filled the entire place with green radiance. Every inch of space was overflowing with green radiance.


The first to let out the blood-curling screech was the Ground Rat King. His entire body was like a candle and was instantly melted. The green radiance came too suddenly and was too intensive. He didn’t even have time to burrow into the ground and was turned into ashes.

The second to fall was the Blood Devil King. Even with stubborn vitality, it was no longer useful at this moment. In just two breaths, he was also turned into ashes.

The third to fall was the Fierce Wind Eagle. Originally, with his strength, he wouldn’t fall so quickly. However, he simply had to attack first and was severely injured by Li Fuchen previously.

Before he perished, he extended his wings and wanted to fly, but was ultimately turned into a pile of ash.

The fourth to fall was the Mountain Shaking Elephant, his Battle Heaven Tyrant Body might be a true innate ability now, but it was still far from perfect and was totally unable to resist Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent.

As such, the imposing strong foes that came were left with only the Petrified Queen, the Howling Moon Hound, and the Silver Horn Demon.

The trio didn’t have a good time either as they were constantly getting eroded by the green radiance.

“The sword field and sword lights are actually fused?” The Petrified Queen was knowledgable and was extremely shocked.

Li Fuchen’s High Heaven Sword Art’s sword field and sword lights weren’t fused and were merely supporting one another. However, for the Green Sun Sword Intent, the sword field and sword lights were actually fused. There was no way to defeat Li Fuchen.

As long as one was enveloped by the sword field, one would be facing the attack of Li Fuchen.

It was a fusion of wide-range attacks and a single attack. There was no longer a difference between the two.

The white protection was getting shaven at a visible speed and the Petrified Queen’s eyes were flashing with agony.

The Demonic Ten Regions were truly exterminated this time. Of all the ten original sovereigns of the Demonic Ten Regions, she was the only one that had survived.

Furthermore, from now onwards, she could only conceal herself and had to avoid getting discovered by humans. Otherwise, the next time she encountered Li Fuchen alone, she was definitely going to be extinguished.

A totally different kind of Petrify Technique was being prepared as the Petrified Queen had the intention to retreat.

“The wider the range of the Green Sun Sword Intent, the weaker the power. When I executed the wide-ranged attack earlier, the power is almost the same as the High Heaven Sword Art or weaker.”

Li Fuchen started to shrink the range of the Green Sun Sword Intent.

When the Green Sun Sword Intent was shrunk to 50%, the Petrified Queen and the Howling Moon Hound couldn’t withstand it anymore.

White lights were spurting out from the Petrified Queen and in the next moment, a phantom-like white flash appeared and in the blink of the eye, it was already several miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away. A few flickers later, it had vanished without the trace.

Left behind was the Petrified Queen’s statue and it was quickly destroyed by the Green Sun Sword Intent.

“An innate ability to escape?” Li Fuchen frowned.

The opposition had an extremely incredible innate ability meant for escaping, but it was also because Li Fuchen was careless. If he had fought at full strength, he was certain he could instantly eliminate the Petrified Queen.

“Forget it, the Petrified Queen alone cannot raise any waves. If she dares to come out of concealment, I only need a single sword slash to kill her.”

Li Fuchen turned his eyes onto the Howling Moon Hound and the Silver Horn Demon.

The Howling Moon Hound and the Silver Horn Demon wanted to retreat as well.

But Li Fuchen wasn’t going to give them any chances. The Green Sun Sword Intent rapidly shrunk.


The Howling Moon Hound’s body was fuming with green smoke. Within the smoke, the large hound shadow was frenetically struggling. It looked as though it was trying to rip open the cage and escape.

The large hound shadow contained traces of the dark moon power and the dark moon power contained traces of power of the extreme yin and time. Li Fuchen’s Green Sun Sword Intent might be powerful but it was still hard to instantly extinguish the large hound shadow’s dark moon power.

On the contrary, the Silver Horn Demon looked to be in better shape. He had placed his silver horn back onto his head and there was a valiant power of law protecting him.


Li Fuchen felt that he had underestimated the Howling Moon Hound and the Silver Horn Demon.

The duo wasn’t especially strong and was merely a little superior to the Megalodon race’s Bai Gula.

But as compared to the Megalodon race, the duo’s innate abilities and bloodlines were much stronger.


The Green Sun Sword Intent was condensed into a small ray as Li Fuchen attacked the Howling Moon Hound.

This time, the Howling Moon Hound couldn’t resist the Green Sun Sword Intent. Firstly, it was the large hound shadow that turned into a green smoke, then it was the Howling Moon Hound who was vanquished and turned into smoke too.


Making use of the opportunity when Li Fuchen was killing the Howling Moon Hound, the Silver Horn Demon scuttled with extreme speed.

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“Wouldn’t it be bad if I let you escape?” Li Fuchen swung his Joint-Heaven Sword and a sword qi pillar caught up to the Silver Horn Demon.

The Silver Horn Demon’s defenses weren’t inferior to Li Fuchen, but it was a pity, as Li Fuchen didn’t even think he was able to block the Green Sun Sword Intent’s attack.


The Silver Horn Demon was severed into two halves by the sword qi pillar.

“Human, you cannot kill me. I am from the Horn Demon race’s Silver Horn Royal Clan.”

The Silver Horn Demon forcefully tried to fuse back his body while yelling out to show strength but was actually weak inside.


Li Fuchen didn’t bother and shot out another sword attack.


This time, the Silver Horn Demon’s body immediately exploded and was turned into nothingness by the sword qi.

Li Fuchen extended his hand to draw the Silver Horn Demon’s silver horn towards him.

The silver horn was extremely mysteriously and was unscathed after suffering the attack from the Green Sun Sword Intent. Li Fuchen’s awareness entered the horn and he saw various natural patterns. These patterns contained implicit laws and were extremely tyrannical.

“I heard him said he is from the Silver Horn Royal Clan of the Horn Demon race. It seems like he is indeed extraordinary.”

Keeping the silver horn, Li Fuchen glanced at the surroundings and sighed silently.

From today onwards, the Demonic Ten Regions had turned into history and he was the one that changed history.

It might sound very glorious but it was a little melancholic. After all, days without an opponent would be very lonesome.

But soon enough, Li Fuchen got invigorated again.

His journey wouldn’t end in the East Unicorn Continent, he was going to continue his journey on the Seven Color Continent and even larger worlds. The enemies in the future would only increase in number and become stronger. The Demonic Ten Regions were just appetizers. 

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