Chapter 457: Starlight Divine Ability

NEWS!!! CrN just launched our Short Story Subreddit!! All short stories welcome! Come. Share your worlds! Share your imagination!! Merely the perfection stage of the Fragment Star Sword Art wasn’t enough for Liu Jun to be ranked 11th in the Stars Martial Institution. Apart from the Fragment Star Sword Art, he had also cultivated the earth class mid-tier cultivation technique, ...

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Chapter 457: Starlight Divine Ability
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An announcement for my readers. It has been great to host my novel on Creative Novels and I have learned a lot during this period of time. But it is time for me to build my own branding. As such, I will be shifting Eternal Reverence back to my own wordpress site starting April 2020. The novel will still be available until end of April. Locked chapters will stop on the 13th of April and one chapter will be unlocked each day without new locked chapters. Those who still wish to read advance chapters can go to my Patreon site.
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