Chapter 93: Formidable Foe

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was sizing up the Black Wind Chief who had a full beard.

The Black Wind Chief had a very high cultivation, which was at the sixth level of the Origin Realm. His weapon of choice wasn’t a sword but a sabre.

Within the Cang Lan region, a majority of the martial artists used a sword, whereas other weapons were a rare sight.

But it was precisely the same reason why one needed to be wary when going against martial artists who used other kind of weapons.

Because you will not know of his attack patterns.

At the same time, when Li Fuchen was sizing up the Black Wind Chief, the Black Wind Chief did the same to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen was 1.8 meter tall, had a lean but sturdy form like a spear. He stood there giving off a feeling of an unmovable mountain.


The intuition of the Black Wind Chief told him that Li Fuchen was an expert.

“Lad, you barged into my Black Wind Mountain, how will you plead guilty.” The Black Wind Chief placed his right hand on the sabre’s handle.

“Black Wind Chief, you created chaos in Qinglin City, do you plead guilty?” Li Fuchen asked the Black Wind Chief in reply.

“Lad, I think you are sick of living.” The eyes of the Black Wind Chief bursted with killing intent.

Ignoring the murderous intent of the Black Wind Chief, Li Fuchen glanced at the masked man who didn’t moved an inch.

In his view, the masked man who was also at the sixth level of the Origin Realm seemed to be even more dangerous than the Black Wind Chief.

“You’re seeking death!”

Drawing his sabre, the Black Wind Chief started with a jumping slash, cleaving at Li Fuchen.

This cleave was grasped at the most suitable timing, right when Li Fuchen was looking at the masked man.

The masked man nodded, approving of the combat experience that the Black Wind Chief had.

A pity that he was facing Li Fuchen.

Even without looking at the Black Wind Chief, Li Fuchen could still sense the sabre’s trajectory.

Moving horizontally, Li Fuchen lightly side stepped and dodged the cleaving attack.

“Chaotic Cloak Sabre Style!”

The Black Wind Chief was much harder to deal with than Li Fuchen thought. Even though the sabre didn’t connect, he suddenly executed another yellow class, peak-tier sabre arts. From the fluidity of the sabre art, it was obviously at the completion stage.

One didn’t need to be a genius to reach the completion stage for a yellow class, peak-tier martial arts.

As long as a martial artist spent enough time, they too could attain the completion stage.

Swish swish…

Pale green sabre forces covered the range of a few cubic meters. Li Fuchen was trapped within it and may be slashed apart at any moment.

“Soaring Dragon Sword Style!”

Against the Black Wind Chief’s completion sabre style, Li Fuchen’s sword exited the scabbard and executed the yellow class, peak-tier sword art, Soaring Dragon Sword Style.

As Li Fuchen progressed into the Origin Realm, his Soaring Dragon Sword Style already entered the trance stage. With this execution, the sword presence exploded through the roof. The Black Wind Chief thought he saw a real dragon nodding its head and wagging its tail while rushing at him.

Crackle! Rattle!

The Chaotic Cloak Sabre Style had been broken, the sabre force was dispersed.

The masked man blinked a few times and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you a Cang Lan Sect inner sect disciple?”

Having such foundations with the sword dao as such a young age, who else could he be other than a Cang Lan inner sect disciple.

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“Cang Lan inner sect disciple?” The Black Wind Chief was shocked.

This group of prodigies were all fiends. Before the Black Wind Bandit Band was established, there was another bandit band which got exterminated by the Cang Lan inner sect disciples.

Li Fuchen didn’t reply to them, but instead sent another Soaring Dragon Sword move at the Black Wind Chief.

The Black Wind Chief had a superior qi compared to Li Fuchen, but his sabre skills were inferior to Li Fuchen’s sword skills.

Clink clank clink clank…

The Black Wind Chief constantly backed off and unknowingly retreated into a nearby cavern wall.


Li Fuchen blasted a large hole on the wall with his sword move.

The dominating Soaring Dragon Sword Style not only specialized in exploding with power, but also had a wide area of attack.

But the Black Wind Chief didn’t sustain any heavy injuries except for a trace of fresh blood trickling from the edge of his mouth.

“Tri-part Sword Style.”

Li Fuchen’s sword stance had a sudden alteration as three rays of sword light lit up.

“Not good.”

The pupils of the Black Wind Chief shrank, he quickly emitted more pale green qi to cover both his body and sabre.

Sparks flew as the Black Wind Chief blocked two of the sword lights. He did everything he could but wasn’t able to block the third sword light and got slashed at the chest.

With his qi defense routed, the Black Wind Chief spat blood on the walls and just as he was about to receive a fatal blade.


Right at this moment, the masked man stepped in.

The masked man used a sabre too, a long and narrow sabre.

With the sabre out of its sheath, the boundless qi extended the blade length by another 3 feet. The sabre which was originally 4 feet long, was now 7 feet long.


A long track was carved out on the surface of the ground and wall, causing debris to fly in all directions.

At the crucial moment, Li Fuchen gently tapped on the surface of the ground with his toes. Just like a phantom, he avoided this blade.

“What an overwhelming ability.” Li Fuchen couldn’t help but gasp for air.

The masked man was much more formidable than the Black Wind Chief even though they were both at the sixth level of the Origin Realm.

If he guessed it right, the masked man cultivated a yellow class, peak-tier technique.

The reason why Li Fuchen was able to instantly kill Jiang Dahai and seriously injure Zhang Siniang in one blow, was mainly due to his cultivation technique being the mystic class, mid-tier Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique, which was at the tenth rank.

Cultivation level is just as important as the cultivation technique when deciding a fight between martial artists.

Both of which are a part of a martial artist’s foundation.

Thus, to judge a martial artist’s ability, not only must you judge their cultivation level, but also their cultivation technique.

Using the Wind Shadow Steps, Li Fuchen continuously dodge the attacks of the masked man.


A naked woman got split in half and the masked man emerged from the blood rain, pushing towards Li Fuchen.

“Damn it.”

To look helplessly as an innocent life was taken, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but felt emotional.

“Let me risk it!”

Withdrawing the Wind Shadow Steps, Li Fuchen revolved the Scarlet Mystic Flame Technique. He then executed one of the sword moves of the Scarlet Fire Sword Style, ‘Rapid Burn Force’.


Sparks sprayed as Li Fuchen flew backwards.

“What a huge force.”

The ball of the feet gently dragged along the ground, Li Fuchen skidded backwards for a few meters.

“Long River Sabre Style!”

The masked man backed off a few steps too, but very soon halted his steps and shot out like an arrow, chasing at Li Fuchen.

The clashing of weapons echoed endlessly. The masked man’s sabre arts execution which was complemented by the 7 feet long sabre and qi extension, completely oppressed Li Fuchen.

“Wildfire Spark.”

With the ignition of his sword, Li Fuchen halted the masked man for a moment.

Using this split second, Li Fuchen escaped the enemy’s sabre presence’s radius.

‘Only the Meteor Sword Style can kill this foe. But now is not the time, my blade needs to strike at all cost.’

Revolving the Wind Shadow Steps, Li Fuchen was just like a lizard, sprinting on the walls of the cavern, not letting the masked man have any chance of catching up.

‘What’s happening? Why isn’t he hurt?’ The masked man was pondering as he was chasing after Li Fuchen.

In terms of ability, he was much more superior than Li Fuchen. Logically, Li Fuchen should have expended some qi and should have gotten injured in order to block his attacks. But from the looks of it, Li Fuchen was still extremely active and had no signs of injuries.

‘It seems, the enemy cultivated a formidable body refinement technique.’ The eyes of the masked man flashed with a cold light.

Martial artists who cultivated both the martial techniques and body techniques were much stronger than average martial artists. Not only did they have terrifying abilities, but impenetrable defenses.

Unless the masked man could completely oppress Li Fuchen, he would not be able to injure Li Fuchen with his qi within a short period of time.

“You shall not run!”

The masked man took out a bunch of hidden weapons and flung it at Li Fuchen who was running on the cavern walls.

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