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Chapter 1: The Night of Slaughter

The Sky was ever so dark and the moon shined bright red!

Streets were filled with blood and bodies of people from every age, gender and ethnicity.

In this chaotic city, in a dark underground chamber, there lay a bloodied man who reeked of blood. His muscles were torn and his heart was impaled with a nail. Although it was just a nail, but it didn’t come off even after the man used his entire strength. The voices of stampede were nearing and suddenly the door to the underground chamber blasted open.

“Demon, just give up on resistance. You have nowhere to go, and you definitely won’t be able to free yourself from that nail. It’s a divine artifact, one of the three nails used on Christ’s crucifixion, it is enough to kill a vampire like you.”

Said a man with crosses hanging about his neck and wrist. He looked old and his white robes were already drenched in blood.

“Father Xavier, he already slaughtered half of our city, there is no need for talk, just finish him off. He is the last vampire on earth, let’s free our holy land from his devilish existence.”

Said a youth with bloodshot eyes. He had already lost his sister on the hands of this vampire and wanted to kill him ever since, but even though this vampire seemed weak now, he was still after all a vampire who was capable of tearing down the entire city.

This all started when a lowly vampire named Tarun, who was last of his kind and always lay low in fear of the holy church, stumbled upon the coffin of his ancestor which was none other than The Progenitor of Vampire, “Count Dracula”. Although no one knew where Dracula went, but there still remained some of his frozen blood. When Tarun found this coffin, he was overjoyed as even if it’s a very small amount of blood, it could still make him a ‘True vampire’. After consuming the blood of The Count and suffering a torturous pain for seven days and seven nights, his bloodline transformed to that of the Progenitor’s and came along the arrogance, he threw caution to the wind and started hunting for blood! His appetite grew larger as his new powers were being awakened and he was getting stronger….

This came into the attention of the holy church and the higher echelons of the church sent one of the best exorcists to hunt him down. It didn’t take them long before they traced all the deaths to him and then started this bloodied chase.

“Hehehahaha…! You hypocrites…, you guys slaughter animals and eat them…! You lowly humans even drove many creatures to the brink of extinction and you talk about right and wrong with me, who did the same with you s****? You guys burnt my mother alive, my unborn sibling died in that raging fire and you didn’t show any mercy but now, when you were hunted…? You suddenly talk about right, wrong, sins, being holy and all the other s***…. You can say whatever you want, but you can’t justify your actions, so F*** YOU!!!”

Said Tarun while laughing maniacally and his blood was continuously oozing out of his body.

This was an altar which belonged to ‘Count Dracula’, and this was the same place where he found the blood of the progenitor.

His body was now completely devoid of blood and he was slowly losing his consciousness.

“Kekekeke…! Those bastards would have never thought that the last of my kind would still be alive, and more so, I am going to send him to their land…! Hahahahaha…!”

This voice suddenly fell in Tarun’s ears and he realized that he was in a completely dark place! He tried to move his body but realized that he was just a soul drifting to somewhere in this dark place.

“Who is it?”

asked Tarun. Although he got the idea of who it should be from his talks but he still asked nonetheless.

“Keke…! I am known by many names my son; many people call me the devil, many call me apocalypse, many even worshipped me as god…, you might know me from my name… Dracula…! Hahahahaha!”

Tarun was not surprised at all as he always wondered where the vampires would go after they died and one possibility involved their ancestor too. He was surprisingly calm and this astonished the Count.

“So, what would happen to me now? From what you said earlier, it seems like you have some plans for me?”

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Said Tarun with a plain and simple voice!

“Huh? Are you not afraid? or excited? Do you feel nothing in front of me? Do you feel nothing after being killed? why are you so calm?”

Asked the Count but looking at the poker face of Tarun, who didn’t have a shred of emotion left, he understood something!

In a very gentle tone, he said

“Even though I am a monster for others, but you are the last of my kind and my only hope for revenge and rescue! Listen very carefully son, the place I am about to send you is known as Cyan-Phoenix World. This should be your starting place on the path of revenge. It is very far from this universe and there, everyone can use magic. I am giving you my remaining power in the form of a system, so it’ll be more convenient for both you and me. It will have my consciousness but since I am too weak, only when you become a Rank 5 Vampire, will you be able to talk to me by giving me your ener–“

“No need to act so much, you are only doing this for your own resurrection and revenge. Just tell me what you need me to do before my soul is taken to the netherworld”

Interrupted Tarun! He knew that if he didn’t agree to the Dracula’s offer, He could go to hell and that would be quite unfortunate and so, agreeing to the Progenitor’s offer didn’t sound that bad.

“Imbecile! This attitude of yours…, sure enough, you inherited more than just my powers…, Hahaha! Well at least now you will be more sensible and won’t bite more than you can chew! Very well then, now listen carefully, I will add the pictures of all the shitheads who sealed my soul here in that system, you need to first revive me, and then help me kill all of them! If you can feed this system the blood and soul of people, it will give you my powers accordingly. But brat, let me tell you, if you die there before reaching godhood… kekekeke…no one will be able to save your soul…! Hahahahaha…! Now listen, in that world, power-levels Range from Rank 1 to Rank 9, after that comes Monarch, then Demi-God, then God and then the Celestial-God. Every Rank has some sub-ranks, you will know about them later, now every Magus there has at least one elemental affinity and you need to find one who has affinity to the dark particles and capture his body by swallowing his soul! Now, do you have any questions?”


“If not then we shall now go before your soul attracts the reapers… hahaha!”

____*ZOOOM*…. chhshssss…____

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