B2 — 14. I’m Bored

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PoV :   Elinor (The Empress is BORED!  What can we do?)

Recap:  Things are finally starting to look up for Elinor!  >.> Wonder what’s gonna happen next to tack on the conflict.  Sure, she’s got underground ghost-decay things … doing things … Violet’s on that, though.

Our Empress just got her awesome Quen’Talrat absolute UNIT!  Tiffany’s got some new rock silicon stuff she can look into.  Edmon’s doin’ his study.  The humans are getting along and starting to adapt to the Ri’bot … wow, some good stuff!  Oh, her Minion Pool increased!  Woot!  Woot!

Oh >.> we do got annoying birds to deal with … there’s that.  Burn them?  Maybe if it gets too annoying, but … what to do?  Hmm…

Now, we return to Elinor to figure out what must be done next.

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Elinor spent the next few hours splitting her concentration between conversations within her Nexus, gathering bits of news that she found interesting or relevant.  Plans were forming in her mind, and once Klaus arrived to deliver his own speech, it would help her decide how to proceed.

She sent Iris to scout the base of the cluster of colossal snowy mountains to their north that overshadowed the city, elevated on their large ridge.  Azalea had taken the duty of protecting her, practicing her stealth skills on her mother’s prompt.

After a short visit from Quin, she sent the female Quen’Telrat to resume leveling by ridding her territory of predators.  She seemed to be from the Black Blood; the Quen’Talrat used the word Blood to describe the various major tribes, and the sleek, dark fur of the four-armed ape-woman was actually fairly beautiful.

Quin let her know that she was considered one of the weakest of all Elite Hunters, which marked her as a target for harassment when she was alive, and the fact she died facing one of the white Ri’bot seemed to be somewhat disgraceful in her mind.

However, the news gave her an important piece of information; Garu was from the Etherial Clan, which would further help her understand more about the mysterious tribe.

Amra’Cora and her companions had been added to the city repair labor force, and things were progressing noticeably faster with a few sections of the fortress’s power grid being activated with the ape’s understanding of certain functions.

There appeared to be damage that needed to be repaired after such a long time with minimum maintenance from the Yaltha’ma, but with her rudimentary guidance, she swiftly took over the small monkey-bird fleet, identifying which areas required the most attention.

Emelina sent Aileen to receive her next meal from Antoniette upon the cook sending word that the food was nearly prepared while the two remaining maids went through the clothes Violet had crafted, selecting a change of attire after her lunch.

The food the maid returned with excited Elinor; she didn’t need to eat, but the act was more than enjoyable.  Her cook had prepared something resembling gingery chicken soup with zucchini and a grass-like noodle; it included new vegetables, spices, and meat with a very rich broth.

As a side, there was a salad with unique nuts and juicy vegetables that resembled squash but acted more like a tomato replacement, and a seasoned orange potato replacement that was a bit sweeter than even its sweet variant, acting almost as a dessert.  She was delighted to see bread, too, but was totally oblivious to what type of flour, and better yet, all of it was quite warm.

Personal utensils, crafted from wood beforehand were delivered, and a plain table set up that would be replaced with far more elegant furniture in the future.  Once finished eating, she cleaned her lips with a washed piece of cloth.

Her maids disrobed her, placing her clothes on another rack constructed by Violet that indicated old garments.  Elinor changed the direction the women were going upon seeing the dress they’d debated about.  “No … I’m feeling a bit bolder today; let’s move to the Steampunk line.”

“Steampunk…”  Emelina hummed thoughtfully, lips lifting while identifying the options.  “How about the crimson blouse with those tight black reflectant pants … they almost seem leather.  The high-neck, deep rouge and black coat with the black belt would fit the theme.”

“I do like the folded cuffs of the jacket and black embroidered flair; it does flavor the blouse, and these Gothic-Punk knee-high lace boots would compliment the combination,” Theresa added.  “It fascinates me that Violet can craft all of these items out of various styles of silk-weaving.”

“She is quite talented!” Azalea chimed in, appearing beside them from thin-air.  “She owes me a bunch of outfits, too,” she snickered.  “I won a bet.”

“Oh?”  Elinor asked, accepting the maids’ suggestion.  “Tell me the story.”

Azalea jumped into the recount, adding fun bits of information that she could identify through her phenomenal sensory abilities while on the hunt for the foolish Ri’bot that tried to spy on them.

The maids dressed her, and upon a thought, Elinor’s crown transformed into an elegant Gothic tiara, burning with Death Energy.

The spider sister paused while watching the change.  “… Vi showed up … oh, that’s pretty!”

“I’ll take your word for it,” Elinor replied with a smile.

Sensing her desire before she even had to ask, the maids began to work on her hair, crafting it into a cross half-up five-strand Dutch braid, leaving her white locks to fan out across her lower back.

Finished with her preparations, Elinor returned to her silken throne, watching the midday sun float across the heavens while tracking Klaus’ progress.  He was moving slower than she’d first thought, which made perfect sense since he was traveling upriver.  It would take most of the day to reach the fortress.

Upon that conclusion, she turned her attention back to Edmon’s education on the gems.  There were many types that each required special designs etched into them or cut in a particular manner to achieve specific actions; they were basically an entire computer chip’s raw components that required certain knowledge to craft.

The Quen’Talrat manufacturing district was in the far northern section of the city, meaning it would be a bit of time before they could properly set up the production of more and learned the craftsmanship since that hadn’t been Amra’Cora’s specialty.  There were spares they’d found around the Palace to aid in repairing the surrounding area to activate the base functions of the fortress, such as sewage and water purification, and they’d turned their attention to the agricultural district.

Food independence would be an essential first step for her growing Holy Empire, and she could slowly feel her follower’s daily actions filling her energy pool.  However, she soon discovered a flaw that needed correcting; yes, she could go over her maximum cap, but the loss was far quicker than it filled.

Elinor crossed her legs the opposite direction, foot bobbing with Theresa’s haunting hums, volume enhanced with the maid’s ability.  Her green irises lifted to the far right side of the valley where Valdar began proselytizing efforts with the Prume Clan.

My new issue will be my energy pool capacity, dumping all of my Stats into Constitution again…


  • Death Pool I: (293DE Cap (258DE Before Investing Points); Currently 299/293DE; Losing 297DE/Hour; Cannot Exceed Max Cap; Drains To Cap) Passive, Summoning, Level Seven, Rookie, Rank Three; is a racial energy source that is affected by my Endurance Stat.  I don’t know if I should put this in Skills or Attributes but put it here for the moment.  It apparently makes me glow faint white with how full it is.
  • Overpowered II: Reactive Link Skill, Summoning, Level Five, Rookie, Rank One; was likely given to me when I corrupted and absorbed the Life Fruit’s energy, and I was worried about it dropping too quickly before I got to Iris.  It grants me an 11%  reduction of Death Energy loss if over my pool’s cap while also giving me temporary storage of the surplus.

And my new daily cost?

Empress Branch: The skills that force me to behave a certain way, curbing my old habits by force.

  • Herald of the Empress: (Cooldown: N/A Cost: 5DE Per Butterfly; Duration: 15 Minutes/Renews Cost To Stay Active; Range: 25 Feet) Active, Cluster Set, Level Five, Rookie, Rank Three; my little butterflies do a lot more than I initially thought.  They’re a bit more pricey than I’d like, but do quite a bit more than just reanimate corpses far away.
  • Raise Skeleton:  Active, Magical Type, Summoning, Level Five, Rookie Grade, Rank One; when I summon a minion, I can choose between two types that augment the cost.

  • Intelligent: (Cooldown: N/A Cost: 25DE (x2 Per Grade) and the Butterfly; Duration: N/A; Maintenance: 2DE Daily/x2 Per Grade); now I know why Iris and her daughters took about sixty-five percent of my total when I was over eight thousand percent over my cap … meaning, I had over sixteen thousand DE.  I’m going to have to really consider increasing my cap at this rate and how to keep my supply topped off.

  • Color/Grade – DE Cost/Maintenance Cost
  • White/Poor – 30/2
  • Green/Common – 55/4
  • Yellow/Uncommon – 105/8 (Quin/Garu’s Cost)
  • Blue/Rare – 205/16 (Valdar’s Cost)
  • Purple/Heroic – 405/32
  • Red/Epic – 805/64 (Camellia’s Cost)
  • Orange/Legendary – 1,605/128 (Azalea’s Cost)
  • Dark Orange/Mythic – 3,205/256 (Violet’s Cost)
  • Pearlescent/Transcendent – 6,405/512 (Iris’ Cost)

  • Unintelligent: (Cooldown: N/A Cost: 2DE (x2 Per Grade) and the Butterfly; Duration: N/A; Maintenance:  .5DE Daily/x2 Per Grade); luckily it’s nowhere near as expensive as the intelligent Undead, but the number of them might become an even greater issue.

  • Color/Grade – DE Cost/Maintenance Cost
  • White/Poor – 10/.5
  • Green/Common – 15/1
  • Yellow/Uncommon – 25/2
  • Blue/Rare – 45/4
  • Purple/Heroic – 85/8
  • Red/Epic – 165/16
  • Orange/Legendary – 325/32
  • Dark Orange/Mythic – 645/64
  • Pearlescent/Transcendent – 1,285/128

  • Daily Maintenance Cost

  • Lich’s Conquest: 25DE (If In A Territory Conflict); -15% Total Cost
    • Artificial Body: 10DE
    • Nexus Of The Empress: 10DE
    • Monarch of Death: 50DE
    • Intelligent Minions: 2,536DE

    • Rarity: # Minions / Individual DE
    • Uncommon: 3x / 8
    • Rare: 13x / 16
    • Heroic: 12x / 32
    • Epic: 2x / 64
    • Legendary: 1x / 128
    • Mythic: 1x / 256
    • Transcendent: 3x / 512

    • Unintelligent Minions: 74DE
    • Poor: 104x / .5
    • Common: 22x / 1

    • Total Daily Cost: 2,299.25DE (W/Lich’s Conquest)
    • Total Daily Cost: 2,705DE

    … It just keeps rising.  Putting all my Skill Points in…


    • Death Pool II: (487DE Cap (293DE Before Investing Points); Currently 299/487DE) Passive, Summoning, Level One, Rookie, Rank Three; is a racial energy source that is affected by my Endurance Stat.  I don’t know if I should put this in Skills or Attributes but put it here for the moment.  It apparently makes me glow faint white with how full it is.
    • Overpowered II: Reactive Link Skill, Summoning, Level Five, Rookie, Rank One; was likely given to me when I corrupted and absorbed the Life Fruit’s energy, and I was worried about it dropping too quickly before I got to Iris.  It grants me an 11%  reduction of Death Energy loss if over my pool’s cap while also giving me temporary storage of the surplus.

    … Okay, I’ve advanced to the second stage, and it reset the level.  Will I need to get it to ten again?  Well … I suppose I won’t know until I test it more.  The Proficiency hasn’t changed, though … hmm.  At least it’s increasing swiftly … I should try gaining anything that could boost my maximum cap next time.

    Turning her focus away from the daily cost now that she’d more than doubled her previous maximum pool, Elinor returned to the problems at hand.

    She had a deadly, unknown enemy below, some creature high in the mountains that commanded all the Jukal, which might be connected to the Avana, potential issues in the south with the Nalveans, and Yesenia to deal with.

    There were problems within the city, the valley, to her north, and to the south, then there was whatever came of Valdar’s efforts with the Prume Clan to the southwest to consider.

    Oh, hell … things are getting complicated; here we go … I need to prioritize.

    Opening up a connection to Edmon and Tiffany, Elinor began the issued meeting.

    I’ve increased my Death Energy cap to 487, but my daily cost has increased to 2,705 without Lich’s Conquest.  The religious Death Energy I’m receiving is currently somewhat sporadic, ranging from 34 to 39 per hour.

    Tiffany hummed thoughtfully.  “Well, at least we’re closing the gap!”

    The Religious System will help me sustain a constant amount of Death Energy, but I need more levels to reach that sustainable amount, which means … I need my forces to kill more.  We have a potential enemy to the north and underground.  What are your opinions?

    Edmon swiftly responded.  “This Supreme Molifoph is the most likely target with all of the Jukal, in my eyes.  The one thing we must confirm is his connection to The Avana.”

    “Quite the pompous title, in my humble opinion,” Tiffany huffed.  “Supreme what?  Although to err on the side of caution, I’d suggest appointing Iris to the task.  She should be done with the preliminary scan of the mountain’s northern base, soon.”

    A recon mission?  Elinor asked, shifting in her seat to lean against the left arm of her silky throne.  Aileen was just returning after cleaning up the dishes and returning them to the kitchen; it was nearing the time where the maids would swap shifts.

    “It would be the best decision, and if she concludes his death would not incite The Avana, then cutting off the head of the birds while bringing it under your control would be very beneficial.”

    Taking over the Jukal fleet … it sounds appealing and appalling at the same time.

    Tiffany giggled.  “Oh, I don’t mind their way of speaking; I find it quite amusing.”

    … Let’s just hope he’s not Transcendent Grade so someone else can deal with them.  Elinor mumbled.

    “Hmm,” Edmon’s tone was low.  “If he is Transcendent, then it will be quite a problem.  It would be the first truly threatening enemy that could offer us trouble.”

    Which is why we will send Iris.  Very well, then Violet will continue to keep watch on the underground…  A soft sigh left her lips, momentarily drawing her maid’s gaze.  All I’m doing is waiting for news.

    “Oh?”  Tiffany’s tone made it clear her lips were pulled to the side.  “Do you wish to take a more active role in one of the escapades?”

    “If so, I’d suggest the Nalveans.  My opinion might change once Klaus returns, but the decaying creatures are far too dangerous if their powers extend to your phylactery.”

    “Doubtful,” Tiffany replied, “but possible.  Elinor’s Decay Resistance is high.  Although, yes, I know, Edmon, the unknown is the issue, and the Molifoph didn’t put up much of a fight against the Quen’Talrat, while these shadow creatures did.  I agree, the south.”

    … Then I’m waiting on Klaus.

    “If it helps, I believe Antonietta is currently experimenting with a fruit drink to send to you.”

    A smoothie?  Her curiosity piqued.

    Edmon chuckled.  “She asked for me to create some ice for her; that is all I know.”

    Alright … it shouldn’t be too long, then.

    The drink came an hour and a half later with the maid’s change in shifts, bowing to her respectfully while conveying their joy at serving her.

    Emelina selected Angélica Tesoro to replace Violet’s musical maid in the jungle.  Theresa was given leave to return to her kids and husband while Aina San Roman took her place, and Luisina Aristizabal was given the task to wait on Iris to Adoncia’s internal relief.

    Aina was younger than Theresa but just as proper in the maid outfit Violet had custom fashioned for her body.  Elinor asked a bit about her free time, which was spent mostly comforting her young twenty-one-year-old husband.

    Aileen, the twelve-year-old maid, had been helping her three other maids in all their tasks, having a long conversation with Theresa throughout the day, talking about her past life.  Elinor had peeked in every once in a while; it was really a pretty tragic tale.

    The girl’s parents were good to her, but due to some random act of evil by a man Aileen didn’t even remember, she’d been murdered.  The Empire was her family now, and the older women were almost taking on a mother’s role to the kid maid.

    When Iris came into the Nexus’ range, she reported quite a few mountainous creatures were at the base, which seemed to be new, but they didn’t pose a threat or were intelligent.  The Jukal had slaughtered a great pack at the eastern side for food, and it appeared they were a significant source of sustenance for the flocks entering the valley.

    The Thélméthra swiftly left before her maid even made it out of the Palace, forcing a cheerful Luisina to aid in some of the kitchen maintenance until further orders came.

    Time continued to stretch, and after what seemed forever, Klaus made it to the fortress; she’d spent the day studying her massive city from above, peeking in on different conversations.

    She was a little surprised when Klaus informed her they had a guest; they were still eight miles away from the Palace, walking through the wide city streets with one of the Thélméthra drones carrying a gift for her.

    Enjoying the surprise, Elinor moved to the Throne Room, settling in on the White Throne’s silken attachment with Azalea hiding in the shadows and her maids hovering around the foot of the massive chair.

    Elinor did a quick check on Edmon and Tiffany.  Edmon was more than happy exploring all the new functions the newly risen Elite Hunters were explaining.  On the other hand, Tiffany was more frustrated with her ritual’s progress, complaining about ingredients while looking for methods to compensate or gather more.  Both were quite busy, but she had no doubt they’d pop in to listen through the Unintelligent Skeletal Ape she kept with her.

    When Klaus arrived, Elinor smiled.  He’d returned with three very dead Nalveans and a living one.

    “Empress!”  Klaus bowed deeply, presenting the Nalvean beside him.  “This is Elluinara, Junior Member of the Seaweaver Council, and the adopted child of the Clavex’s Mother Superior, Kolira.”

    Elinor couldn’t tell if the Nalvean was nervous or not by her awkward bow, mirroring Klaus’ action.  It seemed Klaus instructed her on how to act on the way back; she didn’t speak until prompted.

    She was impressed by her first glimpse of a Nalvean; she certainly appeared deadly with her bright, hard scales, sharp claws, and pointed teeth.  Klaus gave her a swift internal rundown of what a Seaweaver was through the Nexus while directing her attention to the dead Nalveans.  His ability to both speak aloud and through the Nexus at the same time was notable.

    Elluinara flinched as Elinor lifted a hand, emerald flames flicking up her arm to engulf her thin fingers.

    Yet more added to my daily cost.  Hmm … two Uncommon and one Rare.  At least he’s close to Heroic.

    Deciding to leave the Uncommon as Unintelligent, she raised the Rare to her ranks.

    Elluinara gasped as the flames consumed them, turning two into bones, twitching within the web, and upon Klaus’s command, the spider released them.  The three bowed, the black scaled Nalvean opening its burning green irises to stare at the polished floor.

    Hands folded in her lap, Elinor responded to the introduction.  “Excellent work, Klaus, and I see you’ve brought The Mother Superior’s assassins for questioning.  What do you have to say?”

    Elluinara’s tail flicked, possibly shocked how fluid she was in their native tongue; Klaus had only just introduced her, yet Elinor knew their crimes without a word, and Her burning butterflies gently flew down to examine the dead scaled salamanders.

    “My … Empress, I serve the Empire.  I was known as Imiunarus in life.”

    Elinor’s cool green irises appraised him, sending questions through the Nexus for him to answer aloud; Elluinara silently watched, and if Elinor didn’t know any better, her eyes were wider than they’d typically be.  Edmon and Tiffany jumped into the link to listen.

    What are the current affairs of the Nalvean Court in regards to Yesenia?

    “The High Ruler, Nukulara, is slowly coming to terms with the idea that Nymph, Yesenia has come to us to lead our people to new heights.  Imperial Head Captain Hakara and High Seaweaver Lonuarag believe the High Ruler’s actions are an affront to The Great Ruby Lakes, and the treatment the Nymph received by the hand of the Ri’bot must be paid in blood.  I was told to make that happen.”

    It’s as I suspected; Yesenia is moving toward genocide.  What would you say is her time frame?

    “It will not be easy to assassinate the High Ruler; more support is needed, but minds are being turned.  I suspect the Nymph will sit on the throne by the end of the week if everything goes according to plan.  However, my death will cause complications.”

    Klaus jumped in.  “More than that, I’m afraid.  Camellia is currently working through a criminal organization called the Shadow Hand, where the Imperial Head Captain has gained much of his support.  Through various means, we will have a decent counter network to use to sow disharmony.

    “I doubt we will be able to stop the High Ruler’s death, but through some sacrifices inside the network, I suspect we will have enough influence to delay the inevitable end by another few days, and if enough time is given, I may be able to cause a civil war within the Nalvean Capital between the two factions.”

    “The Shadow Hand?”  Tiffany giggled in private.  “They couldn’t come up with a more creative name?”

    What is this Shadow Hand?

    Imiunarus refused to lift his head, keeping his gaze on the floor as his voice resounded in the large and quiet chamber.  “An organization formed between six races during the Fire Wars that operates within the shadows to achieve their nation’s best interests.  The Imperial Head Captain is the second-in-command within the Nalvean finger.  It is not known who the leader is.”

    “Humph,” Edmon grunted.  “There’s likely two to three more levels of command beyond him.”

    “I have only dealt with a Yalmáth representative of the other nations, but I know many members within my own.”

    Elinor smiled, keeping her imperial posture.  “Prepare the way for conflict between the factions.  I’m sure with your aid, the process will succeed.  I will be coming down to participate within the show … plan accordingly, Klaus.”

    She could feel the shock and sudden stress that filled the Ambassador’s chest with her decree, but she’d warned Tiffany and Edmon that she wanted to get more involved, and they communicated that they would discuss it with him once the meeting was finished.

    Her glowing jade eyes shifted to the tight jawed Nalvean Seaweaver.  “Speak your mind.”

    Elluinara cleared her throat, sounding younger and prettier than she would have thought as she made hand gestures.  “The skill in which you employ our language without movement is … shocking, Supreme Chief Elinor; I have rarely ever heard such elegance.  The one question I have is … will you support the Ri’bot and Nalveans … together?”

    Supreme Chief?  Elinor asked Klaus.

    “Yes, this Nalvean was brought up under the Mother Superior’s tutelage; she believes in the standard Ri’bot religious rituals.”

    That makes this easier.  Elinor mused.

    “I wish to help all the races, my child … however, I can only aid those that believe in me.  Trust in my support, and perhaps, within time, you may even join my Holy Knights, partaking in my personal blessing and power to grant you authority over your people.

    “The Nalveans need someone to guide them in the proper direction and away from such self-destructive notions of genocide against your long-standing ally, the Ri’bot.  I know your heart is conflicted, but trust in Klaus; this coming conflict will end in our favor … I will be there to make sure of it.  Now, is there anything else you wish to discuss?”

    Elluinara’s gaze shifted between the maids and Skeletal Quen’Talrat, causing a rare, playful idea to touch her mind.  Edmon, send Amra’Cora and her squad to the hall for her to see; let my growing power cement in her mind.  I can back up what I say.

    Tiffany giggled.  “Oh, Dear, I like it … shoot, I’m out of Junipine extract again … gah, when can we mass-produce things, Edmon?!”

    “It is a good maneuver, Elinor … the same answer I gave you twenty minutes ago.”

    “Then you haven’t made any progress … I’m disappointed,” Tiffany mumbled, causing Edmon to release a low sigh, not humoring a response.

    The Nalvean took a deep breath.  “Supreme Chief Elinor … how bad will the war between Supreme Chiefs become?”

    Oh … interesting question … no one’s actually asked that of me.  Elinor mused.

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    “That’s actually fairly surprising,” Tiffany returned, seemingly already over her missing ingredient.  “Mmh … oh, I know!”

    Elinor crossed her legs in the opposite direction, hair shifting with her movements.  “That depends on the other Supreme Chiefs … but make no mistake, I will not lose to those beneath me.  I am no simple Supreme Chief; I am The One Above All, and they will be reminded why I am.”

    “O-Of course, Supreme Chief Elinor … One Above All…”

    “Empress Elinor will suffice, my child,” Elinor replied with a soft smile.  “Now, is there anything else?  There is much work to be done.”

    “Yes,” Elluinara bowed, “I will do what I can to support Klaus to prepare for your arrival.”

    “I will be in your care,” Elinor replied, rising from her chair to transfer to the skeletal hand that lowered to carry her.  “Imiunarus will be under Camellia and your care, Klaus.  I look forward to seeing what you prepare for me.”

    “Empress…”  Klaus formally replied, but his stress was palpable through the network, and shockingly, Elinor felt her Head Maid, Emelina cheering him on from the depths of her heart.

    Hmm?  Is there a romance brewing I didn’t see … I’ll have to keep an eye on them.

    With that, her Ambassador returned south, and Elinor couldn’t help but giggle upon seeing the skittish response Amra’Cora and her massive Quen’Talrat squad elicited from the Nalvean.  The sharp grunt the ape shot through her nose upon seeing the scaled salamander made the girl jump, moving closer to Klaus for protection as she trembled.

    I imagine it will be entertaining; what will my Ambassador come up with?

    Klaus delivered one more piece of critical information before departing from the fortress, providing a workaround for extending her Nexus communication range.  The news opened up more possibilities than she could count, including spying from far off through ping-ponging off Unintelligent Undead.

    Happy there were plans made that extended beyond a few hours, Elinor returned to her tower, using the time to explore a few rooms with an excited Azalea, hoping she’d be able to come along with her to the Nalvean Capital.


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