B2 — 43. The Path Ahead

PoV :

1.  Elinor (The Empress has her angel!)

Recap: We met part of the Covenant, and entered into a sort of truce … We didn’t get our meal, though.  T_T

Well, our Empress has a neutral party hanging over her city that ‘could’ be friends, for the right price, and a dual to the Dream Death of one of their members in a few weeks … Here we go again!

Sar’ollaz left Elinor with a rod that can instantly teleport her back to his sky island, and now, our Empress must continue her path … There’s much to do!

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Elinor sat on Quin’s hand for some time, looking up at the dark heavens while deep in her thoughts.  Her fingers tightened around the black and gold rod Sar’ollaz had given her, keeping clear of the multiple gems faceted into it; she wasn’t in the mood to theorize what else it could be besides what the devil told her and a teleportation key to return to the floating island was not trivial.

Tiffany stood nearby, going over dozens of topics with Edmon as he worked on better understanding the Quen’Talrat technology.

Amra’Cora took the death of Lecra’Moro in a shocking way that Elinor hadn’t expected from the massive female ape … They were proud of their fallen brother, having faith that he’d died a notable death to have earned his place within their hearts as a true Elite Hunter.

A small smirk lifted Elinor’s green-tinted lips while staring at the single cloud in the sky, obscuring the colossal floating island.  Well … we’ve averted another crisis, Tiffany.

“Hmm?  Oh, yes, well, there are still many questions I have, but we have come to a peaceful understanding … Trade, in essence, which is acceptable, and the threat of conflict is completely off the table, including any action that is meant to harm us, which we, in turn, must comply with.”

Edmon huffed.  “Peace with a sword over all of our necks … I like the style, to be honest.”

“You would,” Tiffany giggled.

However, Elinor couldn’t help but think of her father upon hearing the Doom Guard’s words; her father was wholly against that way of thought, yet Edmon was no longer her father.

In any case, we are now safe from the major threat that looms above us and now know that they are capable of aiding us if worse comes to worst.  Have you figured out how to play the city’s recordings, Edmon?

“I’m afraid not, but I believe we are narrowing down the proper functions … This system is complex, and there are manuals we can use … if we discover them.  There is an entire section of Level 11 dedicated to records, and the city is so massive Amra’Cora has never been to that part of the fortress.”

Just let me know when you make a breakthrough … Speaking of which, Tiffany, you can return to your experiments; Azalea can guard me.

Tiffany’s eyes sparkled.  “Oh!  I am so close, Empress—this close,” she emphasized with her fingers, “to developing a ritual to bridge your Faith System and Undead System.”

I’ve been thinking about that, Elinor mumbled.  Couldn’t I form a religious crusader branch or something in that regard to make it easier?

The air in Tiffany’s balloon popped.  “Oh … I see, umm … I suppose that could work, but, umm … wouldn’t it be more cost-efficient to—to have those points be dedicated for other things such as expanding your influence … allowing the Undead System to handle the battle stuff?”  She stumbled through her words, looking for any excuse to continue her work.

Giggling a little, Elinor tore her eyes away from the cloud to give the fidgeting Witch a small smile, knowing what was bugging her.  I know you haven’t been feeling the most useful, Tiffany, but I wouldn’t be here right now without your witchcraft.  If you believe you are close, then, by all means, I don’t want you to waste your efforts.  Continue, and we’ll see how it works out.

“Thank you!”  Tiffany replied, hurrying toward The Tower while calling for Esmeralda, the maid helping her in the experiments.  “We’re going to be continuing from where we last left off … Bring the younger Ri’bot this time—at least they’re not exploding or dying anymore; we can deal with boils.”

Elinor shook her head; in all honesty, she didn’t want to know what the women’s ritual research entailed, but the Ri’bot volunteered after she’d conquered them—not that most of them knew what they were signing up for.

Sari’aél, how are you fairing?

“Hmm … humans do enjoy their tears … They also appear very weak in the knees and ankles because they fall down quite a bit upon seeing me.  Is that a bodily response or custom?”

I mean, most of the humans we’ve brought with us are Columbian, which means they’re probably Catholic or something … So, an angel is kind of a big deal, and I can’t blame them.  If I saw you when I was on Earth, I’d want to believe in something, too … Well, I’ve met your dad, for one, so … I’m a believer in that.

“Believer in that … Such strange concepts.  They do appear to enjoy my presence, and Aileen is having a wonderful time.”

I’m sure she is.  Let them know you are now the military commander of the Empire … basically, my top War General.

“I am honored and will do what is expected of me … However, I will need an understanding of what that is.”

One step at a time; they’ll know what it means, which is enough.

“Very well … Some are offering me some sort of … nourishment?”

Goodness … Aileen.

“Yes, Empress?!”  The hyperactive little girl chimed.

Tell them that Sari’aél doesn’t need food or gifts; she’s just introducing herself to them.  We’re rationing as it is, and they need to keep up their strength.

“On it!”

Elinor turned her gaze to the tower and long branching wings of the palace, Azalea jogging out in her cute human form, wearing some dress that had light blue, red, and black as its design, mirroring her sister’s primary colors.

The tower soared into the sky, making it visible from anywhere in the valley, and her eyes narrowed upon seeing the cloud come closer and closer to it.  Sar’ollaz wants me to know I can get his attention by going to the top … currently, I’d much rather deal with him instead of Demon; at least I know the power that’s binding the devil.  Demon’s restraints, on the other hand, aren’t so clear.

“Here, Empress!  Everything seems good.”

Elinor smiled at the peppy Spider Sister.  “Hello, Azalea.  I expect some words passed between you and your mother?”

“Yes!  I’m grateful that she has returned; although, Sar’ollaz is very concerning.”

Turning her green irises to the empty streets, Elinor hummed.  “I wouldn’t be too worried about him.  Sar’ollaz must remain neutral without exception; Demon does not, and there are enemies below our feet.”

“Right,” Azalea nodded.  “Umm … One strange thing is the moisture in the air.”

Elinor’s brow creased, focus returning to the girl as she looked up with tight lips, studying the sky.  “Sari’aél evaporated everything … Quin, take us to the upper floors of the tower.”

“Right away, Empress!”  Quin chimed, having been perfectly still and silent the entire time; in all honesty, even if the ape woman enjoyed acting as her throne, she felt like she was wasting Quin’s potential.

However, at this moment, she was more focused on what was hidden behind the monumental spire.

Teens were already trying to sneak away with a few children once told that the danger had passed, ready to explore again; they froze upon seeing her enter the hallway with the massive four-armed gorilla, but she didn’t have time to ponder them, and it was their guardian’s jobs to make sure they didn’t kill themselves in any case.

Oddly enough, Adoncia, one of the younger maids she’d brought back, came jogging into the palace entry hallway with an annoyed frown; she made one call for her fifteen-year-old brother before locking up.  “Sal, you aren’t … E-Empress Elinor,” she mumbled, evening out her steps and bowing as she passed.  “Is … no one with you, Empress?”  she asked with concern.

I’m fine, Adoncia.  I suspect your brother is causing trouble?

“Always … my apologies.”

If you are with them, I have no issue with you helping them spread their legs if it is acceptable to their family members.  Elinor absently stated as Quin entered the extravagant entry hall.  They should have someone that can actually defend them rather than sneaking off and getting into trouble on their own.  No?

“I … I will bring it up with Gwen,” Adoncia replied, increasing her speed to easily outstrip the kids and round them up; she was worried about the responsibility it would put on her but was happy to have Elinor’s blessing.  “Thank you for your blessing, Empress.”

You know which areas are restricted, I assume.

“Of course.”

Chatter could be heard across the six stories of the East Wing of the palace as Ri’bot, humans, and Yaltha’ma clamored about the Seraph.

She caught James Escobedo, the Head Butler, standing on the 2nd-floor balcony with what she assumed was his elderly wife beside the young, vibrant man on her way to the Throne Room.  “Empress, might I accompany you while in the absence of Ms. De la Vega?  Ms. Tesoro and Pecha are available to join us if their services are needed.”

Hmm … If Angélica and Theresa aren’t busy, then it is acceptable.  I assume Eladio is with Edmon?

“He is, Empress,” James replied, kissing his wife and jumping down while reporting to the two maids.  “The women have had a wonderful week with their families and friends.”

Quin picked up her pace as Elinor’s hands tightened in her lap, mind working on what Azalea’s observation suggested.  Wonderful.  Use Quin’s bottom-left arm to join us … I am in a hurry.

“Right away.”

The motherly voice of Theresa replied shortly after, followed by the sharp, natural tone of Angélica’s.

“I will be there shortly, Empress.”

“ETA 45-seconds.”

The two women and black-haired man were soon running across the floor in a rather dignified fashion before jumping atop the Quin’s large hand and situating themselves.

Now that they were present, they kept their silence until called upon or directed otherwise.  In truth, Elinor didn’t really need them but could feel their desire to be helpful to her.

Going beyond the Throne Room and into the Galaxy Room, she had Azalea rush ahead to drop the disk elevator; moving to the top floor, she exited into the gusting wind of the high altitude of the tower.

It was the first time she’d been on the highest floor of the building, and the misting clouds were only several feet away to the east in a long, unnaturally thin trail that could have been a road; her attention was to the north, though.

Elinor’s lips creased upon studying the frozen mountains … The continual storm of ice that spread across the range was gone, revealing more mysteries than she could count.

On the smaller, left snow-covered zone was a clearly crafted structure with burning red energy running out of cracks, a trapezoid-shaped rock with jutting peaks around it.  Red crystals could be seen growing out of the rock, splitting the stone.

A sheer cliff with what appeared to be various sized gears of light, spinning in randomized ways, pulsing in and out to some kind of rhythm, was not far from the area, considering the mountain range’s vast size.

To the right of the central jewel of the sierra was a shimmering aurora of blues and greens, rising up into some kind of colossal artifact with dozens of floating parts; two reflecting pyramids with a halo surrounding it and an almost bird-like design underneath it, twisting in set patterns.

Further to the east was a river far bigger than it appeared due to the size of the mountain it wove through, cutting its way toward the Wandering River, the waterway they’d returned on from the Nalvean capital that stretched for miles in width.  Waterfalls were a dime a dozen, and each showered the floor with their girth.

At the center of the range was the mountain emperor, an enormous rising giant amongst its peers that pierced the heavens.  It was probably over 14,000 meters in the air, which would mean oxygen would be extremely thin because she’d seen Mt. Everest on one of their trips when she was eleven, and this made it look like a child.

She couldn’t see a thing beyond the leveling point, not even halfway up the mountain, but there were more than a dozen structures that could have been keeps or strongholds, built by the Quen’Talrat, and the insanely large chains dotted across them showed the ape’s strength, dedication, and drive.

The area was rife with mystery.  One thing was for certain, though; the storm was attempting to rebuild itself.  Beams of black light shot from various unseen points across the range, shooting to the artifact at the peak, over 14,000 meters in the air.

Her gut tightened upon feeling the ominous presence of Sar’ollaz appear out of thin air from within the murky mist as it extended.

“Empress?!”  James gasped.

She held up her hand; the very fact they could move after she’d felt the weight of even part of his presence with Apollo’s protection, or at least, from what she could tell since he could battle with her Seraph when releasing her Divinity to the 3rd rank, meant the devil was restricting himself to an infinitesimal amount of his true strength.

Azalea had already been warned about the creature from her mother, but Elinor could sense her discomfort as his monstrous visage stepped out of the fog, walking on air to slowly make it to the edge of the tower.

His blood shifted around his mocking, skull-like, hideous face, which was permanently in an unnerving stationary grin, as he turned toward the revealed mountain range.  “Empress, he-he-he … Your language is quite … peculiar; even the expressions of enjoyment are so foreign.  Heh … It has been too long.”

Her grip tightened around the rod he’d given her.  “Already expecting a call?  You’re coming off as needy, Sar’ollaz, and after that powerful exit.”

“Oh, by no means; I simply came to enjoy the view, and thought your company might not be so bad, given you were already in the act of admiring the curious workings of this grand machine—I must say, I am rarely impressed by the work of lesser creatures, but this … this has a touch of something much more … sophisticated than what I typically come across.  I assume you’ve claimed it?”

Elinor’s green irises leveled with his glowing red; Quin turned her body to face the devil, doing her best not to tremble with just the thought of what they’d been exposed to earlier.  “This is my land.”

“Fair.  Perhaps Baxter could help you puzzle out its mysteries; I know he’s interested in this kind of stuff—it’s too small for Arsheh to even consider.”

Her Head Butler and Maids were paralyzed from seeing the demonic monstrosity that casually invited himself to speak to her, but Elinor did not fear the devil.  “Mhm … And why are you telling me this?  You’ve made it perfectly clear that our arrangement comes at a give and take.”

His tail flicked to the left, and the wind pressed back his thick white mane of hair.  “Mmh … Consider it an investment and a way for Baxter to show you he has turned over a new feather … Although, that is assuming he makes a full recovery—Sari’aél did not … Oh, what a fascinating term … She did not pull her punches.”

“That implies she was in the wrong,” Elinor dryly returned, her gaze shifting to the mountains.  “I hold no ill-will toward Baxter; he’s an overly obsessive bird that happens to be strong.”

“I apologize, but did you say Baxter was—strong?  Heh-he-he-he-he … My dear, he is by far the weakest of The Covenant and only allowed to partake in the ritual to amuse Bo-Ko.  No, Baxter is more … a pet, if you will … an addition that’s sole purpose is to keep Bo-Ko in an amiable state.”

The information was bitter but could be expected.  “And Orinvia?”

“Mmh, Orinvia has her place, low as it is, but is severely disadvantaged by Sari’aél’s element; in fact, I am looking forward to seeing who will come out on top.  Under normal circumstances, given the disparity in raw power alone, Orinvia would have it in an instant, yet … Sari’aél is no ordinary combatant when she releases that unquestionable power as a Daughter of the Sun.”

Sar’ollaz’s hands tightened behind his back, head tilting a little as his blood moved through his teeth, hair and spiraled around his horns.  “I wonder, though…”

“Hmm?”  Elinor didn’t want to even look at the fiend.  “I assume it has something to do with Sari’aél.”

He walked forward, holding out his wrist to project a perfect 3D image that appeared around them, blotting out the scenery to display the Seraph, surrounded by children wide-eyed while feeling her large feathers or whispering to their enthralled parents.  “She must feel so blind … restricted … confined to a degree even I cannot comprehend—yet she radiates a sense of profound peace,” he whispered in a longing manner as he circled the illusion in mid-air.

Elinor gave him a light glare.  “Did you come down from your floating island to obstruct my sight, distract me, and, for some reason, show me that you’ve been creeping on Sari’aél?”

The devil gave her accusation a hearty chuckle.  “In a manner, yes … Elinor, there are so many moving parts in this world, and I can see all of them … compile them … determine what will happen next based on statistical data that feeds into Sha’Guala.  You have made quite the enemy, from what I’ve gathered, and I just wanted you to be aware that I may be of service when needed.”

“Indeed,” Elinor mumbled.  “Your ‘services’ … A price.”

“Fair, by all means, given my disposition with the bond we now share with the Blood Sun’s power, and I will never lie to you.  To achieve anything of value … one must sacrifice,” he whispered, vanishing into smoke to be absorbed into the clouds surrounding the island.  “There is no better ally than The Covenant; we are never far.”

“I don’t doubt it…”

Elinor hummed.  Edmon, Tiffany, Sari’aél … I just had a surprise visit from Sar’ollaz.

“Oh?”  Tiffany mused.  “What did that devil want?”

“Humph, likely to intimidate us,” Edmon grumbled.

“I think not,” Sari’aél replied.  “He is far too cunning to resort to such tactics.”

Precisely … He told me they are aware of Demon and his movements against me … on a global scale.

“Ah … yup, I see it,” Tiffany sighed.  “Oof … he’s never far away when we need help, but it will come at a cost.”

The Seraph didn’t sound too perturbed by the news.  “He is a creature of wit over power, which will come in handy when needed, given our bond of Peace and Understanding.  At least, that is what I’ve come to determine, given my limited experience in this new world.”

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“He will skirt the line as close as possible,” Edmon replied.  “We need to be cautious.”

“I’m … not so sure, Edmon … not given what he stands to lose by doing so … his everything.  No, I suspect he will be utterly open and honest with us, but the price might be high.”

Not necessarily.  Elinor drew in a long breath and let it out.  What he wants is big … He won’t tell us until we ask what we want, and slowly, he will have requirements that will work toward his goals.  But he will not skimp out on his end of the bargain or price hike us.

“Hmm … I suppose that is better than the alternative,” Tiffany groaned.  “Well, is there anything else, or can I get back to work?”

Edmon’s growl rumbled through their connection.  “I don’t like this deal.”

“Honey, you wouldn’t like a free pie,” Tiffany mumbled.  “You’d think it was poisoned, trapped, or some insult.”

“I like pies,” Edmon huffed.  “I think you’re over characterizing me.”

“Hmm?  I think I know you better than yourself.”


“Without hesitation!  What?”

Elinor shook her head as the two got into their personal squabble, glaring at the fog that slowly retreated; she could still sense the devil’s chilling presence beside her, causing a shiver to run down her spine.

She could sense Iris and Camellia meeting up with Klaus, which meant things were in motion on their end; that was the next puzzle to fix, and as much as she wanted to learn about this mountain range, that Sar’ollaz hyped up, she had other issues to deal with.

Edmon, are the cameras recording the mountain?  It’s revealed a lot of things that eventually need to be investigated.

He ceased his argument with Tiffany, clearing his throat.  “Yes, Elinor, and we’ve just learned how to replay recordings up to the last twelve hours … at least with the northern part of the city.”

I’m on my way.

Having Quin bring them to the bottom floor, she was a little surprised to find Amra’Cora awaiting her at ground level.  The massive silver-furred ape caused a sense of inferiority to pass through Quin’s mind, and her heads instantly fell a little, which was probably a drilled instinct from her past.

“Empress,” Amra’Cora bowed, “To reach the central nerve center that is the Ke’s personal control area for the city, we must go below.”  She moved her hand the opposite way on the gem, walking onto the platform with them, and they descended ten floors.

What’s around us … in between the floors?

“Infrastructure,” Amra’Cora replied.  “Everything can be controlled here.”

Isn’t that dangerous?  Elinor asked Edmon, pulling him into the conversation.  Isn’t that like messing with a computer in Administrator Mode?  What if you mess up that … what was it called … Registry thing?

“We are careful not to go into anything that is beyond the base interface,” Edmon replied.  “However, to even gain access to the lesser systems in the other areas of the palace, we have to activate them from here … which is proving tricky, and one reason why we are proceeding slowly.”

I suppose that makes sense…  Elinor’s voice trailed off upon entering the room.

Edmon was in the center of what appeared to be a mass of white beams, connecting dozens of black spheres of various sizes; a transparent, glass-like substance was shifting around the outside, ripping in mesmerizing ways.

The moment she entered, the structure inverted colors, and a mass of holographic dots and lines appeared out of nowhere, cycling around the colossal space and reaching their position, standing fifty meters away.  She couldn’t make heads or tails of the chaos surrounding them.

Whatever it was, her mind could only respond with one word—incredible.

What … is all of this?

Amra’Cora sounded as breathless as her.  “The City Nexus … the network that controls everything within the city and every other structure the Ke linked with it.  To be inside it is … overwhelming.”

“Mmh … no different than first being introduced with a computer,” Edmon grunted, but Elinor was far more impressed.

Give a computer to a caveman, and it looks like magic … We’re cavemen, she whispered.  As much as I’d love to learn all of this … show me what I came here to see.

Angélica and Theresa were floored by the sight, but James seemed to have witnessed it before, and Eladio, the 2nd Butler of her Empire, was standing beside the wall, waiting for instructions from Edmon in case he needed something.

“One moment,” Edmon replied, spinning left and right as his glowing blue eyes scanned the data spinning around him; it was obviously built for a 30-foot gorilla because he was tiny in the middle of the device.

The room flickered, and suddenly she was standing in the air, overlooking a portion of the northern section of the city; Elinor spun around to see the storm-covered sierra, and in the next moment, a radiance shot through it, evaporating everything in their path.

In an instant, the night turned to day, yet something even more unexpected happened as the ice was blown away—barriers forming around critical locations of the snowy peaks, blown away to be replaced by a smaller one shortly after, and the artifacts emanate various colors, red turning to white and then green.

What am I looking at?!  Elinor asked, watching the defenses fail one after another until an explosion of molten rock jetted up from an unseen crater on the left mountain before falling back down; a tremor shook the city, causing severe damage across the entire fortress.  This isn’t happening right now?

“No.  A simulator that’s supposed to show the Ke what force the city’s damping system stabilized … We should have felt that had not the city’s systems contained the shock … Several of the surrounding mountains further back fractured from what I’ve been able to tell.”

Wonderful … More problems to deal with, Elinor growled.  Why did that happen, and will it continue?

“I believe so.  Sari’aél’s unleashed power affected the systems on the mountain that are somehow connected to this fortress—maybe Ke’Thra’Ma used it to generate a never-ending water source for the needs of his people, or it’s integral to maintain the geological instability within the earth … There are a million possible reasons.  In the end, I suspect her aura drained key functions that will need to be restored.”

Elinor tucked in her lower lip, drawing in a long breath before letting it out.  No … remain calm … there were bound to be issues after something like that.

In fact, there were supposed to be creatures standing below her, and the entire valley might have been glassed by the Seraph’s presence if the effects were felt this far away.  Her gaze returned to Edmon, floating in the air behind her.  What were the immediate results that you’ve discovered?  How bad was the devastation?

“I’ve spoken to Sari’aél, and she assures me that once she determined to activate her 3rd Release, she positioned over their island so it would take the bulk of the damage; however, from what I can tell, the mountain is so tall that it was above the island’s current location and got swept into the attack—possibly only grazing it.  The atmosphere in that area is … is somehow trying to recover after she blew it apart … don’t ask me how, but she assures me it is stabilizing.”

Elinor’s focus moved to the southeast of the valley, jaw setting; she could see the tall mountain directly beside the fissure.  What do you bet the ants come scurrying out after the ground rattles?  Violet hasn’t had the chance to even make it there because of the distance.

“Yet she’d be able to sense it out with her webs since she’s spent the week layering it across the valley,” Edmon added.  “I do see your concern, much less what could be in those mountains.  We are dealing with the unknown.”

Worse, Sari’aél is weaker than you in her current state, and it will be that way for two weeks—then she has another fight, which will put her down for a week again.  How are the city defenses coming along?

Edmon’s dark eyebrows drew together as he glanced around the city.  “Not optimally, but I will redouble my efforts.”

I suppose … We will do what we can, but all I seem to do is pick up the pieces of previous catastrophes.  Quin turned to look to the south at her prompt.  Hmm … Camellia and Iris are returning … Klaus appears to be heading for Shi’Shuka.  Have we succeeded or not?  This is so aggravating.

Elinor turned to Amra’Cora with a slight frown, causing her to straighten.  Is there a place I can resurrect more Quen’Talrat?  Soldiers, scientists, craftsmen … anything?

The Elite Warrior’s heads tilted toward the base of the mountain.  “I am not sure what the other races did to my people’s corpses, but I assume nothing was left behind … I suggest looking to the mines, where those that broke laws or were not productive were sent.  Perhaps … there may be some Quen’Tarlat worth their teeth within.”

She didn’t sound all that convinced, but it was enough of a direction.  Fine.  Send your unit and find me as many as you can.  Azalea, you’re good at burrowing?

“Excellent, Empress!”  she replied with a grin.  “I need to transform back in a few minutes, which means I’ll have a good chance to work on strengthening my legs to make them pretty!”

Any corpse … it doesn’t matter if it’s only a tiny part … throw it in a cart and bring them back; take all five of the Thélméthra drones that we have and find me someone that can help us get on our feet.

“On it!  C’mon!  C’mon!”  Azalea urged, waving to the Elite Hunter, somehow knowing where the door was in the hologram.

Elinor sat back against Quin’s hand, folding her hands in her lap while drawing in.  Iris and Camellia are making good time … Is she carrying her daughter?  Something important must have required her to return in haste.  Castella is still with the Lukuroha in Shi’Shuka.

What calamity will be next?  The corrupting creatures below our feet … some new enemy from the mountains … or is there an urgent matter to address that Iris is bringing me?  Which will take priority … Edmon…


I need a bigger army!  I’m leveling too slowly, and shockingly, I don’t have any bodies … Imagine that on Earth.  If I send a horde of weak zombies into the fissure, they’ll just disintegrate without much of a fight.  If I send them into the mountains … it could be fine, but that’s my whole fodder force.

“They’re fodder for a reason,” Edmon chuckled, “but I get your point.  We don’t have the means to resurrect them.  What about the tar pits?  Have you talked to Valdar recently?”

I have not, Elinor mumbled.  That could be an option … in fact, let’s do it.  I need something to do while waiting for Iris, Violet, Tiffany’s experiments, and Amra’Cora.  Who knows, maybe we’ll find a gem amongst the mud and tar.  Quin, take us to the Ri’bot area … Wherever we have them at the moment.

“Right away, Empress!”

Edmon lowered to the ground, causing the lights to fade and the room to return to normal.  “I wouldn’t hold my breath if Valdar is considered one of their greatest heroes.”

Harsh but true, Elinor sighed.  I can hope.

Tiffany chimed in with a terrible reminder from her previous warnings.  “Here’s to hoping fossilized bones work, too!  Oof, I’m working hard, Elinor!  I’m close!  So close!  I can feel it in my bones, he-he-he … eh, too soon?”

Yeah … that, Elinor grumbled.

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“Okay, getting back to work!”

Edmon contacted Valdar on their way over, warning him of their arrival and that he should get a team together that could guide them to their destination.  At the very least, she could bolster her Unintelligent Undead fighting force.


Post Conquest

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Exciting News!! Creative Novels has teamed up with a game company based from our community (EvoShred) and launched our first mobile game!! Based on the IP of The Villains Need to Save the World?, I Didn’t Even Want to Live, But God Forced Me to Reincarnate!, and Magikind!

We bring to you the puzzle game, Wonders of Fantasy on Google Play!! Please take a look.

To support us, please play, have fun!

Game Link HERE
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