Chapter 20: The President Of The Student Union

[Now back to the original perspective]

Today was the second day Yuu played butler and friend…

Yawn. You sat at his desk yawning, waiting for everyone to arrive.

After the bell rang, the academy restored its usual calm atmosphere.

*The bell rang, signalling breaktime*

‘What should I eat today?’ Yuu thought on his way to the cafeteria.

He walked to the intersection, turned left and continued on.

“Ah!” Yuu suddenly heard someone at the corner in front of him. He walked over and found a student holding a large pile of documents, many of which to the ground.

“Ah, ah! How careless of me!” The boy put the documents down and squatted to pick up the papers on the ground.

“Let me help you.” Yuu stepped forward to help him. Soon, they got everything.

“Ah, thank you very much for your help.” Yuu waved his hand, gesturing that it was a small matter.

“My name is Kanzaki Higashi. You?” 

“I’m Morishita Yuu. Nice to meet you.” Yuu showed his trademark smile. The two spoke, then separated.

*At the cafeteria*

“Hmm… I’ll get fried noodles and bread!” Yuu walked to the front of the stall and picked up a piece of bread. He was hit by someone from behind.

“Sorry.” The person said coldly. Yuu didn’t dare look at him while he said, “It doesn’t matter.” He quickly walked away.

Phew... Thank god!” Yuu touched his chest and breathed a sigh of relief, walked to the pavilion to take a seat and enjoy his meal.

Taking advantage of the extra time, Yuu went to the nearby vending machine and got a bottle of green tea. Just when he bent down to pick up the bottle, a hand reached out and grabbed it away.

“Hey.” Yuu looked up and saw a strange girl standing beside him with the bottle of green tea. The girl was average looking, with neat clothes, wearing the same uniform as Takamaru, but her hair was silvery white.

“Um, that’s my green tea.” Yuu got up and pointed to the bottle in her hand.

“Ah, I’m sorry.” The girl returned his drink to him.

“Thank you.” Yuu daren’t look straight at her. He quietly opened his drink.

“Are you Morishita Yuu?” The girl asked.

“Uh-huh.” He nodded.

“I wanted to meet you even before this.” Yuu didn’t understand what she meant.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Terado Ayano, president of the Student Union.” Yuu almost spit out his mouthful of green tea at that.

‘What can I do for the president of the Student Union?’ Yuu thought.

“Let me take a closer look at you.” Terado slowly walked towards Yuu. He felt that something was wrong, so he slowly retreated. However, he soon had his back against the wall after taking a few steps backwards, and Terado was still slowly approaching him.

“Um, Miss President?” Yuu watched her come closer.

“Mmm… You’ve got a good face and a strong body. No wonder she likes you.” Terado “kabedon-ed” him with both hands, her face slowly leaning towards Yuu’s. Yuu immediately turned away and closed his eyes. 

‘Why is this happening again?’ Yuu shouted inside.

“What a pity you’ve followed the wrong master.” Terado whispered softly in Yuu’s ear. He turned and saw that Terado was so close to his face that her lips were about to touch his. He felt that he was about to be sexually harassed as Terado kept coming closer, but he couldn’t do anything about it.

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Just when Terado was about to take Yuu’s first kiss, someone finally came to the rescue.

“What are you doing?” Someone stopped Terado. She turned, only to find that it was Takamaru.

“Takamaru!” Yuu looked like he was saved.

“So it’s you who stopped me from having some fun.” Terado dropped her hands and smiled.

“Why shouldn’t I stop you? You’re playing with my man.” Takamaru said with her hands crossed.

“Your man?” Yuu looked at them, taking a while to understand what she meant. He turned red from the neck to the face and felt as if there was smoke coming out from the top of his head.

“Don’t touch my man.” Takamaru pulled Yuu’s hand and coldly warned her, leaving Terado behind.

“Haha, how interesting.” Terado’s lips rose.

“Um Takamaru, my hand.” They had walked for a while before Yuu realized that Takamaru was still holding his hand. Takamaru immediately let go.

“Fortunately, I stopped her in time.” Yuu stared at her in confusion.

Sigh, do you know you almost became her ‘toy’?” She asked.

“Toy?” Looking at Yuu’s dull expression, Takamaru felt a headache coming on.

“Just now, she was holding a rope similar to a dog’s leash behind her back. You know what happens next, don’t you?” Takamaru went straight to the point.

“No, no. I prefer cats.” While Yuu was deep in thought, Takamaru secretly fantasized about Yuu wearing cat ears. Compared with wearing dog ears, she personally felt that cat ears looked better.

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“Anyways, don’t get too close to her. She’s a sadist.” Takamaru warned Yuu.

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