Chapter 6: The Outcome

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The next day was the day of the quiz, basically Yuu’s nightmare.

Sigh, I hope that I won’t do too badly. God bless me!” Yuu put his hands together for a prayer.

*Quiz Time*

Tap, tap. Scribble , scribble… The sound of pens writing on paper and table tapping could be heard in the quiet classroom. The blackboard had the word “Sociology” written on it–they were currently being tested on the subject.

“Hmm, Sociology…” Yuu looked at the questions on the quiz paper and took a deep breath before starting. Whenever he encountered difficulties, he would sometimes look up at the ceiling to think before writing again. After Yuu finished, he saw Chiko beside him doing her quiz very seriously. It seemed that she didn’t want to lose either.

Ding! The bell rang and the students put down their pens and handed in their quiz papers.

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“Please wait here for your results.” Mr. Kawamata walked out of the classroom. Yuu dropped weakly onto his table.

*Four hours later*

“Hi, we meet again!” Mr. Kawamata stepped in with the quiz papers in his hand.

“I’m going to give you back your quiz papers now.” He waved the papers in his hand. Yuu swallowed nervously and thought, ‘How fast!’

“Let’s start from the highest score then.” The teacher drew out the quiz papers.

“Takamaru Chiko, 100%.” Takamaru took her paper.

“Shirasawa Kazuko 99%.” When Shirasawa took her paper, she wasn’t frustrated at all. After all, they had yet to receive their other subjects.

“Hirota Tomoe, 98%.”

“Onoe Isamu, 89%.”

‘How did everyone get such high marks?’ Yuu was uneasy in his seat.

“Finally, Morishita Yuu, 60%.” Yuu took his quiz paper and sighed softly.

*After school*

“Now let’s compare your results.” Yuu had no strength left to speak. Takamaru and Shirasawa were standing on both sides while the others watched.

“Let’s look at Shirasawa’s results first.” Yuu took her results and nearly vomited blood.

“Chinese, 100%, English, 100%, Home Economics, 99%, Sociology, 99%, Chemistry, 100%…” He read them out one by one.

“Next is Takamaru’s.” Yuu took her quiz papers and really vomited blood this time.

“Wow, Morishita vomited blood!” Chiya shouted from the sidelines while Tomoe handed a tissue to Yuu.

“Chinese, 100%, English, 100%, Home Economics, 100%, Sociology, 100%, Chemistry, 100%…” He slowly read again.

“Why do they sound so similar?” Ushi Hiroshi stood against the table and crossed his hands impatiently.

“Then, let’s look at the ranking!” Nishihara proposed.

“Okay.” Both Shirasawa and Takamaru agreed at once.

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“I’ll read out both your places.” Yuu picked up the namelist.

“Shirasawa came in second.” She was secretly pleased.

“Takamaru came in first.” Chiko flipped her hair and said, “It seems that I have won.”

Shirasawa couldn’t accept it. Just as Yuu wanted to say something, she rushed out of the classroom. Yuu and the other students stood there, slow to respond.

“Then I’ll go back to my room first.” Takamaru picked up her backpack and walked out of the classroom. The others left as well, one after the other.

Back to his room…

After Yuu closed the door, he lay on his bed feebly.

“Oh my God! I have to work harder. Someone got a thousand and came in first, while I came in last…” Yuu’s head drooped lower and lower.

“Oh, the first is… Terada Ayano. Who is that?” Yuu couldn’t figure it out.

“Ah! If I knew this beforehand, I wouldn’t have done this!” Yuu lay flat on his bed and grabbed his head.

“I’m beyond help…” Yuu stood up, then fell asleep in his bed.

Bang, bang! There was a knock on the door, waking Yuu. He slowly walked to the door and opened it. “Who is it?” It turned out to be Tomoe.

“It’s… time for dinner.” 

Yuu looked out of the window. “Ah, it’s already evening.” 

Yuu went down to the second floor with Tomoe to have dinner. The others were all there, except for Yuu.

“Dinner is ready.” Wearing an apron, Ushi Horoshi brought out several dishes from the kitchen. He put the plates on the table while the others passed them around.

“Let’s eat!” Everyone said at the same time.

‘Wow, Ushi Hiroshi is a really good cook.’ Yuu secretly praised him.

“This meal was specially prepared in celebration of Takamaru’s victory,” said Ushi Hiroshi. 

“Thank you very much.” Takamaru replied politely.

Yuu continued to enjoy his dinner, but soon felt increasingly uncomfortable because Takamaru was staring at him.

“Um… Takamaru?” When Yuu looked up and asked, Takamaru turned away but when he lowered his head again, she looked at him again. Yuu didn’t pay any more attention to her. After dinner, he went to take a shower.

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