127. Monday is Here Again

A convertible rolled up in front of a two-storey house, painted with yellow pastel color. It made sure to have the passenger door directly in front of the gate. The driver killed the engine and climbed out of the car. He shuffled his feet towards the stairs next to the porch, an open black hoodie jacket over a white shirt with denim jeans and rubber shoes.

He rang the doorbell and waited.

A petite blonde girl opened it for him. She wore a purple silk pajama set with her hair up in a messy bun. At the sight of their guest, she raised her eyebrows, “Logan?”

“Hey, Em” he greeted her, a lopsided smile appearing on his lips.

Logan felt a furball crawl between his legs. He looked down and picked up the cat. He cradled it in his arms, patting its head and its back.

“Hello to you too, Maylin” he said to the cat. Then, he shifted his gaze back to Emily, “Is Alex ready yet?”

Emily squinted her eyes and tilted her head to the side. She didn’t remember that her cousin mentioned anything about the two of them having plans. Besides, where would they even go this early in the morning?

A bulb lit up in Emily’s head. Her pupils dilated from her thoughts. She sneaked a glance behind her and stepped out, closing the door. Disbelief completely written on her face, she breathed out, “Are you here to pick up my cousin for school?”

Logan nodded without hesitation, “Yeah, why?”

An indescribable wide grin bloomed on her face. Her answers came out almost like squeals, “Nothing. She’s going to put up a fight though.”

“Well, I can’t say I didn’t know that would happen” Logan replied, rubbing Maylin’s chin, “Which is also why I came up here instead of waiting by the car.”

He and Emily jumped when the dirty white front door suddenly opened.

Alex stepped out in a pair of black straight cut baggy jeans, an oversized closed gray hoodie and a pair of black sneakers. She had her backpack on one shoulder and her skateboard in hand. She ruffled her shaggy hair. Emily had cut it the night before. The fringes reached down to her cheekbones. The rest of her hair had been layered in a V-shape to match her hairline.

Logan’s eyes widened. He blinked once before he stared at Alex again.

“Your hair!” He gasped.

Alex scrunched her eyebrows, “What are you doing here?”

“Your voice!”

Then, her face changed into a deadpan look, “You act like you’ve never seen me like this.”

“Your facial expressions!”

“Are you gonna be like this all day?” Alex demanded. She expected the hair since it was still in its honey brown color. She had it dyed since her grandmother once made a fuss about it since she inherited the color from her. It wasn’t enough to have fake extensions, it had to be her natural hair color too.

Safe to say, she won’t be able to dye it again for a few weeks or she’d damage her hair.

“I am starting to believe your clothes have magic powers” Logan said, shaking his head in a daze, “It’s like this whole weekend never happened.”

Not only her appearance had changed but her entire demeanor did. Before him was the Alex he met on the first day of their English project. She radiated out an aloof and cold aura. Her lazy eyes remained half hooded as if constantly in a deadpan expression. Her facial muscles barely moved like she hardly cared about making that effort.

“She is quite the actress” Emily chuckled and crossed her arms over her chest, “You think this hairstyle works for her?”

Logan merely shrugged, “I think she looks great no matter what.”

Emily blinked several times. She pressed her lips together, suppressing the teasing smile that threatened to come out. She had to use all her facial muscles to calm it down. Because of this, she couldn’t voice out her thoughts, ‘Of course, you say that, lover boy.’

Even in her head, it sounded ridiculous. She desperately wanted to laugh.

“You still haven’t answered my question” Alex spoke up when she noticed her cousin’s predicament, “What are you doing here?”

“Oh” Logan placed Maylin down on the porch, “I came to pick you up for school.”

She cocked an eyebrow, “I don’t remember us talking about this.”

“You didn’t? You were there when I told your grandfather that I’d drive you to your destinations safely, right?”

Alex hardened her expression, “That was about going home from the hotel. Not to school.”

Logan closed his eyes briefly and sighed, “I swore on my mother’s name, Alex” he placed a hand over his heart, “You wouldn’t want me to break it, would you?”

Wide accusing eyes scrutinized him, “You’re totally taking this out of proportion.”

“Or I can always tell grandfather that you ride a skateboard” Emily smirked. She knew she hit the bullseye with that one.

True enough, Alex turned towards her, horrified by her words, “You wouldn’t dare!”

Her cousin merely grinned in victory, “Try me.”

Alex bit her bottom lip. She squeezed the bridge of her nose. A deep crease appeared between her eyebrows. She didn’t know what game they were playing at but it wasn’t funny.

When she dropped her hand, she looked at Logan and huffed, “Fine, fine. I’ll go with you this morning.”

Logan snorted, “‘This morning?’ You think I’m that incompetent? It’s every morning, princess.”


“I swore on my mother’s name.”

“I still can tell grandfather about the skateboard.”

Alex gaped at the both of them, unamused. Then, she shook her head slowly and gazed up at the sky, “Where is a woman’s sense of independence around here?”

“Don’t be so dramatic,” Logan told her. He swiped her skateboard before she could react, “It’s only every morning. You’ll still get to use your precious skateboard after school since I have basketball practice.”

He turned around and walked down the short stairs. Alex quickly followed behind him. The two went on their way out the gate with Emily waving goodbye quietly. She felt soft fur brush her ankles. She picked up Maylin and held the cat’s front leg, letting her wave her goodbye as well.

Emily took her inside, “Don’t worry. Your mom and dad will be home soon.”

“What’s with this all of a sudden?” Alex asked, opening the passenger door.

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Once she was inside with her seatbelt on, Logan slipped the skateboard next to her legs, “I’ve met your family this weekend. They’ve entrusted you to me. I plan to take that seriously.”

“By picking me up for school?”

“Well, it was the only thing I could think of” he turned on the engine and drove away from the house, “That I’d succeed in, at least. School will still be unpredictable even if both Jae and I keep an eye out for you.”

Alex slumped in her seat. Who was she really to turn down an honest intention? It would only appear rude to the other person and it would be her who’d suffer in a bad light.

The car drive proceeded in silence. Logan occasionally glanced Alex’s way to check on her mood. Halfway through the trip, her hard expression had relaxed. He hid a smile. It seemed like his mornings had changed for the better now.

Once they reached campus, he parked his car at his usual spot. Alex already climbed out before he even killed the engine. She walked around the back of the convertible, ready to enter the school building.

A ponytail of wavy honey blonde hair attacked her from her behind. Her form of attack was a hand ruffling Alex’s new hairdo.


“Alex!” Lauren squealed, stepping next to her, “Wow, you must have had some weekend. Not only do you have new hair but you and Logan also seem closer now.”

Alex couldn’t even show how happy she was to see her friend again. Her words sounded suspicious, “How much did Emily tell you?”

“Not a lot” the cheerleader admitted with a giggle, “But I do know I can find out more if I go home with you today.”

Alex groaned on reflex. She couldn’t really deny that she didn’t see this coming. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise her if they had slumber parties for the rest of the week while Emily was in town.

Logan joined them, saying, “Hey, Lauren. You look great today.”

Lauren blinked, “Who are you and what have you done with Logan?”

“Welcome to the club” Alex snorted without humor, “I’ve been wondering that all weekend.”

“Can’t a guy enjoy this beautiful day? The sun has granted us a wonderful shine today that has enhanced your hidden beauties inside.”

“Hey, Logan!” Max called out from the other side of the front stairs.

He jogged towards their direction. Lauren’s eyes squinted into a glare at the sight of him. Her blood began to boil. The memory from Friday night burned in her mind. Jae followed behind his best friend, unhurried. If it wouldn’t have been suspicious, he would have dragged Max inside and left them alone.

“Max” Logan replied in a monotone. Alex grabbed his arm, already sensing his concealed rage.

“Dude!” Max cackled merrily once he reached the group, “I heard you got yourself a girlfriend. When will we meet her?”


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