Sword and Magic

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Sirius unsheathed his sword and focus his attention on Levi with wild serious eyes.

“Why wouldn’t I? I’ll even bet this sword,” he replied to Levi.

“Sirius!” said Maris in shock. “That sword is from our ancestors! That’s not a toy you can bet! My goodness! That is the Ancient Elvendra Sword!” she added as she warns Sirius not to take Levi’s bet seriously.

As Levi heard what Maris said about the sword being a precious treasure from their ancestors, his eyes widened with excitement. For him, that sword was very interesting.

Although Levi is not confident at his skills yet, still this was a great opportunity for him to test it and also gain some.

“If you lose, you will surely be a laughingstock. So don’t hold back!” said Levi mockingly to trigger the elven swordmaster.

Those words really served their purpose. As felt mocked, Sirius instantly became irritated and angry. For him, a swordmaster, to be humiliated by a human, that is not acceptable.

He rushed forward and swung his sword. He is fast and his attack was decisive. It was meant to do serious injury or even kill.

As Jadis and Maris saw that Sirius was very serious about harming Levi, they both ordered him to stop. But it was in vain. In the middle of a fight, their voice was unimportant and it just goes to an ear and leaves to the other one. They looked at Caleb, Alexa, and everybody in the table but they just received a look of hopelessness.

It cannot be helped, Sirius is known for being strict and hot-tempered. When he’s at something, he can’t be stopped. If one attempted to do so, they will face the consequences.

Sirius’s skill was not a joke. He deserves to be called the Elven swordmaster. If not for Levi reacting fast enough, his head would’ve been flying by now.

The room was not a good place for a fight, it’s too crowded and narrow.

“You know, we could fight outside. This room was too narrow.” Levi offered while hiding his trembling body with an air of confidence in his words. Sirius’ attack has made his heart shrink. That was a close one.

“Are you afraid you can’t run away here? Fine, we can go outside.”

Just outside Levi’s house. The huge volume of leaves from the Mother gives shade to two-person facing each other. The one was holding a sword and the other one only have one arm.

“Is this fine?” Sirius asked.

“Yeah, there’s an ample space here for you to crawl on,” said Levi.

After being triggered again by Levi’s word, Sirius dashed again and attacked Levi. He swung his sword diagonally from the top right to the bottom left.

Levi managed to dodge that attack but he still got a small cut to his chest. Thankfully, Levi’s training this past few weeks was effective. He felt light and agile. His reflexes have also grown strong.

Levi stretched his right arm with palm facing forward. The magic started to vibrate in the air.

“Crushing Beam!” Levi released the magic on his hand.

A beam of vibrating purple magic rushed through the air aimed at Sirius. He dodged it but the power is still immense.

“Is he a mage? No! I think he didn’t do the moving-up ceremony yet. How come?!” Sirius talked to himself as he was shocked to see Levi’s extraordinary power that it was almost comparable to a legit mage.

“That…I knew that he has a talent for magic but I never thought that it will exceed my expectations. That spell earlier was almost closed to a Crushing Beam of a true mage.” said Caleb as he watched the battle from the sides together with the others.

Sirius didn’t wait for another spell by Levi, he dashed again forward and swung his sword multiple times and Levi was barely dodging his attacks.

Levi and Sirius both took a step back.

“You’re pretty nimble huh! If that’s the case lets do this seriously,” said Sirius. He gripped his sword hard and it started to emanate a dark green aura and surrounded it.

His body started to buff up and veins popped up from his muscles. He was doing a body enhancement causing his body to strengthen and become more muscular.

Sirius now looks fearsome. The combination of his scary sword and his huge build was a perfect look of a frightening being.

Sirius launched another attack towards Levi. He swung his sword but he didn’t move. Then a boomerang-shaped green beam rushed towards Levi.

Levi dodged it and it hit the trees behind him. Those trees were immediately cut down.

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Levi was still looking behind him when Sirius jumped and launched an attack. He swung the sword horizontally. Levi ducked but a powerful kick hit him from below and he was sent flying.

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He tumbled backward many times like a ragdoll before he stopped. He coughed up blood a few times and held his stomach as he felt pain from that hit.

With another attack, Sirius didn’t waste the moment he jumped up towards Levi in an act of stabbing him.

With Levi’s current state, he cannot move anymore. That direct kick was so strong, a few of his bones were broken. Fortunately, his body was strong enough to not faint yet.

The sword’s sharp tip was just several inches before hitting him when a thought ran through his mind.

“That’s right, if I can use magic to some other purpose then I would be unbeatable!” These are the words he realized when he was just starting his training at Nate’s.

“Some other purpose…”

Before the sword stab Levi, an amazing thing occurs. A barrier suddenly emerged, enclosing him in a blue ball of blue-colored magical barrier. The sword clashed with the barrier but it didn’t pierce through it.

“A magical barrier!” said Sirius in surprise.

“Gravity 100” Levi cast a new spell that even he didn’t know existed. It just came to his mind after thinking of the nature of magic.

All of a sudden, Sirius felt like he was being strongly pulled down towards the ground. The soil beneath him is starting to make a crack. His feet are digging into the ground and his body was trembling because of the great force. He cannot keep standing and later he fell on his knees.

The pulling force didn’t stop, it continued for several minutes until Sirius cannot take it anymore.

“I surrender! Please stop this! Please!”

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What's the most effective way to fight a hot-tempered enemy? Mock them until they raged! Just make sure you can handle them Ahahahaha! Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed this chapter!
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