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Filter here! Something Unconventional to write down but here it is. Today is not a chapter story but a chapter in explaining the characters that have currently made an appearance in the early parts of the story. Let’s get started.

Alexander Ares: This is the first character that I thought of when making this story. A main protagonist with the vibe that shows enthusiasm, naivety and youth. Traits of a typical shounen main character.

But now I wanted him to ironically not be too much of a focus in the story but instead make him as the pseudo catalyst for readers to know much about the setting of this world while still retaining his uniqueness as being the protagonist of this story.

He is a Hunter. Hunters are for the lack of a better term, are demi-gods. Originally created by the Prime Gods with the sole purpose of exterminating demons that even the gods themselves have problems dealing with.

Hunters today have been diluted and weakened compared to what they used to be back then, the ones who are still strong are the families where both are hunters, still making them weak but not as much compared to those who have a different race for a parent.

He has the power to create weapons and gear out of fire and light. Hunters have unique abilities which are called an Essence. These Essence vary from person to person, having similar but very different abilities ranging from the basic elements to light and dark.

Fact! His teeth are passed down to his mother Amanda, who also has a sharp pair of shark-like teeth that can chomp through utensils if they bite hard enough. He unfortunately had his mother’s beauty passed down to him, making him a target to being seen as a woman at first glance. His favorite foods are chewy foods like steaks.

Sal: When making this story I wanted the main character to have friends and having a human friend seemed to be an appropriate one, showing even if there is a world teeming with diluted demi-gods that kills demons, there are certain humans who can be strong as these Hunters if not stronger.

Other than that I wanted to create a trio that worked and complemented each other but are still lacking in certain areas. Sal represents the strength and physical attack role in a party but is still a fragile human so she’ll be down easily without being protected by someone like Alex whose role is to provide protection and distracting to be seen as more of the threat due to his Ability.

She’s a fighter, meaning she fights with a sword or anything she can pick up to fight others. Ridiculously strong without even using any magical enhancements to boost her already crazy strength. She knew Alex along with Lea at a young age as children. They grew up together and eventually became an inseparable group of misfits that caused trouble in town but also helping out those who need it.

Fact! She’s tanned because she has exercised her body in the open sun constantly when training. She eats mostly anything that is crunchy and hard like potato chips and jerky. She also has a tendency to wear cute and girly clothing from time to time, showing despite mostly being tomboyish she still has preferences on being presentable when she’s in the rare mood of not wanting to fight.

Lea: The Magical Girl with a staff that can be used to whack anything like a bat. She is the more human of the other human who is barely human with her insane strength.

She is the opposite of Sal, easily exhausted, weak, and low in confidence and self respect that she is mostly cynical and worried despite having such a high and raw power of magic that she is already equal in magic compared to the two’s physical strength.

Magic in this world is a blessing and a curse. Starting from the source of all Magic, Mana. A new form of energy that is now a part of nature in the world of Gaea.

It gave birth to the miracle of magic and spells for humans. But it doubled as a curse, giving birth to monsters and making animals become the hyper aggressive beasts known as Megafauna.

Lea’s magic is simple enhancements that most mages can use to support others in combat. But she is a battlemage. Meaning most of her abilities and spells are mostly for combat and close quarters ironically enough.

She bashes objects as if she were a baseball batter. She may not be a physically strong fighter or distractor like Sal and Alex, but Lea can provide the magical damage to create the perfect all offense team! Physical Power, Divine Power, and Magical power. These three will force their problems away with their strength!

Fact! Lea’s hobbies are sketching and drawing scenery in her past when she is not practicing her magic. Her favorite foods are sunflower seeds, peanuts, and dried anchovies because she likes snacking on things that are in bundles.

Michel Ares: I thought of Michel as the one who’ll show the power gap between the main character’s current strength to the other characters who are already strong, mature and older than the main character.

Michel is a Cynic, Nihilist but not too much where he thinks life is meaningless because he sees there is a purpose in living, and to live is to survive this world of monsters, demons and greater threats.

He is blunt, forward and basically what happens if the main character has finished their story and is now done with their role and just live their life how they please. The only joy he has in life is spiting others and annoying them so he can fight them.

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Michel is an Official. A rank that is not normally achieved by ranking up but is given as a role to lead specific divisions of the Hunters Guild. He is the Official of the Slayers Division, where Hunters are selected to eliminate demons as the name itself implies. He is known by many as the “Sun Killer” if there was anyone out there that respects him and calls him other than “Asshole”, “Shitty Uncle”, “The guy who hates anything that breathes”.

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His Ability has not been revealed properly since it’s not used in his proper equipment, which are his guns. But his Ability is known as the Star Killer. The ability to see or make flaws of everything and striking them down for extra damage and destruction. It’s best used when shooting at a distance and make more weak spots, but he can definitely use them in close combat his eyes glow and make or reveal weak spots of anything and strike them with precision and not only cripple them, but deal such damage it’s pretty much over to whoever gets shot by the Sun Killer’s gun.

Fact! Michel does have certain coworkers he hates less simply because they somewhat agree to his point of view in life. He is smoking and drinking buddies with one of them who in terms of raw power is extremely weak! How ironic. His favorite foods are smoked foods and foods that are alcohol based.

Julius and Amanda Ares: These two are here together because I made them alongside each other! Which makes sense because they are the parents of the main protagonist. Two lovers that are formerly the highest ranking members in the Hunters Guild before stepping down to retire to raise and protect their only child.

The two own and run a Tavern known as “The Dragon’s Belly”. They are both passionate about cooking and actually enjoy living a peaceful life rather than the life they had when they sliced, smashed, cut, crushed, eviscerate and eradicate monsters and demons side by side.

Julius’s Essence is a hereditary ability known as the “War God’s Essence” An old ability that is simple, The creation of shields and armor for the wearer to wield with the limit being their imagination and their will. It’s also powered based on what the user is fighting for, truly an ability meant for War.

Amanda’s is also hereditary known as the “Blade Goddess’s Essence” Basically the same as Julius’s ability with the difference of not only making a variety of weapons with the limit being the wielder’s imagination, but also to control the weapons without as much as holding them, making them not only a perfect offense in close quarters, but also a deadly barrage of raining down weapons on enemies.

The ability becomes stronger when the user wants to protect someone. The blade is a sign of protection and justice. A weapon is used not only to fight but to also protect.

Fact! Amanda and Julius rarely ever call each other by their real names and prefer nicknames, only using their names when something serious happens.

The two met each other when they both grabbed a mission at the same time, their hands touching and they immediately fell in love! Julius’s favorite food are the foods that Amanda makes and Amanda’s favorite food are the foods Julius makes.

That is all for the Character Material Special! See you all next time when I introduce more characters in this story! This is Filter! And I thank you, the readers, for having the time to read what I have written.

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