“Last Night. Late Night Bonds!”

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Nighttime. The sky painted a shining blue with sparkling stars. Alex is in his room, sitting on his bed as he stared at the family sword. It shined beautifully through the moonlight. He walked over to pick it up. Inspecting it.

“Gramps sure knows how to pick a sword.” He commented to himself as he heard something climbing up to his broken window. It was Sal, carrying a large travel bag on her back. She rested on the window ledge as she looked at Alex with a smile.

“Yo, Sharky!” She waved at Alex, the wave causing her to lose balance before quickly using both hands to grab on the window’s ledge. She sighed in relief. “That was close…” She got into his room, falling in the process as she dropped the large travel bag. It’s ridiculously large that if his window was still intact, the bag would’ve been the one that broke it.

“That’s a pretty big bag…” Alex rested his sword at the edge of the bed, walking to Sal and extending his hand to her. He got a good look at her and she’s in normal clothing, wearing a red hoodie and a black miniskirt that her legs, wearing long black thigh high socks with red diagonal stripes. Lastly, she’s not equipped with her weapons or a shield with her.

“Well, it has all of the things we’re gonna bring for tomorrow.” She catches Alex’s hand and lifted herself up. “Thanks!” She smiled at him as Sal went to the bag and dragged it to the corner.

“So why are you leaving it here in my room?” He asked her curiously as he sat back on his bed.

“I’m leaving it here cause I’m sleeping here tonight, duh!” She ran over to his bed and jumped, turning around mid-jump to sit on the bed beside him. “Hup!—Perfect landing!”

“Another sleepover?” He looked at her as he realized something. “Wait, where’s Lea?”

Speak of the devil, Lea appeared by the open doorway of his room, wearing black jeans, a white jacket that showed a blue undershirt. She doesn’t have her staff with her nor her hat with her. “Were you guys talking about me?”

“Just Sharky asking what was taking you so long, Slowpoke!” She flashed her a smile as she got off of the bed. “Help me set up the TV will ya Sharky?” She left the room for a quick moment.

“Why?” Alex asked curiously as Lea walked over to him and showed him a movie cover.

“Me and Sal bought a movie to watch, we wanted to make our last night before leaving memorable by watching a scary movie together.” Lea smiled, Alex looked at the movie she was holding, from the cover alone it looked like some sort of horror movie, it had quite the cheesy title called “Glutton” and it showed the movie’s monster to show a muscular looking demon with a goat skull munching on bones.

“Looks like a good movie.” He said with a small smile as Sal came back from downstairs, holding a CD player on her hands. “Sal… Is that my CD player?”

“Yep! How else can we watch a movie without one? And you still haven’t set up the TV? Get to it you lazy ass!” She sets the CD Player on the bed as she noticed something at the edge of it from the side. “Hey, isn’t that the sword that’s been hanging on your fireplace? What’s it doing here?”

Alex quickly went to his closet and started looking for the TV. “Oh, that?” He heard her question as he pulled out the TV and placed it in the center as Lea handed him the player so that he can hook it up to the TV. “It’s just my Gramps’s sword. Dad gave it to me as a way to remember them by once I leave.”

“Aww… That’s sweet of him.” Lea said with her hand on her cheek as she looked at the sword itself. “Are you planning on using it to fight?”

“Nope.” He said with certainty as he turned on the TV and the player. “Why do I need to use it when I can make weapons already? I’ll just keep it around my back as an accessory.”

Lea kneeled down at the TV to slide in the disc of the movie into the player as Alex went back to the closet, forgetting the remote.

“Sounds like a waste, if you want, I can use it instead?” Sal suggested as she crawled at the bed to look at the TV with Lea.

Alex came back with a remote in hand. “Absolutely not.” He said immediately. “I’m not gonna use it but that doesn’t mean I will let anyone else would. If you want you can ask Dad to get a memento from him too, or Mom.” He sat on the floor at the front of the bed, handing the remote to Lea.

“Say, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea!” She snapped her finger at him for giving her a good idea. “I should ask them if they got anything for me to remember them by. You gonna be doing the same Lea?”

Lea shook her head. “Actually, I’m gonna do the opposite and leave something to remember us by. And I already have it ready for tomorrow.” She sat beside Alex and started the movie.

“Cool! You mean that dr—Mph!” She was cut off by Sal lifting her finger on her lips.

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“Shh-shhh! Not one word about what it is. Get us a snack from the fridge since we can’t enjoy a good movie without snacks.” Lea demanded as she rested her arm around Alex along with her head on his shoulder with Alex raising his head at Sal, who was already walking out with her shrugging her shoulders from being cut off.

“There’re some chips at the cabinets and some sodas in the fridge!” He exclaimed as Sal gave a thumbs up before fully leaving the room to show she heard. “That was suddenly bossy of you, Lea. usually, it’s the other way around with you and her.”

“She was about to ruin the thing I’ve been working on for a while now!” She lets go of her arm around him and crossed her arms. “So I had to be serious to her because it’s that special.”

“Now I’m looking forward too it once the next day arrives.”

“Back with the snacks!” Sal came back holding a fresh, cold, large bottle of soda and a big bag of chips. “Scootch over sharky!” She sat by beside Alex as she placed the snacks in front of them, resting her shoulder against his as she looked at the movie.

“I think I’ve seen this movie before…”

“You did? Where?” Lea asked curiously as she opened the bag and started munching on the chips.

“Hmm… Wait—No no, It was something else. Nevermind.” Both were a horror movie but the differences where one was an animated movie while this one was live-action.

“Figured, you were always the anime type.” Sal teased as she reached over the chips to snack on them.

“Shh!” Lea shushed Sal again. “No more talking, the movie stopped dropping logos.” The trio stopped talking as they are not watching the movie up to the end.

The movie ends. The Trio were out cold, The chips and soda empty as The two girls rested their sleeping heads on the shoulders of Alex who woke up from the sudden snoring by Sal.

“M-Mgh…” He groaned as he realized that the movie was left on. He reached for the remote to turn it off as he lifted the girls up and dropped them on his bed. He was thinking of joining them in his own bed, then he looked at his sword. He reached for it as he held it with both his hands. “You… You’re sleeping with me.” He sat back to where he was passed out and placed the sword on his lap. The three spent their last night together in this room, ending it with a deep sleep to be ready for tomorrow.

Deep in the forest, unaware to both Alex and his friends. Julius and Amanda were not at home but were in an open clearing of the forest where Alex fought the boar.

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“Last warning. Are you sure you want to do this Julie?” Amanda looked at him with worry, the couple haven’t fought each other since Lexa was still around. Julius merely chuckled as he patted his wife on the head.

“Hahah!—Well we’re already here so there’s no turning back now. And I’m doing this for you. So don’t hold back on me now, okay Honey?” Julius assured her as he stopped patting and walked away to gain distance, showing he is ready to fight when she is.

Amanda looked at him for a quick moment, her eyes opening a bit to make a look of gratitude and relief to her husband. “Thank you, Julie.” She was smiling beautifully in the moonlight, she was beautiful when her teeth are showing, yet this smile where it didn’t show, it was rather mesmerizing.

“Ready, Honey?” Julius covered himself in flaming armor as he bumped his fists together, sparks flying as the knuckles caught on fire.

Amanda surrounded herself with a halo of blades circling around her waist, summoning tens, almost a hundred blades all pointing at her husband. Her smile slowly widening to show her teeth. “Ready~” she said with a sweet and venomous tone as the two lovers dashed towards each other and fought. The sounds of clashing blades echoed through the night as the wild laughter of madness and excitement howled through the quiet forest.

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