“The Hunt is on! The Mission Begins! Escaping Responsibility!”

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The trio ran far, with a squad of guards behind them. “You’re in a lot of trouble, Ares! You and your friends too!” One guard spoke up. They are within arms reach to capture Lea who was dead last behind. Sal was the first to snatch Lea by the collar of her dress

“Eep!” She squeaked out as she was quickly dragged off like luggage by Sal. Her hat fell off of her head which made her catch it almost immediately and put it back on her head.

“Lea! Now’s a good time to use your magic!” Sal said as she is barely struggling to keep up her pace with the new weight of carrying Lea.

“Now? I-I don’t wanna hurt them!”

“You’re not gonna fight them! Just make a diversion for us to get away!”

Lea looked at the pursuing guards and at the ground. If it’s a distraction, she can most definitely do it. “Alright.” She spoke. Channeling all her magical energy into the crystal ball of her oak staff, the energy covered itself all over the staff. “Durability. Force. Impact.” Each word gave the glow a pulse of light with the staff’s outline becoming a piercing white glow. She lifted her staff up in the air. She took a deep breath and screamed. “HAAAAAAAAHHH!!!” She swung her staff down on the ground and created an explosion that resulted in everyone, including herself, be blasted away from the force of her own attack. The guards were blown away with minor injuries resulting from being knocked back from the blast. The trio was also blasted away and was lucky to be blown away further from the guards. The three quickly recovered and retreated into the woods

The guards groaned a bit from being blasted as one slowly recovered and stood up. “Is everyone all right?” He asked his squad with most of them saying they are fine while some just had some light bruises from the fall. “These kids… Fall back, we’ll do a search after we call for back up.” They are lacking in numbers to do a search party in the forest. Till then they will need a larger squad. They will need it.

The three ran and ran deeper until they didn’t see the large cloud of dirt caused by the explosion of Lea’s magic. “We finally got the Guards off our tail…” Alex said as the three are deep into the woods, so far they are not seeing anything but the trees and birds. The trio is exhausted and tired from running that both dropped on the ground rested on the soft soil. Alex took a deep breath and sighed out in relief and exhaustion. “Thank the gods they stopped…” They were forced to fall back because the guards were caught from a diversion Lea caused, losing track of where they are. Giving the three some time to rest.

“You’re… You’re welcome… ” Lea spoke in between breaths. If it wasn’t obvious she’s not exactly the athletic type like her two friends are. She’s just glad she can still move after running that long and creating a diversion using her magic to keep the guards at bay and disorient them to lose track of the three.

After a short break, the trio, now on their feet are going deep into the woods. They trekked through tall grass and shrubs with Alex creating a transparent white machete made of light and chopped a clearer path for his friends. This is the ability that Alex used previously. He actually has two abilities. Passed down by his father and mother. The ability to create weapons and the ability to make armor. He inherited both essences from them.

“Alex. By now they probably went to your mother to report what you’ve done… But it’s too late to warn you about that.” Lea broke the silence during their walk while kicking off a branch that caught her stockings and almost stumbled before Sal helped catch her balance. “W-Woa-! Thanks Sal…”

“Watch your step. Also damn right it’s too late!” She gently shoved Lea forward to catch up with Alex as she readied her shield but kept her sword at her hip for now. “But we know what we’re signing up for when we decided to stick around with Sharky for this long.” She is treating this situation as if it were the same level of trouble they normally cause. “Anyways bring out your monster book will you?”

“Unfortunately what we’re after is not a monster. Alex. The mission you took is to hunt a Megafauna.” Lea looked at Alex who continued clearing the path they walked.

“So?” He said with each swing of his blade becoming slower as fewer branches are in the way of their walk.

“So? Alex. Megafauna are beasts that are more dangerous than its normal counterparts. They are freaks of nature that are so dangerous they are capable of even doing things that no normal Animal is supposed to do.” She dreaded as she read the Megafauna Bestiary to know more about these dangerous giants. They are especially scary to her for one reason. “And certain megafauna are resistant to magic. My attacks won’t be strong enough to help. And were fighting a Megaboar. Who knows how tough its hide is!”

“It’s a Megaboar Youngling.” Now it’s his turn to correct her. “It’s weaker because it’s young so if we consider that factor, we have a chance to kill it.” He assured her as he unsummoned the machete as the path was clear and the trees give the three shade with specks of sunlight piercing through. He turned around to face his friends and simply smiled, showing a bit of his teeth and is determined and pumped. “We’ve trained our asses off for five years by beating up creeps and regular wild animals. Lea I know you’re scared but listen to yourself. Does this sound like someone who’s trained to fight for five years to act like?”

Lea felt flustered. She didn’t realize the things coming out of her mouth were counterproductive to what she went through with Sal and Alex. Clutching her staff with both hands as she looked up Alex. “I’m just… I’m worried that you guys will get hurt because I can’t do much to something that’s resistant to magic. But you’re right.” She felt conflicted to agree yet to also disagree with Alex. But she gave him a determined and brave smile. “I’m sorry for whining. I didn’t realize it but I’ve been acting like your mother the entire time. worried and disagreeing with you when I should be your friend supporting y-ah!” Sal cuts off Lea by suddenly resting her arm around her, pulling her close and grinned.

“But that’s also what a friend should be. There’s nothing wrong with being worried. If you’re not around I would’ve been doing your job in whining and reasoning him out. But I trust his strength. And fighters trust strength more than anything else.” Sal looked at Alex to see that shark-toothed smile of his grew wider.

“You guys… Let’s go kill a Boar.”

“Mhh!” The two nodded as the trio are motivated and are now ready more than ever and ready to fight the Megaboar.

Meanwhile, Michel and Julius who are currently traveling deeper into the woods. Michel had his eyes shifted and glanced, focusing on any signs for tracks caused by a Megaboar.

Julius followed behind, The only weapon he had ready with him was a kitchen knife, but he doesn’t look that worried being under equipped. His worries lie with Alex and his friends hunting down a Megafauna for the first time. So to ease him he attempted to try and talk to his brother despite how he acts in general. “Mitch, if you don’t want to take your job seriously then why be an official to begin with?” A question repeated this morning from Alex and now onto his brother.

Michel turned his head to give his brother the usual look he had plastered on his face. Pure annoyance. “You think now is a good time to talk when your brat is probably going to die soon?” He kneels down to inspect the ground looking for a large hoof print.

“Please don’t ever joke about that.” He retorted with a low growl. He’s had to deal with losing a daughter. He’s not gonna lose a son who’s impulsiveness leads him to try and hunt with his friends. “I’m going to be honest. You’re not fit to be an Official. The only reason you’re one is that you had to replace the previous Head Demonslayer.”

“And to this day no one’s tried to take me down to get this spot. Those who did got their asses handed to me. As much as I don’t want to be an Official. I’m not letting a weakling take my spot.” He stated his reason for still being an official through all these years.

“But officials don’t need to be strong to be one.” He corrected him as he and Amanda used to be in the Guild, they know how the ranks work. D-Rank and ascending all the way to the highest existing rank.

“That may be true. But this is to be the official of the Slayers Division. Strength is a requirement and you know it.” He didn’t want to continue talking. But his brat of a brother will persist to keep trying to talk to him. It’s better to answer than bottle that stress up. “I don’t give a damn being an official. But I won’t stand letting someone weaker than me be taking the title of Head Demonslayer.” His pride is to be respected at the very least.

“You got me there.” As much of a prick his brother is, he can’t help but also respect him for his choice to continue being an official for years. “At least you still respect the position. But why avoid the work?”

“Because it’ll make Slater work twice as hard doing my paperwork.” He pulled out a cigar from his pocket, igniting it by placing his thumb that had a small flame on top.

“You dropped your minigun but brought your cigars? Whatever happened to not sticking out like a sore thumb.”

He took a deep huff, holding out the cigar with his left hand and puffed a thick cloud of smoke. “Were far away enough for me to do this. You know damn well this makes me less pissed than I already am.” His long break from the guild is over and he is out here helping his useless brother to find his impulsive brat. So he is not in the best mood right now, more than usual. Michel put the cigar into the side of his mouth so he can both smoke and talk at the same time.

“Your grudge for Slater makes me surprised he still lets you be an official in the first place.”

“Because even he knows that the title of Head Demonslayer can’t be easily replaced by some random schmuck. He’s still a prick.” Said the hypocrite.

“Can you elaborate on how the nicest man I have ever met and is your boss, a prick?”

“His genuine kindness is sickening. No matter how hard I spite him he takes it like it’s nothing. Even now I spite him by avoiding paperwork yet the bastard simply just shoves the pile of papers to me and does his half with me beside him. Spiting me back because the prick knows he pisses me off.” He puffed out a darker blow of smoke as the cigar is already half its original length with the rest nothing but clinging cindering ashes. He sets the cigar to tap out the ashes before placing it back in his mouth. “The last time he got pissed was before he became Guild Master. When I dissed his girlfriend and we were both Elites back then.”

“But. Why spite him all the time? He has to carry the Guild after what Crane did. Cut him some slack and set aside your stupid rivalry with him.”

“Screw that.” He retorted immediately. “I’ve always hated his guts because no matter what the world throws at him he stands tall and strong. That kind of trait will make others become like him, positive and naive brats that can be easily taken advantage of.” His motto in living is that he sees and accepts the cruel and harsh world through cynicism to become hard boiled and grow thicker skin. “Hunters these days need to know that this world is ugly. Having Slater’s attitude will give the fodders false hope.”

Julius didn’t like how he used that word to describe the general members of the Guild. “Mitch. Is that how you see every member in the guild?”

“That’s how I see everyone weaker than me and die be seen as fodder. Even your own br-AGCHK!!” His cigar fell off as he was suddenly struck by Julius doing an immediate swing of his fist. He staggered back and slumped behind a tree. Michel rubbed his face where he got punched and looked at his brother. “Damn. That’s quite a swing.”

“Don’t you ever. Call my kids. Fodder.” He didn’t know what came over him. But he instinctively knew that he would insult his children next. That also meant both Alex and Lexa. Julius has had enough of his older brother freeloading in his house. Smoking, drinking in broad daylight and even telling Alex what happened to Lexa which they kept a secret to not get him any ideas. He tried to endure his attitude because he’s his brother, but he snapped at the most inopportune moment.

“You were right about being rusty. Impressive as that swing was. That s*** didn’t make me spit blood.” He stood up straight and cracked his knuckles. Loud snaps of bones and his eyes are glowing with the color of flames. “How about we do a quick warm up before your brat gets crushed or Gormin finds us?” For once that constantly annoyed and jaded face is replaced with a thrilling smirk.

Julius immediately knew what he is doing. He always spites everyone he meets and insults them for one reason alone. To fight them. And he spited him to get some fight he thought he lost after settling down.

“Come on. If you want me to take back what I said. Prove your strength if you want me to apologize.” Michel lunged at Julius, winding his right fist to immediately take a swing at his idle brother but halfway through mid-swing his fist is halted not but Julius’s hand. But a transparent orange armored arm, seeing through the armor it’s Julius’s arm. It’s an essence, the essence of Julius Ares. The essence of war.

“If fighting you is what it takes to make you say sorry. I’ll gladly beat that face of yours into a bloody pulp.” He growled as Julius’s other arm created the same transparent armored arm as he pulled Michel closer to strike his gut with his other arm. The impact is strong that the force of the blow made the grass under their feet dance as if a gust of wind passed by.

The strength of his armored punch lifted Michel off the ground. He coughed as the air in his lungs was forced out before being launched a far distance from where he initially stood. He harshly crashed on a tree, his back taking most of the impact and the tree’s leaves falling off. He slumped down but immediately recovered and sprinted at his brother. “You call that a punch?” He taunted as he leaped at him to prepare the same strike. Julius raised his arm to catch his fist only to have his armor shatter upon the impact of his fist hitting his armored hand.

“Hgh!” Julius grunted as he left himself vulnerable for a second in surprise but before he can even act to reform the armor he felt Michel’s fist on his face as he was knocked out of the ground, spinning for a split second and falling on his face-first on the ground.

“That. Is a punch. Holding yourself back because I’m your brother? Don’t pull your punches in a fight. If you’re honoring a fight you already lost.”

Julius slowly recovered, rubbing his face as he looked at him. “You’re right. I shouldn’t be looking at you as my brother in this fight… I should be looking at you as the asshole that freeloads around my house. Drinking and leaving cigar ashes around the table and told my son what happened to Lexa.”

“Hmph.” He smirked. “That’s a good start. After I told him that and he declared that he would save everyone in Hell once he gets stronger. I thought I was gonna vomit from his naivety.”

Julius felt a surge of immediate anger from his words. It’s sickening he resorts to insulting other people that are dear to them. Because he knows that they care more about them than themselves. And it’s working on him. Julius’s anger manifested with a burst of heat as his entire body is lifted an inch off the ground as what’s touching is his armor now opaque and his head now covered by a corinthian helmet with the Plume entirely made of fire.

“Heh. Haven’t seen that armor in years. Show me what you got. War god.”

Julius recovered by immediately leaping with the force of his jump leaving behind a trail of burnt grass as he struck Michel with his armored kneecap by his chin. Michel staggered back and his head knocked back and forced to look up from the harsh blow but he countered by grabbing his leg to quickly slam him down on the ground. Then quickly lift him back up to smash Julius against a tree.

Julius while being slammed against a tree lifted Michel by grabbing onto the tree and lifted him up before dropping him down on the ground harshly, forcing Michel to let go and give Julius the time to let go of the tree and immediately elbow dropped his brother, making a deep crater caused by the impact. In short. The two brothers are having a brotherly time settling their difference in a brawl.

Meanwhile somewhere in the woods far away from the sibling scuffle.

The trio made it out of the thick woods and into a clearing. They ended up in the clearing when there were signs of damaged branches and deep hoof marks that are surely coming from their target. There it is, a large boar taller than a horse, with sharp thick tusks that are a meter long. It’s sipping water by a clear pond.

“It’s huge…” Alex commented. With Sal nodding in agreement.

“At first glance, we already know this is the Boar we were looking for. It really doesn’t look different from a normal boar other than it’s size.” Sal noted with the Boar not noticing the presence of the three.

“This is a youngling correct? It shouldn’t develop tusks that big until full maturity…” Lea felt anxious at the sight of the beast. Not from how it looks on its exterior but from the knowledge she has read about how dangerous even the young ones are.

“Let’s go.” Alex stated bluntly. He went ahead of the two, summoning a transparent white sword of light. His body lightly coated in the same light, taking the shape of full body armor yet transparent like the sword.

“W-Wait!” Lea stuttered out and attempted to go after Alex before Sal extended her arm to stop Lea. “Sal? What are you doing?”

“He’s already set on what he’s gonna do.” Sal looked at Lea with a bit of a smile. “Let’s give him some support so he won’t get too badly hurt. Help me find some big rocks” Sal grabbed Lea’s arm and dragged her into the woods to find any large rocks or boulders.

Alex felt tense. This is the first time he is fighting a megafauna. “Stay calm. You trained for this. Stay calm me.” He thought to himself, assuring his worries and to focus. He trained for 5 years to do this so it’s too late to be nervous now, Alex gripped his blade to cease any hints of shaking from nervousness. “Alright… I’m ready.” He took a deep breath and leaped up into the air with all his strength, leaving behind a deep mark from where he stood. He jumped 4 meters in the air, he did a quick spin and threw his sword at the drinking boar. It seemed illogical to throw a sword, but he created it from his own power, defying the logic and drag but leaving the velocity of his throws is possible. The ability to create and control the weapons inherited from his mother, The Essence of Blades.

The blade pierced through the hide yet all that strength just pierced the thick hide and only a little bit of its flesh. If it can be compared he basically threw a needle that just pricked the Boar. It squealed from the prick as it quickly turned its whole body around and snorted.

“GHYIIIIII!!!!” It let out a piercing, deep squeal as it stood up and flailed its hoofs and slammed down. Alex has angered the boar as its tail flicked so sharply it made a loud snap similar to a whip. The sword stuck on the Boar’s wound vanished into sparkling dust.

He descended down on the ground, summoning another weapon in almost an instant. It was a mace made of white light, transparent like the sword he threw. He landed down on the ground to only leap forward with the same force. Dashing towards the boar as the Boar charged. The distance between the two grew shorter and clashing appears imminent.

Alex quickly strafed to avoid the head-on charge which resulted in the boar to turn, skidding across the dirt to leave deep marks to continue charging towards him at the speed of a galloping horse. He jumped above the Boar, landing on its back.

“Take this!” He growled and started pummelling the boar with his mace, striking rapidly as the boar squealed more in annoyance than in pain.

“Ghuhih!” The boar snorted out as it bucked back and forth as Alex dropped his mace and grabbed on onto the boars back. He yelped as he was swinging around from the Boar’s bucking before it stopped, giving Alex a breather. Only to change its bucking to shaking its body around, making him swing sideways. This time he couldn’t hold on for long and was thrown onto the soft ground, dropping his shield from the fall.

“Aaaahhh-! Gufh!” He grunted out as he tumbled down. The shield and mace turned to dust once it was out of his hand. He recovered as he looked at the Boar who turned to him. It dug it’s hoof, digging the soil as it dropped its head deep into the ground. It’s tusks pointing as it charged at him, bulldozing the earth that large clumps of dirt, gravel and rocks along with it.

Alex quickly avoided its tusk ram by quickly circling around it. “Focus!” He screamed in his head and summoned an opaque flaming sword that floated in mid-air. Much like he can create a weapon to wield he can create a weapon that he doesn’t need to wield with his hands. He summoned another one made of fire, and another, summoning 6 blades of fire around him and all blades pointed at the Boar. “Go!” He swung his hand forward as the blades zipped towards the boar at the same speed the way he threw his sword previously at it.

The boar rose its head at the ground and it squealed from its flesh being punctured by 6 blades at the side of its large body. What hurt most is from the blade burning its flesh as if being pricked by a needle burning till its white-hot. It’s annoying and painful as the boar swung its head and tossed the pile of rubble it dug up to Alex.

“Hgh!” He grunted as he soon realized it wasn’t trying to run him over. But piling up dirt and rocks to pelt it at him with. He raised his arms together to guard himself, summoning a transparent white rectangular shield that covered his whole body as the clumps of dirt and rocks were flung at a shockingly powerful throw where he grunted when it clashed against the shield. “Ghh! This thing really is smarter than it looks.” He complained as he felt the sudden impact that almost broke his arms and shattered the shield he used. It was the boar running at full speed towards him. He was too focused on guarding that he didn’t realize that the boar was charging towards him. “Gahh!” He’s knocked away and crashed onto the ground, leaving a trail and small mound of dirt that piled up. “Agh… My arms… getting numb…”Yet he continued to fight. Standing up and looking at the boar, the swords clung on it still. They are ones he made that are fully powered and lasted longer. It burned its flesh from inside but it looks like the boar is enduring the pain.

The boar charged at him again, this time it didn’t lower its head to pile up more things to throw at him. It’s trying to impale him with its tusks as its head is turned a bit so one of its tusks is pointing at him. Then it squealed, as was struck in the head by a thrown boulder that was 3 foot wide, forcing it to tumble down and fall on its side where the blades are, making them sink further into its flesh from the fall as it flailed in pain. “GHYIII!!!”

Alex looked at where the boulder was tossed to see Sal picking up another boulder with Lea exhaustingly rolling another one for her to throw. “Is that all you got Sharky? C’mon stand up! Were not done ’till this thing stops moving!”

“Hahh… What…. What she said…” Lea attempted to say supportive words but is too tired to think of anything. She slumped on the boulder she rolled to take a short breather.

Alex simply smiled that he is glad to have friends that he can fight with. He is fueled with vigor that his whole armor grew opaque. The armor giving him strength doubled over his own. He stood up and dusted his armor off. “Thanks!” He summoned an opaque flaming halberd as he sprinted with great speed towards the flailing boar as he struck its body with the axe with all his strength, the flaming blade piercing through the hide and singing its flesh. He lifted the halberd’s spear tip to puncture the board deeper. “Haaah!” He exclaimed as he drove the halberd further into its flesh.

“UHGIHYY!!!!” The Megaboar is now feeling the pain. Once it stood, Alex stepped back and summoned a flaming axe and white kite shield.

“Lea!” Sal looked at Lea who started to stand up and pick up her staff.

“I know! I know!” She stood up and patted her skirt a bit. “Durability, Force, Impact.” She chanted the three spells as she prepared her staff and herself, looking almost like a batter. “I’m ready…”

Sal smiled and threw the boulder up into the air. Lea analyzed how she tossed the boulder and predicted when it would land within swinging distance. Lea moved back a bit, to be safe and to get the perfect strike. It descends and she focused. “HUP!” She swung her staff and the boulder immediately flew over faster than how Sal threw. Halfway through flying the boulder crumbled and broke apart into shards of sharp stones as the stones punctured and sunk into the thick hide and into its flesh as if being shot by a shotgun.

“Nice swing!” Sal gave Lea a quick thumbs up and playfully giving her a punch on the shoulder which resulted in Lea knocked down from her punch.

“Ufgh!” She blurted out and slowly recovered. “Th-Thanks…” she stuttered, using her staff as a cane to help her stand up. She rubbed her shoulder.

The Boar squeaked out in the pain of the stones digging into its flesh and started to stomp on the ground. “GHYIIIIIGHHHH!!!!” It let out a piercing high pitched squeal louder than the first time. Sal and Lea covered their ears from its painful cry.

“My ears!” Lea groaned as the noise ringed into her covered ears.

“It’s close to dying now if it’s screaming that loud!” Sal stated as she grits her teeth from the ear-splitting screech.

“Whaat?!” Lea exclaimed

“What?!” Sal repeated Lea’s question as both couldn’t hear each other from the noise and their covered ears filtering their own.

“Damn that’s loud!” Alex was closer to the Boar and was feeling more of that pain as he had to drop his weapons to cover his ears and distanced himself away from the Boar.

It stopped its cry as it stomped the ground one more time. The boar suddenly bulked up in size, becoming a meter taller, the swords and halberd jutting out from the boar tightening and pushing its muscles to pull out the lodged and burning weapons. The weapons popped out as the open wounds leaked a thick ooze of darkened and burning blood caused from the heat of the weapons that punctured its flesh, with the halberd wound gushing a thick amount of it before it died down.

“What the…” Alex saw its growth in size as he resummoned what he initially held.

“Finally it stopped screaming.” Sal said relief as she picked her ears. “And it looks like it’s going all out.”

“Then let’s help Alex finish it off!”

“Way ahead of ya. Blast me to the Boar!” She picked up a boulder and presented her back to Lea. “Make sure to hit the shield so I won’t get too hurt.” She prepared herself and braced her back.

Lea was being a bit hesitant. But knowing the two well her hesitation was brief. “All right.”

Alex steadied himself, gripping his axe and clutching his shield. It got bigger and he is getting a bit drained. Yet he continued. Alex ran to the side and rushed at the Boar, slicing its leg but the axe didn’t even cut the hide, but it did leave a singing burn mark where he slashed his axe. “It got thicker!” He exclaimed in his head.

The Boar quickly turned around to use its hind legs to harshly kick Alex. Alex blocked the attack but the shield once again shattered and felt something in his arm snap as he’s knocked away from the force of the kick and dropped into the ground.

His axe dropped as he fell down and laid on the ground, grabbing his arm that snapped. “Nghr!! My arm!” His arm dislocated as it couldn’t handle the focused and powerful kick of the enraged Boar as he grits his teeth.

The Boar turned again to Alex, dead set on targeting him as the closest threat as it charged at him, once it neared it lifted up its whole body to finish him off by trampling down with its front legs.

At the last second, Sal is seen flying at a fast speed. “Hold on Sharky!” She exclaimed mid-flight. She lifted the boulder she held, getting closer and closer to the boar as she hurled the boulder up close to the boar, striking it straight into its eye as it crumbled apart from the point-blank impact. It squealed in pain as it began to fall down. “I’m not over yet!” She clutched the ear of the Boar. “Strength Two!” She exclaimed as her body’s enveloped in a red glow, her strength quadrupling. “Hraghhh!!!!” She yanked the boar, tugging it to fall off to the other side to show its other eye, pulling out her sword to immediately impale the Boar with her sword straight to the hilt. The sound of snapping bones as the sword pierced through its armor-like skull and impaled its injured eye at the other side. She got off of the Boar, harshly kicking its head to use it as a springboard to leap beside Alex, helping him up as the glow outlining her body disappeared. “You okay Sharky?”

If he wasn’t in so much pain right now he would be extremely happy that Sal saved him. “Yeah… Gh! Maybe not…” he lets go of his arm as it was disconnected from the elbow.

“We’ll get you some wood to grit on and I’ll pop it back for you later.” Sal started to pant and grow fatigued. “Mgh… Enhancements really take a toll on your body. I’m winded out.” That moment she did was her giving it her all right there, using all of her mana and physical strength to its limit to even perform that act.

The Boar squealed and cried out as it flailed into the ground, struggling that it cannot see a thing with its skull fractured from within the eye sockets and its eyes no longer functioning yet the pain is all there. It struggled and slammed its body on the ground, leaving mounds and a crater with its last breath.

“Finish him off Sharky.” Sal patted his back as she involuntarily sat down from fatigue.

“Mh…” Alex turned off his armor and he focused. Summoning an opaque orange spear, he gripped it with his only functioning arm as he charged the spear. His body surrounded with dancing flames, his hair fluttering around caused by the fire surrounding him. The back of the spear suddenly lets a burst of flame as Alex clutched tighter to hold the spear, preventing it from letting go from his hold. Not yet at least. “It’s over you pig! Rocket spear!!!” He exclaimed as he harshly threw his named ability at a blinding speed that it pierced into the Boar’s stomach, half of it entering its flesh and after the puncture the spear cracked and becoming unstable as it let out a harsh blast, leaving a massive chunk of the Boar’s belly into cinders, revealing its ivory white ribs as the Boar finally ceased its struggling the Megaboar Youngling is dead

“It… It’s dead…” Lea softly spoke as she watched the sight of Alex’s spear exploding and ending the Boar. She slowly smiled and started running to the two. “We did it! I can’t believe it but we killed our first Beast!” Lea exclaimed once within hearing distance.

“Yeah…” Alex turned to the approaching Lea. “We di-Hyagh!” He suddenly screamed in pain from the sudden hug caused by Lea.

“You and Sal were awesome! At first, I was worried that you guys were gonna die but you proved me wrong by a long shot! I’m really sorry for doubting you Alex!” She confessed, unaware of how his arm was dislocated when the Boar kicked him.

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“Agha-hagh! L-Lea my arm! Let go! you’re hugging my arm!” He wasn’t prepared for a wide bear hug that he once again screamed until Sal joined in the Hug, making him scream louder. “Hiyaghh!!”

Lea was about to let go but was forced to hug tighter when Sal joined. “Sal?…”

“Don’t worry about Sharky. C’mon let’s do a group hug to celebrate our first kill!”

“Sal you bast-Gha!!” He used most of his stamina in that attack and he doesn’t have enough to get away from this excruciating bear hug.

Eventually their hug ended and it cuts to Lea patching his arm with a sash to rest his arm with, using the fabric of Alex’s sleeve.

“I’m sorry for hugging you. I thought you didn’t get hurt that badly. Also sorry that I haven’t learned any healing spells.” The only spells she’s been honing is her offensive capabilities and close quarters with her staff for the past 5 years. “I really should’ve at least learned a basic Heal.”

Alex is currently gulping on a red liquid. A healing potion. He let out a disgusted gasp from drinking it. “Blahck… That stuff is nasty. Don’t worry about Lea. Healing potions will be enough for now.” He assured her. But healing potions are there to speed up recovery, not instantly. At least, the ones that are consumed by the public.

Sal meanwhile is currently attempting to yank out the tusk of the Boar to bring it home as proof they killed it. “Hgh… Hnghh!” She struggled and sighed in defeat. “No good… We should’ve brought something to cut it off.” The tusk she pulled was covered in cuts and gashes as she attempted to chop it off with he sword but the same sword she used to impale the boar with all her strength actually developed chips and eventually broke apart similar to someone using a kitchen knife to repeatedly smash a wall but the knife broke in the process.

The ground quaked. The sound of trees falling as the three looked to where the sound came from.

“What the…” Alex said as he tensed up and stood up.

“Don’t tell me…” Sal can take a good guess what’s coming. They had trouble fighting just a youngling of a Megafauna. But what they dreaded is the fact of something that comes with fighting one.

“It makes sense… We were just fighting an infant. A youngling. That means what’s coming…” Lea trailed off as the sounds of trees being felled and the heavy steps are being heard

“The hidden difficulty of the B rank mission…” Alex said as what came out is a 5 meter tall behemoth of a Boar. Tusks larger than 2 meters and overall a terrifying giant compared to the three who are but the bugs that killed its child. The Megaboar’s body had cuts, fresh too. With lodged spears and swords on its legs yet it didn’t appear at least in pain from having the weapons into its flesh.

GHYOUHHH!!!” It let out a low growling Squeal that shook the core of the three kids. They are too tired to fight it and are too weak to even kill it. The only thing reasonable to do. Is run.

Which they tried to but suddenly something crashed onto the Megaboar’s head, causing it to fall down upright with its legs spread out. It was a man covered in orange armor and a flaming helmet. His armor in cracks and the helmet eventually shattering to reveal it was Julius.

“Dad?!” Alex exclaimed in surprise as something leaped out from the other side of the clearing. It’s Michel, tattered and beaten up, covered in bruises and having a bloodthirsty smile.

“Hah! At least you’re not as weak as I thought you would be!” Michel screamed as he ignored the three and the corpse of the youngling. Too focused on fighting Julius.

“Uncle Michel?!” Alex spoke out again as Sal retreated back to the group to instinctively cover behind her two friends to soften anything that comes at them, using Alex and Lea as meat shields.

“Ghr… And you’re still an asshole that wants to fight everyone you meet!” He grabbed the tusk of the Boar and promptly Plucked it out like a tooth with the Boar immediately squealing. “Shut up!” He exclaimed and bashed the Boar on its head and surprisingly it did shut up after having its skull bashed by its own tusk. He hopped out of the boar and he leaped towards Michel to bash him with the tusk like a club.

Michel guarded the attack as his feet sunk into the ground, leaving a massive crater. The tusk cracked from the guard before Michel turned the club aside, letting it drop on the ground. He raised his feet out of the ground and clobbered Julius’ face with an axe swing. Causing him to let go and drop the tusk club as he is knocked to the ground.

The three are speechless to see how casual Julius can yank it out an adult Megaboar’s tusk and see it as not a concern. “Alex…” Lea looked at him with a bit of fear. “Do they fight like this when we’re not around?”

“Nope… I’m just as surprised as you are.” Alex commented as they watched the fight escalate until the Boar started squealing.

The two Ares men gritted their teeth and rushed at the screaming Boar and immediately silencing with Julius renewing his armor and Michel picked up the tusk and hurled it to the Boar’s skull. Killing it almost immediately until Julius punched the tusk deeper, making its death instant.

“Damn boar screaming our ears off.” Michel complained as he rolled his shoulders. “Now I lost interest in fighting you…” he said to his brother who’s armor cracked up and vanished to reveal he’s just as injured as Michel.

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“So you’ll take back what you said?” Julius said with his arms crossed.

Michel pulled out a cigar, biting and lighting it as he already puffed one out. “I’ll take back what I said about your brats. But the fact remains true about the rest of the guild.”

Julius smiled a bit that he apologized for his kids as he came to realize that Alex and his friends are there. “Oh Alex! I’m glad I found you. What happened to your…” He fell. Fully exhausted and succumbing to his injuries.

“Dad?!” Alex screamed with the two screaming their own variation in unison.

“Old man?!”

“Mr. Ares?!”

“Eh? I can’t move. Michel what did you do to me?” Julius said as he is one the ground face first.

Michel pulled out the Cigar from his mouth. Letting out a huff of smoke come out before he fell too. “Mgh… I should be asking you that…”

“Uncle Michel?!”

“Asshole uncle!?

“Mr. Michel?!”

The two brothers are on the ground face first as the three looked at them and the impaled boar corpse. “…How are we supposed to bring a pose of the boar and drag these two with us!?” Alex complained as his question was answered when something came out of the ground. A muscular giant of a man, shining brightly from his ascension underground. It was Gormin.

“I heard your cry for help and I came here to answer it!” The man flexed his muscles and his bald head shined with a sparkle from the sun’s reflection.

“Now where did you come from?!” The three said in unison. Understandably confused as he came out of nowhere.

“From underground! I came here to pursue your uncle for avoiding work and what easier way to chase him than through underground like a mole, hearing his footsteps beneath the soil and catch him by surprise? But to my own surprise, I came to see the two fight. And to not interrupt a passionate and YOUTHful brawl between brothers I decided to only intervene when one of them falls. Then I came to see you three fight a beast. Young Alex you show promise. Along with your friends! Your cooperation is something the Guild’s many members would want to have! Haha! Such skill and teamwork show you three are more than ready to be in the guild!”

“I can hear everything that is coming out of his damn mouth and I am not there shutting him up.” Michel said as he attempted to stand up, only to sink into the ground for a split second, his head popping out from the work of Gormin burying him.

“Hah… serves you right for running away… I’m… I’m just gonna take a nap… Thanks for showing up Gormin.” Julius said with gratitude before finally passing out.

“Uhm… Thanks… Can… Can you help us bring everything back home?” Alex said as he honestly cannot process any more confusion especially as he is in pain.


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