Episode 35 – Assassination at the Royal Palace 5 ‘Where did they go!?’

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Episode 35 – Assassination at the Royal Palace 5 ‘Where did they go!?’

“S***! Where did they go!?”

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A broken pitched male voice shouted out in annoyance. Scaring the group behind the bush, hiding right in front of where the man was standing. Although the bush was big and tall enough to cover them, if he hunched over, they would immediately be found out!


Cold sweats dripping down their foreheads as they dared not to let a single breath out. Everyone at that moment stopped breathing completely. They were merely less than 1 meter away from the man cursing and stomping his anger away from anger! 

Aeselak put Aernest in between her and Ramon, with her face facing towards the bush and her back against Aernest and Ramon. Naturally afraid of being found out, he closely-held Aernest against his chest for comfort. Feeling his brother’s slow breathing naturally made him less afraid, but at the same time concerned for Aernest.

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Aernest could be said to be more sensitive than other babies. Maybe even more so than Euria. Before the twins were born, Aernest would have trouble sleeping, being sensitive to every little thing, throwing tantrums here and there. But after the twins were born, he also gradually changed. Maybe he realized, he became a big brother, he did not cry as much. Did not throw tantrums, just played, and gave the twins kisses every single day. 

But right at this moment, Ramon was afraid, Aernest’s sensitivity would be heightened due to the dangerous situation. Hugging him closer to his body, he glanced over at his Elder brother, who was also tightly holding the twins against his chest, and then glanced back at his little brother. 

‘It’ll be okay’ He reassured himself, after all, his elder brother was here. The twins who changed Aernest, were also here. There is nothing to be afraid of. 


The perpetrator was furious! Enough to want to take his plans back and just strangled the kids who ran away! It was clearly the perfect lure trap so how in the world did they find out? How! What was he going to do if that ‘person’ found out the plan failed? All he heard from that ‘person’ was that another accomplice would be waiting for him at the 4th pillar of the Imperial kitchen building! If he can’t manage to pass the unconscious Crown Prince to the accomplice, his whole family is going to be buried alive by that noble! How can he allow that to happen?

“Where did they go?!”

Nervously pacing around while biting his already short fingernails, he can’t help but think of the empty room. There were signs of people clearly having used the room, and there was no possible escape way! The windows were locked from the inside! Other than the windows and the door entry, there was no other way to enter or exit the room!

No.. He can’t let his brain muddle up now. He has to find something to let off his steam!


Turning around behind him, he punched all his anger and fear out at the bush that somehow managed to look annoying to him!


Loud rustles, followed up by a fist with bulging veins stopped 3 centimeters away from Aeselak’s face. Nervously gulping down her dry throat, she stood still in place, sweat trickling down the back of her head. 

The second the man’s fist’s pulled back was when everyone signed in relief. Who would have thought, the man’s arm would be short, stopping only 3 centimeters away from Aeselak’s forehead. Just a bit more and the man would have reached her face and discovered all of them!

“Calm down!” A young, slightly calm, male voice spoke out. A completely different voice from the man standing right in front of the bush!  “There’s no way they could have escaped! Let’s check the back!” 


When footsteps slowly became inaudible, everyone quickly rushed out with Louis’ nod, motioning everyone to run to the garden now, before the perpetrators came back!

Running through the vast grassland of the Imperial Palace, passing by bushes after bushes, trees after more trees, they slowly got tired. Never in their life were they more annoyed than they were now! This place was simply too isolated and huge! Why did the Palace have to be so grand?! Not only were the children physically tired, they were also mentally strained.


Aeselak frantically panted. She was not able to let Aernest let go of Ramon, so with urgency carried the both of them.

“They’re back!”

Ron Graeme shouted, looking back behind him and seeing two adult figures dashing towards them!

“Let’s split up!”  Crown Prince Ren shouted. If at least one person got the Imperial Garden to notify the Great Nobles, hundreds of military men guarding the Imperial Palace would show up in an instant, completely blocking all exit ways. The bad people wouldn’t be able to leave un-scattered. 

“Haa.. haaa” 

It was still a long way before reaching the Imperial Garden, but Aeselak was quickly running out of breath due to carrying two children with her. Biting her lips, she ran on, trying her best not to be left behind.

“Are… are you okay?”

Ron Graeme asked as he grabbed onto the sleeves of the girl who looked to be the same age as him, pulling her as he ran, seeing her gradually losing speed. 

“Y.. yes. Thank you” (Aeselak)

“You brats! STOP RIGHT THERE!” The coarse male voice shouted out, his voice sounding quite close.

“What should we do?” Crown Prince Ren also shouted as he ran his life away. 

“Don’t look back and run, we are almost the-”

Stopping mid-sentence, because a finely dressed lady suddenly stepped forward from a gigantic tree. Not knowing who she was as coincidences kept piling on top of one another, he was about to shout out to warn the people behind him when Crown Prince Ren intercepted him before he could say anything.

“Lady Aiya!” Crown Prince Ren shouted, recognizing the lady with a surprised look on her face. But just as he was about to warn her to run away, she grabbed him, completely stopping him from running.

“Huh? Wait! Let go!”

Surprised by her actions, he struggled out, confused by her actions.

“Stay still!” She yelled out, twisting the Crown Prince hands behind him and holding him by his shoulders. 

Because of the change in situation, the children momentarily stopped running, but that second of hesitation, allowed the 2 men to catch up. 


A large hand grabbed a handful of Aeselak’s hair, pulling her back to the old male, locking her neck with his arms to ensure she can’t runoff. 

“Aeselak!” Ramon panicked, feeling her arms on him tightening. No! They were all surrounded!

“Aeselak…” Aedelak stared at her little sister, not knowing what to do as she couldn’t abandon Louis and the twins. What.. What should she do? 

“Sis.. sister” Aeselak whimpered, not being able to breathe due to the tight grip around her neck. Her face slowly turning a bit blue, feeling her body slowly being pulled up by the arm on her neck, her feet almost dangling from the grass.

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