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Title: Omnipotent Overlord | Tags: Cultivation, Second Chance
Synopsis: Somewhere in the universe, there was an altar. On it, laid a bloody eye as big as the sun itself. It burst with light and bathed the entire star system in red.
"The aura of an ancestral artifact!" Someone's voice rose in surprise.
The Great Galactic Era had begun.

Chapter 39: Winning Matches in Succession

During the elimination round, the audience often focused on a couple central figures.

According to the rules of the competition, those who lost two times in a row or ten times in total would automatically be eliminated.

Therefore, those who lost once would still have a chance.

Those who won a hundred matches in a row would automatically advance to the top 1,000.

This rule was added to aid top-notch disciples who suddenly emerged.

Winning a hundred games in a row was enough to prove their strength. Any more rounds would consume a lot of their energy.

Therefore, the spectators paid the closest attention to those who might achieve such an outstanding result.

When the match started, the participants would be randomly selected. In other words, no one who their opponent would be before the start.

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Many people secretly wished to avoid the top 200 people on the cliff ranking list. Otherwise, their defeat would be nearly certain.

From the beginning, the audience paid close attention to the disciples of the Elite Hall ranked 11 to 30. After all, since the top ten didn’t participate, they had the highest chance to obtain a winning streak.

However, after twenty matches, there were only two people maintaining a winning streak.

One was the twentieth ranked Ling Ziran.

His fights were very smooth. He defeated nearly every opponent in one move, not even giving them the chance to resist. 

The judges of this annual competition were not average. They were all Ling Clan experts who had hosted many major competitions.

Their vision was very accurate.

Who won and who lost: they could almost always instantly discern.

Therefore, each fight didn’t need to reach its conclusion. Once they felt they knew the conclusion, they would decide the results.

“Ling Ziran is too strong. I wonder if he can charge into the top ten this time!”

“It’s certainly possible. You might not know this, but Ling Ziran once challenged a person within the top ten in private and won.”

“No wonder he’s so powerful! However, who is the other person with a winning streak? How come I’ve never seen him before?”

“That person… I heard he is called Ling Xiao. Recently, he’s been rising like a comet among the lowest rung disciples, but still winning twenty matches in a row is surprising.”

That’s right. One was Ling Ziran, who everyone expected to challenge the top ten.

The other one was Ling Xiao, a true dark horse!

“It’s his turn again! Let’s go and take a look at what’s so great about this fellow. That way, when we run into him later, we will be prepared.”

“Let’s go!”

Although many matches happened simultaneously, Ling Ziran and Ling Xiao were the centers of attention.

Because only these two had the chance to achieve a 100-match winning streak.

“Twenty-first match: number 9588 vs. number 6590!”

Ling Xiao’s figure flashed onto the martial stage.

He didn’t conceal his movement technique.

After all, it was already known to be outstanding, so there was no point. 

His opponent was only a Peak Rank Two Martial Vein martial artist. Facing Ling Xiao, his momentum had already weakened 30%.

“Vigorous Fist!”

The opponent roared as if to motivate himself.

He used an intermediate fist technique that truly had decent might. Unfortunately, it was not enough against Ling Xiao.

“Go down!”

Ling Xiao took a step forward and attacked like a barbarian bull. His fists changed into a pair of horns.

He directly sent the opponent flying off the stage.

“Hey, isn’t that Barbarian Bull Strength?”

“Yes, it’s the basic martial art <Barbarian Bull Strength>! How come its power is so big!”

“Number 9588 wins for the twenty-first time in a row!”

A hint of surprise appeared in the judge’s eyes. This was not only because Ling Xiao had won 21 times in a row.

More importantly, Ling Xiao had defeated all his opponents in one move.

What was even more ridiculous was that he had actually only used a basic martial art!

“He only dared to use Barbarian Bull Strength to deal with Rank Two Martial Vein opponents.”

The others couldn’t be blamed for saying this. Whether by coincidence or not, Ling Xiao’s luck had been pretty good. All his opponents had been Rank Two Martial Vein.

Those people who didn’t want to recognize Ling Xiao as a strong person would naturally find various reasons to discredit him.

“Number 9588 vs. number 3489!”

After a short break, his twenty-second match began.

His opponent was again a Peak Rank Two Martial Vein.

Therefore, Ling Xiao had no hesitation.

After the judge announced the start, he initiated an attack.

He still used Barbarian Bull Strength.

He still used one move.

The other party still went flying off the martial stage.

However, he was not being ruthless to his opponents.

He acted so rampantly because of the rules. 

Only if the opponent admitted defeat or were sent off the martial stage would the match be considered over.

In other words, even the judge’s decision was just a reference. If the contestants didn’t agree, the match would continue.

In order to avoid trouble, he simply punched his opponents off the stage.

However, the disciples he defeated were not seriously injured since he had already become quite proficient in controlling his strength.

“Humph, it’s nothing great! It’s just that his luck is good. His opponents are Rank Two Martial Vein, not Rank Three Martial Vein!”

Many people remained unconvinced of his strength.

“Number 9588 wins. 22 wins in a row!”

The judge also seemed a bit numb, but he announced the result without comment.

However, those waiting to see Ling Xiao make a fool out of himself were unhappy. Ling Xiao didn’t face a single Rank Three Martial Vein martial artist in the next ten matches.

However, since there were far more Rank Two Martial Vein martial artists than Rank Three ones, this was still within reason. 

“Number 9588 wins! 32 wins in a row!”

“Big Brother Ziran, this fellow Ling Xiao is too lucky. You’ve already run into two Rank Three Martial Vein martial artists, but he hasn’t even met one!”

Below the stage, many people had come to see the excitement during a lull in their own matches. 

Among them, there were two notable figures. One was Ling Ziran who had similarly maintained a winning streak, and the other was Ling Yu who had already lost two matches.

The one who had spoken was Ling Yu; this woman was truly talented at seducing men.

She had hooked up with Ling Ziran very quickly.

“Relax, Sister Yu. As long as I run into this Ling Xiao, I will definitely sort him out for you.”

Ling Ziran coldly added, “But this fellow’s luck is quite good. If he runs into several Rank Three Martial Vein martial artists in succession, he might be quickly eliminated. Perhaps, I will not have a chance to teach him a lesson.”

Ling Ziran clearly despised Ling Xiao.

Although he knew that Ling Xiao had once defeated Ling Tieshou by resorting to trickery, many thought that that fight had been an accident.

Some people even said that Ling Tieshou had intentionally given an impression of weakness to pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger during the annual competition.

“Number 9588 vs. Number 140!”

“Eh? That’s Ling Hu! Ling Hu, ranked 140 in Elite Hall, with a cultivation of Rank Three Martial Vein. This time, there will be a good show!”

While Ling Ziran was bored by the proceedings and prepared to wait for his opponent elsewhere, the situation finally changed.

“Ling Hu, teach that pretentious prick a good lesson!”

“Yes, that kid is too rampant!”

Ling Xiao had only used a basic martial art in order to save his true qi. He hadn’t expected these people to treat him as a pretentious prick.

This was a wrongful accusation.

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However, it was clear that many people were still unhappy with him.

After all, a little beggar suddenly enjoying the limelight was something that many people could not accept.

“Ling Xiao, you’re not pleasing to my eyes! I will end your winning streak!” 

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