Chapter 187: Zhao Risheng’s Trick

Yan Feng was about to say something but abstained.

“Brother Yan, what’s on your mind?” Zhao Risheng may look like a thug, but he had quite the head on his shoulders.

“Second brother, I trust your strength can deal with Mo Zifei. But with the Bai kid around, it’s best we hear out eldest brother and bide our time. We can’t act unless we are absolutely sure of success.”

“What absolutely sure?” Zhao Risheng snorted, “His nagging attitude gets on my nerves. We’ll never get revenge for third brother with him calling the shots!

“The Bai kid only knows three martial arts from his clan, hardly the trouble. Mo Zifei is equal to me. Even if by some miracle he reached Ninefold Mountain, it still won’t change anything!”

“Good things happen to those who wait. Today is a perfect time. The Zhao clan will rise and the Mo clan will fall!”

On Jade Lake Club’s top floor, Mo Zifei finally arrived followed by eight friends.

“Young masters Zhang, Liu, Ning, Wang…”

Bai Wudi shot up to give his greetings. Mo Zifei’s friends were all young masters from renowned clans in the capital, his circle.

Mo Zifei laughed, “You must be little Mo’s friend, marvelous.”

Mo Zifei led his friends to meet Li Mo, while Bai Wudi stood at the side and spoke about each of them. The Army God’s friends were clearly people of impressive backgrounds.

Li Mo struck quite the average figure, but none of Mo Zifei’s eight friends looked down on him. Today was Mo Zifei’s occasion and being invited made them his closest friends. They weren’t about to fail Mo Zifei’s expectations.


While they were chatting, Zhao Risheng kicked the door open.

Zhao Rishen strutted in with the tearful Cai Die in his arms.

“Zhao Rishen? What do you want?”

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Mo Zifei’s friends recognized him.

“Oh, brothers are here too. So sorry, but this lounge is mine for today. But since we’re all friends here, you can all stay and have fun. It’s my treat.”

Zhao Rishen inched his foul mouth to plant a resounding kiss on fairy Cai Die.

Cai Die sobbed.

“If you call yourself a man, let her go. Is that how you treat a lady?” Bai Wudi jumped to his feet.

“Since young master Bai so kindly asked.”

Zhao Rishen chuckled and let her go. Cai Die ran like burned.

“Young master Bai, come on, let’s have fun, all of us.” Zhao Rishen pointed, “Except for those two, Mo Zifei and the kid. Get the hell out. You’re not welcome here.”

Mo Zifei’s face darkened, “Zhao Rishen, are you looking for trouble?”

“What trouble? I booked this room and I can’t even choose who stays?”

Young master Liu shouted, “Zhao Rishen, this is Zifei’s party so behave. You’re only shaming yourself.”

Zhao Rishen smiled, “Young master Liu, I said that we can join the bustle together. But these two have to leave.”

Young master Liu snorted, “You want to hang out with me? Are you worthy?”

“Young master Liu, you say that but in the end, it’s all about being willing or not!” Zhao Rishen laughed.

The capital’s three great clans were very famous globally as well. But many more hidden clans were unknown to other nations while renowned internally.

Mo Zifei’s eight friends all belonged to such clans.

Zhao Rishen mocked Mo Zifei, but had no such tone with young master Liu.

Zhao Rishen shouted at Mo Zifei, “I also have the right to challenge you for the Army God title. Do you accept?”

Mo Zifei smiled, “Why wouldn’t I? Why didn’t you say so earlier? Did you have to look for an excuse or something?”

“You caught me, he-he.”

“Second brother…” Yan Feng nudged Zhao Rishen.

“Don’t forget what eldest brother said.”

Zhao Rishen’s face changed, “Mo Zifei, this place isn’t fitting. If I beat you here, it will affect our reputation. So I won’t challenge you for the Army God title, but do you dare fight me still?”

“Oh, so you do not have the right to represent the Zhao clan in challenging me, is it?” Mo Zifei smiled, “Fine, I will tell you directly that I accept. But you won’t be fighting me.

“Are you stupid? What do I get by fighting you?”

“I get it, you’re a coward. Why beat around the bush?”

“If you ever come to challenge me, it will only be for the Army God title.”

“By the way, do you want me to show you the door, or will you leave on your own?”


Zhao Rishen kicked a marble table into the spring then spread his arms, “If you won’t fight me, none of us will be enjoying the party.”

Mo Zifei laughed, “You’re wrong. I don’t usually fight you, but since you want to smash my party, I will put you in your place.”

“Oh, you finally have motivation. Good, good.”

Zhao Rishen’s darted left and right, making a mess of everything. He then said to Yan Feng, “Take some men and trash young master Mo’s car.”

Yan Feng left.

Zhao Rishen snorted at Mo Zifei. He thought Mo Zifei was nothing.

“Sixfold Mountain!”

Mo Zifei shot a palm, to which Zhao Rishen chose to take it head on with his chest.

The sixfold attack only pushed Zhao Rishen a step back, with no damage whatsoever. He then retaliated with a fist, blowing Mo Zifei away.

Mo Zifei staggered five steps and blood leaked from his mouth.

“How is it, Army God Sir? Do you like my fist?”

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Li Mo stood before Mo Zifei.

“What are you doing? I haven’t lost, cough~. I can still go on.”

“Sevenfold Mountain!” Mo Zifei stepped forward and attacked with all his power.

Zhao Rishen took it on his chest again, then retaliated with another fist.

This was a fistfight in which no one dodged, Zhao Rishen’s cunning plan!


Zhao Rishen fell back four steps, his chest a mangled mess. But the next second, it was as good as new.

While Mo Zifei was bleeding hard from his mouth. If not for Li Mo, he’d be on the floor right now.

“My turn.” Li Mo pushed Mo Zifei towards young master Liu.

He then stood before Zhao Rishen.

Mo Zifei strained to talk, “Little Mo, his body is strange…”

Li Mo nodded, looking calm at his opponent.

He was more than familiar with Zhao Rishen’s constitution. It was the same one Du Fei had, Sacred Light Physique!

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