Huge, colossal, giant, monstrous, excessive, immeasurable. Perhaps it would be simpler to summarize it into something absurdly big. Any one of these descriptions would qualify to describe the irritating artifact that was plotting somewhere in the universe.

Such a titanic wheel-shaped object was capable of “eating” worlds and stars alike. A shadow was born from its edges, which spread through the space second by second, forming a kind of dome. Only that trying to measure it or calculate its range was material for a headache.

– Ufff … great. Being immortal is the best, they said. If you are stronger you can live in peace. That’s what they said !!

A young man, his face pale and clearly greatly weakened, lay in the lotus position in the outer center of the artifact. His solemn gaze focused on a medallion, which floated in front of him

– Those damn things … – he exclaimed in an icy voice – They really have guts!

|| The analysis determines that you have 66% of the blame ||

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A feminine voice, with a slight mechanical nuance, answered his complaints.

– Wonderful. That is truly invaluable help. My spirit has just risen to new heights …

|| I detect a high percentage of sarcasm in your tone ||

– ………

|| Master. An ongoing transfer attempt ||

– I know … I know … – he replied between gasps.

As he complained about his situation, his gaze cooled with killing intent as he saw thousands of small shadows pierce the artifact in all directions.

With a wave of his hand, however, unchallenged power affected space over millions of kilometers and all shadows without exception disintegrated as quickly as they had become.

– It’s too late…

Visibly weaker, he gathered his last strength to grab the medallion and send it out of the artifact, as it finished sealing the space and began to close in on itself.

– Fortunately, it seems to be a success … – he sighed – I need a … good vacation …

|| Master, I’m fine with the separation … but, I recommend establishing coordinates, before losing the connection ||

– Coordinates …? – He murmured – … unnecessary. Fate will do the rest …

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Each word said in a lower tone until it was nothing more than a mere tired whisper. No one could understand the meaning of them or the origin of their smile when seeing the medallion escape from the zone of effect.

While everything was sealed, a small object began to drift freely, faster and faster, farther and farther, until it disappeared into nothingness apparently heading for nowhere.

There were no spectators to observe this, nor to notice a few of those little shadows, which came out at the last moment scattering in different directions.

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