Chapter 26: The primeval God

  Deep within Fineline Manor, inside Tobias Fineline’s study, a glowing circle was drawn on the hard cobblestone floor. It was a circle of summoning, but much more intricate and far more powerful than the ones used to summon a high ranking primordial. Despite his cousin’s dire warning, Lord Tobias Fineline was determined to use the key and acquire the power of a God for himself. He has prepared for this exact moment his whole life, studying the books passed down to him by the ancestors of his family, both on the Fineline side and his mothers side, the Randals.

  “After this, it will be you who will bow before me my dear cousin… I will be the head of both the Fineline and Randal families as it should be… after all my mother is the eldest child of House Randal.” Tobias was saying as he finishes drawing the final rune of sealing, thus completing the circle.

  Lord Tobias once again checked his circle, looking for any imperfections that he might have missed, any flaws in the circle would mean utter disaster, not only to his home but possibly to the whole continent as well. The circle had to be perfect.

  Satisfied that he did not miss anything, he then proceeded towards the center of the circle. He took his silver dagger and cut open his right palm letting his blood flow at the exact center, making sure that no blood splatter at any of the runes drawn around the summoning circle.

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  He then started to chant the arcane spells, taking extreme care that all incantations and tones are perfect. Slowly, the summoning circle starts to glow. Faint at first, but as the incantations went on, the glow started to grow stronger as well, forming a barrier around the edge of the circle, rising and rising. Lord Tobias’ forehead is now filled with beads of cold sweat, as he continues his unhuman concentration, making sure that his spell is perfect. All of the years of endless nights of studies are all for this very moment. He must not fail.

  As the final incantations were drawing to its end, he then took the cylindrical key from one of the many secret pockets of his dark robe, getting ready to use it. If his spell is perfect, there would form an ethereal keyhole in front of him. If his spell has a flaw, he would die and the whole of Triplance would be obliterated from a powerful mana surge. His heart is now pounding like a drum, he fought hard to stem his anxiety, his extreme concentration is now making his head hurt like it was being split open in two, but his will has never been this strong.

  At last, the final spell has been uttered. Everything is in the hands of the goddess of fate now. 

  An eerie silence followed, a stillness in the air, even the few candles that cast little light had ceased their dancing.

  Slowly, in front of Lord Tobias, a faint keyhole started to materialize. His spell was a success. The hard part of the summoning is over. Now all he needs to do is to unlock the dimensional portal and pull a Primeval God to this plane, and take its power.

  His hands are now shaking uncontrollably from excitement as he inserted the cylindrical key into the keyhole. “It’s now or never…” Lord Tobias nervously said as he slowly turned the key.

  A portal slowly materializes in front of him, swirling and swirling around with different colors of the spectrum.

 From the portal, a glowing grey orb emerged, it was a small orb, just as big as a childs toy, but Lord Tobias Fineline can feel a tremendous power emanating from it, a power that makes him feel like an insect standing against a giant. 

  A disconnected voice from the grey orb started to speak. It was like speaking directly to Tobias’ mind, but he can clearly hear it, albeit it sounded like the faintest of whispers.

  “I am Sethis, I am bound to form a contract with the one who has the blood on the circle of calling. What sacrifice has one prepared for me in exchange for my blessing?”

  A smile formed on Lord Tobias’ lips, as he realized that his spell had worked perfectly. He now only has to offer Tusk as sacrifice and he will have the power of a Primeval God for himself.

  “Oh ancient one, I offer a human sacrifice that is befitting for one as great as you! A youth of noble blood, the son of the strongest Balekon of our time!” Tobias proclaimed as he gestures his hand towards the still unconscious Tusk. Everything is proceeding perfectly as he had expected it. Suddenly he heard a scream as the door crashed.

  “NOOO DAD, YOU CAN’T DO THIS!” Shouted Claire as she ran towards Tusk, using her body to shield the unconscious youth. 

 “Claire, why are you here?! What do you think you are doing?!” An angry Tobias spouted at his daughter, he cannot afford this insolence, not when his dream is about to come true. 

 “Leave this place at once!”

 “No! I would not let you hurt a friend of mine! What is wrong with you dad?! Why are you acting like this?!” Claire was defiant, she refused to back down, she held her ground even though her whole body was shaking from fear, her eyes brimming with tears.

  “Enough!” The grey orb blasted through their heads, making sure that father and daughter heard what it said. “I have chosen and accepted the sacrifice, and I will honor a contract with the one who has the blood on the circle, I will take the most appropriate sacrifice, the best sacrifice, the strongest sacrifice in front of me.”

  “Thank you, thank you great one!” An ecstatic Tobias cried as he knelt and bowed low on the floor, prostrating himself from this mighty being.

 “Please, great one, accept my sacrifi… AHHHHHH!” Lord Tobias screamed as pain shot through his whole body, burning him, searing his very soul as grey flames enveloped his whole being, devouring everything, even his very soul and knowledge.

  Claire could only watch in horror and confusion, as she saw her very own father getting burned from reality. Her memories of the man who sired her, slowly fading from her mind, like her father never really existed. Such was the appetite of a Primeval God that the sacrifice would be erased from existence and will be reduced to nothing, everything will be gone, even memories of the person, it’s as if there never was a Tobias Fineline in the world and in history. 

  “The sacrifice has been accepted, the contract is now formed, I now acknowledge the one who has the blood on the circle as my contractor and master.” The grey orb declared as it pulsates with godly mana. 

  The orb then floated towards Claire and then once again pulsated as it spoke directly to the girl’s mind.

  “One who has the blood in the circle, I am yours to command. I will now take the form of what your heart desires.”

  The grey orb slowly expanded and slowly took a humanoid form, the body morphed, and started to look feminine as breasts began to form, the head is shaping delicate features of a beautiful and delicate young woman. Slowly materializing, taking the form of what is most precious in the heart of it’s new master Claire Fineline.

  Claire’s eyes widened, her mouth agape in sheer wonder as a naked Lyn with grey hair bows down to gracefully in front of her.

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  “I am your servant Sethis, I am very pleased to meet you, my lady!” Sethis greeted in a girlish voice with the sweetest of smiles that made Claire’s heart skip a beat.





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