Prologue: Godsbane War Ends

    A ray of pure light sizzles across the field where two godlike beings battle to the death. It was supposed to be a cold dark night, but the energy bursting and erupting has made the fields of Erantor bright as day, and warm as summer. 

 These lights revealed the tens of thousands of fallen bodies of human soldiers as well as the great hoard of the primordials whom they battled, all lifeless casualties of this great battle.

 A murder of crows are encircling the sky waiting for everything to calm down so they can start their feast.

  One of these black birds dares to descend on the scorched land, hoping to be the first to have a taste of these fresh carrions.

  “Caw! Caw!” Cries the brave crow, as if  calling its brethren that all is well, and they can start to gorge till their bellies are full.


 The black bird suddenly ceased its hopping about, as it started to feel a very strong tension in the very air. It was then that it noticed the man in front of it.

 Battered and bleeding yet standing defiantly, the man also notices the crow which was staring intently at him as if wondering why he is not yet dead.

   The man then shifted his attention from the crow, unto his final enemy in this great battle.

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 Standing alone against the primordial leader is a lone man, smiling like a fool. Beads of cold sweat trickled from the forehead of Sinante Bluewing. 

 His mind is racing, a million thoughts flashed through his head.

   “Finally, I seriously wounded you… Ah yes, you can’t use your arm to swing your sword now bitch! Hahahaha! Such a waste… If only we have met each other in different circumstances eh?” He said to his opponent, locking his eyes on his enemy’s golden eyes, trying hard to hide his fear by being casual.

  “Just one strike is all I need…” The thought keeps on repeating in his mind as his anxiousness starts building up.

   Sinante took a deep breath, blocking all the pain from multiple wounds all over his body that was caused by the angel’s insane sword fighting style.

  Calming himself amidst the throbbing wounds, Sinante started to once again summon his mana. He let that warm familiar feeling swell from the center of his core spread towards the rest of his body, only to fail.

  Mana Surge is really not an easy thing to do even for someone as powerful as Sinante, who attained the rank of High Balekon; the most powerful being in the world.

 “S***! This is going nowhere… If this stalemate keeps up, I will end up collapsing from exhaustion and blood loss… My mana is almost gone too…” 

  Sinante has no idea that he has been saying those words aloud, maybe it was the severe pain from so many cuts that has finally addled his mind.

   With great effort and a body that is almost about to break down, he starts to complete the final spell he thinks will turn the tide and destroy or at least banish the angel from this world.

  “Ah, dammit!!! I should be in my house right now and drinking coffee, instead of being in this s***! I can’t believe this angel would attack so aggressively… How can someone so blessed with such beauty be so evil? This is the one fight that I wish I could have avoided… Why isn’t there any other way to resolve this?! I should be reasoning with her instead of engaging in this terrible war… But then again, this world will be destroyed if I won’t stand against her… I have to win this, no matter what!”

  Once again, he calmed his mind, blocking all the pain, this time, he finally entered a state of peace, the familiar warm feeling embracing his body as an otherworldly power filled his being, a power unique to him alone.

 Slowly, and steadily, Sinante Bluewing started to glow a bright white light.

  The High Balekon, through sheer will, has finally attained mana surge.


  The Angel Tarmora has a troubled look, never before has she felt pain like this, a mere human can hurt her so. 

  It makes the wound a hundred times more painful. Her beautiful face, twisted in a grimace, and for the first time in a life that spans a millennia, she felt fear and doubt.

   “This pitiful human thinks he can stop me, I am invincible… But why is this uneasiness I feel?! No matter, this is all the more reason why their kind must be purged! They keep destroying this world because of their greed… Forest decimated, animals hunted to extinction, all in the name of power. Now they even unlocked the secrets of MAGIC, with such a weapon, they will eventually destroy the living world and bring everything into ruins… They must all be eliminated…” 

 Tarmora muttered while she clutched her bloody and broken right arm that was hit by the energy blast earlier, hurting her terribly.

  She looks sadly at her saber Ashkelon as it layed on the ground broken, her sword for so long now completely useless.

 Her majestic feathered wings, torn asunder, no longer pure white, but a crimson red, dripping precious angelic blood.

  “Anyway, I can’t lose!” She said through gritted teeth, while inspecting the damage in her slim arm.

   “Light control MAGIC; Photon Bazooka!”


 From the corner of her almond shaped eyes, Tarmora saw a ray of pure light energy speeding towards her. She felt the intensity of the blast immediately, searing her skin with an intense heat that rivals the very sun itself. 

  Too late for her to evade, as the speeding ray of energy is now only a hair’s breadth away. Tarmora hastily summons all of her MAGIC to form a protective barrier and hope it holds as her strength is already failing.

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  The energy ray hits the angel’s barrier with such force that the shockwave it created levels the entire battlefield, the fallen bodies of both armies simply disintegrates into nothingness.  The trees of the nearby forest were scorched to ashes.

  The very heavens shook in protest, as the world has never experienced such power unleashed.

  “Oh my, I guess this is where I end, my only regret is that I would never again dance in the open fields, under the moonlight with my animal friends…”A faint smile formed on the lips of the beautiful angel, who despite her age, looks like a young maiden in her full bloom, long pink hair that curls at the tips like a drill, almond eyes with gold irises and  perfect lips with a tint of rose.

   She lets a soft sigh escape as her barrier starts to form a crack and finally shatters, causing the energy blast to hit her in the chest and obliterate her body. Slowly her world starts to dim as she falls into the eternal darkness of death, a millennia of lifetime caring for the world she so loved, the animals she protected, the forests she nurtured… The human she secretly loved, all of this ended in a spectacular moment. 

  “Kyouko I’m sor…” 

 The victor stands alone, humans will survive… And Sinante Bluewing became a legend, the savior of the world. He walks away towards his home. 

  The battle was later known as Godsbane, a story that was told throughout the land, and all the people around the world know it by heart. 

  “Time for some coffee, I can use a mug or two…” Sinante said as he started to boil some water in his portable pot.

  An orb of angelic essence, glowing with a soft amber light, floats to the sky as the dawn rises on the horizon, signalling the new day and a new era of heroes.

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