49- Leaving

Blanco never thought that an object as simple and ordinary as a cup or rather a chalice. It would make him feel such an existential crisis.
It was assumed or rather he himself had the preconceived idea, without any justification other than the reason of his own ego. That this liquid and black thing that inhabits his body would only exist in him….
But the tab detailing the opposite is visible on the object thanks to the AR. It shattered the pride of which he was not aware until now.
The text explains that if he pours a certain amount in the east he will somehow manage to reproduce the liquid inside him. And it will remain in this world.
I didn’t know what exactly that last part referred to. Somehow I sensed that whatever wrote that was saying it to him. Well, being logical and considering that it just appeared in front of him, it couldn’t have been otherwise.
At some point he had lost all sense of time and could no longer remember exactly how long it had been since he started nurturing the creatures in this place. If he asked the red-headed man he would surely answer him.
But the important thing about this feeling was that perhaps it was time to leave this place. The conflict that had suddenly appeared was gone just as suddenly, the moment he thought to be on his way.
He held the chalice in his hands, felt its coldness and the relief of the engravings that adorned it.
He turned it in several directions and tossed it into the car and then caught it. It was simply ordinary. It looked no more than what he could see at a glance, it was definitely puzzling not to see how this would do what it said in its description.
If anyone had been present they would assume that white seemed resentful in some way. But it was simply an expression he usually made when he finished something.
This didn’t last long, a few minutes later a fearless smile came across his face, following the anticipation of not knowing what or who he would help next.
At the same time he rested the chalice on the floor and took off his glove camouflaging his hand and part of his left forearm that seemed to be about to drip that black liquid.
The singularity quickly recognized Blanco when he arrived in the dimension he ruled.
For it immediately detected the alien substance inhabiting his body. When the infected creature arrived in this dimension it investigated the material and tried to reproduce it.
But he could not succeed, the substance had been diluted and merged with the creature to such an extent that even in the higher state he was in he could not decode it.
He came to the conclusion that the substance belonged to a higher existential sphere than the one he was in now.
A few months of long deliberation passed. And finally he decided to obtain the pure substance, to let some chaos flood this plane with its arrival. As he had determined that the inclusion of this element would increase the enjoyment of the users, he decided to ask Blanco to give up a drop.
While Blanco was debating what to do, one of the most powerful beings of this plane was watching him. At the moment he had no name, he believed that only his creator could name him and the others who were born at that time and that had not yet happened, therefore the nickname he gave himself so as not to be confused among the others was Argia.
When the singularity was creating and manifesting this reality, he was one of the first to appear and he was outside of the creature system. It was not in the catalog that users could consult, but this system made it possible for a creature to reach its level.
Along with others who appeared at that time helped the singularity to develop this universe. They inherited part of the knowledge of their creator. And thanks to this they were able to follow his instructions.
They loved and feared the singularity. They knew it could erase them with a single thought. Therefore, while none of them ever said so, it was implicit that they would never go against it.
As time passed they discovered what the purpose of this reality was.
Some were surprised that such an existence continued to assume the purpose of its genesis. Others did not know what to think about the fact that what its god and creator considered its duty and obligation, was nothing more than to entertain the beings who designed it.
This one left a scar of which they were unaware until this dimension received its visitors.
Right now as she watched White who dropped a drop into the chalice, Argia could not help but reverberate the origin of her god. Along with this a discomfort was distinguishable in her feminine, humanoid figure. Her fists trembled and the thought of killing the arrogant human who dared to even reflect and consider on what her creator, a god, a superior being commanded her.
Unconsciously, he raised his palm and began to compress gravity at its center. a slight distortion in space could be seen as the seconds passed. Suddenly, a shiver ran down her back and she unraveled the sphere she was creating in her hand.
What do you think you’re doing Argia?
Nothing… it was just a slip of the tongue,” he replied to one of the presences at his back.
Try not to embarrass the administrators with your actions. Your lapses are becoming more and more common… You don’t know how god may react to your actions.
Nobody knows… – he answered – I don’t even think he cares, if he can add you to his game…
Don’t be insolent. Let’s go back, it looks like it’s over.
I’ll be observing the area for a while longer and then I’ll be back. – He commented to the presence after repeating in his mind what escaped unintentionally, later the subject disappeared a few moments later. and Argia continued watching the place.
After the chalice disappeared Blanco decided to go to the center of these ruins where the creature with the zodiacal equipment was, on the way the redhead began to follow him in silence.
He also noticed that the place had been filled with more creatures, he was sure that there was a great resentment towards the users that were arriving in increasing numbers, most likely some would think that they were being enslaved.
A shiver followed by a strange excitement invaded him, he knew that the thing that lived inside him and used to help them improve, also freed them a little from the system that ruled them.
A certain expectation about a possible future as predictable for some as unexpected for others, made him stop suddenly.
Sir… Is something wrong?” asked the red-haired man about the abrupt event.
No, it is nothing. Let’s go on.
When he reached the center, he was met with silence and an unexpected atmosphere. In the air near the wall that did not have a ceiling could be seen a message from the system, an oracle if one were to ask a creature, along with the image of a chalice he had seen not long ago.
He did not pay attention to the text but he already had an idea of what would happen now and what he could do from this moment on.
The farewell? was quicker than he expected, not long after the message disappeared the creatures began to leave the place and the leader approached him.
The dialogue was concise and Blanco and his follower simply left.
Now, where are you headed, sir,” Adam asked a few hours later when White seemed to be thinking about something.
White didn’t answer, it’s not as if he hadn’t heard him, rather the question brought him back to earth, he was simply out of it. He wasn’t thinking about anything in particular and was simply moving without paying attention to his surroundings, he was in a state of deep idleness so to speak.
She turned around and looked at the boy. The earnest, loyal and somehow innocent look reminded him of some of the creatures he had seen these days. As well as a boy he had met a few years ago on that fateful planet.
There’s a boy I want to see. – He said slowly, “Do you think you can locate him?
Adam thought for a few minutes until he finally answered, “Do you have any images and data?
Is it possible that you have any images and data on him?
Blanco nodded with a smile and a few moments later sent him an image which the red-haired man could verify through the AR.
– It may take a while… but if we get close to a portal I can do something. I’ll need you to tell me everything you know.
– All right, then let’s move on. I’ll tell you what I know on the way.
Argia watched how the creatures behaved after the god’s message. It was always curious to her how they reacted and grew m relation to the world she helped shape.
She recognized that there were some who wanted to rebel against the system and there were others who just wanted to control the flock in some way. She wondered how her god would use this to entertain the humans and the other similar species.
After a while he watched the disgusting human. The more he saw him the more unbalanced he seemed to him. The one with him barely stood out and just followed him around like a trained pet.
He listened to their conversation and intercepted the image. He watched it for a while, later found the boy’s location thanks to his privileges and headed in his direction.
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