Prologue: The first year

Since vyndra arrived, it can be said that Tom did not have much time to process what happened to him.

This planet was massive. Day and night were longer than the planet it came from.

Humans and other species swarmed throughout the city, and it took a few months until he got used to the environment. He had to learn the rules that only apply to the gifted. He was forced to go to a center where he taught to control his ability. Although his case was quite particular, he never noticed that he was different from that of the other children since they told him that could only repair his guardian once he graduated from the center, he exclusively dedicated himself to studying and training.

That person who brought him in didn’t visit him much since he took him to his apartment, just told him that he would have enough to survive until he can support himself. There would be days when he would show up to ask if he needed anything in particular and would not show up again for a few weeks. I notice that he always seemed sad or melancholic…

After a few months, he was comfortable with himself, and he managed to control this skill that was so troublesome a few years ago. This morning seemed exceptionally bright, thanks to the pride he allowed himself to feel, on his way to the training center, he inadvertently began to pay attention to the people came across.

Was something he never did since he arrived in vyndra was always focused on learning to control her ability, as it was one of her parents’ commandments. His gaze took him to a family of three, the boy was one of the students at the centre, he seemed happy while talking to his father about how his creature had grown after raising him for a few weeks, and he could already participate in the PVP combats of the city … He wondered if he could ask his guardian to allow him to have one of those gadgets that allowed him to raise those creatures.

In the center, during the break, He was chatting with his companions, particularly asked about those creatures, he was filled with information about the breeding process and fighting. He seemed interesting and became more and more interested in them, and he had decided to ask your tutor to buy you the bracelet.

Tom is ten years old since he arrived at the center; the other children noticed that he was a little distant. They knew that he lived practically alone. He was always focused on controlling his ability. He did not have many changes of clothes, and he was the right weight for his age. His hair grew since he arrived, and he seemed not to notice it. Today was the first time he had been interested in more than just training. Made his teammates happy with Tom, they were four, and he was the minimum of members that a gifted team could have since he was always so straightforward, the children had trouble dealing with him, they immediately felt this change and let themselves go.

This event Their relationship improved and from this day, and the following weeks the training was more fun, and Tom also enjoyed it.

His tutor bought him the bracelet that allowed him to start raising a beast. Without realizing it, he found something else that distracted him from the situation he avoided since he came to vyndra

The year was drawing to a close, although it was not exactly the time of this solar system, he learned that human beings mediate it following the 24-hour schedule of the mother star of humanity        

The year was drawing to a close, although it was not exactly the time of this solar system, he learned that human beings mediate it following the 24-hour schedule of the mother star of humanity. He did not understand the reason for this custom; it seemed strange and gave him a feeling of discomfort with reality. Technically in vyndra, a day lasts 36 hours but human immigrants, only followed the schedule of their mother star, Although it caused some problems, ended up getting used to it.

With the end of the year also came the news that he was qualified to advance to the next level next year.

And so came the last class of the year.

– You think I will be able to enter the next rounds of fighting

– I’m not sure if your partner is vital. You still need to meet some requirements; you can take advantage of the rest to fulfil those missions.

Mmm … if I could do it – Tom replied quickly, after all, he wouldn’t do anything until he returned to the center.

Hey, you could also take the opportunity to cut your hair a little, since you arrived it has not stopped growing, it is covering your eyes already.- said the only girl on the team.

– Yes .. it happens that my mother…

Only allowed on

He did not finish speaking, and Tom seemed to have frozen in the middle of the conversation, the girl noticed it immediately. Then the other two looked up from the screen when they realized the silence; he was crying without making a noise, in the image the creature seemed to ask him What was happening, the girl approached something nervous and motioned for the other two to find someone. They looked at him worried but left the next moment.

Are you OK? – she asks

She was squatting, and he hid his head in his arms almost in a fetal position. She had never seen someone cry like that, it didn’t seem like it was some whim like she used to do, and when she didn’t make any sound like she was trying to hide all the pain, she felt a knot in her stomach. During an erratic movement, caused by having no idea what to do at a time like this, he awkwardly sat down next to him, reached out and hugged him.

– OK, you’re not alone …

These words had a reaction that he did not expect; first, he trembled for a while, and then he screamed in a more depressed cry than before. While trying to contain it, the other two children arrived accompanied by one of the teachers.

– It finally exploded .. well. I’m going to take you to your apartment. go to class

– We will go with you

– No, you can visit later. Do not worry.

As the adult said this, he moved with his hand in the air as if he was lifting something, the boys felt a sudden tingling in the body, and at the same time, Tom floated towards him. She took him in her arms and went to the center.

– Will that be OK?

– I don’t know; it’s the first time I’ve seen it like this.

– Yes, he didn’t seem to be crying because he lost a toy.

– It must have to do with his parents.

They were silent for a few moments, the three of them had the same idea, but they didn’t want to say it out loud, it was something they didn’t want to happen to them. They saw that the other children were heading to the center and walked towards it. Half an hour later through the window, they saw that Tom was leaving the center with the teacher who had taken him.

The teacher stayed with him for a few hours in the apartment, cooked him a very elaborate meal, and told him that if he wanted to talk to someone, he could be that person. Tom looked at him with slightly unfocused eyes, nodded, but said nothing. When she left, Tom went to his desk and took ahead of a somewhat challenging and even malleable light metal. It was a unique alloy. It has a dog shape. His father told him that these animals were good friends of the human being when they were on the mother planet. And that in the future maybe they could bring them to life again. This memory made him feel a sudden heat that, in a few moments, resulted in tears. As always, he was alone in the apartment and felt more isolated as he clung to his head.

“It’s OK to cry, cry when you need it, don’t feel ashamed for crying. But remember, don’t forget that even though we’re not by your side, all we want for you is to be happy. Life will always show you everything pain and injustice first, I don’t expect you to understand this now. One day I am sure you will know that despite the difficulties, those moments of happiness will be the most important and those that will help to move forward, do not pretend that life owes you something or hope you deserve an award for your effort. You always remember that you should seek what you want with your own hands, even so, you should still be thankful that they help you and help when you can, you will get frustrated, you will suffer, but keep going. we want never to forget it… “

It was the last thing his mother said to him in the middle of a hug that was missing his forearms.

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He fell asleep in tears and thus ended his first year in vyndra.

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