Dungeon Exploration (2)

Every dungeon had a different amount of floors. F-ranked dungeons has 20 levels, and for each rank up, there will be an additional 10 floors. So for C-ranked dungeons, there are 50 levels. Every 10 floor, there will be a floor boss.

Upon reaching the boss room, two massive doors made of iron loomed over us, we stopped in our tracks and read up on the the boss we’re about to encounter. Because this dungeon has been cleared before, all the strength and weaknesses of the floor bosses were known, making future exploration for hunters much easier.

The 10th floor C-ranked boss, Chyetha. With a giant wasp-like body, it’s abdomen was filled with spikes and it had 4 enormous wings spanning 10 feet. It had fast agility and hard abdomen, with too many weaknesses to count.

“Let’s go.”

Parzival and Anastasia had faces filled with determination, this would be their first time facing a difficult enemy.

We put our hands on the door. The runes engraved on the doors lit up and slowly opened, revealing a large chamber. In the middle of it is chyetha. Its compound eyes which consisted of thousands of hexagonal tubes stared back at us, excluding a menacing aura.

Slowly approaching it, we equipped our weapons and got ready.

“Be careful of its static pollen, one hit and you’ll be stunned for a while,” i warned.

I could see Parzival’s hands twitching in anticipation and Anastasia taking deep breaths.

“Ana now!” I exclaimed.

“Lumi Flare!”

Parzival follow up with a shadow dome which shielded us from the blinding light. With Chyetha momentarily blinded, i burst through the dome and brought my blade down on its wings. But it recovered faster than i expected. Swiveling its head in my direction, it expelled out a think volume of static pollen in my direction. With no other choice, i created a mud wall and took shelter behind it.

Parzival and Anastasia took the time chyetha was distracted with me and locked it down with shadow and ice chains. Chyetha realizing it was immobilized, started beating its powerful wings. The strong currents generated from the wings spread the pollen faster and further around the chamber. A few grains of pollen landed on my body and i felt my movement slowing down. I saw my teammates frozen still, their eyes wide with panic. It seems that they don’t have the same amount of resistance my dragon physique provides.

“Well, they goes the teamwork.” I muttered.

Manipulating the earth, i encased them in mud coffins, and then brought them under the ground towards me. Reappearing from the ground behind me, i told them,”Stay here for a while, this wall will protect you.”

This boss was not actually hard for me to deal with, the only reason i didn’t blitz through it was because i wanted my teammates to gather experience from this. Well i guess there is always a next boss.

By the time i faced chyetha again, it had already broken free of the chains and was staring at me with those honey comb eyes.

Urgh, they make me so uncomfortable.

Lowering my stance, i positioned my katana by the side of my waist and gathered every single lighting magicule in my body to my feet and sword. My teammates were behind the wall so i had no worries about them discovering what i was about to do.

With electricity gathering at my feet and tendrils of lighting coiling around my blade, the air around me dense, and vibrating with power. Aligning myself with chyetha, i lowered my upper body and shot towards the boss.


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The ground behind me exploded in a wide arc leaving a deep crater, i reached chyetha before sound caught up to me.

Before chyetha could react, i appeared above it. I sliced off the stem of all four of its wings in one motion and split its abdomen right off its body. The abdomen was the one generating all the pollen, with that out of the way, i had nothing else to worry about.

With its airborne appendages gone, it started falling from the air. I made a downward thrust on top of its head to hold on and let gravity do the rest. The last thing it saw was a glint of cold steel before blacking out.

Landing gracefully from the fall, i wiped non-existent dirt from my shoulder and walked back to my teammates. My battle only lasted a few seconds so they are still not yet released from the effects. I sat down on a nearby boulder and started cleaning my blade. Not long after, i heard a voice.

“Eric, what happened to the boss? I heard a loud thud and there was silence afterwards,” Anastasia asked, getting herself out of the coffin.

“It’s dead.”

“Th-that was fast, just how powerful are you? Anyways, thanks for saving me and Parzival.”

“No problem. Get up Parzival, the door is going to open soon, the others might arrive.”

Rummaging through the body of the boss, i quickly found the monster core and we made quick exit.

“Sorry i got caught there, i wasn’t much help,” Parzival said downcast.

“Accidents happen sometimes, don’t beat yourself over it,” i reassured him.

After the first boss, Parzival and Anastasia worked even harder and killed more monsters than they did before. It’s as if they were trying to make up for the lack of help on the first boss. We breezed through the monsters and soon reached the 25th floor. By the time we got there, the first day was soon to be over.

Finding shelter in a nearby cave we set up camp. We took up guard shifts and i was the first to take watch.

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After a few hours, i went to wake Anastasia for the second shift, only to find she was already wide awake.

“Can’t sleep?”

“Yea, i have never slept outside before, still not used to it yet.”

We walked to the guarding area and i sat down next to her.

“There’s this question that has been on my mind for a while now, why did you pick me out of everyone else in class?”

“Well, no one dared to talk with me, they all are afraid of my royal status and i am too shy to start a conversation with them, so as a result i became known as the Ice Princess. In the end i didn’t make any friends. When i first saw you, i didn’t think you were anyone special, but the more stories i heard about you, the more interested i got. How you stood up for Parzival, the win streaks you got from duels, it showed me that you are a reliable guy, so i made up my mind and asked to join your party. And it was the first time someone treated me informally excluding my parents, so i welcomed the changed.”

“I knew someone similar long ago, he was so awkward around others it was hilarious.”

We unknowingly carried the conversation through her shift till the next.

“I’m so sorry, you didn’t get any sleep,” she apologized.

“I enjoyed talking with you, it’s fine,” i gave her a bright smile.

Getting embarrassed, she ducked her head and went to call Parzival up.

A few more hours passed and we were ready to set off.

It was all going well till we reach the 30th floor boss room, something felt off, my instincts were screaming at me.

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