There existed a distant place so far that even the Gods dared not imagine such a distance. The very knowledge of its existence was a curse that eroded the sanity of even an [Existence], the highest of them all; a [Being] not of the flesh, blood and bones.

In this horrid place whose mere glimpse caused the flesh to collapse there existed [THINGS] that imprisoned themselves within. Their incomprehensible minds faded not under the rigorous assault of their prison’s hideousness, for they were the [THINGS].

They confined themselves within not for themselves but for others, whomsoever these others maybe. For if they left that place, the [Creations] bent to their unknown whims and unconscious desires. The laws of [Realities] changed and mutated to even their half-formed thoughts.

For these [THINGS] followed not the Laws of the [Reality], they made them. Against their might, what was the Law eroding effect of their chosen prison?

In such a place and amongst such [THINGS], a soul drifted.

“…Here comes it.”

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“…Decided it is, it’s Cycle.”

“Destroyer that it is, the meaning of Cycle for it is none.”

“This crime most heinous.”

“Tch. Imprison it.”

“…What it seeks, the achievement of it will be when?”

“What it seeks, there is none. The acceptance of it, when it descends.”



The Illusion let a Soul emerge.

The Forgotten guided its path.

Only allowed on

The Formless let it touch the flesh.

The Endless let it last.


The Mutated, the last of them all.

The Mutated let it devour the Bridges,

For a being was reborn.


An [Existence] that was [Not One, But Innumerable], observed the result of its blasphemous pursuit. The road that it should have never treaded was not paved by its unforgivable crimes and unpardonable sins.

Yet, the [Existence] that was not just a [Being] regretted not its deliberate manipulation of a soul. It had dared to deny the rules of the [Eternals] by lured a soul to a [Reality] that was not the soul’s origin.

The [Eternals] had annihilated [Creations] and sundered [Realities] for less.

The [Existence], which possessed not a body yet thrived all the same, had lured the soul whose [Vessel] had been of a [Race] that the [Existence] despised. It was a [Race] known for its savagery, cruelty, vengeance, vanity, hate and plethora of other emotions that its various [Species] were overwhelmed by.

The soul whose [Vessel] had been destined once again for that hateful [Race] was lured off its path.

The [Existence] had granted the soul a [Vessel] not belonging to the [Race] that survived not by its power but by the power of others of its kind. It would no longer be reincarnated into the [Race] so pathetically weak, so humiliatingly frail, that its weakness was its strength.

The [Existence] had chosen this soul that was not just destined to be the hateful [Race] but belonged to the [Race] that sought strength in others and in turn, had found the source of power; the power that had been the cause of the downfall of many mighty [Existences] and [Immortals] alike.

This soul belonging to the miserably puny [Race] had brought down [Existences] that had dwarfed it so horrendously that they hadn’t even registered this [Race]’s existence. To them, this [Race] might as well have been a smote of dust. Yet, they had fallen and this [Race] had survived, ending them all as it thrived on the ashes of its fallen foes.

And the [Existence], which was nowhere yet existed everywhere within its [Domain], had dared to gamble on this soul belonging to the [Race] that devoured all. However, the [Existence] that spanned within the innumerous [Creations] within its own [Reality], had no intention of [Ending] at the hands of this wretchedly weak thing.

The [Existence], which had no senses yet observed everything within its [Domain], had thus taken away from the soul its destined [Race] that devoured even the [Wills] and the [Immortals]. This soul would instead be born an [Immortal], a [Race] fundamentally denied its destined [Race]’s source of power: the ability to thrive in civilization.

Thus, the soul belonging to the [Race: Mortal], was now born into the [Race: Immortal]. The creature that had thrived into civilization, would be born a lifeform simply unable to coexist with civilization.


Far away, at a distance so great that most couldn’t even begin to imagine, there existed a place. This place was so distant that there existed transcendental barriers, not one but many.

Within those barriers, inside a remote place, an ethereal book flipped its pages.


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