The Illusion let a Soul emerge.

The Forgotten guided its path.

The Formless let it touch the flesh.

The Endless let it last.


The Mutated, the last of them all.

The Mutated let it devour the Bridges,

For a being was reborn.


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An Existence that was [Not One, But Innumerable] witnessed the fruit of its own blasphemous pursuit.

Defying the Eternals, it had lured a soul into a foreign Reality; the Eternals had annihilated Creations for less.

The thriving but Vessel-less Existence had chosen the soul whose destined Vessel it despised, the very same the soul had previously possessed. With a Race overwhelmed by its own emotions, the Existence had desired for another soul. However, the ability to chose wasn’t a luxury that it could afford.

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Time was its enemy, ceaselessly devouring.

With the rules of Eternals tarnished, the Existence had hesitated not in defying further. It had changed the soul’s destined Vessel. Instead of the pathetically weak Race that survived by the collective power its kind, the new Vessel allowed the soul to seek its own power.

However, the imprisoned Existence couldn’t lie to itself. Its abhorrence arose not from the Race’s weakness but from its ability to devour Immortals, Gods and Existences alike. The Existence’s terror fueled abhorrence had fueled its decision to gamble on this soul.

Nevertheless, the Existence had no intention of Ending at the hands of this wretchedly weak thing. This soul would thus be born an [Immortal], a Race fundamentally incapable of thriving in civilization; the power source of its destined Race.

Thus, the soul destined to be [Mortal] was reincarnated as an [Immortal].


Separated by transcendental barriers, there existed countless Creation and Realities.

Somewhere within an ethereal book flipped its pages.


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