Chapter 123: Devour

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After leaving the Conferred God Tower, Qi Huan still looked back at the black tower that had long since disappeared. She vaguely felt that something was wrong.

“What’s the matter?” Mo Ye lowered his head and glanced at the purple bead in his hand, then tilted his head to ask Qi Huan.

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“Little Fox, his father… will everything be okay?”

“Yes, everything is okay.” Mo Ye replied with a smile. He looked at the gray sky in the distance, she couldn’t tell from his face whether he was joy or sorrow. He would die, nothing more. His ashes would be gone, and there would be no more golden crows in the immortal world, and no more ancient big monsters.

However, the death of others had nothing to do with him (Mo Ye). He only needed Qi Huan to live. He would do anything to make sure that she lived.

“Oh, okay, where are we going next?” Qi Huan quickly put this matter behind her head, Mo Ye wouldn’t lie to her.

“Let’s go see Ming Wang (Emperor Ming).”

“Puff, what? Go see Emperor Ming?!!!” Qi Huan exclaimed, did she hear wrongly? She must have heard wrongly, right!

“Yes… don’t worry, I am good friends with him.”

Good friends??? Even friends these days betray each other! Besides, Mo Ye’s current status was so special, everyone wanted to kill him!

If Qi Huan was alone, she would definitely not be able to leave the infinite hell, but fortunately she was with Mo Ye. He just waved his hand, and the gray space in front of the two of them was torn apart, leaving a gap for them to walk out. Qi Huan’s vision became pitched black, and she had reached the underworld when she opened her eyes again.

She was in the underworld again. She still hated this place. Once, her cultivation level was not strong enough, so she felt very depressed here. However, she still felt very suffocating to be at this place, even though now she was a master in thunder power.

Mo Ye sensed that Qi Huan’s uncomfort, he gently took her into his arms, and covered her with a faint white mist, dispelling the ghostly resentment roaming the place.

The ghostly resentment qi was a good tonic for Mo Ye, but for other cultivators, it was almost similar to a poisonous qi. It was definitely not a pleasant thing to have this qi invaded the body.

Mo Ye took Qi Huan and walked around the place until they arrived at the palace. Sitting in the middle of the palace, on the throne, was Emperor Ming himself.

“You’re here, I’ve been waiting for you. Have you found the person?” When Emperor Ming saw Qi Huan and Mo Ye appear together, he frowned at first, but then he focused on Mo Ye.


“If I’m not wrong… your name is Qi Huan, right? Aren’t you from the Thunder God Temple? The heir appointed by the Thunder God.” Emperor Ming simply glanced at Qi Huan, then turned his head and glanced at Mo Ye. He noticed that Mo Ye seemed to already know about this matter.

“That’s what others think so, but I haven’t promised anything.” Qi Huan knew that Thunder God was good to her and was kind to her. After all, they had been taking care of her in the last 300 years when she was in the Thunder God Temple. When Mo Ye couldn’t stay by her side, they had given her a place to stay. So she should repay their kindness, or at least not be crossed with Thunder God.

It’s a pity that she couldn’t make any promises to the Thunder God Temple. If she said that she would be their heir, then she was destined to part ways with Mo Ye. She would rather die!

When she time travelled to this strange world, she had never been afraid before. She just wanted a peaceful and comfortable life. If Mo Ye hadn’t appeared in her life, her life would have been the usual dull, and then she would move on her journey to becoming the next Thunder God, the heir of Thunder God Temple.

But things didn’t go as planned. Mo Ye had appeared in her life. And now there was an extra man in her life, a man who could change her forever. For him, she was willing to give up anything.

“When you were in the mortal world, I heard that you fell in love with a woman, is she the one?” Emperor Ming asked Mo Ye.

“Hmph, haven’t you seen it with your reincarnation mirror.” Mo Ye snorted, declined to comment on Emperor Ming’s voyeuristic hobby.

“Yes, but when I used the reincarnation mirror to look at your sweetheart, she was surrounded by chaotic qi. I couldn’t see her clearly. I have to say, your taste is so so.” Emperor Ming’s words were really rude. Qi Huan wrinkled her nose. This man must still be annoyed by what happened last time. Such a petty person! This kind of person could actually be an emperor. Lecherous, vicious, narrow-minded, sly and two-faced!

“I also heard that Respected Immortal Ming Huo is preparing for the wedding now. If I’m not wrong, he said that the person he is going to marry is a woman called Qi Huan…” Seeing their expression changing, Emperor Ming continued slyly.

Qi Huan was absolutely shocked. She simply forgot about it. So many things happened when she returned to the Thunder God Temple. She still didn’t know how she ran from the Thunder God Temple to the Infinite Hell. So yes, she had totally forgotten about the wedding in Ming Huo City.

As for why Mo Ye’s face changed, well, the reason was obvious. Hey, his woman was going to be married to someone else. He would be crazy if he wasn’t mad.

“Let’s talk?” Mo Ye raised his eyebrows, with a frightening smile on his face, and his arm around Qi Huan’s waist gradually tightened.

Seeing him smiling like that, Qi Huan assumed that he was going crazy. She lowered her head and shivered. A jealous man, especially a jealous Mo Ye, was very terrifying. He seemed to suddenly transform into a big devil.

“Uh…this is a misunderstanding.” Qi Huan blinked. She was framed by others, she never agreed to anything!

“I know.” Mo Ye continued to smile, but the veins on his forehead were very obvious now.

“I’m innocent~~~~~” She cried out miserably as she was dragged away from the throne. Emperor Ming supported his chin and watched the two people drifting away.

“Daddy?” Just as Qi Huan and Mo Ye left. A little kid named Bei Bei, who was dressed in pink, looking like a small butterfly, ran from not far away. She didn’t pounce on Emperor Ming, but stopped in front of him. She liked her dad very much, but her dad didn’t seem to like her.

Emperor Ming raised his eyes slightly and looked at the blushing Bei Bei. Even in the most turbid underworld, she was still incompatible with others. At the beginning, wasn’t it because of this that I was determined not to let go!

Emperor Ming couldn’t help laughing at himself. He sat in the underworld and looked at the cycle of life and death, feeling infatuated and resentful. He thought he was an open-minded person, but in the end, he realized he was not at all.

If he was an open-minded person, why must he forcibly lock her here with him.

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“Daddy, are you unhappy?” Seeing Emperor Ming’s face changed, Bei Bei asked carefully.

“Come here.” Emperor Ming did not answer Bei Bei, but extended a hand to her.

She seemed to be afraid of him. After hesitating for a while, she bit her lower lip and walked towards him slowly. He saw a trace of panic in her watery eyes. He held her in his arms, and the expression on his face became more and more gloomy.

“Da-daddy, I…” Emperor Ming’s grip became harder and tighter, Bei Bei’s small face was flushed purple, feeling rather hard to breathe.

“You’re not allowed to be afraid of me, you’re not allowed to leave this place, not even a single step, do you understand?” His voice sounded at her ears, he did not let go of her, but his arms gradually relaxed.

“I understand.” Bei Bei didn’t understand why her father would say these things to her. She had never thought of leaving her father’s side. Her father never liked her, but she had always liked her father!

Mo Ye found a place where it was less ghostly and stopped. He silently turned and looked at Qi Huan with a compassionate look. He saw the goose bumps on her body. She could still stare back at him at first, but she was finally defeated. Of course, it was definitely not that her eyes were tired, but because Mo Ye’s eyes were more lethal. Finally, she couldn’t help taking the initiative to speak first, “I didn’t promise him anything, it was them who made their own decisions.” “They? Who is ‘they’?” Of course Mo Ye would not think that Qi Huan would marry another man behind his back. For a woman like Qi Huan, she would probably tell it straight to his face if she had lost interest in him one day.

She wouldn’t secretly marry someone behind his back.

“Thunder God. Thunder God wants me to marry Ming Huo, and…” Qi Huan frowned slightly, “Furthermore, Ming Huo cheated me and brought me to see Suzaku2SuzakuMing Huo's mother. After that, those immortals seemed to think that I had agreed to marry him.” Whether Qi Huan liked Ming Huo or not, she would never agree to being forced to marry by others.

“You met Suzaku? What did she give you?” Looking at Qi Huan’s expression, Mo Ye asked further.

“Fire essence.” Qi Huan replied honestly.

“Good. At least you didn’t go there for nothing.” Mo Ye smiled a little helplessly. Fire essence was the most difficult to get because he didn’t know how to find Suzaku. He didn’t expect Qi Huan to get it by accident.

Although it seemed that there was nothing wrong with Qi Huan’s cultivation at the moment, it was mainly because she had not really started to practice “The Heaven Pathway”. Once she started practicing it, the devil energy in her body that originally belonged to Mo Ye would definitely cause some troubles for her. Mo Ye’s cultivation level was much higher than Qi Huan’s. It would be difficult for Qi Huan’s body to persist once the devil energy began causing troubles. This was also the reason why Mo Ye didn’t let Qi Huan practice in advance, but gave her “The Monster Pathway” first.

He wanted her to practice the other two books ahead of time, perhaps that way it could balance the difference between heaven and devil energies a little bit. However, even Mo Ye didn’t know how Qi Huan cultivated other thunder powers. However, it seemed very helpful to her, so he didn’t stop her.

“What do you mean went there for nothing? Hey, I’m not married yet, but the scandal is rumoured first, how will I marry anyone in the future!” Qi Huan hummed dissatisfied.

Mo Ye paused for a few seconds, then returned a smile, “Don’t worry, I believe you are innocent.”

“…” Qi Huan rolled her eyes. Just when she was about to speak, a black whirlpool appeared behind her. Before Qi Huan could scream, she was swallowed by the inexplicable whirlpool.

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