When the world’s strongest villain lived: Prologue



The doors opened into a conference room as two young adults walked into the room and took their seats. One of the men wearing casual clothing of a black leather jacket, white t-shirt and black pants as if he wanted to blend into a normal population with messy long azure-colored hair and a ponytail behind his head that match his natural blue eyes. The other man wore what appeared to be a coat such as that of a scientist. He had glowing red hair as though a fire burned atop his head and eyes that looked like they were made of amber. 

“So, Dr Oracle, what is this prophecy you speak of?” spoke the azure-haired man.  

“Well, as it’s a prophecy, it obviously is going to be your run of the mill ‘heroic prophecy’ that you see in movies or read in books. I do not know who it involves but I thought it would be nice if you heard it for yourself, my liege.” the doctor replied, “However, to not waste any of your time, I shall recite the prophecy to you immediately.” 

The young scientist eyes closed as the room felt silent. Darkness seemed to quickly surround the two as a faint red orb appeared in front of him. The doctor quickly opened his eyes, revealing that both of his organs of sight were eclipsed by an orange aura. Although his appearance may look threatening, ‘his liege’ was not swayed in any way as he waited for the man to speak the prophecy that involved the fate of humanity. 

 “With Humanity’s eradication halved destroyed by God’s malicious chaos. 

Three heroes shall emerge from darkness bearing Fate’s mark of protection. 

The Ancient’s wrath will rise bringing forth devastating power. 

After the Jester is slain by the hand of pestilence, will peace finally return free. 

Only then will the fourth finally open their eyes to protect those against the sky.” 

After the doctor finished reciting what he has heard, silence filled the room again as he closed his eyes and light returned into the room. 

“Does this prophecy trouble you, my liege?” asked Oracle. 

The man didn’t respond. 

“Um… my liege?” 

“Tell me, Doctor Oracle. How long do you think it would take me to destroy half of humanity?” 

“Well, that’s a rather interesting question to ask. For a normal human? It’s practically impossible and one of the hardest things to even achieve such an act of terrorism. However, knowing you, maybe at least a week.” 

The man stood up from his seat and began to walk out.  

“I’ll make it 5 days.” 

The Doctor stood up from his seat in response to such a declaration. A smile was stuck on his face as if he became the happiest man alive. But what the man in front of him just said didn’t make him happy, it excited him beyond what ecstasy could achieve. This is why he followed this man. Not because he made such bold and impossible claims. But because he was the only man actually act on those claims and achieve results that lead in success.  

He truly was a man that embodied chaos itself.  


Three Year Later. . . 

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It was a bright day in the city of New Shibuya 

It was pleasant. . . 

It was calm. . . 

The town was bustling with people of all sorts like any normal city should. But this wasn’t any normal city. This was New Shibuya, the ex-capital of the Daybreak Empire which fell over a year ago. It has also been over a year since the world’s strongest and deadliest man, a monster who slaughtered over 3.8 billion people within 5 days, died at the hands of an equal evil.  

Ever since his death, the world has been at peace. 


. . . . . 


“Asami!” squealed a voice. 

The amethyst colored-haired woman looked up to see a young blond-haired girl wavering her arms around to get the girl’s attention next to brunette who looks about the same age. Yup, that’s Alice alright. Along with her twin sister, Erika.  

The blond ran up to the amethyst-haired girl and gave her a tight hug. The type of tight hug that a friend gives after not seeing each other for over a year. 

“It’s so good to see you!” she purred as she rubbed her cheek against Asami’s. 

“Good to see you too.” She glanced towards with an awkward smile as her face was being squished by Alice, “How have you been holding up, Erika?” 

“It’s been okay. Therapy is just too boring to even attend.” 

Erika used to be a member of the Empire, although for reasons Asami has yet to hear from either of the two nor her commanding officer. Al3l she knows is that Erika was saved from their grasp. 

Alice grabbed both of the girls’ arms, dragging them to the entrance of the city’s cemetery, “C’mon guys, let’s not keep dad waiting! He might just throw his mugs at us again.” 

Asami giggled at Alice’s ongoing joke to call their ex-overseer ‘dad.’ 

The three girls made their way through the cemetery, passing many graves. Some of which looked new compared to the others that looked half-assed. At least give everyone a proper burial, like damn. Before too long, they came across an older man who was sitting in front of a grave. He turned his head and slowly rose as if he was expecting them. 

“Hey kids, how’s it been? I see you found little miss salami.” he said with a smug look. 

Asami quickly took that as an insult and knocked him on a head with a hard-overhand punch. “That’s Asami to you, you idiotic excuse of a general! Your last name should be Peasant instead of King” 

“Eh? That’s rich coming from you Miss ‘I Am the Strongest of the Heroes!’ You wouldn’t be around if it was for me.”  

“Tch. Like hell I wouldn’t be.” 

“It’s been too long Zeke…” Alice suddenly whimpered. 

The quiet whimper of the girl caught their attention as they looked at Alice who was at the verge of tears standing in front of a grave. Seeing her cry reminded Asami of one of the reasons why she came here in the first place. To visit Ezekiel, one of their fallen comrades, their big brother who looked after them. They still haven’t found his body after all this time. Yet they made him a grave to commemorate him anyway. 

Erika silently embraced her twin in her arms as a means of comfort. Ezekiel was one of those people who brought life to the party. He was the group’s clown. Their jester of the castle hierarchy. And one of the prophesized heroes along with Asami and Alice. 

“He was one hell of a guy.” said King. “He did what he had to do. Thankfully, it paid off. Whatever that mission was.” 

Mr. King’s words were only met in silence. 

“Welp, let’s not cry in front of him. He would rather see you guys laugh and have fun with the life we have now. I may not have known him or even met him, but I am sure that’s what he would rather see.” Erika chimed in with a reassuring smile. 

“Indeed. Let me bring out the beer and blanket.” King went off to grab the things required for the little “party” they were going have in front of a grave. 

 Asami had different plans however as she put her hands together in prayer in a moment of silence for her long-fallen friend. As she closed her eyes, it felt like she could see him again. His ruffled red-dyed hair that went over his scarlet eyes, his slim but somewhat buff body, and his stupid wide smile. After she opened her eyes, noticing that King was coming back, the purple haired girl began walking in a different direction, deeper into the cemetery.  

“Asami! Where are you going?” yelled Alice. 

“I’ll be back in a bit. I’m going check on something.” Asami walked off. 

“But…the entrance is that way.” 

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Asami continued walking deeper into the cemetery until she stopped by a dead oak tree with small jagged stones surrounding it. She got on her knees and pulled a small notebook from leather jacket. 

“I’m sorry it took so long. I believe this belongs to you.”  

She placed the notebook between the rocks and the tree. 

“Well, here we are now. A year later and everything you’ve built has finally crumbled.” 

The purple-haired girl was met with silence but continued talking. 

“It’s not like you’re going to pop out of the grave like a zombie and try to kill more people. Not after what you did. I’m sure Hell had a special plan to take care of you.” 

Silence still came to answer her. 

“Well… It was nice talking to you. Murderer. You didn’t even fulfill your promise to me.” 

Asami walked away from the tree. Leaving the notebook behind. After the young gal left. A person came out from behind the tree and noticed the notebook. He picked it up and opened it to the first page. 

“Hmph. Haven’t seen this in a while.” 

After opening it to the first page, a small smile grew as he read the first 5 words, “The Diary of Tashiro Satoru.” 

“What an interesting title.” the man places the notebook back where it previously has been and walked off, disappearing into the wind. 

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