Chapter 1 – Binding

Chapter 1 – Binding

The system flew for a long time according to the instructions it got and finally reached a cave.

At that time, the cave was quiet, and there is a small opening on top of the cave.

The sun shone through the small opening, and the light fell straight into the small lake inside the cave.

The surrounding inside of the cave is so beautiful.

The lake is full of flowers and plants, and its fragrance float in the cave.

There are also a few butterflies residing on the flowers — the colorful wings and petals blend.

The system is a little confused. According to the instructions given, that person obviously should be here.

Did something go wrong?

It still didn’t give up and drifted over to the lake.

The red color under the water attracted it.

A person is submerging into the water with her Muslim dress like a large flower blooming following the water’s ripple.

Her black colored hair was like a flowing ink combined with the red colored dress like a colorful painting, causing people’s heart to tremble.

The fish in the lake surrounded her crystal feet as if kissing her.

The system flew down a bit, trying to get closer to her.

The eyelashes of the person moved slightly and opened her eyes.

The system was taken aback and flew far away.

Then, it saw the water splashing into the air as the red dress flew up.

After she got out of the water, her clothes and hair gradually dried up, and her Muslim dress twirl around her ankles like floating clouds in the sky.

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She is as gorgeous as a new peach in the hazy morning mist, charming and full of life.

Yun Fanfan looked at the system that floats in mid-air and asked: “What are you?.”

She has been hare for a long time. Although she has never gone out, she has never seen anything flying in front of her before.

The system slowly approached her and said: “I am the system.”


Yun Fanfan doesn’t care much about the system even though she doesn’t know what the system is.

The system saw her walking toward a bush of flower, casually pick the bud, and threaded it on her long hair.

After a while, the flower bud bloom, and she picked another flower with the vine attached. The flowers she collected form into a ring.

Seeing that she doesn’t seem interested in it, the system immediately initiates inquisition mode.

“What is your name?”

“Yun Fanfan”

“Why are you here.”

“I don’t know.”

“How long have you lived here?”

“I don’t know.”

“Then…do you want to get out from here?”

“I don’t want to.” Yun Fanfan yawned and added, “Although I don’t know that I have lived here for thousands of years, I think it’s pretty good. I even plan to grow some vegetables by myself.”

The system quickly searched for 108 ways of persuasion.

When Yun Fanfan was about to enter the water again, the system said: “If you bind with me, I can take you to different worlds to see different sceneries. Learning different things, not just planting vegetables, there are many extraordinary things, how about it, do you want to try it?”

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Yun Fanfan stopped and turned around, frowned and hesitated, “But I can’t get out.”

She has been trapped here for a long time. After a long time, she doesn’t know why she was here, but it’s also very interesting in the cave. From the beginning of the cave with nothing, she made it into what she is now. She has a sense of accomplishment. Occasionally, the idea of ​​wanting to go out comes up, but it is impossible to go out.

The system saw there is hope and throws the final olive branch: “It’s okay. I have a way, as long as you agree to bind with me.”

Yun Fanfan: “I agree.”

Next, Yun Fanfan lost her consciousness.

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