Chapter 139: Soul Fighter

“It seems your luck is amazing! You have got the greatest benefits.” Just seeing the expression of Blowing Wind Left A Passion, Zuo Tiancheng knew that Blowing Wind Left A Passion must have the best mutation, profession evolution!

As everyone knew, there were just five basic professions: fighter, knight, strategist, archer and commander. Under normal circumstances, all people’s professions could only be one of those five. Even SS grade historical NPCs were no exception. The gap between the people was caused by skills, equipment and operating techniques.

However, the Light of Evolution was a special case of mutation, and mutation was creation! The human evolution so far was the result of tens of millions of years of evolution and selection. In this game, there were also factors of mutation. Light of Evolution was one of them. Only five Light of Evolution were produced every five hundred years, which mutated and adjusted certain properties. The profession was also a property that could change.

Shi Hao was still looking at his profession’s description carefully.


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[Soul Fighter]

[HP: S]

[Defense: S]

Only allowed on

[Attack: E (user attack: 0, but the items can still have attack bonus)]

[Agility: S]

[MP: S]

[Skill Slot: Infinite and automatically increase (cannot learn individual-based skills, can only learn team assist-type skills)]


In short, Soul Fighter was a super commander mutated from a fighter base! This was exactly the profession Shi Hao had always wanted.

Shi Hao was so excited that he simply felt like it was a dream. He would never casually reveal this secret. Zuo Tiancheng had already guessed that his profession had evolved, but so what? If he said nothing, then would Zuo Tiancheng know that his profession was Soul Fighter? Impossible! Shi Hao immediately made a decision to make Zuo Tiancheng think that Blowing Wind Left A Passion had just become a particularly fleshy knight. Although Zuo Tiancheng also had doubts about it, he could do nothing about it. Moreover, the remaining four Light of Evolution were still in Blowing Wind Left A Passion’s hands.

He also understood that it would be troublesome if he wanted to get the Light of Evolution now! It was a big trouble. Anyone who learned the greatest usage of the Light of Evolution wouldn’t easily give it away. This kind of thing was worth gambling on. Moreover, even if it fails, there was still…

Zuo Tiancheng said: “What are your conditions? There is no harm in saying it…” Zuo Tiancheng looked at Blowing Wind Left A Passion.

Shi Hao sat with his one leg over the other. Pei Yuanqing stood beside him and Passionate Archer consciously stood in front of Dawn Breaks Stars Sink, giving Zuo Tiancheng no chance to make a move. Shi Hao then intentionally hummed a tune as if he had forgotten the lyric and hummed at random.

After a while, Shi Hao finally said: “What do you say about this matter? It seems that there is no reason for me to give it to you. You haven’t spent any effort in the matter of finding Purification Spring. You also have no chance of completing our cooperation. This Light of Evolution…”

Shi Hao suddenly sighed again as if he felt that he was not satisfied with one Light of Evolution. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be used more than once.

Zuo Tiancheng was helpless and hesitated for a long time. The matter of Light of Evolution was big, he must succeed. Only the Light of Evolution could help Lord Absolutely Godless achieve his great ambition of establishing and maintaining hegemony throughout the ages. Zuo Tiancheng gritted his teeth and tightly clenched his hands.

He said: “I’ll tell you about a secret operation. If you don’t know it, I think you will regret it.” Zuo Tiancheng looked serious. He was definitely not lying.

Shi Hao took it seriously! It seemed that Absolutely Godless truly wanted to do a big thing. During his absence, Absolutely Godless had even gotten war tigers. Moreover, he had also supported Heroic Overlord Under Heaven and turned him into a puppet, but that had smashed on his own foot. If anyone said that the next step had nothing to do with Shi Hao, then even Shi Hao wouldn’t believe it.

Shi Hao nodded his head and showed two fingers, signaling Zuo Tiancheng that among the remaining four Light of Evolution, Shi Hao was willing to give half if Zuo Tiancheng’s information was valuable.

 Zuo Tiancheng and Blowing Wind Left A Passion bargained for a bit, and in the end, Shi Hao took a step back. Shi Hao would keep one and the remaining three would go to Zuo Tiancheng.

Zuo Tiancheng then said: “Fire Dragon Village…, Three Wooden Village…”

As it turned out that Absolutely indeed knew about the matter of Fire Dragon Village. Moreover, the matter of surprise attack on Huang Zhong last time was to confirm the connection between Fire Dragon Village and Twin Dragons Village. Absolutely Godless intended to raid Fire Dragon Village and seize Young Dragon Resource. At that time, with war dragons on the left and war tigers on the right, he could sweep through the world! And the only issue would be, who would agree to his words and who would oppose.

Naturally, Absolutely Godless also knew that it was definitely not easy to capture Fire Dragon Village. The terrain was easy to defend and hard to attack, moreover, there should be quite a few war dragon troops, and Twin Dragons Village would also provide support.

The worst matter was, Shake the Heaven was an official of the Divine and Mighty Alliance. Therefore, the attack on Fire Dragon Village must be done without letting anyone know about it. Moreover, they must make Fire Dragon Village disappear thoroughly. After that, Absolutely Godless could establish a new village there. Only that way, he wouldn’t be held accountable by the Divine and Mighty Alliance.

In order to achieve this goal, it was certainly not enough to rely on just Absolutely Godless’s subordinates in West Flower Region and Heroic Overlord Under Heaven, that heatless and ungrateful fake puppet. Therefore, Absolutely Godless found another bigshot-leveled ally, Three Wooden Big Tree. Naturally, Absolutely Godless had also negotiated to transfer a lot of cash to Three Wooden Big Tree in the real world.

Three Wooden Big Tree was the highest representative of M Country in <<Kingdom>>. He had established a core village in the South Flower Region of Divine Flower Continent. It was called Three Wooden Village. One had to say that Uncle Three Wooden had truly covered the sky with his hand. In South Flower Region, no player dared to say even half a word against his commands! If it weren’t for the Z Country’s players resisting to some extent, and it seemed like they could counterattack at any time, he would have already run over to look for trouble with Shake the Heaven. In Three Wooden Big Tree’s eyes, the number one person of M Country should be the number one in the world.

“It’s like that…” Zuo Tiancheng didn’t know what kind of troops were sent by Three Wooden Big Tree. He could also just say this much. This was also for the three Light of Evolution. Successfully getting Light of Evolution was far more important than war dragons. This was also the most important mission given by Absolutely Godless to Zuo Tiancheng.

 Shi Hao looked serious. The strength of M Country was indeed extraordinary. M Country and Z Country were the two strongest countries in the world today. They were absolutely not comparable to R Country. Shi Hao must return and discuss this matter with Fa Zheng, Zhang Jiao and others.

 Shi Hao then handed over three Light of Evolution as agreed and immediately left with Pei Yuanqing, Passionate Archer and Su Xiao who was still asleep.

Under the guidance of Zuo Tiancheng, they walked out of Heavenly Mountain in just half a day.

At that time, Zuo Tiancheng left by himself and disappeared among the distant mountains and forest. Su Xiao also suddenly woke up. She opened her eyes, looked at Blowing Wind Left A Passion who was carrying her, then looked at Passionate Archer and Pei Yuanqing, then curiously asked: “Where is this? Who are you all? What am I doing here…”

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