B3 — 22. Something in the Air


1:  Rhea (Our Sweet Sunshine!)

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9:42 p.m. August 12th, Wednesday, 106 PH (Post Hoopa Event).  Day 64.

Events:  Rhea won her Silver-tier Encrusted Badge after a tough battle!  Now, our girls are on their way to getting their four Encrusted Badges for the League.  Onward!  Our girl started her journey on the 9th of June, and the end of registration for the Winter Indigo Cup is December 5th (114 days away).

Holding the small Mankey plushy Jason had won her at the hand-slapping contest, Rhea glanced at his red and slightly cut hand on her way back to the spa.  It hadn’t taken her long to think about a certain incident they’d had together when thirteen years old involving Mankey.

Over the last few hours, she’d had a blast going through the game stalls, losing a bunch of Jason’s—and her own—credits on competitions, and enjoying the Fuchsia energy, yet a somber vibe tickled her stomach on their return.  It almost felt like he’d slapped her in the face again.

She did her best to filter out all the laughter, lamps, and groups of friends or couples, who were going about their own business.  “So… when are you leaving Kanto?”

Jason ruffled his cobalt-blue hair and adjusted his kimono.  He’d grown a lot and filled out more over the last two months they’d been on this journey; even his voice had become deeper.

“I don’t know…  Probably in the next few days, but if you’re battling Janine on Saturday, then I’ll be there.  Bet on it.  You okay?”  he asked, amber eyes drifting down and spotting her gaze on his red and slightly bleeding hand.

“I should be asking you that,” she mumbled.  “Hey, let’s stop off at a store to get a bandage; this plushy wasn’t worth getting hurt over…”

“This?”  He held up his hand with a strained smile.  “C’mon, don’t say that.  You can’t tell me it doesn’t bring back memories…  You, of all people, know this is nothing!”

“Hehe.  I guess so,” she sighed, grabbing his arm and pulling him into a convenience store to find something to wrap his hand in.  “That was a long time ago…  I’m still shocked you’re leaving Kanto, and for Kalos?  Wow…  I, umm, I thought we’d end up battling in the Silver Conference.”

Jason didn’t resist as she drew him toward the medical section.  “Honestly… I want to, and I don’t want to let you down.  Heh-haaa.  I’ve had a lot of time to think lately, and after spending time with Lucian…  Bah.  It’s complicated,” he groaned.  “I can—”

“No!”  Rhea brushed back her braided hair after selecting a bandage and ointment, placing the plushy under her arm while taking them to the counter.  “You got me this cute little Mankey, so I’ll get you bandages.”

“Haha.  Fair.”

The clerk gave them a cheery smile, complimenting their outfits and making a few positive comments about Rhea’s Vermilion Gym battle.  Being polite, Rhea waved him off as they left, Jason putting on the items she’d bought.

Once outside, Rhea’s thoughts lingered on his redirect, looking into her plushy’s adorable red eyes and pink nose.  “What did you mean about spending time with Lucian?  I, umm, I’m worried we’re growing further apart,” she whispered, feeling an unusual pain in her chest after learning about his travel plans.

“Haaa-haha.  Ever the honest one,” Jason said, bumping into her and making her stumble a little to the side before snatching her arm to help stabilize her.  “Oops!  I forgot how much bigger I’ve gotten recently…  Sorry.”

“Eh-hehe.  No, it’s fine,” she lied, throwing her hip into him to much less effect.  “Ugh…  I’m serious, though.  And I get we’ve been really busy…  So busy.  It used to just be us against the world, though…  You know?”

“No, I get it.”  Jason rubbed the back of his bandaged hand with a short chuckle.  “We used to dream about being out here in the world… going on adventures and beating up every Master that upset us growing up.  Haha…  We really were mad teens, weren’t we?  Hey, look, some weird sweets!  Want some?”

Rhea gave him a leery stare.  “I can go for some sweets, but what’s up with that angry teen statement?  We had a ton of fun!”  She laughed, reflecting on their childhood and teen years.  “Remember that underwater cave we found when we were fifteen?”

“Pfft!  Haha.  You mean the time when I competed with a baby Squirtle squad to see who could spit the furthest?  Good times…  Two of whatever that thing is,” he said to the stand owner, pointing at two chocolate glob-like things—mixed with berry paste and other toppings, no doubt.

“Right away, sir!”

Rhea crossed her arms and smirked up at her best friend.  “It was that spitting contest that led to us becoming friends with the squad, and they boogie-boarded us around all summer, showing us secret ocean spots.  I still hold the record for jumping waves.

Jason’s eyebrows drew together with a questioning grin.  “Excuse you, Ms. Two Meters?”

“Oh, shut up!  Are you still arguing that?”  Rhea rolled her eyes.  “You cheated by getting their dad to show off for his kids.  My two-meter jump still stands.  I’d beat six meters if I had a Wartortle partner, but his wife hated me.”

“Hmm?  I wonder why, Ms. Rudeturtle?”

“Hey!  How was I supposed to know offering to wax her shell was an insult?  I was an innocent thirteen-year-old wanting to make a good impression.”

“Naaa.  Not buying it—thank you,” he mused, taking the items he’d ordered and handing her one.  “You were just Mukin’ pissed I beat your score and wanted to shove it in my face, Ms. Petty.”

“What is with everyone and nicknaming me—half of them are insults, too?!  Mmm.  This is really good!”  Rhea huffed before taking a bite of the creamy and thick chocolatey sweet.  “I’m just… sad you’ll be gone—it’s just really sudden.”

“I know…”  Jason folded his arms and looked around the lively city, music filling the night; there was a wistful crease on his face.  “Despite all this open and awesome world… there are some things I miss from our little isolated village.  I miss Friday adventure night…  Mankey Queen.”

Rhea glared at him past her sweet, chewing the crunchy and tangy berry bits inside.  “Mmhmm.  I knew you did that slap contest to make fun of me.  My face was black and blue for weeks!  Puffy chased you around the forest because of that Monkey Dance incident.”

“Haha!  That Jigglypuff that followed you around when we were thirteen?  Haaa.  That brings back memories, and you started the whole thing!”  he shot back.  “You have no idea how much trouble I got in because of that Friday adventure.”

“Humph.”  Rhea reached up to rub her cheek upon recalling the heavy blow.  “You didn’t have to slap me that hard, Mankey Lord.  I thought I lost one of my teeth.  Mankey slap contests are brutal.  I cried when I got home; I didn’t tell you, though.”

He grinned and rubbed the back of his neck.  “Hey, I won that grass crown fair and square, but I was far from a king when I returned home—and you don’t think I knew you cried; the look on my big sister’s face when she saw your black and blue cheeks—boss music!”

“Oh, c’mon!”  Rhea’s cheeks darkened at the memory, remembering how bruised her face was afterward and the embarrassment.  “Kate hated me back then since I hated her.  My dad was so pissed at me; we were grounded for a week.”

“Eh-heh.  All I remember is the beating my sister gave me,” he muttered with a strained smile.  “She almost killed me; on my life!”

“Huh?  I don’t remember that,” Rhea muttered.  “We were grounded, but five days later, we were sneaking out to swim—hah, when you got tail slapped by a Poliwag for resting in his spot; poetic justice!  Why would Kate beat you up, though?”  she asked, truly confused.

“You kidding me?”  Jason groaned, running a hand down his face.  “My sister was mortified when she saw your face and what Sabin might think that her little bro slapped his sister’s face black and blue for a contest.”

Rhea’s head tilted to the side; she didn’t remember this part of the story.

“B-But I started the contest?  You definitely didn’t have to slap me that hard, but it was fair game.”

“Haha!  I know.  You thought you could outlast me.  Big mistake!  Still, I got the stuffing beat out of me,” he winked, pointing down at her plushy and making her chuckle.  “Mine wasn’t even the worst; those Mankey were brutal!  I had to get back at them for you.”

“Right…  Mmmgm,” she hissed, finishing off her small treat.  “Turns out, being slapped by Mankey hurts… a lot.  Oh, wait, I guess I did leave out how it started, and you took the blame?”

“Bingo!”  he said with a laugh.


“Who knows,” he shrugged, seemingly laughing at himself as they left the crowded streets.  “I was a thirteen-year-old boy, and I didn’t want to see you get in trouble…  Haaa.  Yeah, I miss those days…

“Sneaking out at night to dance with the Bellsprout and Oddish—teaching some of the local Meowth to ride a mountain bike and exploring caves with unfriendly Zubat…  Singing with Jigglypuff.  Haha.  You learning how to do makeup on wild Abra and Snubbull!  I’ll never forget that adventure when we were ten.”

“I had to,” Rhea snickered.  “Franky wouldn’t let me practice on him, and Bi suggested we do it with her.  All that powder you used on that poor Plusle and spilled my red nail polish on that Shinx’s tail; I swear you used half the products my mom sent me.”

“The other half was stolen from my sister,” he laughed, doubling over and gasping for air.  “We were such troublemakers.  Remember watching online grooming tips to pimp up that Rattata for his Vulpix crush?”

“Aww.  That was cute.”

“My sister almost strangled me since I emptied out her hair tie drawer and forgot to bring them back.”

“Why—the Combee swarm!  Right, right.  Haha.  Wow.  We really did have fun…  Riding wild Pokemon, waterfall caves, underwater spelunking, surfing, and rock climbing—hah, that time you got a cold when our parents took us skiing and snowboarding for a winter surprise, and you did the splits!  Remember?”

“Ack!  Don’t remind me.  Eesh…  I remember you making me a mean hot chocolate, though!  You took good care of me.”

Rhea’s smile saddened as she looked down at her plushy; they were nearing the final stretch to the spa.  “I’ll miss you…  When do you think you’ll be back…  Why are you leaving?”

Jason’s voice softened as he looked away.  “I’ve… got to get my head straight, I guess.  All of this has been like a dream, and…  I’m starting to realize some things about myself that are just… confusing.”

Not wanting to pry too much, Rhea could feel an unusual twist of emotions through his Aura.  “Okay…  What are you going to do?”

“Heh.  Train, probably…”  He wore a thoughtful smile as they reached the gate, and they moved to hug each other; Rhea squeezed as hard as she could, making his chest shake with laughter against hers before they pulled away.

“That can’t be it!”

“No, you’re right,” he sighed, shifting a little before meeting her gaze.  She felt like crying for some reason; it felt like he was leaving her.  “Lucian is going to show us around, and we’ll probably go for Gold-tier, just like you…  Maybe I’ll buy you a ticket and fly you out to show you around.”

“I’d like that,” Rhea sniffed, rubbing her nose.  “I’ll pay for half, though.  Okay?”

“We’ll see…  I’ll keep in touch.  Don’t worry.  I’ll send updates.”

Rhea nodded and hugged him one more time.  “You better!”

“Haha.  I’m not gone yet!  I’ll stay for your Gym match.  Promise, and then we can hang a bit longer…”

Pressing her head against his chest, Rhea didn’t want to let go; it felt like she was losing something that had been a part of her she’d had her whole life.

“As rockheaded and bright as a Diancie…”

Pressure squeezed something deep within her core, and what felt like the wind tickling her ear brought the words into her soul, making Rhea tense.

“What was that about me being a Diancie?”

“Hmm?  I didn’t say anything.  I mean, you do have that Diance rizz, though!”  Jason whispered, pulling back and pointing at her flushed cheek.  “Next time we see each other, how about that slapping contest again?  Promise I’ll be gentle this time!”

“Jason!”  Rhea huffed, lightly punching his chest and making him laugh.

“Joking!  Joking!  See you tomorrow?”

“Sorry,” Rhea groaned, pulling away and trying to keep her emotions in check; it was like she was on a roller coaster.  “Ash is taking me somewhere.”

“Shame,” Jason said, puffing out a sad breath.  “Another man got to ya first, huh?  Too bad.  Guess I’ll have to wait until Saturday to have my time with the Aura Princess.”

“Princess?  No, you can’t just walk away after calling me that—Jason!  Agh.”

She glared at her best friend as he laughed, waved back at her, and jogged off.

“You’ll kill it Saturday!  Can’t wait to see the girls in action.”

Rhea drew in her lips as he disappeared around a corner, her focus drifting to the small Mankey plushy he’d won for her.  A small smile brightened her face; she’d remember that terrible Mankey Dance memory in a whole new light now.

“Whatever you’re looking for… I hope you find it, Jason.”

Entering the lobby, she heard Lori’s suspicious voice first, seemingly speaking to all of their Pokemon.  Something about Amira still not coming back and Lucian being a total Dracovish reject that was sure to make Ash’s Fossil Pokemon depressed.

Rhea opened the door and noticed Alice looking a little down; she’d probably gotten the same talk about Sunny leaving.  Nova, Amber, and Gables were on babysitting duty, and Rhea was about to go over to relieve them when Lori spotted her.  The Unovan girl practically pounced on her when she entered.

Apparently, the redhead had messaged her to say she probably wouldn’t be back for another hour and a half.  It was a little surprising for Rhea, but Amira could handle herself, and she didn’t have the same diabolical view of the Kalos Trainer as Lori.

Most of the conversation was pulled into the conspiracies the violet-haired girl spun; Rhea almost choked and had to intervene when Lori pulled out her phone to message Lyra.  There was no way Amira would want her overprotective mother brought into Mallory’s madness.

Convincing the Unovan girl to join her for a nighttime spa treatment to relax, she released her own tension in the hot waters while caring for Mariah, Terri, and Lulu.  Her cute little puff ball and the shy Meloetta bonded a bit while Rhea taught them how to use the spa products.

Terri was still attached to Alice, Mya, and Zyra as the bird tried to cheer up the depressed bunny.  It didn’t take long for the Lopunny to sit in Rhea’s lap, big ears playing with Lulu as Nova took Mariah to pop the bubbles she blew as a Vaporeon with Serenity.

I know it’s sad, Rhea soothed.  You were just getting to know Sunny, and now he’s going away for a bit.  Did you have fun?


That’s good.  We’ll be able to say goodbye on Saturday.

“Pun?”  Alice asked, looking up at her with big eyes.

Mhm!  Jason promised me.  Okay?


Rhea held her tight and nuzzled the base of her ear, making Alice giggle and squirm.


“Nee-nee?  Neeee!”  the cosmic cloud cheered as Alice tossed her into the air to fall into the water, splashing Amber and Gables, earning a leery glare from the fox as the frog laughed.

When Amira got back, Lori practically fainted after listening to her story.  The redhead sat at a mirror in the changing room, fixing herself for bed as Lori hovered nearby.

“What do you mean it’s all water under the bridge?  No shot!  What did he do?  Hypnosis—Rhea, call Lyra!  She has to be hypnotized!”

Amira’s crimson eyes narrowed.  “Don’t you dare, Lori!  My mother would be here in a second, then the city ninjas come, followed by the police, Janine, and then the Champion or your mother, Lori.  I swear, you love causing drama.”

“Cap!”  Lori’s arms crossed under her bust while glaring at her.  “You cannot tell me that this is normal?  You hated his guts this morning, and now everything is good?  What, because he’s running back to Kalos like a coward, dragging Rhea’s best friend and mine with him?  I knew Len was acting funny,” she snarled, biting her nails; it truly seemed to have gotten under her skin.

Rhea cleared her throat, trying to remain neutral.  “I mean… Amira is very reasonable.  If he apologized, then it should be fine.  Right?”

“I don’t buy it!”  Lori huffed and stormed out of the room.  “I’m going to see Len and beat it out of him.  No way you broke into a zoo, he apologized, or bought you clothes to bike without hypnosis being involved!  Nope!  I’m calling Trubbish.  Something shady is going on here, and there’s no way I’m clocking out when I’m this worked up!  Catch you two in the morning.”

“And… she’s gone,” Rhea sighed, watching Gables and her other Pokemon follow after their Trainer.  “You really broke into the zoo?”

Amira brushed out her hair with a small smile, unbothered by Lori’s outburst.  “I did, and it was a blast.  Maybe we should visit it before we leave.  You like biking, right?”

“Mhm!  Really cute skort and top, by the way.  “Should we have a fun day on Sunday before heading out?”

“I’d like that.  You’ll have to show me this plushy, too.  A slapping contest?”

“Hehe.  No, that was the Mankey one when we were thirteen.  This was a hand-slapping one—he literally bled for it!  I don’t know if it was worth it…”

“Hmm.  I suppose it was for him,” the redhead whispered.  “How cute.  So, Ash is taking you somewhere tomorrow?”

Yawning, Rhea rubbed her hot forehead; it was hard to focus on anything since her thoughts kept returning to the Diancie comment.  “Yeah…  Hey, Amira?”

Amira glanced her way before taking a comb to Amber’s fur to straighten it out.  “Mhm?”

“What does it mean when someone calls you a, and I quote, As rockheaded and bright as a Diancie?”

She was quiet for a moment as Holly, Amber, and even Mariah chuckled at something their Trainer had probably said to them; Serenity just stared at her with that deadpan look Feebas were known for.

“It really depends on the context,” she said, finishing her work on Amber and moving to inspect an excited Holly as she showed off her flowers.  “I think we’ll probably see them in Gold-tier…  After all, they have a reason to meet us there.”

Not quite sure how that connected to her question, Rhea chalked it up to the boys all going through something personal, and it had just flown right over her head.  If there were hints, she wasn’t grasping what they were putting down.

“Haaa.  I just wish he could have been more open about it,” Rhea mumbled, getting up to go to her room.  “It’s so weird because Jason was never really scared to talk to me about anything…  I feel like we’re pulling apart, and I don’t like it.  What am I supposed to do?”

“Hehehe.”  Rhea glanced at the chuckling redhead as she gave her a sad smile.  “Don’t think too hard about it; you’d be surprised how wrong and right you are.  It is both simple and complicated, and I won’t say another word about it until Sunday.”

Rhea’s mood brightened at her confusing response.  “You will tell me on Sunday—if I don’t get it, though?”

“Well, heh, I can’t tell you outright, but I’m sure I won’t need to.  Here’s to hoping Saturday will clear things up.  Now, let’s head to bed.”

“Let’s hope…”

Happy to at least have some kind of answer to look forward to in this murky realm of weirdness that had overtaken her best friend, Rhea went to her room to get some sleep.  She expected Lori would be sleeping most of the morning tomorrow.

Rhea drifted into sleep with her Pokemon cuddling her, as was usual; this time, Lulu had the Mankey plushy to cuddle on her chest.  Only the world she entered was anything but normal as she floated through a bubbly dream of memories with Jason.  The cloud of marshmallows brought her to all the trouble they’d gotten into growing up, trying to get attention.

Through all her changes in hobbies, Jason had been right there beside her, enjoying every new experience.  Drawing, building mud forts, and competing to see who could hold their breath or swim the longest.

There were memories she’d totally forgotten, having clarity that put her into a daze, such as the first batch of cookies she’d made for Jason to test out before her brother got home.  When he’d helped her cut carrots for a dish she and Bianca had made, trying to support her lamenting cousin in her hardships.

When they’d been swimming in the ocean, and a Krabby stealing Jason’s shorts, among other embarrassing or ridiculous events that happened throughout their lives.  Some she didn’t remember being there for at all, such as him eating lunch; she’d had a lot of extra ingredients from her baking session with Bianca that she’d secretly put in his backpack.  And so many times when she’d given him the rest of her food due to her weak appetite.

It wasn’t the memories that lingered with her but the emotions within them: Jason’s thankful heart, joy, and laughter.  He was always there for her when she needed him, and there were moments when he’d taken the heat for her stupid plans without her ever being made aware.

Every dream bubble gradually popped as her mind floated to the surface, cracking open her eyes to the dull sunlight as Nova crawled up her belly to pop her head out of the covers.

“Pwe, pwe?”  she whispered, tail brushing against her thighs.

“Mmgm…”  Trying to stretch without waking up Lulu, still holding the plush against her chest, Alice to her left, and Mya to her right, Rhea yawned.

Excited for the date tomorrow?  she sleepily asked, carefully scratching her neck before swapping to Nova’s fluffy neck.


“Maw-maw…”  Mya grumbled, drooly tongue hanging off the bed.

Rhea chuckled at her Eevee’s amusement at whatever Mya had said in her sleep; food would be a safe guess.  Having told her Pokemon that she’d be gone for a bit with Ash and that they should enjoy themselves, Rhea crawled out of bed; Mya was going to watch Lulu for the morning.

Nova clearly wanted to come since she hopped off to join her in the shower; Ash sent a message that he and Dawn would be in the lobby whenever she was ready.  Dressing in her normal Trainer skirt and top, she went to join them with Nova.

Ash wore a white t-shirt with a blue jacket and shorts, showing a similar fashion that he typically went with; one surprising addition was the Mr. Mime wearing beachwear beside the Legend, wearing sunglasses.

Dawn was as versatile as ever, likely charging her aunt’s card for the denier, rocking a white tank top with a Honchkrow pattern, bracelets, an open black leather jacket cut off at the shoulders, and purple shin leggings that matched her tennis shoes.

“Mornin’, Sunshine!”  Dawn chimed, Piplup holding up a small mirror so she could adjust her hair clips and low ponytail.  “Hehe.  We’re going to have to shop a little on the island.  We got time.  Right, Ash?”

“Haha.  No clue.  I don’t know why you’re wearing that when we’re going to the Orange Islands.”

“Bah.  It can get breezy there this time of the year.  Ready, Rhea?”

“Uh.  Yeah,” Rhea said, focusing on a black nylon necklace cord around Dawn’s neck.  “Where did you get the ring from?”

Ash looked away, forcing a laugh and rubbing the back of his neck as Dawn teasingly nudged his side.

“He found it in the forest when we were traveling together and gave it to me, braided the cord and everything when we found a shop to dazzle out!”


“Pwe-pwe…”  Nova hummed, holding her paw up to her chin.

“Why did you even bring that?”  Ash asked as the Mr. Mime hopped forward to shake her hand.


Dawn rubbed the ring with a small smirk.  “Why not?  It’s a piece of jewelry, and I don’t go anywhere without something to wear.  Plus, hehe, I knew it would bring back some memories!”

“Eh-hehe.  Yeah, you and fashion, haaa…  You, Serena, and May have that in common.”

“Already talking about Serena and May, huh?”

“Shut up!”  Ash growled, shoving the snickering woman away.  “You are relentless.  Yes, I know they called to wish us a happy Starter’s Day.  I’ll be getting calls all day.”

“Pika-Pi!”  the electric rat chimed from his shoulder, waving celebration fans.

“Oh, and this is Mimey, Buddy Bonded to me and my mom; kind of crazy, but he’s one of my only Dual-Bonded Pokemon.”

Dawn bumped into him with a grin.  “Who was first, though, hmm?”

“The woman who power slammed me out of bed!”  Ash roared, causing a few of the early-morning tenants to break character and giggle.


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“Good times!  This isn’t just for Rhea; it’s Pikachu and your big day, too, so let’s meet up with Melody now.  It’s been ages since I’ve had the pleasure of touring the Orange Archipelago,” the blue-haired woman laughed, putting on some sunglasses and snapping her fingers at the Psychic Pokemon, who mirrored her.  “Okay, Mimey, let’s roll!”


Rhea was a little taken aback by the revelation; shimmering rainbow colors enveloped them, and they were suddenly in what appeared to be a tiki bar.

A song was humming in the background as Dawn took Rhea’s hand and spun her around, laughing and swaying to the music with Mimey joining them; there was something in the rhythm and lyrics that pulled her back to her happy dream.  She chuckled at the surge of energy and unpredictability Dawn brought to the day, causing her to forget all of her worries.

“Welcome to Shamouti Island; let’s all have some fun!”

“Pwe-pwe!”  Nova sang, dancing with Pikachu and Piplup.

Ash soon got into the groove, unable to hold a scowl at his best friend, as Dawn winked at him and spun Rhea to Mimey to enter a dance with the man.  “I’m always up for some fun.”

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