B4 — 25. A New Best Friend

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In the frigid north of a decaying empire, twins Victor and Elara are reborn into a world of magic and danger. Once siblings in the 1940s, Victor, a fierce World War II soldier, and Elara, a woman hiding a tragic secret, now face a new life with memories of their past.

Determined to protect Elara and build a better future, Victor harnesses his wartime skills and knowledge with the gemstone powers of his new world. Meanwhile, Elara, quietly recalling their shared past, becomes the calm force that balances Victor’s fiery drive as she learns what it means to become a lower noblewoman.

Guided by a mentor, an unlikely ally from Earth of centuries past, Victor must seize destiny rather than let it come to him to protect his family. As they navigate political intrigue, secret societies, and the mysteries of their new world, the twins must unite to defend their home, unlikely friends from discrimination, and step into the roles of leaders in a medieval world of magic.

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1:  Rhea Everhart (Our Blonde Bombshell Future Supervillain, Who Has A Boyfriend!)

6:03 a.m. October 24th, Saturday, 106 PH (Post Hoopa Event). Day 137.

Events: Rhea and the girls are on a Badge Hunt, trying to get all the Kanto Encrusted Badges before time runs out! Our girl started her journey on the 9th of June, and the end of registration for the Winter Indigo Cup is December 5th (41 days away).

Rhea got ready with Amira at 5 a.m., letting Roxie wake Lori up at 5:30. It seemed her teammates were on the train to up her game for Jason’s return on his extended camping trip because the redhead was talking a lot about it. Although she did sense something else stirring below the surface, she didn’t want to intrude on her Aura. So, she left it alone for now.

Her dad and Jason were having a blast somehow, and that wasn’t just coming from her dad, which made her nervous about the idea of spending time with Jason’s mom. The woman was a picture fanatic, and she had no clue what she would want to do for their private outing.

Some of the videos and pictures her boyfriend and dad sent to her melted her heart, though. Some of that was dampened by a rather strong radial Aura she couldn’t ignore from an older woman who entered the locker room to get ready for the day—envy was on her heart, and it was directed at her.

They didn’t interact or say more than passing greetings, but it did linger on her heart. On their way back to their room, her joy returned a little upon passing Lori. The Unovan girl had gotten up 15 minutes later than she was supposed to, trudging through the halls like a dead woman. Waving her off with laughter, she and Amira continued to their room.

She packed up her things with the redhead, waiting for her to approach whatever was eating her up inside. Lori was still in the bathroom when they finished, trying to wake up with the steaming hot water, no doubt. Likely fogging up the locker room mirrors something fierce as she always did.

Rhea set her pack against the wall and dropped down next to it. She activated her phone as Amira joined her, wearing a matching blue skirt and white blouse. It was fun to match outfits now that they had big wardrobes.

“What time are Erika and Sabrina supposed to be here?”

Amira flipped through a few messages, pausing on one Erika had sent while they were in the locker room. “Mmm—oh, it looks like Erika has a few free room vouchers for Celadon Hotel. It should be in about 10 minutes, but I told them that Lori might be 20 more since she isn’t really a morning person.”

“She really isn’t!” Rhea snickered, recalling how the violet-haired girl had somehow rolled out of her futon and been using Mya as a pillow when they’d woken up; her Pokemon had learned to latch onto their Trainer due to her restless movements at night. “Didn’t you already book a hotel for us?”

“No, I didn’t think we needed to since Rocket owns a large condominium in the city for traveling employees. I’d rather not intrude on the staff and cause them a headache, finding us room if Erika already has a place for us…and as nice as Celadon Hotel is, it’s not something I’d turn down.”

Rhea frowned while petting Lulu, sleeping in her lap. Her other Pokemon had gone to the training area to participate in the morning exercises of the dojo. They could pull them back with a spiritual tug, letting them know they were ready to go.

“Aren’t we taking away a place for someone else, though? I don’t want to get special treatment.”

Amira gave her a look. “Rhea…we will always get special treatment. It isn’t something to be ashamed about. It is something to be aware of and thankful for. There will always be people less fortunate than us.”

“I guess you’re right,” she sighed, swiping through some of the images her boyfriend sent of him exploring Sable National Park with her father; he seemed to be giving him some private lessons and training, which made her excited for their coming battle. “Sometimes I wonder about how fair things are… I could feel it in one of the women in the locker room… Jealousy.”

“Of course, there are people jealous of us,” the redhead whispered, responding to Erika’s text. “Acknowledge it, offer help where you can, and live your life shame-free. Life isn’t fair, Rhea, and denying reality by believing in some unnatural order of equity will only ruin your life because it is an impossibility…at least with free will involved.”

She smiled and glanced over at her, brushing her ponytail over her shoulder. “You should find joy in what you have rather than what you don’t. At least, that is what I believe and what my mother taught me. There is so much beauty around us to enjoy without being envious of others. You have qualities I desire, but I don’t fault you for that or let it ruin my mood.”

“Oh?” Rhea hummed, crossing her legs and shifting to study her new, budding best friend. “And what qualities do I have that you want? My Fortitude?”

Amira tilted her head to the side with a short laugh, stroking Mariah’s hair as she slumbered in her own lap.

“That is low-hanging fruit. You didn’t even try! Obviously, I am a little self-conscious about my lacking Allocations compared to Lori and you. I’ll admit that it is hard to feel positive when you two are super athletes, and I consider myself very athletic…only to have you two smoke me. I counter that by admiring you two and using that feeling as a way to help me push out of my comfort zone.”

Her red eyes shifted to her with a small smile. “I want to have your enthusiasm and trust in people. I’m a natural pessimist who tries to be positive, and it’s an effort, but you make that easier, which is amazing for me. My mom agrees!”

Rhea giggled, thinking back to the karaoke night they had, remembering the hyperactive song Lyra had pulled Silver into. She hadn’t expected the serious businessman to be so animated, but when dancing and singing with his super active wife, he seemed to come out of his shell.

“Your mom is so fun… I really want to go on a camping trip with her. I feel like she’d be the best person to go exploring with, always bouncing toward the next horizon with a smile on her face.”

Amira’s left eye creased while studying her, shifting Mariah in her lap to swap to her side against the wall, tucking her legs to the side.

“Now that you mention it…you really do have a lot in common with my mom. No wonder she was so ecstatic about us being on the same team. I think she can somewhat live her dream of coming on a journey with me through you.”

“Aww. That’s so sweet of you to say,” Rhea beamed, her smile falling a little as she looked at her half-off sandals and played with her toes. “I really respect your mom. In fact…I’m a little ashamed to admit, but there were times in the last few months that I kind of wished…she was my mom, but I really do love my mom. She’s just…”

“Frustrating?” Amira chuckled, vision drifting to the floor as she looked into her past. “Yes, I can relate to that. We all have our problems with our parents. And we all love them for their flaws, even if they aggravate us to no end.”

Her ruby eyes lifted to stare into her coral blue. “It’s rare for a team to stay together longer than one or two tiers. Jason and his team are being drawn into their own directions. I…was a little afraid we might go down that route when you started talking about taking part in the movie for Nova.”

Rhea hummed, using her hand to scoot up, straightening her spine against the wall. “You thought I’d leave the team?”

“Not necessarily,” Amira said with a small smile, resting her head against the wall. “I just thought we might be moving in that direction. And I totally support and understand why you might want to do something that would allow Nova to connect with her parents—it’s something she wants. I just…find it hard to trust people, I suppose you could say.”

Nodding, Rhea rubbed Lulu’s cheek as she yawned and latched onto her finger, mumbling in her sleep. In essence, Amira didn’t think it would be easy for her to find another team if they went their separate ways.

Instead of frowning, she grinned and met her gaze again. “That’s probably the best compliment you ever gave me. Thank you, Amira. That isn’t what you’re really worried about, is it?”

Closing her eyes and shaking her head, Amira let a short chuckle shake her frame. “Is it your Aura sense telling you that? If so, it’s right. It’s just…something I don’t want to broach…and is uncomfortable for me.”

Rhea could already guess what it was by the redhead’s earlier topic, which would have rolled into it. She could see why it was tough, too. Amira thought about every angle when trying to approach sensitive discussions, and, as she said, she was more of a recovering pessimist.

“No Aura sense. You can say it. I’m not going to be offended. Have a little more faith in my faith in you to know you’re genuine. It’s Jason, right?”

Amira breathed out a sigh that made her nose crease with agitation as she opened her eyes to stare at the floor.

“I feel like a hypocrite…and I hate that feeling. I’m happy that you’re taking your relationship with Jason to another level…but I do fear that maybe you’d need to choose between our group and him eventually… It’s difficult since I already rely on you…a lot,” she said, gaze lifting to hers, making Rhea choke at the intensity.

“It may sound out of nowhere…but you are the closest friend I’ve ever had…likely my only friend.” She puffed out a hot, frustrated breath.

“Lori?” Rhea instinctively asked.

Amira lightly tapped her head against the wall. “Lori is…fun and sporadic, but she’s just… Ugh. How do I describe it? Mmgm. No, it’s stupid. Ack! I wouldn’t want to hear this…but, mmm…but you’re like my mom. I hate myself,” she snarled, rubbing between her eyes. “But…but you’re not her, and that means a lot for some reason,” she admitted.

“I admire my mom—more than anyone…and I feel like crying right now just saying this, but…but I feel like I may be mixing these feelings into trying to give you advice…and I have to expose myself for any hypocrisy I may have…”

She paused, trying to find the right words. “I know you enjoy being around us, but you light up when you read his texts, and I know it’s not healthy, but I don’t want to lose your company. I’ve never had a friend like you before… Someone I know I can trust…

“I’ve…mmgm… I’ve rarely envied anything, which is ironic considering the start of this conversation…but I can admit that I am not perfect. I have…possessive tendencies to things…like my mom… I thought it could just be because of her status, but you’ve made me aware it’s friends, too. I understand if you hate this side of me… It’s a flaw…I’m flawed.”

Amira swallowed the lump in her throat, making Rhea’s heart go out to her friend as she struggled through her emotions. She couldn’t interrupt her after she was working so hard to express what was weighing on her chest. So Rhea gave the redhead her full attention, sending her encouragement and understanding.

Cutting off, Amira shook her head again, scratching her arm with agitation. “I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore,” she said with a pained laugh. “It makes me feel sick to my stomach. I feel like I’m burning you, and it’s killing me, thinking I’m trying to hold you back from pursuing something you should… I just hope I’m not burdening you. Hah. We’ve only known each other for, what…four and a half months? I’m pathetic.”

Rhea shifted to the side to face her friend against the wall, giving her a non-judging smile. “I don’t think you’re anything remotely approaching pathetic…if anything, the opposite! Here, I have some things I’d like to get off of my chest, too, so…here I go!

“It’s been the best four and a half months, Amira. You’re not burdening me with anything, and I think you’re right. There’s a reason my dad pulled Jason away for a few days. I was kind of jumping in really, really fast. I don’t want to make you or Lori feel like you’re taking a back seat, too… Hmm. Actually, I wonder if I made Len and Lucian feel that way by putting so much pressure on Jason. Umm. Amira, can I be honest with you?”

Amira was still fighting back tears, but she nodded as Rhea opened her arms, welcoming a hug. A bright smile lifted her cheeks as she said what she’d been feeling for a bit now.

“Now that Jason’s moving into boyfriend territory and out of the best friend category…I’ve had an open spot, and you’ve kind of filled it. Too much?”

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Amira pulled in her lips and shook her head, shifting Mariah to scoot closer and welcome the embrace. Her hot skin and breath made Rhea’s face soften as her arms closed around her back, pulling her in.

“No…not at all. I’ve just… Except for my family…I’ve never had these feelings before…like I can completely trust someone. Thank you for being a true friend, Rhea. Thank you for not judging me like everyone else.”

“Thank you for being a rock we can always count on… You’ve taught me so much. Hah. Maybe you’re more like a big sister than a best friend—both?”

Amira laughed, her chest shaking against hers as she fought through her emotions. “I have always wanted a little sister, and…I think I’m older than you.”

Breaking apart, Rhea rubbed her eyes, likely as red as Amira’s at this point. “Mhm! You just barely missed the season date, right? Your birthday is on the 8th of December—I know because Gossip always talks about your birthdays!”

“Of course they do,” Amira chuckled, accepting a tissue Mariah gave her, having woken up from their thick voices no doubt tickling the music Pokemon’s ears. “I can’t believe I don’t know yours. I should have asked sooner.”

“The 1st of January,” Rhea chimed. “We’re all pretty close, aren’t we? Lori’s is November 13th. What are we going to do for her eighteenth birthday?”

Amira dabbed at her cheeks as Mariah made a few musical notes, pointing at the door. “It looks like she’s done and just in time. I’ll text you some options, but first, we need to figure out which city we’ll be in, and that could be a little tricky if we lose any Gym Challenges.”

Rhea puffed up her chest. “Yeah, I think we’ve been doing pretty good so far. Sure, we’ve had some setbacks, but we’re basically already fighting entry-level Gold-tier at this point. We’ll kill it!”

“I hope you’re right,” Amira said, shifting her back against the wall and fixing her skirt position while crossing her legs. “We’re getting closer to Viridian… I’m getting a little nervous.”

“Nervous?!” Lori came skipping through the door, wearing sunglasses, a tank top, shorts, and sandals. Her Pokemon were dancing with one another. “What’s there to be scared of? We’re poppin’ off, girls! Wait, what’s up with the red eyes? It’s casino day, ladies! It’s time to party, dance, and explore the best city in Kanto—the City of Games, baby!”

Rhea got to her feet as the violet-haired girl hopped over to pull her into a dance. “I think it’s actually called the City of Rainbow Dreams.”

“One and the same to me, Honey Pot!” Lori sang. “I heard half of it is Sin City, and the other half is a tranquil garden of meditation—or some Muk like that. I can see why your dad didn’t want Mr. Smooth going with you! Hehehe. You’re as smooooth as Couriway whiskey…  You’re as sweeeet as Mago wine!”


Giggles ensued as the party girl bumped hips with her, getting them into the party mood. It didn’t take long for Erika to message them that they were out front, and their Pokemon sent them a spiritual tug to confirm.

Strolling outside, they found the two dark-haired Gym Leaders beside each other. Sabrina was about thirty centimeters taller than the shorter woman. Erika wore her typical, traditional Kanto kimono with its gradient reds and greens, her hair band keeping her bangs out of her face. On the other hand, Sabrina wore a more casual outfit today with her blue jeans and loose red top, clearly going to do some shopping in the neighboring city with her best friend.

“Ready to go, girls?” Erika asked, her amber irises showing the typical serenity the Gym Leader put off. “We can drop you off at the Celadon Hotel to drop off your goods real fast before taking you to the Shopping District to get your groceries for the next few days.”

Lori frowned, obviously wanting to get right to the Gambling District, but Amira answered before her as they joined the pair; their Pokemon were already gathered around Sabrina’s large Alakazam, floating beside the women.

“We’d appreciate the invite, Sabrina, Erika. I’ve been around the city a few times since Rocket has a few significant assets and property there. You needn’t chaperone or worry about us once we are in the Shopping District. I know you still have the rest of the day to enjoy yourselves.”

Sabrina smiled down at the Grass Specialist. “Erika needed a week off to rejuvenate after the last month she’s had. Battling you girls tomorrow will be the icing on the cake.”

“Mmm. We should grab some cake at the University sweets shop. One of my students told me that they have a few new Berry products that are trending.”

“Sounds good!” Rhea said, suddenly having the urge to eat some as she adjusted her backpack strap. “So, we leaving right now?”

Sabrina’s eyes flashed a light pink as she turned toward the dojo’s front entrance. “In a moment… We’re just waiting for our last passenger.”

“Oh, who?” Rhea asked, following her gaze with the rest of their party as the sounds of the morning martial arts shouts started. Her mind blanked when a blonde woman came jogging down the path, looking a little frantic and holding a small handbag. “Mom?!”

Erika giggled and hid her mouth with her sleeve. “She didn’t tell you she was going to Celadon to partake in the University Hyper Professor Exam Round Table Conference…the UHPERT. They usually have weird names like that.”

“Oh, hey, girls—eh?!” her mom chimed, Rhea fearing she’d trip as her heel-toe struck a slightly lifted stone. A light pink aura saved her from the tumble, bringing her over to them without incident and turning her mom’s cheeks pink. “Eh-hehe. Thanks, Sabrina.”

“You always were a klutz, Christie, depending on your husband to save you.”

Rhea snickered. “Yeah, I can see why she wanted to breed it out of Alice to find a way to cure herself. It didn’t seem to work, Mom.”

“Haha. Jokes. Jokes. Yes, I’m a klutz,” she admitted, clearing her throat and adjusting her shoulder strap. “Maybe I shouldn’t run in heels. I’m totally not here to hover over you, Rhea! I’m just here for—Rhea…”

Her mother’s nervous voice softened with her expression as Rhea walked forward to hug her. She held her mom tight as if protecting her from the storms of the world. Her mom had such a vulnerable, tattered heart that it needed all the love it could get to mend the damage she’d done to it herself over years of self-hate.

“Mom…would you have time to hang out later? I’d love to take you out dancing! What do you say? Lori’s been teaching me a bunch.”

Bottom lip trembling, her mom’s arms strengthened with her voice, and Rhea could practically feel the boom and clap of her mom’s heart as Rhea let her love be felt.

“I’d love that, Honey… I’d like that a lot. I’m pretty old school, though, so you’ll have to be the teacher to this old woman.”

“Oh, you’re not that old, Mom!” Rhea giggled, feeling light as air upon seeing the excitement budding in her mom’s picture-perfect blue eyes. “We’ll have to go shopping to pick out some dresses, too! Will you have time?”

“Always,” her mom said, practically glowing as Rhea felt her mom’s hands heating up in hers. “The conference is twelve p.m. to three, but I’ll be free the rest of the day.”

Lori jumped in, seemingly unable to hold back anymore. “Awesome! Do you gamble, too, Ms. Everhart? We’re going to hit a few casinos, and I saw some more tame ones—dancing-wise—if you wanted to have a more classy environment! It’s more expensive, but they’ve got some cool events.”

Her mom shook her head. “I’m afraid I’ve never been lucky at gambling, but Keith was always a pro at it. I look forward to losing money while having a fun time with you girls.”

“Awww! Rhea, your mom is too wholesome!” Lori cried, hopping forward to wrap her much smaller mom into a tight embrace. “We’re going to have such a fun day!”

Amira simply waved at her as the Unovan girl broke away. “I look forward to your company, Ms. Everhart.”

“Girls! Call me Christie,” she beamed. “So, where are you girls staying?”

Sabrina floated off the ground, her smile turning mischievous. “Here…”

Multicolored lights gathered around them, and in the next instance, gasps were heard as they appeared inside a luxury hotel lobby. Above them hung a shimmering waterfall of dazzling white crystals, spaced around the lights in a vast, magical chandelier. A tiered ceiling showed hidden bulbs that further cast a twinkling vista on the light gray ceiling.

White and black marble covered the polished floor, golden parallel lines tracing a pattern around its vast, open space. Matching leather couches and armchairs were placed before the long, open fireplace to the side of the lobby, and dozens of well-dressed people and even Pokemon walked around the area.

Her mother blinked and cast her gaze around the ritzy lobby. “Celadon… Hotel? This is where the University booked me… Erika, you gave them the Gym rooms, didn’t you?”

The elegant woman chuckled and waved at the Grass Pokemon attendants who waited to be of service, and Rhea caught sight of several greenery themes mixed into the fancy design of the lobby.

“The rooms are free for the next three days. I don’t expect the girls to stay longer since they are trying to get all the badges before December 5th, so it is a waste to leave them empty. I’ve already informed management. These lovely Pokemon will take your packs to your rooms.”

A Chikorita, Bellossom, and Tangrowth hopped forward to take their packs, vines wrapping around the straps as they offered them.




Their Pokemon waved them off, Rhea still too distracted by the cool lobby to catch what came next, but she caught the tail end of Erika’s sentence.

“…So, why don’t you give us a better view of the city, Sabrina?”

In the next instant, a strong wind brushed by them, and she was floating over Celadon. The early morning sun peeked over the horizon, casting its glow across the giant, divided city.

“Wow,” Rhea whispered. “I’ve never seen it from the air—only the streets from daily life blog videos… It’s so much bigger than I thought.”

Erika folded her arms in her long sleeves, looking upon her city with fondness as Lori fixated on the casino area.

“Celadon is divided into two parts…the forest area to the south, and the city area to the north.”

She nodded toward the northeast, where sectioned housing was spaced. “Much of the Residential Section for the citizens is in the north, but the far more sparse and controlled housing for smaller residences is in the southeast, where Celadon Hotel is.

“In the heart of the city is the Riverway, Arts, and Casino Districts, which I’m sure you are most interested in, Mallory.”

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Lori nodded eagerly. “Look at those designs and how big they are! Eh-hehehe. Is it too late to go to one of the casino hotels? Wait, I see the P1 Grand Prix! We have to see at least one show!”

“I’m afraid so,” Amira chortled. “Don’t worry, Lori, you will get your gambling fix, and we’ll check the schedule. We’re fairly busy as it is.”

“Aww. I know. Celadon is like…the place I most wanted to visit in Kanto, though…”

“Haha. We’ll talk about it,” Amira reassured.

Their Pokemon were pointing at various things and asking the hovering Alakazam questions as they spun around the air, Alice trying to chase Lulu.

Rhea followed her mother’s finger to the far western center, between the forested area and bustling city, where a large campus was positioned beside an even larger park with a colossal fountain at its center.

“The University is one of the largest in all of Kanto and Johto. I’m asked to speak here often and look over research, but I rarely have time. They caught me on a rare lull,” she laughed, giving Rhea a nervous smile while brushing back her bangs. “Sorry.”

“Huh?” Thoroughly confused, she quickly realized what had prompted her mom’s apology. “No! Don’t think I’m trying to restrict you from research or science stuff, Mom… I just want you to take it slower—to have fun with me.”

“Right, right! Sorry.” Rhea gave her mom a playful glare and pout. “And…don’t say sorry. I’m sorry,” she repeated with a more cheery smile this time that made Rhea laugh.

“Good. We’re going to have a fun time together! And, umm, is that northwestern district the Shopping District?”

“Very good,” Erika clapped, moving their gaze to the southwest. “And that big, beautiful campus of flowers is the Celadon Gym District. It is far more than just a Gym. I host a girl’s only private school amongst a few other little projects I have to help support young girls find their own way in our world of Pokemon. It would mean a lot if you stopped by there to speak to some of them if you get a chance.”

Rhea blinked, realizing she was talking to their group instead of her mother. “Oh, us—talk about what?”

Amira chuckled. “My guess is more of a question and answer session—fairly free-form. We are becoming celebrities for a lot of young women and little girls. I’d expect questions about our unique Pokemon and probably that stunt you pulled in Saffron against Sabrina. I think we might be able to swing it if you’re asking, Erika.”

“Wonderful!” Erika chirped, clapping her hands together with sudden excitement. “You have my private number, so feel free to text me at what times best suit your schedule. It would be even more amazing if you could defeat me tomorrow and do it later that night so it is fresh in their minds.”

Sabrina floated over to nudge her best friend’s side. “We haven’t even let them really walk on Celadon’s streets yet, Moss Brain. Let the girls enjoy their day without so much pressure. You can drill them tomorrow.”

“Oh! My apologies…haaa… I think I’m getting sleepy.”

“And that is our cue to drop you off and take Ms. Princess here to her bedroom. I’ll have breakfast ready when you wake up, Erika.”

“Mmm… Sorry to be a burden, Bestie,” Erika said with a thankful smile, eyes drooping. “You’ve always saved me…”

Sabrina’s eyes brightened, sending the woman into her covers at home, no doubt. “Always and forever, Bestie. Alright, I’ll drop you girls off at the Shopping District and you at the University, Christie. Also, don’t let Erika bully you, too. She can get a bit pushy when she gets excited.”

With that, Rhea blinked, and they were suddenly on the sidewalk before a gigantic mall, several citizens jumping away in shock at their teleportation. Nova hopped into her arms, and Lulu flew out of the air to land on her head, escaping Lulu’s hopping grab.

Amira and Lori smiled at her, and Rhea led the way inside.

“Let’s have a fun day before our crucible tomorrow!”

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