Making up, The Oppai Way!

Chapter 42 : Making Up, The Oppai Way

“Go away. Don’t make me ‘Whisper’ you.” Agni said between sniffles. Her mind was racing, mostly with anger but not with Katrin, who was now clinging to her, it was directed at herself. Simply put, she felt stupid. She felt stupid for showing concern at someone who was conspiring to drive her nuts. She felt foolish for being baited into such an obvious trap to begin with and she felt dumb for crying. Yet, she couldn’t stop!

In fact, the one thing she thought constantly amidst all her swirling emotions was *Do women cry this much all the time?*. Thinking back on the day Katrin and Agni arrived in Grenvale, Agni figured *Probably so.*.

That still didn’t ease the sting of the situation any less. Bracha left of her own accord, while Katrin simply refused and after the mishap with her Succubus powers Agni didn’t feel comfortable compelling her to do so. While Bracha certainly seemed happy that Agni tapped into some unknown ability, the conditions under which it occurred left something to be desired.

Katrin’s arms were wrapped around Agni’s waist and she was adamant about staying. More than anything Agni just didn’t want anyone to see her tears so — defeated by two women in one bold stroke, she simply cried to herself until her annoyance reached a sufficient level.

“Are you happy?” Agni asked.

“No.” Katrin answered. The entire time she’d been laying next to Agni, spooning with her arms wrapped around Agni’s waist. As much as she hated to admit it, the warmth from Katrin’s body was somewhat comforting.

*Being a woman is confusing as f***.* Agni thought to herself as she wiped the last of her tears.

“Then why did you do it?” Agni asked, her voice rising in volume before she decided to simmer down a bit.

“Because, I wanted to help you.”

“Ha! HA HA! Are you serious?” Agni replied. The reason was laughable to her. *Help me? Help me do what? Blow my Top? Spazz the f*** out?*

“Yes!” Katrin declared instantly as she nuzzled her face into Agni’s shoulder blades ever so gently.

“Get out!” Agni shouted, her anger getting the better of her as she struggled to physically remove Katrin’s grip from around her waist.

“At least let me explain properly.” Katrin said as she held on for dear life.

“Let me go dammit. I just want to be alone. Katrin. KATRIN. DAMMIT I SAID STOP!”


It was the sound of Agni’s elbow crashing into Katrin’s temple as she struggled to loosen herself from the latter’s grip. The blow was swift and hard, still Katrin refused to let go.

*I’m so stupid..* Agni thought to herself as a rushing sense of regret began to overtake her. She could almost feel tears beginning to rise within the corner of her eyes yet again.

“I’m sorry. Katrin, I didn’t mean to–”

“I know, it’s okay. I – I think I’m bleeding on your sheets though.” Katrin’s voice replied.

“W-what? Are you serious? Oh my god! I’m sorry.” Agni said as she turned to face Katrin who was indeed bleeding from a small gash alongside her face.

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“Agni. You’re a succubus. A lust demon who feeds on the carnal energy of others… Don’t you think it’s time you started acting like one?” Katrin began as she grabbed Agni’s doting hand and pushed it down against her bosom.

“What does that even mean? And what does that have to do with this situation?” Agni asked.

*If I knew how to be a woman, much less a succubus — this would be a whole lot easier.* Agni thought.

“It’s not so complicated…just do as you feel. Whatever you feel. Just…stop repressing yourself. I spent a lifetime doing that in my past life. It won’t get you far in life, in fact you’ll just pile up regrets. I wouldn’t want you to make the same mistake I did. That’s why…that’s why you needed some tough love!” Katrin replied.

“Bracha asked me to help you get past your mental block. And it worked, sort of, even though it took a while…” Katrin explained.

“So slapping my ass 20 times a day was therapy for me? Is that what you’re saying?” Agni asked as she grinned. At this Katrin just smiled and nodded her head.

“Wow, you really are bleeding on my sheets. It’s like a period for your forehead.”

“Woman beater. Pervert. Hentai.” Katrin replied with a teasing tone.

“Serial ass slapper.” Agni retorted.

“Bedroom bandit.” She continued, causing Katrin to chuckle.

“The tearful Succubus’s fiery declaration — ‘Get out, Now!’ “ Katrin exclaimed in a very animated way.

“Ouch. Ok, that kinda hurt. A little bit.” Agni replied.

“Fine. I’ll…just go with the flow and act on how I feel at the moment. But…don’t complain to me if you get groped all day…” Agni warned.

“I won’t need to worry about that.” Katrin replied confidently.

“Why’s that?”

“Because I Bracha and I gave you plenty of chances and you failed.”

“Oh HO! Oh, so it’s like that.” Agni said as she gritted her teeth. Katrin nodded her head eagerly as the cut from her forehead finally closed up due to her natural regeneration.

“Pfft. Wait til bath time. I’ll show you.” Agni said.

“Why wait til bath time all talk succubus!” Katrin said as she pulled her robe open, exposing her breasts.

“Oh? Someone’s bold. I don’t mind if I do..” Agni said as she began to make “creeper” hand movements while drawing closer.

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“Ah, wait! Wait! I’m sorry. I haven’t mentally prepared yet!” Katrin finally squealed as Agni drew too close for comfort.

“This is the least you deserve.” Agni said as she began to caress Katrin’s tits, bouncing them into one another and finally tweaking her nipples before she stopped. Katrin covered her face as Agni had her way with the E-cup mounds on her chest.

“I’ll let you get away with cuddling….this time…” Agni added before turning over to go to sleep.

“Agni.. Your tail won’t stop–uwa, it’s sliding in again!”

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