Naked Sparring ( The Ultimate Training!)

Chapter 29 : Naked Sparring (The Ultimate Training!)

Bouncing tits everywhere! The fierce jiggle which accompanied a jab, Katrin’s repeated attempts to grab Agni so that Bracha could then pummel her — it was bliss in a different sense of the word.

Much like Bracha suggested, the thrill of confrontation was very good for gaining experience. With each dodged or blocked strike, Agni watched the XP alerts roll by.

[+3 XP][+6 XP]

In addition, Agni couldn’t help but become somewhat aroused by the fervent bounce that accompanied each strike thrown her way. In fact at some points she found herself mesmerized by the jiggle, which almost caused her to take several direct blows to the face.

They had been going at it for the better part of half an hour at this point. According to Bracha, an adventurer’s stamina was directly related to their level and rank. In her past life maintaining a pace such as this, moving and evading constantly, would have wiped Agni out within minutes. In this regard, Agni could do little else but marvel at the new constitution she possessed.

Katrin was also trying her best. It was obvious she was an amature at fighting, one who had never thrown a punch in her life, still she managed to pressure Agni who was only keeping up due to her Agility stat.

[Agility – A measure of one’s reflexes and mobility.] This was the description given by her status menu upon inspecting the stat itself. Being that it was one of Agni’s highest stats she had absolutely no problem ducking and swaying to avoid hand to hand blows aimed at her. At least, she thought that was the case. Actually avoiding them both at the same time was quite challenging, this was largely in part due to Bracha. She was a pro at striking. Punches, kicks even grab attempts — Bracha tried them all and usually at awkward times. Because of this Agni learned to minimize her movements, using only the energy and distance necessary to avoid being struck or captured.

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“Nice, you catch on quickly.” Bracha said as she hopped backwards a few steps to create some distance.

“I wanted to get you used to this level of combat. I feel fairly confident in sending you out into battle now, but it’s time to kick it up a notch.” Bracha then walked over to Katrin and whispered something into her ear. Katrin’s face went blush, turning completely red before she nodded her head rather aggressively and turned to face Agni with a different sort of determination.

*What the hell is that about?* Agni thought.

“I’ve been using less than a fifth of my actual strength at this point. Let’s make things a bit more difficult for you.” Bracha said as she struck a familiar pose, her pointer and middle fingers both straightened as she crossed an elaborate symbol into the air before her, effortlessly. The yellow symbol then drifted over towards Katrin and moved into her body causing a flare of yellow aura to encompass her body.

“Now.” Bracha commanded as she dashed forward. Agni half expected her boast of using a portion of her strength to be just that. It was something masters in old stories say to rile up their opponents, but Bracha was not bluffing. Her speed doubled instantly and as Agni would soon discover so did her power. The first blow landed at her unguarded abdomen, it moved so fast that Agni could barely tense her stomach muscles. This was enough to lift her off of her feet, though strangely enough the blow didn’t hurt — the force of the blow was well placed, allowing Bracha to shatter Agni’s sense of balance. The next blow was the same, this time Bracha used her open palm to knock Agni a couple of meters away. Agni was so caught up in regaining her balance that she failed to notice Katrin waiting nearby.

Agni could feel her arms slide beneath her own, placing her in a full nelson but there was little she could do about it at this point. Katrin’s grip was firm and Bracha’s blow felt like it sapped the strength from Agni’s imbs. Then, something unexpected happened.

“Agni.” Katrin’s soft, sweet voice whispered into Agni’s ear.

“I want you to taste my love nectar. Eat my pretty bald p****, please.” The contrast between Katrin’s innocent sounding voice and the smutty words coming out of her mouth were enough to instantly send a shuddering wave of carnal energy through Agni’s body.

Katrin could feel Agni’s muscles relax as the familiar glow of pink energy took over her pupils. Bracha simply laughed, her hands on her hips as she gazed at Agni’s Succulust skill.

“Let’s see. Succulust, if I’m reading this right– you can learn to control this ability at will. You can learn to master just about every skill you acquire and some will even evolve if you use them enough. This skill is a great boon to battle, you can basically raise your power and agility by a great amount instantly.”

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“Um.. Bracha..” Katrin said, her voice full of timid energy.

“How long do you need me to hold her. She’s too strong!”

The sparring session ended there. Apparently in order for a Trainer to view skill data about another class, that class would need to use the skill in their presence. Bracha’s only choice was to force Agni into a state of lust in order to better understand a few things.

After getting dressed Bracha bid the two have a seat before her so she could discuss more of Agni’s “battle plan”.

“From now on, there are two things I’d like you to do, constantly as long as you’re awake for the remainder of the week. That is to use your Succubus Vision constantly and also to trigger your Succulust as much as possible. If you do these two things, by the week’s end I’m almost positive that you will be able to control your Succulust at will.” Bracha explained.

[+5 XP]

Agni was still raging, not from anger but the furnace between her thighs. The thought of tasting Katrin’s lips were sending her mind into overdrive. Though Agni was cognizant of every word spoken by Bracha her mind was miles away as she imagined pushing Katrin’s legs apart and sucking at the tender flesh along her inner thigh.

[+5 XP]

Groping her beautiful mounds and feeling the warmth of her skin against Agni’s tongue…

“Um..Agni. Agni!” Katrin practically shouted, her face growing red as Agni realized once more that her tail was rubbing dangerously close to Katrin’s crotch, even through her clothing.

Bracha simply laughed to herself as she watched Agni wrestle with her tail.

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