Though the starter gear was a great gift, it was not pleasant to move around in. The black bodysuit retained both heat and moisture and after an intense workout from Wayla, all of the adventurers were completely beat.

“You all did excellent. Don’t worry about your stamina, the more you grow the less of an issue it will be.” Wayla said as she put away her own sword and stood before the ladies who were all sprawled out on the ground, save Agni. She was hunched over, sweating profusely and breathing hard.

“Time for a break. Let’s bathe then have lunch.” Wayla said as she motioned for the women to follow her to the outdoor spring. Agni half expected it to be the same pool of water she spawned in but it was on the opposite end of the Tabernacle area. She could feel the humidity in the air as the group walked towards the natural hot spring. Wayla was the first to begin shedding her armor. She stacked her belongings neatly in a pile next to the pool of steaming water until she was completely nude before all of the recruits.

“Before entering, you must make sure to clean yourselves well. Assist one another if you need. Then once you’ve rinsed you can join me in the pool.” Wayla said as she walked towards a row of wooden buckets lined nearly near the spring. Next to them were several dozen stools as well. Whatever shyness the women had earlier this morning was now gone, the lure of a hot, relaxing bath was more than enough to cause them to strip without question.

Only Agni stood in amazement as she gazed at the dozens of female forms busily rinsing one another. Dumping water over each other’s heads as their sleek, curvy bodies glistened in the sun. Using their hands to rub and caress one another to wash off any lingering sweat from their bodies..

“What’s the matter weirdo?” The dark skinned girl said as she approached from behind Agni and began to grope her breasts. Agni was completely surprised by this action, so much so that she stood frozen in place, her mouth agape as the dark skinned girl had her way with her tits.

“Stop it bothering her Abeni!” A nekomata girl said as she slapped the dark skinned girl across the back of her head.

“Ow Purscha! I was just helping her rinse…” Abeni protested as she rubbed the side of her head.

“She hasn’t even undressed yet, dummy!” Purscha retorted as she slapped Abeni once more.

“Fine fine… I’ll leave you alone this time…” Abeni said, drawing close so that she could whisper into Agni’s ear.

“But when we’re all alone I’m going to take what I want.” Abeni added as she slapped Agni’s asscheek once again. Agni’s mind was now racing in overdrive as a strange sensation bubbled up from within and overcame her.

“That’s two times now…” Agni said absentmindedly. The words burst forth from her mouth uncontrollably, she didn’t think about the response–it just happened. She glanced over at Abeni with the same pink glow to her eyes and once more Abeni grimaced and slowly retreated to speak to her fellow group mates.

“Um.. Excuse me.” A small voice said from behind Agni. She turned to face the woman speaking only to realize it was the same young woman from earlier in the hut. The same one that made her tail twitch.

“Oh–” Agni said as the pink glow within her gaze faded away slowly and she came back to her senses.

“Would you like some help rinsing?” The woman said. Agni couldn’t help but gaze upon her figure, she was quite busty DD cups by Agni’s estimation and her tits glistened with water from the humidity in the air.

“Oh, ohhh. Yes. Please.” Agni added as her face grew blush.

Agni turned and began to take off her gear, setting it close to a nearby rock while the young, brunette lady grabbed a pair of stools for them to sit on.

“Baths are great, aren’t they?” The young woman said as she set the stools down.

“Y-yea. Definitely.” Agni replied, she could feel herself growing more wet by the moment.

“So, I’m Katrin. I’m a Scribe class–and you?” The busty brunette said as she splashed water across Agni’s shoulders with a wooden scoop and began to wipe the excess away with her hands.

“Agni, Succubus.” Agni offered in response to the question. Agni hoped that her short responses weren’t being seen as rude but she was having an extremely difficult time controlling her urges. A smoldering fire felt like it had been ignited in her which grew hotter with each throbbing beat of her heart. Agni could feel her p**** throbbing and in each direction she stared there was nothing but more temptation awaiting her.

“F***, I’m so wet right now.” She thought to herself as she clenched her fists. The fact that Katrin’s hands had now moved to her chest didn’t help matters either. Agni’s eyelids fluttered, her head arching back slightly as Katrin’s hands found their way to her breasts. What’s more Katrin’s ample tits pressed against Agni’s back as well. The sensation was that of unmistakable bliss as the softness of Katrin’s skin pressed into her.

Agni bit her lip as Katrin’s hands wandered from the collar bone and further down still, finally lifting her breasts to “Make sure I get all of the sweat.” in Katrin’s own words. But she wasn’t done yet…

Katrin’s hand wandered even further down along Agni’s sides as she poured water along Agni’s head and neck. The result was cool water rolling down between the valley of her breasts and eventually down to her stomach where Katrin’s free hand awaited.

“Ahh–” A sense of both panic and elation was slowly rising in Agni. She wasn’t sure if she was okay with this, but she definitely didn’t want to stop.

“Agni..” Katrin said.

“A-Agni…” Katrin repeated, pulling Agni’s focus back to the conversation.

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“Yes?” Agni responded.

“Your tail really likes me…”

“What? Oh!” Agni’s eyes widened as she realized that her tail had once more found its way between Katrin’s inner thigh and was now tracing slow circles along the sensitive flesh there.

“I’m so sorry!” Agni offered as she quickly snatched her tail and held onto it for dear life.

“There’s no amount of internal screaming that will cover this.” Agni thought to herself as she began to blush once more.

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