vol. 1: chapter twenty-nine – meeting the triplet

After finishing his call with Xue Rui, Li Xinwen began to contemplate how to deal with the unconscious man in his room. ‘I’ll just tie him up,’ Li Xinwen decided after a while and began to look around for something to tie up Xue Liang.

In his quest, he saw the small hole on the glass door to his balcony and now understood how Xue Liang managed to get into his room. ‘Really. This Xue Liang is truly dangerous,’ he thought to himself before he continued his search. In the end, he couldn’t find anything to tie Xue Liang with so he ended up using his spare bed sheets. He cut them into strips and twisted these into a braid before tying the ends together to make a makeshift rope.

He approached the still unconscious Xue Liang and tied the man up securely. Once he was done, Li Xinwen brought Xue Liang downstairs and unceremoniously threw him on the sofa. His next step was to set up a barrier around Mother Li’s room so that no sound could travel into the room to bother her rest. After all, Li Xinwen couldn’t predict how messy things would be once Xue Rui arrived. ‘Not to mention… his eldest brother was with him. Who knows if I’m going to have the whole set here tonight.’

That thought alone made Li Xinwen sigh heavily. He didn’t know the temperament of the eldest sibling, but after getting to know the other two, Li Xinwen didn’t have high hopes of him being decent. “I guess a young master will always be a young master,” Li Xinwen said to himself.

Just then, Li Xinwen heard the door upstairs open, then close, followed by several footsteps. “Hua-jie? Why is she awake at this time?” Li Xinwen wondered as he glanced at the stairs. He could hear the footsteps getting closer and Li Xinwen started to think of a good excuse as to why Xue Liang was there. In the end, he decided that telling the truth would yield better results. Especially since Li Jinghua was someone who had experienced rebirth, lying would not be beneficial. He had learned his lessons the hard way.

‘Technically, it is not my fault. If she had told me she broke the engagement, would I play along with the original’s wish to keep Xue Rui close to the family?’

When Li Xinwen thought about it, the person who was most wronged here was himself. “Maybe this is heaven’s way of telling me to pay my debt…”

“What debt?” Li Jinghua’s voice sounded out.

Though Li Xinwen already knew that Li Jinghua was arriving, he still put on a surprised expression on his face. “Hua-jie! What are you doing up so late?” Li Xinwen asked, faking his nervousness as he shifted his body, as if attempting to hide Xue Liang’s figure from Li Jinghua.

Of course, Li Jinghua saw through Li Xinwen’s actions as he had accordingly intended. So when Li Jinghua saw Xue Liang, a deep frown formed on her face then it turned to worry as she glanced at Li Xinwen. “Ah‘Wen… he… what is he doing here?!” she asked in a slightly panicked tone as she approached Li Xinwen. She looked over Li Xinwen from top to bottom, before she raised her hand and attempted to lift Li Xinwen’s shirt.

Li Xinwen’s reaction was quicker, and he grabbed Li Jinghua’s wrist to stop her from doing so. Unfortunately, this only made Li Jinghua more suspicious.

“What did he do?” Li Jinghua’s voice sounded stern as she glared at Xue Liang with eyes full of malice.

“Hua-jie, do you think he was able to do something against me seeing as he ended up like that?” Li Xinwen asked.

“I… well,” Li Jinghua’s expression softened slightly but the suspicion in her eyes didn’t disappear. “Let me see your body.”

“Why?” Li Xinwen asked.

“To make sure that nothing really happened.”

Li Xinwen was now feeling nervous. The reason why he was reluctant to let Li Jinghua see his body was because his wounds had disappeared completely after drinking the water inside the dimension. ‘I should’ve used them before going down…’

Just as he was lamenting, they heard the doorbell. “Ah! That must be them!” Li Xinwen said as he avoided Li Jinghua and rushed to the door.

“Wait, who is them? Ah‘Wen!” Li Jinghua called out, though she still minded her voice to avoid waking their mother accidentally. But her brother continued to walk towards the door and she could only follow.

When the door opened, it revealed two strikingly similar-looking men standing side by side. Li Jinghua’s mouth was left hanging open. “This… this…” she pointed to the two men by the door before turning to Li Xinwen with a confused expression, silently asking Li Xinwen for his explanation. The two men were none other than Xue Rui and Xue Jun who had rushed all the way from the club. Xue Rui’s face was flushed and he reeked of alcohol. Though Xue Jun had also drank his fill, it was obvious that he handled his drinks better than his younger brother did.

Li Xinwen who saw this could not help but let out a heavy sigh. Earlier, he already had a bad feeling that tonight might end up being too messy once the remaining Xue brothers arrived. Adding Li Jinghua to the equation, Li Xinwen felt a heavy headache coming his way.

“Hua-jie, this is… Xue Rui,” Li Xinwen pointed at Xue Rui. “And this over here is-“

“Xue Jun,” Xue Jun spoke up, suddenly cutting off Li Xinwen’s sentence. “I believe this is the first time we’ve met, though the both of you seemed to have already met my two younger brothers.”

When Xue Jun spoke, Li Xinwen actually received a huge surprise. Not because of how his voice sounded, but because he felt Xue Jun checking him out, spiritually!

Li Xinwen looked up at Xue Jun and their eyes met. In that instant, both of them knew that the other was not at all someone simple. Xue Jun’s eyes narrowed at his findings but Li Xinwen simply turned his head and ignored his questioning look.

“The one inside is called Xue Liang,” Li Xinwen said to Li Jinghua as if he was just continuing from his explanation earlier. “They are triplets.”

“Triplets…?” Li Jinghua’s eyes went from Xue Rui to Xue Jun, back and forth as if trying to find any difference between the three.

“That’s right, ah! Where’s second brother? Xinwen, he didn’t do anything bad to you, right? He… he… did he…” Xue Rui, upon hearing Xue Liang’s name, finally spoke. Earlier, his mind went ‘offline’ the moment he laid his eyes on Li Xinwen and felt that he was simply dreaming.

Knowing what Xue Rui was thinking about, Li Xinwen quickly dispelled his thoughts. “No. Nothing happened. Xue Liang is inside all tied up.”

“Tied… up?” Xue Rui stared at Li Xinwen for a while and once he saw that Li Xinwen wasn’t lying, he felt a huge sense of relief. The thoughts that had been crushing his chest suddenly disappeared.

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“Come on in so you guys can pick him up,” Li Xinwen said as he gestured for the two to come inside.

The two brothers stepped into the house but as they walked towards the living room, Li Xinwen noticed that Li Jinghua was rooted in place while her eyes were still staring at the two brothers.

“Hua-jie?” Li Xinwen called out and Li Jinghua finally snapped out of her stupor. “Is something the matter?” he asked, his face showing a hint of worry.

Ah‘Wen… they are triplets?” Li Jinghua asked and Li Xinwen just nodded his head. “Triplets…” Li Jinghua suddenly felt that something was not right but she couldn’t pinpoint what it was exactly. She was once again deep in her thoughts and didn’t realize Li Xinwen had come over.

“Hua-jie,” Li Xinwen once again called her out in a gentle tone making Li Jinghua snap out of her thoughts and looked at him. “Whatever it is you’re thinking about, you can tell me. Since you trusted us with your secret, if there’s something worrying you, you can share your burden with this younger brother of yours,” Li Xinwen said with a smile.

“I… well,” Li Jinghua looked hesitant at first before sighing. “Those three… look exactly the same.”

“Yes, they do,” Li Xinwen agreed, but since he was a cultivator, he could differentiate the three of them easily from their spiritual signature.

“What if… the one with me in the apocalypse was not Xue Rui?” Li Jinghua voiced out her suspicion. “Back then, Xue Rui always went out to find supplies. One day, he didn’t return for a long time and… when he did, he suddenly became a three-line ability user…”

Just from the sentence alone, Li Xinwen understood Li Jinghua’s suspicion. “So, what Hua-jie is saying… is that the ‘Xue Rui’ that was with you at that time might not be Xue Rui at all? He might be one of the other two of the triplets?”

Li Jinghua nodded her head and Li Xinwen turned his head to the direction of the living room. “If that is true, then… I guess we’ll have to include them in our plans for the future.”

“But maybe we don’t have to! Ah‘Wen, if the person that was with me back then really was not Xue Rui, then they are dangerous. It is enough if we have Xue Rui as our back up plan.”

“But Hua-jie, that Xue Jun person is not a simple man. He seems to be a high-ranking officer in the military. Who knows, maybe he can also help us with weapons?” Li Xinwen tried to persuade Li Jinghua. Based on Li Jinghua’s memories, Li Xinwen gathered that they would be needing a lot of weapons if they want to live a good life in the apocalypse. “Also, it seems that he’s a martial artist like Mr. Min.”

“Martial artist like Mr. Min?” Li Jinghua’s eyes widened as if she had just remembered something. “Earlier, you said he’s a high ranking officer from the military?”

Li Xinwen nodded, then Li Jinghua quickly rushed over to the living room as if she had been injected with chicken blood. Li Xinwen was left confused as he stared at the direction Li Jinghua ran to. ‘I guess there is more to the apocalypse that Li Jinghua went through than what I found out from Hua-jie…’


When Li Xinwen entered the living room, he saw Li Jinghua staring at Xue Jun. “Are you… Major General Xue from the 3rd Battalion?”

Li Xinwen heard the question and understood why Li Jinghua asked such a question. ‘Xue Jun must be someone she knew from her days in the apocalypse.’

“That is indeed me. How did Miss Li hear of me?” Xue Jun asked in a polite tone.

“That,” Li Jinghua was unable to answer immediately. The man in question was, at that very moment, rummaging through the clothes of the still unconscious Xue Liang, while Xue Rui was glaring daggers at his second brother.

With his keen eyes, Li Xinwen could see that Xue Jun was putting a small, button-sized device into each of Xue Liang’s pockets. ‘Are those what they call trackers? I’ve seen similar props from the original’s memories… I wonder if I could steal some.’

While Li Jinghua was thinking of how to answer, Xue Liang decided to wake up. Sensing this, Li Xinwen immediately stepped in front of Li Jinghua protectively since Xue Liang had proved to be a dangerous person. ‘Actually, I don’t think we need his help at all…’

“Ugh… f***…” Xue Liang let out a groan before he attempted to move. Only then did he realize that he was bound. “What the hell?! Who dares to tie up this ancestor?!” he asked out loud.

Li Xinwen narrowed his eyes and he was about to go forward to teach Xue Liang another lesson when he saw Xue Jun move. He watched silently as the eldest of the triplets pulled his fists back before driving them towards Xue Liang’s abdomen right in front of everyone.

Xue Liang doubled over in pain and let out a series of coughs. “You bast–!” Xue Liang was about to curse the person who hit him but stopped midway when he saw who the perpetrator was. “Ge… how come you’re here?” Xue Liang asked nervously.

“Awake yet?” Xue Jun asked and Xue Liang nodded his head. “Good. We’ll leave now. You better be prepared for your punishment.”

Xue Jun went over, wanting to pick Xue Liang up but then, Li Xinwen decided to speak up.

“Hold on. He broke into my room in the middle of the night. The door was broken… shouldn’t I be compensated?” Li Xinwen asked. “At the very least, pay for the repair fee for the door.”

Xue Liang turned to Li Xinwen with a smile. “Now now, sweetheart. How about I give you a house instead and we can live together,” by now, he had remembered where he was and why he was there, though he somehow could not believe himself being so clumsy as to be knocked unconscious due to a fall. But since he was all tied up like this, he could only trust his memories. ‘Still… why do I feel that my cheek is hurting badly?’ he wondered.

“Nonsense! If anyone is giving him a house and living together with him, it’s going to be me!” Xue Rui interjected. He then proceeded to approach Li Xinwen but unfortunately, he only managed to go forward two steps when Xue Jun pulled him by the collar and threw him to the sofa beside Xue Liang.

“The two of you still dare to say things like giving him a house and living together after the mess you both made?” Xue Jun asked, eyes narrowing as he stared at his two brothers. “Ah‘Liang, do you understand that what you did is against the law? Xiao Rui is also the same. You knew how Ah‘Liang is and you still listened to him? Have the both of you gone crazy?”

“I…” Xue Rui was unable to say anything and could only lower his head. Meanwhile, Xue Liang only looked away, refusing to look at Xue Jun. His act of defiance made Xue Jun sigh heavily.

Li Xinwen, who was witnessing this little drama from the sidelines, felt amused at the triplets’ interaction. Li Jinghua on the other hand was feeling extremely confused to the point that she didn’t know how to cut into the conversation. There was still so much that she wanted to ask about Xue Jun but she couldn’t find the right timing.

“This incident will be reported to grandfather. So both of you better prepare yourselves,” Xue Jun said simply.

“And what makes you think grandfather would care about what I’m doing, Ge?” Xue Liang asked in a slightly mocking tone. “I’ve already done a lot of things that are against the law and grandfather never did anything about it, not even once. So what makes you think he’s going to care about anything involving me this time?”


Ge, I think you’ve forgotten about the fact that grandfather and I made a deal. He lets me do whatever I want, and I provide the military with weapons.”

Xue Jun continued to stay quiet while Xue Liang continued to speak. Seeing that his remark seemed to have touched a nerve in Xue Jun, Xue Liang sniggered and continued to speak sarcastically, as if wanting to further annoy his eldest brother.

“So what if I fancy someone and decided to have a few male pe-“


Xue Liang didn’t get to finish because Xue Jun punched him right in the face. In fact, he punched Xue Liang on the same spot where Li Xinwen had punched him before.

‘Luckily, he’s already at the first stage of body transformation or else, he would’ve ended up deformed from our two punches,’ Li Xinwen commented in his mind. Li Xinwen wanted to let out an amused chuckle when he saw something that made his eyes go wide.


Xue Liang received another punch from Xue Jun, and Xue Rui who sat beside Xue Liang started to shake with fear.

“Bro… big bro…” Xue Rui called out, only to close his eyes when Xue Jun once again, punched Xue Liang in the face, followed by another punch.

Seeing this kind of scene, Li Xinwen’s expression darkened. Especially when he sensed that Li Jinghua had become uncomfortable. So when he saw that Xue Jun had no plans of stopping even after delivering the fifth punch, he decided to interfere.

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Ah‘Wen! Wait!” Li Jinghua saw her brother move towards Xue Jun. Panic started rising up her chest and Li Jinghua tried to reach out to Li Xinwen to stop him but Li Xinwen’s movement was too quick for her.

Li Xinwen reached out and grabbed the other man’s fist while he raised his other arm, placing them under Xue Jun’s throat to keep the man from using force to get to Xue Liang. “Eldest Young Master Xue, I think that is enough,” Li Xinwen said in a calm voice.

Xue Liang who had been pulverized by his eldest brother looked up to see Li Xinwen protecting him and he couldn’t help the smile from forming on his face. “Baby, I knew it! You do care for me, ah!” Xue Liang said, not realizing that Xue Jun’s eyes became even more dangerous after he said that.

Xue Rui on the other hand was surprised that Li Xinwen would actually dare to stop Xue Jun. A complicated feeling filled Xue Rui. It was a mix of uneasiness, admiration, panic, fear and speechlessness. At that moment, Li Xinwen appeared more dashing than he had ever appeared before. Just as he was about to lose himself because of Li Xinwen’s aura, Xue Rui became aware of Xue Jun’s temperament. Xue Jun was emanating a dark aura with eyes filled with murderous intent.

“Brother… please-” Xue Rui stammered but was cut off before he even finished his intent to plead for Li Xinwen.

“Why are you protecting him?” Xue Jun remarked, addressing the question towards Li Xinwen, his voice sounded strained, as if Li Xinwen’s behavior was so absurd it confused him. Xue Jun furrowed his brow, and he turned to look directly at Li Xinwen.

“In what way am I protecting him?” Li Xinwen answered, not a shred of fear in his demeanor. He looked directly into Xue Jun’s eyes, as if defying a great force with even greater force unseen, that could only be felt. The atmosphere between these two was abuzz with a certain kind of unfathomable tension, like an unspeakable desire too lustful to describe, that would shame anyone who even attempted to analyze the situation.

“I just feel that if I let you continue with such behavior, you’ll end up killing someone in my home. Young master Xue, I don’t care if you want to discipline your brother but please refrain from doing it in someone else’s home.” Li Xinwen continued, arching an eyebrow as he let go of the fist he held with one hand and slowly lowered the arm aimed at Xue Jun’s throat. Li Xinwen slowly stepped to the side without taking his eyes off of Xue Jun.

Xue Jun in turn held Li Xinwen’s gaze and stared at him, his thoughts indiscernible. Perhaps his heart was raging with emotions at that moment, but no one could tell. He took a deep breath and finally calmed down. “Xiao Rui, take Ah‘Liang to the car.”

Xue Rui looked up at Xue Jun worriedly. After all that happened, the effect of the alcohol had completely disappeared from his system. “What about you?”

“I will stay and speak with Mr. Li and Miss Li about the compensation,” Xue Jun replied.

“Can’t I stay as well? If it’s compensation, then I’m willing to pay. After all, the root of the problem was me…” Xue Rui said with a tone full of guilt, covertly trying to steal a glance at Li Xinwen, which did not escape Xue Jun’s sharp eyes.

“You want to stay to talk about compensation or you want to look at him more?” Xue Jun asked, almost annoyed, and Xue Rui immediately looked down on the floor once more. “Xiao Rui, just listen to your big bro and go to the car with Ah‘Liang. Go and calm yourself, we’ll talk more later.”

When Li Xinwen and Li Jinghua heard this particular sentence, they both couldn’t help but speak out in their hearts.

‘The one who needs to calm down is you! Lashing out in other people’s home… look at my poor family’s sofa, ah!’

Both siblings’ eyes went to the sofa, now stained with a splatter of blood.


Xue Rui brought Xue Liang out of the house with a heavy heart. Li Jinghua, out of courtesy, decided to see them out properly before heading back to the living room. Now, there were three people left and the atmosphere appeared to be calmer.

“Young Master Xue, since we’re going to discuss compensation, how about having a seat first?” Li Xinwen gestured for Xue Jun to take a seat on one of the clean sofas. As they both sat down, Li Xinwen couldn’t help staring at the sofas that were stained with a few droplets of blood and felt that this should be the first thing to be addressed. ‘But before that…’ Li Xinwen glanced over at Li Jinghua who was still standing, appearing as if at a loss on what to do next.

“Hua-jie, can you make me some hot chocolate milk and maybe tea for Young Master Xue, as it might take a while to discuss the compensation for all that’s happened,” Li Xinwen said with a smile.

“Ah, yes! Of course! I’ll go and make them right away,” Li Jinghua said as she rushed to the kitchen. Though she had a lot of questions for Xue Jun, she should still prepare a drink for him out of politeness.

Left with Xue Jun after sending Li Jinghua away, Li Xinwen turned to face him. “I have a feeling you have some questions for me. My sister is busy in the kitchen but it won’t be for long. So whatever questions you have, please ask away before she comes back.” Li Xinwen said in a serious tone.

“I will get right to the point. Who are you?” Xue Jun asked, his eyes narrowing at Li Xinwen like a predator eyeing its prey.

Li Xinwen was caught off guard by his question. At first, he thought that Xue Jun wanted to ask how he had learned martial arts and had even prepared a well thought out lie in an attempt to pull wool over the man’s eyes. ‘I didn’t expect this question at all…’

“Not answering?” Xue Jun asked when Li Xinwen didn’t answer his question.

“I am merely surprised that Young Master Xue is asking me this question. I thought you would have already known considering that your two other brothers have… taken a fancy to me,” Li Xinwen replied. “Anyway, my name is Li Xinwen and-“

“I know that you are not Xinwen. Who are you?” Xue Jun asked once more, cutting off Li Xinwen’s introduction. He even exerted the pressure of the initial stage one of Houtian in an attempt to pressure Li Xinwen. Unfortunately for Xue Jun, Li Xinwen ranked higher in terms of cultivation so rather than putting Li Xinwen in his place, it only made Li Xinwen have a mixed feeling. One, he felt amused, but at the same time, he felt that this young cultivator in front of him was looking down on him.

“Young Master Xue, I suggest you calm down first,” Li Xinwen said with a smile. When Xue Jun saw this smile, he instead raised the pressure he exerted. By now, Li Xinwen was starting to feel slightly angry. ‘I’ve tried to advise you so you can’t blame me for this,’ Li Xinwen said in his heart as he slammed the pressure of the peak 4th stage Houtian on Xue Jun.

Feeling the pressure, Xue Jun could only stare at Li Xinwen with wide, unbelieving eyes. “You…” he tried to speak but due to the heavy pressure that was pressing down on him, he felt that it became hard to breathe.

Seeing that Xue Jun had learned his lesson, Li Xinwen retracted his spiritual energy and reclined on the sofa in a relaxed manner. “Young Master Xue, I applaud you for reaching the 2nd stage of Houtian, but I suggest you don’t let that turn into arrogance just because most of the people here are not cultivators,” Li Xinwen told Xue Jun. “You should know there are mountains beyond mountains, and skies beyond skies. It would do you good if you don’t offend people who are stronger than you. As for your question…” Li Xinwen trailed off because he could hear Li Jinghua approaching from the kitchen.

“I will answer them at some other time,” Li Xinwen continued. “Now, let us talk about the compensation, shall we? First, the sofa that was dirtied by you and your brother,” Li Xinwen pointed at the sofa where Xue Liang was sitting before. “I don’t want you to replace it. I want you to clean it,” Li Xinwen said with a smile. ‘After trying to subdue me, think I’m not going to retaliate? Making you wash the sofa is a good punishment enough. If this was Long Xing, you’d go up and down the mountain without using your cultivation as punishment!’

“Clean them? That is not a problem. I will send someone over tomorrow to pick it up and send the sofa to-“

“Young Master Xue, I want ‘you’ to clean the sofa.”

Li Xinwen cut off Xue Jun from finishing his sentence and even emphasized that he wanted Xue Jun to clean the sofa personally. “I don’t want anyone else to clean it. Since you said you’re going to compensate us, then you should do it yourself, ah!”

Major General Xue who was asked to clean the sofa: …

After being rendered speechless for a while, Xue Jun finally gave Li Xinwen a reply. “Fine. I will personally clean the sofa. Is there anything else?”

“En. The door to the balcony in my room was broken into by Xue Liang. You tell him to get the replacement for the door. I want the exact same one, and also, tell him to personally replace it on his own.”

“… anything else…?” when the question left his lips, Xue Jun suddenly had a foreboding feeling in his heart.

“Xue Rui will come with me this weekend to a martial arts school. Get Xue Liang to attend too. Of course, you are also welcome to join, Young Master Xue,” Li Xinwen’s smile was just as bright as the sun, almost seductive.

Just then, Li Jinghua returned with the drinks and Li Xinwen changed his posture so he could drink his favorite drink easily. After taking a sip, he addressed Xue Jun again. “If you decide to come this weekend and manage to ‘impress’ me, I’ll answer your question from earlier.”

“Is that a promise?” Xue Jun asked.

“I promise.”

“Then I will see you again this weekend,” Xue Jun replied before he stood up.

“Young Master Xue, we’re not finished yet. Sit back down,” Li Xinwen said, and his eyes that stared at Xue Jun had a hint of silent threat within. Xue Jun noticed this, so he obediently sat back down. “My sister seems to have a few questions for you. I hope you’ll give her an answer.” Li Xinwen then took another sip from his cup, enjoying the taste.

Hearing this, Li Jinghua could finally ask the questions that she had been keeping in her heart. “Major General Xue… do you know a man named Min Xiaoyu?”

“Min Xiaoyu? I don’t have any recollection of anyone that goes by that name,” Xue Jun answered.

“Really?” Li Jinghua sounded disappointed at hearing Xue Jun’s answer. “What about anyone else with the surname Min?”

Li Xinwen eyed Li Jinghua from the corner of his eyes and could see that Li Jinghua seemed to be desperate for answers. ‘Someone surnamed Min and has relations with Min Xiaoyu. I guess this was very important information which she heard during the apocalypse in her first life.’

Xue Jun didn’t answer for a while, but he kept glancing at Li Xinwen instead. Li Xinwen also noticed this and assumed that Xue Jun did know someone with the surname Min but he somehow couldn’t tell Li Jinghua. Li Xinwen just raised an eyebrow to Xue Jun before silently signaling him to answer Li Jinghua.

“I… know one. Min Shaotian. That is all that I can tell you.”

Li Jinghua didn’t find the name familiar so she could only let out a disappointed sigh. “I see. Thank you for answering my question, Major General. It is late, I’m sure you wanted to go home earlier but were stopped by my brother. Before you go, please have a drink first,” Li Jinghua said as she gestured at the tea that was still warm on the table.

Xue Jun picked up the tea and drank it in one go. “Thank you for the tea. I will take my leave now. Tomorrow, I will come and pick up the sofa,” as he mentioned the sofa, his eyes landed on Li Xinwen once again.

“I will be here waiting,” Li Xinwen said as he stood up. “I will go and see you off, young Master Xue,” Li Xinwen said with a smile.

Xue Jun also stood up and the two walked towards the front door. But before leaving, Li Xinwen whispered to Li Jinghua: “Hua-jie, don’t go to sleep yet. I have few questions for you. Xinwen hopes that Hua-jie can answer so that it can help us in the future.”

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