Chapter 25: Guilty Pleasure

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A pebble flicked annoyingly at Jered’s windowpane. He ignored the first tap, turned around, and snored away into his pillow—his deep, rhythmic breathing vouching for his unconsciousness. Then a second whack sounded out, stronger, tailed right away by a third and a fourth. Jered’s eyes cracked open. A few seconds passed where he patiently waited for the noises to stop. It was an act of uncomparable leniency to whoever was outside, throwing rocks at the sleeping lion. Heh, but the fool didn’t stop. 

Jered smiled, tossed the sheets aside, and thumped towards the windowsill. He parted the curtains, and peered down through the gap. “Huh…” it was a guy, wearing a bleached pink, Hello Kitty hoodie. A sigh rolled off his mouth, “Kenny,” who but his bestie would waltz around looking like that? Jered latched the window open and peeked out, “You damn idiot, you could have texted me, you know?”

Kenny huddled his arms together, his head drooped low as he bounced on his heels. “Sorry… I forgot my phone at home.”

“Whatever… give me a second and I’ll be right there…” Jered pulled a t-shirt overhead and slipped inside it. He walked downstairs with haste, ensuring however that his steps didn’t make too much noise. The fresh, nocturnal air hit him as soon as he was outside. He hoped his friend had a good excuse to be there. It was late, his sleep was interrupted, and tomorrow they had school. It was a shitty cocktail that made Jered incredibly grumpy. “So, what happened?” he asked pointedly, arms crossed. Kenny fidgeted a bit, not really proud of the words stuck in his throat.



“I… couldn’t sleep,”


Jered ran a hand through his tousled hair, mussing it up even more. “So you came all the way here… because you couldn’t sleep? And what, you wanted to make me not sleep as well?”

“Ah, no-no! Sorry!” Kenny was flustered, “I saw him… that’s why,” 

“Okay, by him you mean?”

Him!” Kenny gesticulated to emphasize it. “You know who I’m talking about!”

“Hmhm… so you saw someone who you were not supposed to see?” Jered approached him, his voice tapering off into a whisper, “We both know that it’s not possible… you’re still shocked by what happened, and it’s fine. It’s normal. But that’s why I’m here,” his smile was so practiced it almost felt real, “I’ll help you get over it—”


The sudden outburst surprised him.

“No… I—” Kenny’s eyebrows pressed down, “I know what I saw, i-it was so… so real! Jered… please… I swear I saw him!” he clutched his arm, his feeble strength laying open just how weak Kenny really was.

It made sense, honestly. Jered didn’t know what he should have expected of him, “I believe you. If you say you saw him, then I believe you.” he said with unwavering conviction and a sympathetic smile. 


“Why yes… because I trust you. You wouldn’t lie to me, would you?”

“No… I would never…”

Jered’s lips slanted into a soft, friendly grin. “Why don’t you crash at my place for the night? It might be for the best.”

“Oh no, I don’t want to impose…” Kenny twiddled his thumbs, sneaking a hopeful glance at him from the corner of his eyes. “I-I was just worried, that’s all…”

“It’s no big deal, Ken, but you have to get out as soon as the sun is up.”

“I don’t have my pajamas with me…” 

What a shitty excuse. “So? You can sleep like that.”

“But… but…”

Jered waved him off, “If you don’t wanna come in then you can sleep outside…”

“Ughh!” Kenny rolled his eyes with a subdued groan, “Fine… I’m coming,”

It was as dark as his room was, but Kenny felt considerably safer. He didn’t even feel the need to check on the closet for any surprises. The bed was comfortable, warm, with a faint scent that was unmistakably Jered’s; it grew stronger the more he sank his face into the pillow. A content sigh let itself be known through his smile—even the quicksand of guilt he had been struggling in was almost forgotten. 

He turned around, tugging the sheets up to his chin, his body curled like a fetus. Oh yes, Kenny felt so cozy he could squeal like a little girl in the safety of her father’s bosom. He wouldn’t do that, though. It was embarrassing. His eyelashes fluttered, and he braved a quick peek at Jered. His best friend was slouched on a chair next to the window, his beautifully defined features mantled by the gentle moonlight. It was as if he had chosen that spot specifically, knowing he’d look his best there, knowing it’d torture him, because Jered was a sin to the eyes.

His breathing was even, relaxed, absolutely carefree. It made Kenny wonder how the hell did two teenagers end up murdering three guys in cold-blood. Was it his fault for not being stronger? If he were, Carter, Victor, and Lloyd may have been alive right now—or maybe not, maybe they’d have died anyway. Would Jered have worked out another excuse to get rid of them? 

He didn’t know. And surprisingly, he didn’t care either. Jered had killed for him. For him. Not for anyone else but him. And Kenny had killed for him as well. It made him feel special. They could get caught anytime, their secrets exposed, their lives thrown away. But it was fine. In that room, it was just the two of them, and he felt safe. Carter’s shadow couldn’t haunt him there. 

Kenny’s cheeks took on a red hue as he stared shyly at Jered. He wished they were sharing the same bed, but he had adamantly refused, saying something about ‘drawing boundaries‘ and whatnot. What a bummer. He closed his eyes, drinking in his friend’s leftover scent, his churning thoughts coiling around his face. He gulped, his breathing accelerating. 

I killed for you,’ Jered’s words sprung up in Kenny’s head, over and over, and it motivated a shaky hand to sneak down. His fingers traced fire on his smooth skin, and his friend’s impossibly green eyes, his cocky smirk, his magnetic voice were the perfect fuel. “Ah…” his hand squeezed the small bulge on his panties, and it sparked a discharge of shivers down his spine. What he was doing was so, so wrong, but so sinfully right. There he was, inside an emotionless killer’s room, sleeping on his bed, pleasuring himself. He had to be cautious, but a small side of him begged to be caught, to be locked inside Jered’s eyes, and see that cold glint ravishing his aroused body.

His free hand slithered down as well, but not to join the other one. It slipped inside the back of his girly underwear, his forefinger trailing circles around the pink button between his round, fair cheeks. And then it went inside. “God…” Kenny stifled down a gasp, biting his lip. A raspy whine bubbled out of him, crazed with desire. His eyes were screwed shut, his toes curled.

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Each of his motions was laced with the image of Jered.

An urgent, foreboding pressure settled on his stomach, and his hands grew more frantic, needier. He stuck his butt up, the bed ever so slightly creaking. “Mmmmmh ~” he couldn’t hold it back anymore. The tension on his balls broke down like a dam, and the release arched his back, fogged his mind, overpowered his senses. He didn’t even know whether he was screaming or not. It didn’t matter. 

“Having fun?”

An accusing—albeit slightly amused—voice came from the side. Kenny’s breath hitched in his throat. He turned his head around, slowly, in one rusted motion. There he found Jered, those same eyes he had been fantasizing about staring back at him. “J-Jered… I… I…” he looked down, his hands still tucked inside his panties. Then he noticed the slimy mess, “S***…” he scrambled out of the bed, almost falling down in the process. His hoodie was crumpled up, his pants tugged down to his knees. 

Jered gave him a pointed look, “Seriously?”


“Was what you said before just an excuse so you could come here and masturbate in my bed?”

“NO!” Kenny’s eyes watered up, “I swear, it was real! I… I… sorry, it’s just that,” he cast a furtive, yearning glance at Jered, “Nothing… I…I… I’ll go back home…” he smoothed himself out, until he was presentable enough to face his friend’s steely expression. He yanked the sheets away with him, rumpling them into a ball. 

“Is it my fault somehow?” Jered queried with a confused tilt of his head, “I still have problems understanding the more complex social cues, but I’m pretty sure what you just did is not normal among best friends, isn’t it?”


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“It’s okay, Ken, I forgive you…” 

Kenny’s surprised eyes snapped up, “W-What… y-you don’t hate me?” he wiped away a sliding tear, sniffling for good measure, “Y-You… Jered, no words can express how sorry I am… and… and—”

“—And there’s nothing else to say,” Jered waved him off, his lips curling up into his trademark artificial smile, “I don’t hate you, I could never bring myself to. I understand, we had a rough night, the tension is still high, and the body wants what it wants… but I’m feeling a tad bit uncomfortable right now.”

“Y-Yes… I don’t know what I was thinking hehe, sorry… umh, I’ll take these sheets with me, and give them back to you once they’re clean…” Kenny chuckled sheepishly, his cheeks flushed. Ah, he was so ashamed. Still, it was one of the best orgasms he ever had; his dick throbbed with that pleasant post-nut ache. Just the thought of Jered watching him jerking off was—

F***, he had to get out of there. He secured the bedsheets against his chest, opened the door, and without looking back, scuttled out like a frightened critter.

Jered gazed outside the window, where Kenny was trotting away. He smiled, steepling his fingers beneath his chin. It was an unexpected development, though not a surprising one. It was kinda cute, honestly. He could use that to his advantage. Attraction tended to blind people, and Kenny was already lost in the throes of teenage love for him. As long as Jered dangled the carrot in front of him, he’d run without ever stopping. He wouldn’t even need to use the stick.

However, what had caught his attention the most was what Kenny said. “He saw him, huh?” 

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