Chapter 13: The Educated Youth Who Abandoned His Wife And Son 13

Today, Yan Chu took a break, and Yan Xun rarely had any class. Both father and son straightforwardly took Lin Dingding to the hospital for maternity examination.

“Dad, look, this is my daughter.” Yan Chu held a B-mode ultrasonographic sheet with excitement in his eyes.

This one was the first time he became a father. Yan Chu, who tended to be a child slave, looked at the black sheet. He could not see the baby’s hands and feet clearly, and how cute he was.

“This is also my granddaughter.”

Yan Xun looked at his lost-but-reunite son and his filial, sensible daughter-in-law. He could not mention the satisfaction in his eyes.

Now, family planning had begun to implement, but at the beginning, the implementation was far less intense than that of future generations. But the Yan family did not have the kind of patriarchal thoughts, whether they were male or female, which was good, and they also intended to give birth to this child. They would follow the national policy and would not give birth to a second child.

So the unborn baby in Lin Dingding’s stomach became the whole family’s treasure before they were born, and all three members of the family were looking forward to their arrival.

Now Lin Dingding’s stomach was five months pregnant. Even if the doctor saw a boy or girl, he would not tell them the sex of the fetus for policy reasons. As for Yan Chu and Yan Xun, who said daughter and granddaughter, they just wanted to have a soft little girl.

They just came back from the hospital with big and small bags and stopped by the department store to buy some soft, skin-friendly clothes. Lin Dingding planned to make the baby’s clothes and shoes early while her hands and feet were still flexible. There were clothes for infants and toddlers outside. She had no confidence in making them by herself.

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Children’s skin was tender, and wearing clean old clothes was more comfortable to them, but the Yan family’s two big men did not want to wrongly dress their little princess in the old clothes worn by others. Lin Dingding wanted to make enough clothes ahead of time, washed and dried them several times so that clothes became softer and did not have to worry about the baby’s skin could not bear it.

“Yan Chu.”

Before they entered the yard, they were stopped by a chic middle-aged woman at the door.

Gao Yaqin wore a dark gray suit with a slight tightening on her waist, showing her still slim waist, a hip skirt covering her thigh with its length right above her knees With her flesh-colored stockings and black high-heeled leather shoes, she looked beautiful and elegant.

These years, Gao Yaqin’s days had been excellent. Her husband loved her, her children were well-behaved, and she was not short of money. She naturally had more time to dress up. Her hair was the most popular short wavy hair, and her eyebrows carefully drawn. Her face was rouged white and the big red lipstick. She looked like she was in her thirties, and no one could see that the woman in front of them was 40 years old and had three children.

Yan Xun looked at the sudden appearance of his ex-wife, and his thoughts were a little complicated, she was not like Gao Yaqin.

Yan Xun’s ten years on the farm were not so good. His whole person was old and terrible. The Northwest often had sandstorms, and his complexion was the dark-wheat color. Although he was back for half a year, the profound traces of time engraved on his forehead and eyes, he was 50 years old, and his back slightly bent. The only thing left were those eyes and the aged traces of his handsome facial features that the time could not take away.

Gao Yaqin looked at those bright eyes, and could not help feeling a little ashamed of herself. But thinking about the other party’s current appearance and Jiang Cheng’s still had a well-maintained and robust as before body and mature face because of proper maintenance, she comforted herself that she had not made a mistake.

“You’re back.”

Gao Yaqin sighed softly, holding the calf leather bag so tightly, the tip of her hand was a little white.

The other party should not know that she had written a report letter at the beginning. Otherwise, it would not be possible to have any movement until now, so she had nothing to be guilty of. Now the important thing was how to coax Yan Chu back.

Her son had always wanted to get her attention and praise, but now he was just shy. He would surely cling to her excitedly, as long as she treated him a little better.

The Yan family had only one son. In the future, everything in the Yan family would be his. She was his biological mother, both Nancheng and Xijin were his younger brother and younger sister. Anyway, they could get some light.

Gao Yaqin, who thought of her mission coming here today, tried to calm herself down. Showing her loving and longing eyes, she looked at the tall young man standing beside Yan Xun.

“Little Chu, Mom knows you’re still mad at what happened before, but Mom also has some difficulties. You know, it wasn’t easy for me to remarry with bringing you at the beginning. If it wasn’t for your Uncle Jiang’s ability to transfer your household registration to the Jiang family and change your political status, how could Mom remarry? Later, with your younger brother and younger sister, Mom loved you the most.”

Gao Yaqin had an indescribable look: “The reason why I sent you to the countryside wasn’t that Mom wanted to please your Uncle Jiang’s son, but because in those years were so chaotic that many red soldiers swayed around the house every few days. I’m afraid they found out about your father’s status and would arrest, criticize, and denounce you publicly.”

She had tears in her eyes, as soon as she closed them, the tears rushed down, drip, drip, drip like faucets.

“Mom is at ease after seeing you come back safely. You don’t know that when you can’t be contacted in these months, Mom’s heart is like to be cut by a knife.”

Gao Yaqin wiped her tears with a handkerchief. Her acting skills were comparable to those of contemporary film empress, who did not get the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Award98Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Awardthe oldest, most influential and most professional, and most authoritative film awards event in mainland China. At the same time, the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival is also the only national-level film festival in China. She looked maltreated with all the tears she had shed.

“I remember that Jiang Nancheng and Jiang Xijin were born in the seventh month after you remarried, right?”

Yan Chu did not move at all. Although he did not take the initiative to find them in the past few months, he had made discreet inquiries into all the Jiang family’s circumstances, especially this Gao Yaqin’s vital evidence. How could he let it go?

“Little Chu, did you listen to other people’s bad words? How can you blame your mother like that?”

Gao Yaqin’s heart tightened, and her eyes looked around obscurely. When she saw nobody around, she felt a little relieved.

“Don’t you forget how Nancheng and Xijin were born prematurely? If you had not run back to the Yan family’s old house naughtily and secretly that day, how could your mother have fallen on the way to find you, which led to the early birth of your two younger siblings? Because of this reason, your sister’s health has always been bad, and your mother has partial love for her. You can’t just hate her, or even frame her birth up.”

Gao Yaqin was looking at the ignorant child.

“But Mom didn’t blame you, it made you feel aggrieved. Mom understands it.”

Gao Yaqin’s eyes showed tolerance, that was ridiculous. Yan Chu turned over his memory. Except when she tricked him into going to the countryside, this was the only time this woman was so patient and gentle with him. Was this the charm of money?

“Gao Yaqin, whether your son and daughter are full-term or premature, as long as you look up the records of those years of birth and find the doctor who helped you give birth, you can find them out. Now there is a technology abroad called paternity testing. You can rely on blood to identify blood relatives. If that pair of children are full-term, I don’t mind doing*24doing*from 干 [gàn] that can mean as to do or to f*ck (vulgar) paternity tests with them, but I believe that the children should be your current husband’s. If under such circumstances, they’re born full-term. Can I sue you for adultery?”

Yan Xun was not that kind of benevolent man. When he had just returned to the capital, he had already figured out how to retaliate against the cheating couple, but he stopped by his son.

He thought that maybe his son still had feelings for Gao Yaqin, his biological mother. Although he was not satisfied with his son’s indecisiveness, he was more concerned about his son’s filial piety, so he let her go. But this did not mean that he could watch anybody bully his precious son.

“Yan Xun, what do you mean by that? Are you talking about these messy things in your son’s ears? Do you know how sad it was for us, mother and son, after your accident? Do you know how hard it was for me to raise my son?”

Gao Yaqin asked hysterically, too lazy to pretend to be gentle.

As for the case of gold bars, only she and Yan Xun were involved, as long as she seized and did not admit it, who could do anything to her.

“Humph! Didn’t those hard days caused by you and Jiang Cheng, Gao Yaqin? I, Yan Xun, isn’t a fool.”

Yan Xun looked at the entirely unfamiliar woman coldly and wondered why the shy little girl had become what she was today.

Was there something wrong with his marriage? But he had such a temperament even before marriage. In fulfilling the previous generation’s engagement money, Yan Xun once let Gao Yaqin think it clearly. She saw the family background of the Yan family and married him for a prosperous life. After marriage, he kept a distance from the other opposite sex. Besides working hours and returning home on time, she disliked the newly born child. When their son was young, he was practically brought up by an old nanny, who was hired by his family. He did everything he could. What on earth could she not be satisfied with?

Even if there were, Yan Xun was not a stubborn person. If she wanted to separate, he would not tie her down, as long as she left their son to him, he could even give her sufficient alimony for the rest of her life. When she wanted to be with anyone, he would not stop her.

In the end, Gao Yaqin still wanted both fame and fortune.

She did not want to put on the bad reputation of abandoning her husband and son, nor let go of the wealth of the Yan family. She straightforwardly joined hands with her adulterer and took down Yan Xun. However, they did not expect that the Yan family’s wealth would be state-owned, and if it were not for the box of gold bars Yan Xun left for his son before the accident, he was afraid they would not be as prosperous as they were now.

Gao Yaqin looked at Yan Xun’s cold eyes, her heartbeat skipping a beat suddenly. Did he know that?

“I’ll advise you that it would be better to think about it with that spare time. What should you do with your husband’s job?”

Yan Xun’s words were very ruthless, but after that, he regretted it and could not help looking at his son on the sideline.

This son seemed to have some feelings for Gao Yaqin, his biological mother. He was afraid that he would make his son sad by doing too much. It was really to not act against evil to prevent harm to innocents.

Fortunately, Yan Chu’s face was calm, just a hint of disappointment with Gao Yaqin, his biological mother, which made Yan Xun feel at ease.

“What do you mean by that?”

Gao Yaqin listened to Yan Xun’s threatening words, and her voice could not help but sharpen a little.

She knew the inside story of the Yan family, and also knew that Yan Xun had many friends. In the past few years, they had all been in trouble together. Now a lot of them had come back, reinstated to their official posts, and some of them had been promoted to several levels. It was a simple matter to deal with her and Jiang Cheng.

“It doesn’t mean anything, just to let you settle down in the future. Don’t disturb our family of three. No, it’ll soon be a family of four.”

Yan Xun looked at his son: “Dingding has a big stomach. She has been standing uncomfortably and has been out for a long time today. You should take Dingding back to her room and let her have a good rest.”

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He straightforwardly set aside his son, but he took a profound look at Gao Yaqin himself and saw her shy away from his eyes before he left his son and daughter-in-law.

Lin Dingding held her husband’s hand. Previously, she knew that her husband was not loved by his mother. She only realized when she saw her husband how bad the environment he had lived in.

At first glance, that woman came with a purpose. She had never seen any connection before, but now she came over to visit her new in-laws after marriage. What did she regard Yan Chu as?

“I’m used to it.”

Yan Chu reluctantly pulled at the corners of his mouth, forcing a smile. Lin Dingding looked even more distressed.

Where she could not see, Yan Chu’s eyes flashed through a glimmer of brilliance, and everything went better than he had imagined.

Before he investigated the situation of the Jiang family, Jiang Cheng’s position gave him a question mark in his mind.

The Revolutionary Committee was a popular post in earlier years. Now all the people who had been beaten down by them were back. All the people in the Revolution Committee were in danger except those who have firm backing. Everyone was at risk.

Jiang Cheng became a prosperous nouveau riche. His success was entirely caused by the chaotic age. The big boat he took did not necessarily offend too many people for him, the small fry. Compared to the rest of the direct line of descent, Jiang Cheng was only an indispensable existence.

Yan Chu had been wondering why Jiang Cheng would give up his political career and turn to business. After all, in the beginning, private capital was not valued by the public. He did not think Jiang Cheng had such a long-term vision.

Now he thought that his retreat might not be his initiative but forced to retreat. The Yan family’s tremendous wealth had also contributed a lot to his retirement.

Yan Chu held his wife, who had a big stomach. In his past life, Dad did not come back from the economized Gansu Province alive, so his friends and contacts would not need to be used. In this life, Jiang Cheng had a strong enemy, and the wealth that helped him out of poverty in his previous life was not in his hands. Thinking of him now, he was already in trouble, right?

Yan Chu looked at the 60% completion of Side Mission 2, thinking silently.

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