Chapter 133: The Stallion Male Who Had Seized The Opportunity 5

Kingly and domineering. That was the male protagonist’s spirit in the novel. With a wave of his arm, a bunch of people was crying and shouting to be his younger brother. What intelligent and stable men? What successful second-generation officials and rich second-generation men? Their IQ automatically dropped ten levels when meeting him. So stupid that their parents could not even recognize that it was their son, and the male protagonist could squeeze people to death by simply twirling his finger.

Zhang Zifan thought he had taken the male protagonist’s place to have the fortuitous meeting. He should enjoy these benefits.

After transmigrating into the book for so many days, he did nothing. He took the original eldest young master’s money and squandered it ruthlessly. He invited private detectives to help him investigate the beauties in the original protagonist’s harem. As for the original self, he already distrusted a man who had lost his golden finger.

Bai Ling was also lucky to escape a disaster. Who asked that the words used to describe her in the book were just beautiful? Zhang Zifan looked down on her, the former male protagonist’s primary wife now, and had no plans to bring her into his harem to lower his taste.

From Zhang Zifan’s point of view, in this life, he could enjoy all the wealth and honor in the world. He could also sleep with all the beauties, be they enchanting or proud and aloof. There was no need to spend time with an unknown girl.

Furthermore, there was an original male protagonist besides Bai Ling. Zhang Zifan did not want to get involved with the original male protagonist to prevent any accidents from happening.

He endured the pain along the way and walked towards the antique street with a grin. He wondered how to play with Long Ruofei to eliminate today’s humiliation after she was dead set on him.

“Yan Chu, next to it is an antique street. Why don’t we go there for a stroll?”

When Bai Ling and Yan Chu came out of the bookstore, Zhang Zifan happened to already walk over for a while. And the people on both sides did not bump into each other.

Yan Chu carried more than a dozen tutorial materials, all of which he had chosen for Bai Ling.

In his previous life, the original self was lucky. During the college entrance examination, the students who sat on the left and right happened to be the first and second top students in their grades. With the help of his own abilities, he combined and revised the papers of the top students, which made him do well in the exam with good grades and go to a top-ranked university in China.

Bai Ling performed as usual and enrolled in an ordinary one. Although they were in the same city, the different schools were far apart. In addition, at that time, the original self had acquired the heaven-defying ability, and his mind began to become active. How painful he was, how explosive he was now, without his childhood sweetheart watching, he had developed many unspeakable feelings with other women.

According to Yan Chu’s current strength, he could get admitted to any school, but since he wanted to cultivate their relationship, it was better to go to the same university. Fortunately, there was still one year before the college entrance examination. It was enough time for him to give Bai Ling enhanced guidance.

Girls at this age were secretly reading some novels like the Overbearing President Falling in Love with Me, also the School Bully and the School’s Most Handsome Boy, which was the time when their stirrings of love started.

Bai Ling would never have imagined that in the future, more dating occasions between her and her childhood sweetheart would appear in the loop of the library, bookstore, library, and bookstore.

“Zhang Zhi found a bracelet in Antique Street last time. It’s so beautiful. I want to go and have a look.”

Zhang Zhi was Bai Ling’s deskmate and best friend. Yan Chu thought, and he was not in a hurry to study, so he agreed.

The antique street they were going to was the same as where the original self got the treasure. This street was also very famous in Huai City.

Besides some antique shops, there were also many sales of ancient handicrafts. In addition, some food with ancient practices were also popular on that street.

Many small vendors set up stalls on the antique street. Most products they sold were fake, with few genuine products mixed in. However, there might be many novels about treasure hunting, and many people thought they would have the protagonist’s luck. When it came to festivals, the street got crowded with people, all surrounding those small stalls, hoping they were the lucky ones who succeeded in treasure picking.

In particular, there was once a precious antique on this street. Someone bought a small porcelain bowl for 3,000 yuan at an unremarkable stall. Others thought he was stupid. Most of the porcelain from these antique vendors was wholesale from some porcelain factories. And it was not even worth 30 yuan. Yet that person spent 3,000 yuan on it.

As a result, that person took it for appraisal, and it was indeed the Chenghua Doucai Grape Cup, which was well preserved and flawless and sold for more than 18 million yuan at the auction house.

No one knew how the small vendor who sold that porcelain regretted it at the time. Anyway, after such an incident, the popularity of the antique street was getting better day by day.

For example, little girls like Bai Ling did not rush to pick up valuable antiques. They were interested in some simple and exquisite jewelry. It was best to spend a little money to buy what they wanted. Even if they could not afford it, it was also a pleasure to look at it with their eyes.

In addition, there were many delicious snacks on the antique street. You could buy a bowl of ancient tortoise jelly or grass jelly, then take a few fragrant meat skewers to stroll around all day without feeling tired.

“That bracelet is so beautiful.”

Like the first thing they did when they came to the antique street, Bai Ling stood outside an antique shop and lingered through the glass window towards an agate-studded bracelet for a while.

This one was a bracelet that Bai Ling liked very much, but unfortunately, it was a genuine antique, and the agate gems on it were also authentic. The price was 300,000 yuan. Bai Ling, whose family was only well-off, could not afford it.

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Every time Bai Ling came to the antique street, she unfailingly stood outside the shop and looked a few more times. As long as the bracelet was still there, Bai Ling would be delighted. She thought she might make a lot of money in the future, so she could come to the shop and buy it.

But these were just thoughts. Bai Ling felt that even if she had money, she would not spend 300,000 yuan on something she could not eat or drink.

“Okay, let’s go shopping. Don’t you like reading books? I don’t know if there are any new books in the old bookstall.”

After staying for less than a minute, Bai Ling was already content. She pulled Yan Chu, but Yan Chu refused to leave when he looked at the bracelet.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Ling pulled Yan Chu’s sleeve and asked curiously.


Yan Chu shook his head. He recognized the bracelet.

Because memory was a very complicated matter, Yan Chu was like a bystander who had experienced the original self’s life. But he could not remember every little detail, such as some matters the original self did not care much about often needed to be triggered to remember.

For example, the bracelet was now in the antique shop.

Before the original self had acquired that heaven-defying ability, every time he and Bai Ling came to the antique street, she always took a look at this bracelet. He once told Bai Ling that he would make a lot of money in the future, and then he used this bracelet as their engagement gift.

But after he became rich, he forgot his promise. He gave Bai Ling the status of his wife, but he paid more attention to other women. He also felt that those women who did not get a reputation were wronged. Since Bai Ling married him, she should be more tolerant after getting so much.

This bracelet, initially bought, was indeed a gift to Miss Perfect Jiang Qiao, the treasure of his heart at that time. Perhaps, the last straw that crushed Bai Ling was seeing the bracelet on the other party’s hand.

It was too strange. Yan Chu thought this was the most ludicrous thing in the stallion novels. Why were so many outstanding women willing to give up their self-esteem for a man, especially those girls from rich and powerful families? They did not lack most of the original self’s money.

Including Bai Ling, who seemed to be the most uncharacteristic, and she was also a very self-respecting and self-loving girl, according to Yan Chu’s observation. The relationship between childhood sweethearts was precious, and she would never accept her husband because of this. Her spouse was dating other women outside.

After choosing to divorce, she was more like her real self.

Yan Chu was currently powerless even though he wanted to buy that bracelet. Fortunately, this bracelet had been in this antique shop for seven years in the original self’s memory, during which time he would definitely have money.

Bai Ling felt Yan Chu was strange, but she did not think much about it. She led Yan Chu to the small stalls on the street.

All the things sold in the regular shops along the antique street were very pricey. High school students like them could not afford to spend at all. It was better to go to a small stall and be able to bargain. If they were more powerful, a beautiful bracelet could only cost more than ten yuan. Bai Ling was obviously very experienced in this. She excitedly pulled Yan Chu to start shopping for treasure.

“How about this bracelet?”

When Bai Ling saw a bright silver bracelet, she was about to take it up and ask Yan Chu for his opinion. For some reason, her eyes flickered. Her hand moved and took the jade hairpin beside it.

There was a little blood on the hairpin. Although Bai Ling did not understand anything about antiques, she knew that some small traders should dye them to make them old.

But for some reason, Bai Ling felt that the seeping color was quite pretty. Even though she took the wrong thing, she could not take it back either.

Her hair was quite long, but she had never tried to put her hair in a bun. It did not suit her age. But looking at this jade hairpin, Bai Ling was somewhat excited to try it.

“Boss, how much is the jade hairpin?”

Yan Chu saw that Bai Ling seemed to like it quite a bit. He could not buy a bracelet for the little girl just now, but he could still afford to buy a jade hairpin.

“If you like it, take fifty yuan.”

People in this street were very insightful. Yan Chu and Bai Ling students dress up. They looked like a young couple who secretly fell in love behind their parents’ backs. Their clothes were ordinary, and they probably did not spend much, so the vendor did not tell them a high price.

If the stall had not sold anything today, it could be considered as the first transaction of a business day if it got sold at a lower price.

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“Twenty, we only have twenty yuan.”

Bai Ling did not want to buy it at first, but seeing that Yan Chu asked about the price, she was too embarrassed to say no, and just lowered the price.

“Okay, twenty is twenty. It’s a jade hairpin from the Han Dynasty.”

The boss smiled, but what he said later was against his will.

Yan Chu stopped Bai Ling from taking out her money and gave the boss 20 yuan, who accepted the money.

“Boss, how much is this hairpin?”

After a transaction of cash and goods, everything should have gone. But who knew that after the boss put all the money in his pocket, a man suddenly appeared, pointing at Bai Ling’s jade hairpin.

The one who appeared suddenly was Zhang Zifan, who was just taught a lesson by Long Ruofei just a moment ago.

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