Chapter 1: Transmigration

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The painful whipping caused the passed out An Xia to wake up.

What’s going on?

Her fighter jet was clearly shot down by a guided missile. Instead of getting blown apart, did she get captured?

Which country was it that shot such a useless missile that couldn’t even blow someone apart?

She would have to put that country’s missiles into the blacklist.

Moving her hands and legs, she realized that she had been tied, and her eyes had been covered.

After taking a deep breath, she also realized that she must have been drugged as she couldn’t break herself free from the small ropes restraining her.    

The whip once again lashed her countless times, however, it wasn’t all that painful for the tough An Xia. Soon, a young woman’s voice could be heard, which attracted her attention.

In order to figure out where she was, An Xia would have to listen in to their conversation and gather information.

The arrogant yet delicate voice of the woman could be heard again.

“Kidnap? I didn’t kidnap her. It’s her family who made a request to my family and gave this plaything to us in return as a gift.”

“Illegal? Hahaha, I am the law here! Even if she were to die here today, her An family wouldn’t dare to lay a finger on me. Who knows, they might even ask if this b*tch was satisfactory!”

“Hey, the three of you are so useless. Did you not eat? Put more strength into your hits!”

Soon after, a male’s voice was heard. He seemed roughly in his twenties, and he spoke cruelly, “This plaything of yours isn’t making any more noise. Should we splash some cold water on her to wake her up? A basin filled with cold water during winter will surely feel better.”

“Screw you, keep going with the whipping!” Another violent man heavily kicked his victim, “We’ll hit her until she wakes up.”

“Come, keep hitting! Hahaha, Miss Song, what do you think of us three brothers’ method? Are you satisfied? Are the audience in the live broadcast satisfied?”

It was another man’s voice.

Three men and a woman. They were all seemingly young.

At this point, An Xia wasn’t bothered by the vicious beatings as she was being consumed by the memory of a stranger.

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The memory belonged to another An Xia.

The memory carried a deep amount of hatred and sorrow which were like many fine needles stabbing ruthlessly in her mind.

It turned out that she was indeed blown up by a guided missile.

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Unexpectedly, she was transmigrated into a young woman’s body in Country Xia. The body she had transmigrated into did not have the strength to break free from the ropes.

Before she could completely accept that fact, her clothes were suddenly ripped apart. She could feel the cold wind blowing against her stomach. 

Enduring the pain, An Xia opened her eyes, revealing a strong and condensed bloodlust that had been contained within her.

“How dare you!” An Xia yelled.

How dare they sit on her and rip apart her clothes!

Courting death!

With all her might, An Xia broke herself free from the ropes, and in a flash, she struck one of the man’s Adam’s apple.

The man, whose Adam’s apple was smashed, shrieked miserably, but no sound was made. His neck was bent to an extreme degree and took his last breath at the scene.

The hands of these people were stained with sin and were wanted criminals. However, never did they know that today would be their time of death. 

The unforeseen event happened too quickly, and the other two criminals were not able to respond to the situation. They even thought that their comrade must have purposely fell to tease them.

Looking at their motionless comrade, one of the criminals chuckled, “Oi, enough of your acting, get back to work.”

Immediately after he said that, a shroud of darkness suddenly covered his eyes, as if something had pounced right in front of his face. 

An Xia did not give those criminals any time to blink. She single-handedly landed two quick blows at the two remaining criminals.

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