Chapter 0: Prologue

Pandragea, Imperium Continent. 10 kilometers outside the imperial capital city. The Year 1666 since the start of the Expansion Era. Day 16 of Tesena.

In the vast distant sky lies what many would call a sight to behold. Flowers fluttering with the wind. Small critters moving in action. Demon beasts roaring and fighting, bringing destruction to the surrounding environment. Such things were happening daily, every living thing treating it with indifference as if they were born to be like this till they die.

In the road ahead, the sound of dirt crunching beneath horses’ feet could be heard. . The hooves of the horses clapped against the paved road, with the rider sitting proudly upon their back, carrying sword and shield. Pulled behind the horses was a beautiful carriage, adorned with the most beautiful of gems. Although the carriage seemed majestic, some force was preventing any presence to be leaked from within.

The carriage was surrounded by 15 guards, extremely stern-looking. They would draw their swords and charge if any fool dares to stop them in their tracks. They were an assortment of both men and women. They kept on riding with a look of indifference, focused on the task of safe-keeping whatever or whoever was inside the carriage. In fact, the way they were traveling was very fast, afraid that they would not be able to arrive at their destination in time.

Inside the carriage were five people. One of which, had her eyes calmly shut beneath her short ginger hair, focused on the carriage’s surroundings. Staying alert, she stood there with her hands open by her sides, flashes of golden light coming from time to time.

The other one was a man who focused on channeling a spell to another person. His figure looked fatigued enough as if he had not been sleeping for days. His breath seemed erratic as if he would die in the next few seconds. However, the will in his eyes was strong and alive. It seems like he will still be up for long.

The woman, who was being channeled upon by a spell, was lying in a bed. The shock from the continuous bumps seemed to not have affected her at the very least. Her eyes were closed, and a swell in her stomach indicated that she was pregnant. She was sweating profusely. There seemed to be some kind of force inside her body that was making her sweat.

Another man, adorned with a crown upon his head, looked at the woman lying on the bed. A saddened look etched across his face, slightly hidden by his long brown hair that flowed past his shoulders. The man was dressed elegantly, in his royal clothing consisting of red and black attire. He was burly, but not to the point of being ugly, with just the right amount of muscles and beauty. It was a perfect combination of being strong and handsome.

His black eyes looked to have lost some energy. He was rather afraid that her beautiful wife might die if she ever tried to give birth to their child. He had an aura of an emperor, but right now, he seemed so weak that he was no different from a slave who had lost the will to live.

The last person was standing. He was looking at the crowned man with caring eyes. He had watched over this person from the day they were born, until now.

Other than some white hair, and wrinkles, the man looked like any other middle-aged man.

“Your Imperial Majesty, please rest easy. I know that you are very worried right now, however, things will not be better if you keep that expression”, the person said.

“I know, but still-“, the crowned man said.

“Your Imperial Majesty, rest be assured that I will keep her grace with care. You should rest for now. I and my sister will take care of the rest. You should go with Sir Walker for now.”, the man who was channeling a spell, cut off the crowned man and said. He had said that with great determination, even though he looked fatigued in front of the crowned man’s eyes.

The crowned man stayed silent for a moment, thinking deeply, before he replied, “Okay, I’ll entrust the matter into your hands, Wille. Please keep her safe.”. He then sighed weakly and walked out of the room. He was followed by Sir Walker, the man with emerald eyes.

Wille just nodded to the crowned man and resumed his operation.

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The carriage was larger than outside, with three rooms connected, like how a train and its cars were connected.

“Uncle Walker, I’m tired.”, the crowned man said while looking at the window. Walker just stared at him, keeping silent, then turned his eyes to the window.

“Marcus, I know what you’re thinking. However, this is destiny and we cannot do anything to stop it”.

“Destiny, huh?”. Emperor Marcus said with a slight pause. Sir Walker continued, “It also saddens me that this is how it should go however, we don’t have the strength and time.”. Walker paused before saying, “After all, your wife is both blessed and cursed. This will bring a blessing to the empire, but-“.

“Uncle, enough.”, Marcus interrupted.

“Whatever happens today, I will face it. I don’t know if Elaina can take the pressure, however, just as you have said, we cannot do anything to stop it, but only endure and strive enough to work for the best outcome.”

“I will accept the child that will come, but those people.” Marcus erupted with his emperor aura and killing intent before saying, “I will make sure that they will suffer sooner or later”.


“So, was it done?”. A man whose face covered by a black and red cloak said. He seemed to be talking to nobody.

“Yes, master”. A voice came out in the darkroom, where its only light source came from the candle that was burning beside the man.

“Good, go back and wait for further orders”. The man instructed the voice in the darkness.

“Yes, master”.

“Hehe, Emperor Marcus huh? How dare you try to be foolish enough to go against me. I will make you feel pain and despair. Once everything in my plan comes to fruition.” the man said, then laughed eerily. It was creepy with the echo of his laughter kept resounding in the room, with each echo getting more intense than the previous one.


Somewhere in the Central Continent of Pandragea, Circle of Pandragean League.

There was a tower located within the vast expanse of a forest. A meeting was currently being held.

“Raskael, tell us why did you ask for an emergency meeting.” A devil figure asked a dark-elf whose face was covered by its hoods.

“Higher Elders, Empress Elaina’s child might be in danger.” Raskael, the dark-elf, responded.

“Hmm? Why do you say so?” another figure asked.

“I was making my rounds of surveillance over the Imperium and detected a surge of dark and corrupted energy within the Imperial Palace. An apparition of a ghost-like figure emerged above the Empress.”

“Raskael, summon Drummond now. We’ll go to the Imperial Palace immediately right after.”

“Elder Rashomon, what’s going on?” a human figure asked the devil figure named Elder Rashomon.

“Elder Grande, your Empress is under the curse of a forbidden ancient magic. If we don’t stop it now, your Imperium might be in danger.”

“Elder Rashomon, all things are set.” The dark elf Raskael interrupted their discussion.

“Good, the meeting is adjourned. Elder Sylvia, Elder Jasker, follow me, we’ll go now!”

Five figures went outside the tower to where the Imperium Continent was.

“Listen, if that Witch gets her sacrifice, there will be a tragedy that will befall upon us!”

Elder Rashomon reminded the other four.

They continued with great haste.

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On the 16th Day of Tesena in the 1666th Year in the Expansion Era, a blinding light engulfed the whole Imperium Continent.

Many people have expected this day to come.

For the Child of Destiny to be born.

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