Chapter 0: Prologue

Pandragea, Imperium Continent. 10 kilometers outside the imperial capital city. The Year 1666 since the start of the Expansion Era. Day 16 of Tesena.

In the vast distant sky lies what many would call a sight to behold. Flowers fluttering with the wind. Small critters moving in action.

Demon beasts roaring and fighting, bringing destruction to the surrounding environment.

It all happened daily.

All beings treating it with indifference as if they were born to be like this until they die.

In the road ahead, the sound of dirt crunching beneath horses’ feet could be heard.

The hooves of the horses clapped against the paved road, with the rider sitting proudly upon their back, carrying a sword and shield.

Pulled behind the horses was a beautiful carriage, adorned with the most beautiful of gems. Although the carriage seemed majestic, some force was preventing any presence to be leaked from within.

15 stern-looking guards surrounded the carriage.

No one was foolish enough to stop them in their tracks.

They traveled quickly, afraid that they would not be able to arrive at their destination in time.

Five people boarded the carriage.

One had her eyes calmly shut beneath her short ginger hair. She focused her senses around the surroundings.

Flashes of golden light could be observed in her wide-open hand.

Another woman lay flat on the floor with sweat rolling over her body. Her stomach swelled, indicating that she was pregnant.

A fatigue-looking man sat beside her. Although his frail body was on the brink of tearing down, the will on his eyes was strong.

His determination to do whatever he was supposed to do to the young woman that laid flat on the floor didn’t waver.

Two people overlooked them.

One person, adorned with a crown on his head, had a look of longingness on his face.

His royal clothing was painted in red and black, exuding the demeanor of a ruler even though he wasn’t sitting on a throne.

The last person stood beside the crowned man. Indifference was plastered all over his face.

However, his heart said otherwise.

“Your Imperial Majesty, please rest easy. I know that you are very worried right now, however, things will not be better if you keep that expression”, the person said.

“I know, but still-“, the crowned man said.

“Your Imperial Majesty, rest be assured that I will keep her grace with care.”, the fatigue-looking man cut him off.

The crowned man paused for a moment, then nodded and left this part of the carriage, followed by the burly middle-aged man.

“Uncle Walker, I’m tired.”, the crowned man said while looking at the window. Walker just stared at him, keeping silent, then turned his eyes to the window.

“Marcus, I know what you’re thinking. However, this is destiny and we cannot do anything to stop it”.

“Destiny, huh?”, Marcus absent-mindedly said.

He remembered that his wife was plagued by a curse.

Cursed by someone whom he despised deeply in his heart.

“I will find whoever did this. And when I do, they will pay with their dear puny life.”

In a dark cave somewhere far away.

A black figure sat on the cold ground with his eyes closed.

Black marks extended from his eyebrows up to his glabella, and down to his chins.

“So, was it done?”, the black figure suddenly spoke.

“Yes, master”, an eerie voice replied.

“Good, go back and wait for further orders.”

The man instructed.

“Yes, master”

He slowly opened his eyes. It emitted complete darkness, inscribing fear to anyone who saw it.

“Emperor Marcus, you won’t have a good time in this life of yours as long as I’m alive.”

In another place far away.

A tower stood lonely in a vast expanse of thick forest.

Up above, a meeting was held.

“Raskael, what’s the purpose of this emergency meeting.”

A devil figure asked a dark-elf whose face was covered by a hood.

“Higher Elders, Empress Elaina’s child might be in danger.”, Raskael, the dark-elf, responded.

“Why do you say so? And how is this matter important in any case?”, another person asked.

“She was cursed by a member of the Fleeting Shadow.”

“And?”, the people further inquired.

“An apparition of a ghost-like figure emerged above the Empress, holding a twisted knife of some sort. Inscribed in that knife were symbols I haven’t seen before.”, Raskael reported.

One of them gasped in shock.

“Raskael, summon Drummond now. We are going to the Imperium right this instant.”

“Elder Rashomon, what’s going on?” a human figure asked the devil figure named Elder Rashomon.

“Elder Grande, your Empress is under the curse of forbidden ancient magic. If we don’t stop it now, your Imperium, no, Pandragea might be in danger.”

“Elder Rashomon, all things are set.” The dark elf Raskael interrupted their discussion.

“Good, the meeting is adjourned. Elder Sylvia, Elder Jasker, follow me, we’ll go now!”

Five figures went outside the tower to where the Imperium Continent was.

“Listen, if that Witch gets her sacrifice, a tragedy will befall upon us!”

Elder Rashomon reminded the other four.

They made way with great haste.

`I hope we’re not too late!`

That day, a blinding flash of light engulfed Pandragea.

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A prophecy, whom billions believed to be the truth.

That on that day, a legend would be born.

The one chosen to lead Pandragea to its highest peak.

And that person was known as.

The Child of Destiny.

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