Chapter 1

“Ah, my head hurts.”


“Why are there bandages wrapped around my head?” Xiao Tong remembered that her hand was injured and not the head. Why her hand had no injuries but the head?

“Why my fingers become small and chubby? White and smooth.” Unlike her fingers used to be slender and rough.

“What is going on?” Xiao Tong tried to recall by hitting her head.

“Stop! What are you doing? Your head is injured. Stop hitting yourself,”  Lai Man Yuan grabbed Xiao Tong’s hands.

Xiao Tong, who just woke up due to exhaustion, fainted.

“Xiao Tong. Xiao Tong. Doctor. Nurse, faster come here, my daughter just woke up and fainted again. Quickly come and check on her.” Lai Man Yuan shouted for help.

Xiao Tong dream that she was in the flower field. The flowers were blooming. With light wind and breeze, the flowers move gently according to wind direction. Sounds of crickets and birds chirping create a harmonious yet calm and peaceful environment. 

From afar, a couple was looking at each other lovingly. The couple waved at Xiao Tong signalling Xiao Tong to come over. Xiao Tong walked towards them and realized that the couple was her parent.

 “Xiao Tong, come here. Papa wants to look at you closely.” Said Xiao Tong’s father.

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“Papa, I missed you so much. Where have you been all this while?” Xiao Tong emotionally hugged her father.

“Xiao Tong, Papa is sorry for not being by your side, watching you grow. The biggest regret Papa has is not giving the father love that you are craving for.” Xiao Tong’s father gently stroke Xiao Tong’s hair and look at her dotingly.

“Xiao Tong, from the moment you woke up from this dream, you will be replacing the daughter of Lai Man Yuan and Li Tian Man. Their daughter has the same name as yours, Xiao Tong. They are a good parent and will sacrifice themselves for the sake of their daughter.”

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